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    Monday Night Raw
    Date: January 2, 2012
    Location: FedEx Forum, Memphis, Tennessee
    Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler

    We're in Lawlerville tonight for the first WWE show of the year. There are two major things tonight: we see who the It Begins videos are for and we have a world title match in the form of Punk vs. Ziggler. With the ratings sagging, it might be interesting to see if the title changes hands tonight. Anyway, the road to the Rumble probably will get going tonight so let's get to it.

    We open with a recap of the ending last week where the fans didn't chant Cena Sucks, even though the video presents it as if they did. This is the most forced attempted heel turn ever.

    Cena opens the show to of course a mixed reaction. He doesn't look that upset. He wishes everyone a happy new year and it's a split chant again. Cena talks about how the new year is time for resolutions and changes. He's going to make some changes in 2012. First off, he's going to start wearing less underwear (girl pop). As for the This is Your Life John Cena segment, his dad is now banned from WWE programing.

    Finally, the last change is coming at Wrestlemania. After he beats Rock, he's resolving to prove he's lost his lady parts. The one thing that won't change: he's going to remain who he is and his convictions will remain true. Hustle, Loyalty and Respect don't go away because someone throws fire at you. Every single one of the fans here has paid their money to be here tonight and if they want to cheer, boo, or shout whatever they want, that's up to them and they've earned that right.

    Cena's disappointment is in Kane. Kane has an issue with Cena and Kane can't settle it the way we do it here in the WWE. Kane pops up....or at least his voice does. He says Cena will eventually embrace the hate and tonight, he'll witness the power of hate. Maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh.

    After a graphic about Punk vs. Ziggler, a video pops up saying the end begins tonight.

    Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes

    Bryan gets NO reaction. Cena got a big reaction and Kane got a pop too, but this is pathetic. Cody shakes off some kicks to start and hooks onto the arm. Bryan fights back and hits the running knee off the apron to the floor. Back in the Beautiful Disaster gets two. Cody tries a release gordbuster and gets rolled up for the pin at 3:20. Where do I begin?

    Video of Miz getting attacked last week.

    Miz comes in to see Johnny Ace and Ace says he won't do anything about it. Miz wants to know why he's here tonight then. Ace shows him a video of Miz attacking Truth two months ago but Miz says he doesn't know why Truth would attack him. Sheamus vs. Miz tonight. Ace says he'll have some people watching for Truth tonight. Miz says he'll be a sitting duck. He leaves and the camera watches him go. Truth pops up and does a duck dance. This also gets a bigger reaction than Bryan had.

    Video on Duggan's Rumble win.

    Barrett comes out for a match but before the match we get a clip of the Orton injury moment. Barrett says he'd wish us a happy new year, but he really doesn't care about his new year, or our old year for that matter. This has been a good year for him already due to a lack of Orton. Orton was just another victim of the Barrett Barrage. Santino comes out and reminds us that he lasted longer than Barrett did in last year's Rumble. He makes train sounds so he's funny, get it?

    Wade Barrett vs. Santino Marella

    Let's get this over with. Barrett throws punches and Santino does the splits. Barrett stops and kicks him in the head which makes me smile. Santino tries to load up the Cobra and gets a kick to the face. His shoulder goes into the most and Winds of Change ends this at 1:18.

    The Bellas argue in front of Miz and Miz asks if they've seen Truth. He walks off and Truth is still stalking him.

    Sheamus vs. The Miz

    Miz immediately jumps Sheamus with a DDT and pounds him down. I don't think the bell rang yet. He gets Sheamus tied in the ropes but Sheamus kicks him off. There are the forearms in the ropes and I mean like 20 of them. They go to the floor and Miz runs into the crowd. Truth jumps on the PA and is in the crowd.

    Guess who he ran into? LITTLE JIMMY! Little Jimmy doesn't like Miz. Little Jimmy says Miz needs to get got. Miz runs back to ringside and right into a Brogue Kick. Truth pops him with the water bottle. There was never an official match I don't think. Truth goes back into the crowd and says this week's Miz Beatdown was brought to you by Little Jimmy where you're going to get got.

    We see how Ziggler “earned” his shot tonight.

    Ziggler is showing off in the back and says he flaunts it better than anyone else does every night. He talks about debt and how it dominates things, but he's a walking talent surplus. Everything he's wanted he's gotten except for the WWE Title. He wins tonight. Good stuff.

    Ryder continues to hit on Eve because he's the US Champion so he's hitting on a woman. Swagger comes up and says he should be champion. They get into an argument and Ace pops up. There's a six man elimination tag with Kane/Swagger/Kane vs. Cena/Ryder/Show.

    Raw World Title: CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler

    You know, because the world title needs to end the first hour, not the main event of the show. This gets big match intros. If they let this match go, it should be good. They go to the mat to start and neither guy can get much of an advantage. Backbreaker gets two for Punk. Punk takes over for awhile until Ziggler hits a hot shot to take over. Ziggler gets in a shot on the floor and we hit the chinlock and take a break.

