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    The camera pans around the excited crowd in Keystone Arena as the Ascension music blares in the background. There’s signs that read - Eve is the best- and - I support Vox- as well as fans dressed in Callie Clark and Matt Tastic merchandise. The camera pans around to ringside where Cat Connor and Jack Cohen are waiting by the commentary table, both dressed sharply for the event.

    Connor: Welcome to Ascension wrestling fans! I’m Cat Connor here to call the action with none other than, Jack Cohen.

    Cohen: That’s right Cat! We’ve got Vee A.D.Z vs Flex! The Beard vs Matt Tastic, The Queen for a Day Kagura vs Wren, Obi Okafor vs Vox for a shot at the Mayhem Title and last but not least, the main event of the night.

    Connor: And what a main event that should be Jack, its Logan McAllister and the Elite Openweight Champion, Callie Clark vs Eve Taylor and Lynx. What will happen when these two teams collide tonight? Do not go away, do not change that channel because the action starts right now, lets go down to the ring where Anderson is standing by.

    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first...

    Anderson: From Crawley, South East England, weighing 185 pounds, Vee! A! D! Z!

    Vee comes out punching the air as the fans give him a warm welcome. He rotates around on one leg followed by a somersault on the floor. He bounces up high and raises his hands. Vee goes to the crowd on the barricade for some fan fair, gets to the ring and springboards his way in with another somersault on the mat.

    Connor: Vee A.D.Z is looking in great shape Jack! He is probably the most agile wrestler we have on the WZCW roster and he never fails to amaze the fans every time he steps foot in the ring.

    Jack: It’s agility vs raw power here and I can’t wait to see these two collide here tonight!

    Anderson: And his opponent...

    Anderson: Introducing first from Paris, France, weighing 220 pounds, “The Commander and Chief” King Mussél!

    King Mussel enters the arena with his FlexAmerican World Title and raises it high in the air as he throws fruit and protein shakes at the fans. Mussel then enters the ring and yells "Make America Healthy Again" at fans. Referee Akiyama checks both wrestlers for illegal objects. He see’s that everything checks out then points to the timekeeper.

    DING! DING! ​

    Vee bounces lightly on his toes as he circles the middle of the ring, he’s holding his hands high, looking to fire off strikes if Flex charges him. Flex is doing little fake charges, looking to get inside Vee A.D.Z’s head and see if he’ll make a mistake.

    Connor: WAIT A SECOND! WAIT A SECOND JACK! This crowd is going crazy! Look, towards the top of the entrance ramp.

    Cohen: It can’t be! That's Triple X!

    Triple X stomps out to the ramp as the crowds are in shock, there is cheers and shocked expressions all around. Flex and Vee have stopped in the ring, both in shock and staring at the man who’s marching down the ramp towards the ring.

    Connor: He’s heading towards the ring! What is he doing here?

    Cohen: I’m at a loss for words Cat! Triple X is here on Ascension!

    Triple X slides in the ring and immediately attacks Vee A.D.Z! He nails him in the face with a spinning back fist sending him flying through the middle ropes to the outside of the ring. Flex runs and swings with a clothesline, Triple X ducks and dropkicks the King in the middle of his shoulder blades, Flex’s neck hits the top ropes and he falls to his back, holding his neck in panic and gasping for air. Akiyama runs to try and stop Triple X but the referee is thrown over the top ropes for his efforts. Triple X stomps Flex viciously in the neck, over and over again. The man is blue in the face as security slide in the ring to try and stop him. He merely smiles and stomps on his neck again.

    Connor: Why is he doing this?! Stop him right now! Somebody stop him!

    Cohen: He’s going to end this man’s career right here and now! I can’t believe it Cat!

    Security have gotten in between Triple X and Flex, the muscular Flex is still struggling to breath and medics are in a panic as they rush the ring. There’s a serious neck injury they have to deal with now. Triple X climbs through the middle ropes, he starts walking up the ramp, but he turns and see’s Vee A.D.Z getting to his feet. He looks to the fans with evil intent.

    Connor: No, you’ve done enough damage, leave him alone!

    Triple X rushes Vee on the outside of the ring and hits him with a hard elbow to the side of his head, Vee looks to be knocked out instantly from the blow as he falls to the padded mats completely limp. Triple X picks him up and applies a front facelock. He gives Vee A.D.Z a snap suplex and Vee’s back catches the side of the steel steps! CLANK!!

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!! ​

    The crowds are standing and in shock after that move. Some kids are shown crying and fans are cursing out Triple X.

    Connor: Oh my god! Oh my god, that man could very well have a broken back from that!

    Cohen: WOW! Look at that replay Cat! Snap suplex right on that steel! We may never see either Flex or Vee in this company again!

    Triple X, is standing over a motionless Vee A.D.Z as medics and security rush towards them. Flex is being put on a stretcher in the ring with a neckbrace and oxygen mask on his face. Another team with a stretcher is trying to access Vee. Triple X takes a step away to let them scoop up the limp man. He walks up the ramp as some security give him a dirty look.

