Voice desire to see V/CV/ Back.

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    Voice here exactly how much it is you want to see WCW back-explain,
    what it is exactly you miss about it,
    and how much it is you do.
    This Thread is intended to bring up to and into the light all the awesome characteristics of WCW that everybody misses.
    It's pretty clear what in a short period of time WCW accomplished but further how much of a profound impact it would have on the total Outlook of professional wrestling history is nothing short of incredible,
    Talk about here exactly what you like about WCW including its NWA-Crockett roots all the way back to 1983 into WCW to 2001 down to single matches. Let's not forget what took place in professional wrestling between 95 & 2000 going straight into the mainstream.
    It is unfitting a section about V/orld Championship V/restling is missing on this forum that pays respect and tribute to the greatest professional wrestling company to ever exist..

    With this said let's also voice our opinion with all respect on having the administrators give WCW a section for its own on this website, which is more than deserving & fair.

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