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    I have recently begun watching WCW Nitro from the beginning and whilst I may not get past 1995 I thought if might aswell reviews the ones I am watching so here goes:

    WCW Nitro Review - Debut Episode Review


    The opening to Nitro was always one of my favourites, it is a little weird seeing Vader knowing he didn't last long after this (he also never appeared on Nitro) and I remember they kept red & yellow Hogan tearing his shirt even after the nWo were well on their way.


    We meet our commentary team Eric Bischoff, Bobby "the Brain Heenan" and Steve "Mongo" McMichael. Bischoff seems a little green here, Heenan's great as always and McMichael is poor. Still I did like some if his joke like Bobby Hernia and Bobby the Stain, at least the first time he said them.

    Flyin' Brian defeated Jushin "Thunder" Liger

    This wasn't nowhere near as good as the Superbrawl match between the two years before but it was clearly not going to be when it was on live TV. Unfortunately Brian Pillman messes up a few spots but as Bischoff said he's only been back for four weeks. Plus it was good the commentators didn't ignore it and actually acknowledged it. I thought the way Pillman one was a little disappointing but it was still entertaining.

    Is it just me or is the ring smaller? I can understand if so as this is clearly not a venue for wrestling but I think that it definitely was a reason for people getting spots wrong in matches throughout the night.

    Match rating: **1/2

    Interview with Sting

    This short interview felt a little awkward, maybe its because he was in a mall surrounded by people at the time.


    Hulk Hogan plugging his new restaurant, not a bad idea to promote this here. Unfortunately for Hulk, this little venture ultimately failed. I wonder if the restaurant opening was part of the reason they did the debut episode at the Mall of America? Knowing Hogan's pull in WCW I'd say most likely (that's not a dig either I'm a true Hulkamainiac, however that doesn't mean I'm not going to call out stuff).

    Sting vs Ric Flair ended in a no contest

    Was this a title match? they didn't really say or indicate in the commentary that it was or wasn't.

    Lex Luger returns in what I can only imagine was shocking as hell back in the day )been from the UK I had no access to Nitro until 1996 and even then it was limited as I didn't have Sky TV).

    Definitely the best match of the night but still not an amazing match, I think the ending with Arn Anderson ruined it mostly, Arn needed to come in at a different point, it just seemed rush. I also think Sting should have been more annoyed and taken out Anderson. Although they did tease us with him coming back for his jacket. Still a decent enough match, had it had a better ending and a longer time limit (understandably short due to TV time) I may have given it a better rating.

    Match rating: ***

    Scott Norton / Randy Savage Altercation

    This was clearly done simply to get Savage involved in the debut episode and set up a match for next week. Why Bischoff didn't just say you two can wrestle next week, I don't know. Instead he waits to mention it during the main event. However it succeeded in getting me excited for a Scott Norton vs Randy Savage match and that's what this segment was for. Hopefully the match delivers in episode 2.

    Hulk Hogan vs Big Bubba Rogers

    Again was this a title match? they didn't indicate if it was or not again and the fact I saw Jimmy Hart holding the belt makes me think it wasn't. Not that its important but to have two champions wrestle on the same night and not indicate if either title is on the line seems stupid.

    It was a typical Hulk Hogan match but fortunately it was a fun Hulk Hogan match. Part of that was the crowd were behind him, when the crowds behind Hogan it usually makes up for what the match lacks in tact. Still you know the story Hogan kicks out the bad-guys move, hulks up, gets the leg drop and the win. For a debut episode I really think this was all that was required.

    Match rating: **

    Luger/Hogan promo

    This was fantastic, Luger and Hogan were both over with the Mall of America crowd and you could sense the excitement. What I think was so exciting was WWF tried to turn Luger into Hogan mark II and it didn't work. It almost makes the tension seem real and this was a perfect way to end the show.