    Connor: This is just a shocking opening to Ascension Jack! Triple X has returned and it looks like he’s just taken out King Flex Mussel and Vee A.D.Z at the same time!

    Cohen: I don’t remember anyone having this kind of damaging impact for a return in the history of this company! I feel sorry for whomever is on this guy’s radar next!

    Connor: We have to go to a commercial break, do not go away as we have more action coming up next!
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    We transition to the backstage area, specifically following the reigning Elite Openweight Champion, Callie Clark, as she makes her way into the office of Ascension GM, Becky Serra. Clark enters the room and finds Serra at her desk writing some notes before she looks up and waves for Clark to take a seat.

    Serra: To what do I owe this surprise, Callie?

    Clark: I just thought I’d remind you that I am the first Elite Openweight Champion to successfully defend the title since Austin Reynolds did it last October. You’re lucky Becky, I broke the curse that was on this title belt. Nearly an entire year went by without somebody having the skill, the ability and the natural talent like I do to successfully defend it. After what I did to Batti, you should have had me start the show and not the return of some former star. Underline in red the word ‘FORMER’ if you would.

    Serra: Firstly, congratulations on defending the title. I’m very impressed by your work lately.

    With an arrogant smirk on her face, Clark nods approvingly.

    Serra: As for your placement on the show, well, you are in the main event. That’s what you should be worried about and future challengers. Now that you’ve defeated Batti in back to back matches I think it’s time to discover a new challenger for the Elite Openweight Championship and we may find ourselves with the answer later tonight during the main event.

    Clark: I doubt it. Eve Taylor got lucky once before but she’ll never get the better of me again. Lynx is far from my standard of athlete and he keeps talking about the future. I bet he didn’t even know when My Space went out of fashion!

    The door to the room opens and in walks Logan McAllister and Ron Goldman.

    Serra: Gentlemen, how can I help you?

    Clark: Uh, I was here first!

    Goldman: Apologies, lady Clark. Please, forgive our intrusion. It was important we sought you out considering you and my client will be teamed together in tonight’s main event. We heard that you had been seen entering the office of our pristine General Manager and couldn’t resist taking a peak.

    The champion stands up and faces Goldman and McAllister. The latter has not said a word; his eyes focused on the title belt around the stomach of Callie Clark.

    Clark: Listen, your client just needs to follow my lead. I’m the champion, therefore I make the rules. Got it? You do as I say and we’ll win this match. I don’t need him dragging me down into deadwood territory. I’m at the top of my game, Ascension is my show and he will do as I say.

    Goldman: Logan is a man who takes direction very well but you may find he is of more value than you believe. He has fought back through the worst of it and now stands as one of the fastest rising stars once again. Opportunities have been afforded to other people multiple times while he was on the brink of unemployment. That will turn even the sweetest man sour. He has a new drive and you’ll see it in the main event.

    Clark turns to face Logan; his eyes are still on the title belt.

    Clark: Uh, my eyes are up here!

    Goldman: Good luck, Ms Clark.

    The duo of manager and client exit the room leaving Callie Clark weary. She places a hand on the Elite Openweight Championship before turning back to Becky Serra. The scene fades to black as Callie storms out of the room, her grip on the title around her waist tighter than usual.
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    As the dazzling lights show begins, the fans get to their feet for the introduction of a woman who has made a massive impact in WZCW lately. As she timidly walks through the curtain and into the arena, the sound of cheering and applause greets her. Kagura adopts a warm smile in recognition of the warm welcome as she makes her way down the ramp towards the ring.

    Connor: Here is a woman who has the world in the palm of her hands, Jack. Kagura went on to win the King For A Day briefcase at the anniversary show and since then, WZCW must seem like a very different place for the timid wrestler from Japan?

    Cohen: Oh no doubt, Cat. Winning that case is like having the keys to the castle. Every Champion in this company will be on high alert as Kagura sets her sights on who she wants to cash in on. She really does have the biggest opportunity available to a WZCW superstar in her hands. But she needs to perform on the highest levels if she is to make anything of it.

    Anderson: Introducing first, weighing in at 160 pounds... The Queen For A Day... KAGURA!!

    Kagura smiles again as the acknowledgement of her biggest is made clear. She reach the bottom of the ramp and enters the ring to a chorus of applause and chants from the baying crowd. Everyone seems to be behind the new Queen For A Day.

    After a few moments, Wren makes her appearance into the arena. It is a bit of a muted response from the fans but there is certainly a positive reaction for the woman from parts unknown. The single spotlight that rains down upon her shows a focussed looking Wren as she lifts her head to face the fans. She nods her head as she looks as the daunting challenge that awaits her.

    Connor: Wren looks really focussed tonight, Jack, you can see it in the way she moves and the look in her eyes. She took Titus Avison all the way to the limit at Gold Rush but eventually came up short. What does she need to do now to recover her form?

    Cohen: Winning and losing is all part of the game, Cat, you just need to make sure that you continue doing what you were doing before the loss. She got to the big dance with Titus through hard work, determination, and skill. If she can show those same qualities going forward, it wont be long until she is back in Championship matches with the best in the business. She has all the tools to be a big deal but she needs to stay focussed on it.

