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    Real Name: Vimal Adzenhan

    Gimmick Name: Vee A.D.Z.

    Announced As: None

    Real Name: Vimal Adzenhan

    Gimmick Name: Vee A.D.Z.

    Announced As: None

    Height: 5’9”

    Weight: 185 lbs

    Hometown: Surrey, England

    Billed From: Crawley, South East England

    Announced as:
    Introducing first, From Crawley, South East England, weighing 185 pounds, Vee! A! D! Z!

    Alignment: Face


    ----------Hair Colour/Length
    Natural Black with brownish stripes just on the front falling, Moderately Long.

    ----------Eye Colour
    Brownish Black

    ----------Facial Hair
    Van Dyke Beard without any Mustache

    ----------Ring Attire
    Dark Green Trunk with A D Z Printed on both the sides, Always wears a pair of glove, Elbow pad to the left arm

    ----------Backstage Attire
    Long White T-Shirt with a Shattered Cross Printed in the Front, Dark Green Sweatpant

    ----------Physical Features
    Athletic with Ripped off 8 Pack Abs and Fit look, got a cross shaped scar on forehead

    Sara written around the right wrist and A sword piercing a heart across the right triceps

    Sample Pic of the Wrestler:

    Main Gimmick:
    Vee has an IQ of above 140 and an eidetic vision. Due to his high level of IQ his mind never rests and keeps on thinking about innovations, improvisations. Due to the eidetic vision he always recollects past memories and visualizes it.

    2 Characteristics of Gimmick:
    Agile, smart and innovative in the way he wrestles
    Lone wolf and always wants to be left alone

    Brief Bio/History:
    Ever since his childhood, he was considered as an underdog. He always topped in school ranking, both in sports and academics. But he denied the offer at Manchester University to pursue his Engineering Graduation and chose Pro-Wrestling instead. He rose to the ranks by fighting mainly for Surrey Wrestling Academy. He moved to Sweden to learn MMA where he met his Girlfriend Sara. She had coached him with Spiritual Karate and made him to learn how to control his mind and coordinate his eidetic vision to his credibility. Throughout his life, he took his Father as an inspiration. His Father has always been in his side mentoring him throughout his Wrestling Career. Weeks before Vee signed to WZCW, his Father got ill and couldn’t continue the journey with him.

    Entrance Music: [YOUTUBE]nG7n93dShNQ[/YOUTUBE]

    Entrance Description:
    He rotates around in one leg followed by a somersault on the floor and bounces up and high raising his both hands. Then he goes to the audiences on the barricade for some fan fair, gets to the ring and Springboards his way in with another somersault on the mat.

    Fighting Style:
    Fighting Style:
    Highflier. He’s super agile and can escape from many offensive attacks due to his speed. Innovative and can crack many holds whilst hitting the highflying manures. He got strong legs so can hit devastating kicks.

    Strong Style: With Size being a disadvantage, Vee managed to incorporate few of the Strong style into his arsenal which gives him advantage over the opponents.

    Finishing Moves:
    Coup de grâce - With the opponent in a tree to woe position, Vee executes a coast to coast missile dropkick.
    Leviathan Cross - Ushiro Geri (Back Kick) followed by Hiza Geri (Jumping Knee Strike)

    Signature Moves:
    Super Reverse Frankensteiner

    Moonsault slam (Using the momentum of the oncoming opponent/From the top rope)

    Mawashi Geri (Modified roundhouse spin kick, not the traditional one which CM Punk uses)

    12 Commonly used Moves

    1) Dropkick Variations (High Angle, Running, Pop-up, etc.,)
    2) On the mat... Hammer lock with repeated elbow smashes to the opponent's shoulder.
    3) 720 Guyver kick followed by a kip up
    4) Huricranna onto the turnbuckles
    5) Springboard variations (Plancha, Splash, Headscissors, Huricranna, Moonsault etc. varies based on the situation)
    6) Over the shoulder Judo Throw (As a counter to the running opponent off the ropes)
    7) Single legged dropkick
    8) Shining Wizard to the cornered opponent
    9) Bicep Slicer
    10) Reverse Hook kick
    11) With(when) the opponent standing on the apron, spinning back fist followed by a Hard Left Punch (Vee goes Southpaw at this juncture)
    12) Tirl-a-Whirl into Fujiwa Armbar

    Sample Rp:
    *Camera sways its way into a dark room with the corner just being illuminated with a bright light. Standing there showing the Camera his back is Vee. The Camera moves closer, he just turns his head slightly over his shoulders to give a gaze*

    I don’t see myself as a sport entertainer, I’m a Wrestler, that’s who I’m and that’s why I’m here *His gaze turns slightly into a glare* To Wrestle *with a less intimidating but a confidence voice he utters*

    *Lights go off for a brief moment, when it comes back to enlighten the whole room, standing there Vee, showing his ripped 8-Pack abs*

    You see mate, I’m not going to fib about my childhood, tough days or whatsoever. I enjoyed my life everyday till this point. I’m here to compete and win. This is my sport, my passion, my zeal. I love this sport, that’s what took me here.

    *he sways around and with a little fury in his gesture and gets so close to the camera* Don’t fool around with me or take my words as granted. I’m better than whatever you think of me. With the every beats I reach taller, with every rout I grow stronger.

    *Gives a slight grin from the corner of the teeth*
    This is what I am. I better show my knack on the ring *Swings his hands for a hard punch so close to the camera* BOOMM!!
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