    Back with them slugging it out on their knees but Ziggler grabs the sleeper. Punk quickly escapes and hits a leg lariat to take over. Snap powerslam gets two. They trade rollups and Dolph hits a Fameasser for two. Stinger Splash and something like a reverse powerslam gets two. They go to a corner and the buckle gets pulled off. Knee in the corner and a bulldog get two for Punk.

    He calls for the GTS but here comes Ace. He points out the exposed buckle as Punk locks in the Anaconda Vice. Ziggler is tapping but there's no referee so Punk lets it go. Ziggler tries the Zig Zag but Punk moves and Ziggler collides with Ace. GTS is countered and Ace pulls the top rope down. The fastest count ever results in a LAME countout win for Ziggler at 13:09.

    Ziggler celebrates with the title and goes into the crowd. The video interrupts it and says He Is Here.

    Another Rumble video, this one from 1995.

    Bella Twins vs. Eve Torres/Kelly Kelly

    Kelly vs. let's say Brie to start and Kelly does her spanking and Stinkface to get on my nerves even more. Eve comes in and does her usual stuff. The moonsault is broken up and it's Nikki in now. Top rope moonsault gets two and it's Twin Magic for the pin on Eve at 2:04. Are we really back to this again?

    Punk comes in to yell at Ace and Ace makes Punk vs. Ziggler with Ace as referee for the Rumble. Punk says if he gets screwed out of the title, Otunga is going to come in handy because Punk will be arrested for animal cruelty when he beats Ace like a female dog.

    Here's another video with very similar images. It says a familiar force shall arrive to claim what is his. She holds the beckoning of his rebirth. The focus seems to bemore on the girl in this. She has spoken. It is time. And it looks like an earthquake in the arena. And it's.....a blackout. Big Y2J chant starts up and there are lights of a guy in Jericho's pose on the stage. It's Jericho. Blast it. Freaking blast it. All those weeks and it's Jericho....again.

    Jericho takes a lap around the ring, slaps the hands of the fans, goes into the ring, goes back outside and slaps more hands and does the pose where he leans against the crowd. It's Y2J Jericho too. He keeps playing to the crowd but hasn't said a word onto the mic yet. There's something up here. He goes outside AGAIN and shouts at the crowd. Now he points to the side of the crowd he wants to cheer. I'm waiting on a heel promo here.

    And he drops the mic and does it AGAIN. This has been going on for like 5 minutes now. Here's lap #4 around the ring and the fans are getting tired. Up the ramp he goes to grab a camera. And now he's leaving. Ok no he isn't.....and yes he is. He's on the stage and there are some boos now. And he leaves. Jerry isn't sure what we just saw. Jericho never said a word into the mic and nothing at all other than COME ON BABY!

    Big Show/Zack Ryder/John Cena vs. Kane/Mark Henry/Jack Swagger

    Elimination rules here. And there's no Kane. Instead Otunga comes out and says it'll be a handicap match. Swagger and Cena start us off with Cena taking him to the mat and dropping an elbow for two. Dropkick gets the same. Swagger kicks him into the corner and we take a break. Back with a Vader Bomb getting two. Cena backdrops out of it and here's Big Show. No eliminations yet.

    Show beats Swagger up and it's time for a battle of the giants. Henry gets knocked to the floor and Show goes after him. Henry grabs a chair but Show knocks it out of his hands and cracks him in the back with it to get us down to two on two. It's a double elimination though so it's now Ryder/Cena vs. Swagger. Ryder comes in for the first time that we've seen and hits the Broski Boot. Rough Ryder is countered into an awful powerbomb and the ankle lock. Ryder makes the tag to break the hold and Cena cleans a few rooms (I don't think Swagger qualifies as a house). AA ends this at 8:22.

    Ryder is down from the ankle lock and the fire goes off. Cena goes straight up the ramp to go after Kane when he pops up through the ring. He gets one shot on Ryder and knocks Cena off the apron. Cena get smothered down and is out. Kane goes back in and grabs Ryder's bad ankle. He pulls him down into the hole with him ala Taker and Diesel. Or maybe he doesn't as Cena pulls Ryder out before he goes under. A big explosion from the hole and a bunch of fire pops out to end the show.

    Daniel Bryan b. Cody Rhodes – Small Package
    Wade Barrett b. Santino Marella – Winds of Change
    Dolph Ziggler b. CM Punk via countout
    Bella Twins b. Eve Torres/Kelly Kelly – Small package to Eve
    Big Show/John Cena/Zack Ryder b. Jack Swagger/Kane/Mark Henry – Cena last eliminated Swagger to win


    Rob Van Dam may be heading back to WWE.