    In Summary

    All in all it was a fun show and I think a really decent start to what would become my favourite wrestling show. Its clear they have someways to go until it really hits its stride but even with a few bumps here and there you can see this was already above what Raw was at that time. It left you wanting to come back next week for more and that's all that's required of a weekly wrestling show when you get down to it.

    Overall rating: 3 1/2 out of 5
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    WCW Nitro Review 11th Sep 1995

    Loving seeing the familiar Nitro set (bar the terrible ring apron).

    Recap of last weeks incident between Hogan and Luger setting up tonight's main event (can't wait for that one).

    Sabu vs Alex Wright

    Exciting match, interesting booking of Sabu as a loose cannon he wins the natch but doesn't stop the beat down afterwards and puts Wright through a table then the decision is reversed. Really enjoyed that good start to this weeks show.

    Match Rating: ***1/2

    Interview with Ric Flair, Lex comes down

    Bit of a pointless interview really, not even sure why Lex came down he said one thing and walked off. Flair also started talking about Arn Anderson then started saying how Lex is gonna beat Hogan. Very weird!

    Sting defeated VK Walstreet

    Interestingly when Sting makes his entrance Bischoff gives out the Raw results.

    So they spent last week hyping up Wallstreet and he's immediately beaten by Sting. Don't really get that. Still a decent match considering the length. First two matches have delivered.

    Match Rating: ***

    Randy Savage beat Scott Norton

    Another entertaining match and unlike Walstreet a defeat here doesn't damage the new guy Norton given the way he list with Avalanche collapsing on him leaving him unable to get out the way if Savage's elbow drop. It's that a shane the Dungeon of Doom suck.

    Match Rating: ***

    Hulk Hogan defeats Lex Luger via DQ

    I really really enjoyed this one. Best match of the night by far, I really can't understand why these two didn't face each other at a PPV at this stage. The crowd were really into this match and they were torn on who to cheer for. The match itself was very well booked, both men looked strong and I liked that the DQ finish only happened at a 1 count from the leg drop. Makes it more interesting for definite.

    Rating: ***3/4

    The night again ends with a promo, this time Hogan and Luger make amends kind of although not without argument. They let Luger into the Hulkamaniacs for War Games. I did find it quite funny when Hogan called it the match of his life though (not sure why it was good but not that good).


    A great episode of Nitro and a definite step up from the debut episode. This time they had a true main event, this was one thing WCW had over the WWF on Monday Nights for years big credible main events. One of the reasons Nitro was my favourite wrestling show growing up.

    Overall rating: ***3/4
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    Small note, norton worked for wcw in 1993 as well.

    Enjoy reading this, keep doing them!
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    Ah I didn't know that.

    Thank you for the kind words, I will hopefully get back to these, had a few personal problems that got in the way of me doing more.
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    I am finally back with more reviews, thanks to the WWE Network I gave rekindled my old love affair with wrestling. Anyway on to the review of the 3rd episode of WCW Monday Nitro.

    WCW Nitro 18th September 1995

    We are one day removed from Fall Brawl 1995 where the Hulkamaniacs defeated the Dungeon of Doom in War Games.

    After a brief intro from the usual hosts we are greeted to Mene Gene Okerlund who us standing outside somewhere as an ambulance pulls up out steps the Giant and Kevin Sullivan. Admittedly it's a bizarre promo but it's used to explain why Hulk Hogan isn't here tonight, but more on that later.

    The American Males defeated Harlem Heat to win the WCW World Tag Team Championships

    Now this was a shock result, I had no idea the American Makes were going to win here. It's always good to see a title change when you least expect it. The match was very short though (don't think it even went five minutes).

    Rating: **

    Ric Flair comes out for an interview with Mene Gene, he talks about how Arn broke the code bringing an outsider into their feud. He is of course talking about Flyin' Brian Pillmam who helped Arn defeat Ric at Fall Brawl. Usual Ric Flair type promo, energetic and entertaining Woo!

    A promo for this weekends WCW Saturday Night airs, Sting vs William Regal is the pick of the matches. Why not have Sting on Nitro Eric?