    Smackdown got a 1.93, about the same as the previous week's 1.95.


    Raw got a 3.1. The ratings went down before the mystery man was revealed in hour two.

    Date: January 4, 2012
    Location: Verizon Arena, Little Rock, Arkansas
    Commentators: Josh Matthews, William Regal

    It's a new year and it's the same old show here. NXT will continue to defy all odds and reach new levels of worthlessness, and I'll still be here to watch it because.....uh..... someone has to do it I guess. Anyway we're inching closer to the 100th episode of this show and somehow, this season has been almost half of those. Let's get to it.

    We open with Striker who hypes up the 100th episode. He brings out The Natural Michael McGillicutty. Striker offers him a handshake but Hennig (seriously, just call the guy Joe Hennig and let him be Curt's son) says this show sucked and that it gave him nothing. He became part of the Nexus, the most dominant faction in WWE history. That's hilarious but we'll move on.

    Everything he's accomplished has been because of his own abilities. Cue....ALEX RILEY??? He's got his varsity jacket again and REGAL IS BACK!!! Sorry for shouting but you have to take what you can get with this show. They argue and start fighting. Striker shouts to get a ref here and it's match time.

    Alex Riley vs. Michael McGillicutty

    Regal can't pronounce McGillicutty's name. He asks about any new year's resolutions Josh may have made. Regal had his toes amputated so he can be closer to a bar. McGillicutty sends him to the floor and Riley is in trouble. He laughs as we take a break. Back with him in control still and it's off to a quick chinlock. This match is going nowhere but it's not that bad. Backbreaker gets two. Here's a longer version of the chinlock.

    Riley fights up and starts his comeback as Regal talks about how he had years in WCW before he got here. That's such a huge difference in today's product: there really are no major places to learn your craft other than FCW so you see so many styles that are the same. That's what I like about OVW: you got a nicer variety to pick from. The inverted DDT is countered into a Saito Suplex for two from McGillicutty. McGillicutty goes up but gets crotched and caught in something like a super-butterfly suplex for two. TKO attempt is countered into a McGillicutter attempt which is countered into the TKO for the pin at 9:30.

    We get a video from last week where Maxine left with Curtis.

    Bateman is talking to Kaitlyn who calls him Derrick Sweet Meat Bateman. Maxine and Curtis come up and it turns into a big argument. Maxine yells a lot and then kisses Curtis. After Maxine and Bateman both leave, Curtis hits on Kaitlyn.

    Kaitlyn vs. Maxine

    Maxine has a cousin is a part time pilcher pickler from Portland and is married to a Peruvian pygmy who is a purveyor of fine pot-bellied pigs and peacocks. Josh: “You can get all that out of her but you can't say McGillicutty?” Anyway Kaitlyn uses her power to control but Maxine counters into a slam into a dragon sleeper minus the arm trap with a bodyscissors for the tap at 1:55.

    Here's the Raw ReBound.

    Yoshi and Barretta are in the back playing WWE 12 when Hawkins and Ryder show up. Trent invites them to jump in on their game and apparently Yoshi put superglue on the controller so Reks is stuck. Yeah....comedy.

    Royal Rumble moment from 1988.

    Trent Barretta vs. Curt Hawkins

    When Hawkins was coming out, Curtis' Tron video popped up for a split second. We talk about how Yoshi is always smiling. Regal: “You should always have a smile on your face. You make a better corpse that way in case you die.” We wish JR a happy birthday as the match is very basic to start. You hear that a lot anymore in WWE. Regal talks about coming to America and seeing JR as the first thing he saw on American TV. Suplex gets two for Hawkins.

    We've gotten Norman Smiley and Gordon Solie references so far. The commentary is more fun than the match. All Hawkins so far. Regal and Josh won a Slammy for best announce team according to Josh. Regal wants cash instead of a trophy. Trent hits an enziguri and a running jumping elbow in the corner. Out to the floor and Trent hits a gorgeous flip dive to the floor. Back inside a tornado DDT gives Trent the win at 6:02.

    We recap Titus vs. Young, which resulted in a bunch of brawls. O'Neil will be back next week.

    Darren Young vs. Derrick Bateman

    They have just over 4 minutes left in the video so this isn't going to last long. They start fast and Bateman gets a quick two count. They go to the floor and Young hits an atomic drop kind of move onto the apron, taking the advantage. Back in Bateman sends him into the post shoulder first and we're running out of time very fast. A running missile dropkick takes Young down. Maxine pops up and says in two weeks, she and Curtis are getting married in Vegas. Young hits his gutbuster for the pin at 3:30.

    Alex Riley b. Michael McGillicutty – TKO
    Maxine b. Kaitlyn – Standing dragon sleeper
    Trent Barretta b. Curt Hawkins – Tornado DDT
    Darren Young b. Derrick Bateman – Fireman's Carry into a gutbuster

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