    Mr Wonderful Paul Orndorff defeated Johnny B Badd

    Not a great match by any means and I don't really understand the decision for Orndorff to win here. I also really can't stand that music for Orndorff.

    Match Rating: *

    We then go to the set of Baywatch where Randy Savage is weight lifting for the babes. Kevin Sullivan then attacks him but who saves him? Ric Flair. This was an obvious attempt to turn Flair face but given the feud he just had with Savage it's hard to swallow.

    Then Randy Savage comes out for an interview, he tells Flair he doesn't need his help. He's gonna kill Sullivan (who we later find out he'll be facing next week), he doesn't trust Luger or Sting, etc etc. Then Luger comes out and the two talk about each other's agendas etc. Cool little segment.

    Then we are treated to a replay from the Main Event (a WCW programme that would air before their PPVs) where the Giant runs over Hogan's motorcycle with a monster truck whilst laughing maniacally. Hogan screams at him. It was a really silly segment used to set up their Monster Truck match at Halloween Havoc. It is however followed by what happens to Hogan at Fall Brawl, where the Giant attacked him after War Games, twisting his neck. This was a superb segment.

    Ric Flair defeated Brian Pillman

    A decent enough match, really short with Flair going over quite easily. There was also no sign of Arn Anderson which was strange. Wouldn't it have made more sense to drag this one out for abit and have Pillman get the win here?

    Match Rating: **1/2

    The show ends with a preview of next weeks Nitro, which in all honesty doesn't look very interesting.


    All in all a poor episode, considering it was the day after a PPV they didn't deliver. I can understand Hogan not been there as he is (kayfabe) injured but to not have Arn Anderson there to further along the Pillman/Anderson vs Flair feud was pretty criminal in my eyes

    Overall rating: *1\2
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    WCW Nitro 25th September 1995

    The usual hosts get us started and were straight into the action

    Alex Wright defeated Disco Inferno

    The battle of the dancers, this match actually makes a lot of sense, well as much sense as two dancing wrestlers can make. It's a pretty forgettable match in all honesty though.

    Match Rating: *

    We then go to an interview from the back with Jimmy Hart and Hulk Hogan who is sporting a neck brace. He challenges the Giant to a Monster Truck match and a wrestling match at Halloween Havoc. This reminded me of one of those WWF interviews you'd get on home videos back in the day.

    Mene Gene is in the ring, the show the clip from last week where Randy slapped Lex in the face and out they come. They set up a match for next week.

    Then an advert for Halloween Havoc, featuring Hogan, the Giant and there Monster a trucks.

    Kurasawa (w/Col. Robert Parker) defeated Sgt. Craig Pittman

    I think what's worst about this match is I just didn't care for either of them. Still it was a better match technically than the previous one.

    Match Rating: *3/4

    Mene Gene interviews Arn Anderson and Brian Pillmna, they basically taunt Flair saying he won't be able to get a partner for Havoc and it doesn't matter who he gets. Pretty standard tbh.

    Preview of WCW Saturday Night this Saturday, Sting will be defending that US Title against Johnny B Badd. Why is that not on Nitro?

    Kevin Sullivan defeated Randy Savage by DQ

    Savage is crazy as usual, this time he's disqualified throwing the referee to one side after he dragged Zodiac into the ring. Anyway forgettable match but the melee after involving the Giant, several jobbers and Lex Luger was pretty good. What's interesting is Giant chokeslams Luger but Sullivan didn't like it. This starts the whole is Luger with the Dungeon of Doom or not?

    Match Rating: *

    Meng defeated Lex Luger

    This one starts right after the events of the previous match, Luger is still down. Anyway it's yet another forgettable match. I actually can't believe this was the main event.


    I thought the last episode was bad but this one was worse. Hopefully the next one will get back to speed.

    Overall rating: *
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    Wow the early episodes of Nitro was a live version of Saturday Night.

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