    Anderson: And her opponent, weighing in at 155 pounds and hailing from parts unknown... WREN!!

    Wren elegantly continues her solemn walk towards the ring as the anticipation in the arena goes to another level. All the time of walking down the ramp, the two women do not take their eyes off of each other – a trend that is only broken as Wren reaches the ring and mounts the turn-buckle. As she jumps off, she makes her way to the corner of the ring and bell sounds.


    With the two competitors finally in the ring, the match is about to begin. In two corners of the ring, Wren and Kagura stand looking at each other. The Queen For A Day begins circling the ring but Wren is no mood for mincing his actions tonight. He immediately runs at Kagura and nails her with a knee to the gut. Kagura tumbles over the knee of her opponent. She hits the canvas hard but immediately springs back to her feet. But, once more, Wren nails her with a knee to her gut – resulting in the same devastation for Kagura. One final time, Kagura springs to her feet and is immediately nailed by a kick to the gut. She bends over double and is soon punished for her slow start to the match with a quick tornado DDT that takes her back to the canvas. Wren senses that she has Kagura right where she wants her and goes for the pin quickly. But the referee is barely even on his knees before Kagura manages to get the shoulder out. Wren knows that she has to keep the pace up and keep punishing Kagura if she is to pick up an impressive win right out of the blocks. And that is exactly what she goes after as she picks Kagura up and whips her across the ropes. Kagura hits the ropes and, upon her return, is nailed by a stunning dropkick in the middle of the ring. Again, Wren scurries over to Kagura, looking for the quick win. This time, the referee is able to get a count of 1 before, the visibly shaken, Kagura manages to roll her shoulder out.

    Connor: Wow! A fantastic start for Wren in this match, Jack. Do you think that the recent form of Wren has been somewhat misleading?

    Cohen: Oh, absolutely, Cat. Remember that at Gold Rush, she took Titus all the way to the limit to keep that EurAsian streak alive. Had that been a normal match, who knows what would have happened. The fact remains that Wren is a force to be reckoned with and Kagura is learning all about her talents right now.

    Kagura shakes her head, trying to get rid of the cobwebs that are currently shrouding her senses. But Wren is right upon her again, coming up behind her seated position and immediately locking in a sleeper hold on the Queen For A Day brief case holder. Kagura struggles against the hold with everything she has and, somehow, manages to reach the bottom rope as the fans come alive. The referee urges Wren to make the clean break but Wren seems adamant that she wont. With a look of hushed disappointment on her features, Wren has no choice but to let go of the hold. The referee gets right in her face as she makes her way back to her feet. The referee is trying to explain that he wants a clean break when he asks for it but Wren is still showing the disappointment of having to break the hold. Suddenly, Wren pushes past the referee and goes for Kagura, who is beginning to recover as she gets to her feet. But the time that Wren has spent with the referee has allowed Kagura enough time to recover adequately. She grabs the legs of Wren and takes her to the canvas. The beautiful fight of two master technicians is well and truly off of the cards as both women begin scrapping on the canvas, rolling over and trading stiff shots to the head as they jockey for position. The referee gets in between the two women and pulls them apart finally. Both scurry back to their feet but it is Wren who comes off second best as Kagura chins her with a stunning shuffle side kick. As the kick connects, Wren stiffens up and falls backwards. Kagura dashes towards her and covers her for her first pinfall attempt of the match. 1... 2... Kick out by Wren!!

    Cohen: What a kick to the jaw of Wren. That will put your lights out for a while. Wren is lucky to still be in this match after that.

    Absolutely, Jack. As soon as that kick connected with the jaw of Wren, she stiffened right up and hit the canvas – it was all very worrying. But this match continues regardless. You have to give Wren massive credit for managing to roll the shoulder there.

    Kagura gets to her knees, the sweat dripping from her brow. She looks down at her opponent and shakes her head in disbelief. Knowing that she has to continue the assault, she picks Wren up. But her opponent is still on shaky legs after such a brutal kick to the chin. Kagura pulls Wren to her feet finally and whips her into the ropes. As Wren hits the ropes, she looks like a sitting duck, But that doesn't seem to do Wren any justice at all as she ducks under the flailing arm of Kagura on her return. As she hits the opposite ropes, Wren finds the opportunity to perform a stunning moonsault from the middle rope. The crowd go wild as the stunning move connects with Kagura and sends her back to the canvas. Wren still seems a little dazed but begins pulling herself towards the Queen For A Day in the middle of the ring. The crowd sound their appreciation for the move and the evenly balances match as Wren finally makes it to Kagura and drops her arm across the chest of her opponent. 1... 2... 3! NO! Kagura just manages to get her shoulder off of the canvas with literally no time to spare.

    Cohen: How close can you come!? I thought that Wren had managed to put Kagura away with that move. What spirit from that young lady.

    Connor: You said it, Jack. These two women have shown us tonight that they have the heart to perform on the same level as the very top talents. And if Kagura is to become the first ever woman to hold the World Championship, then she is going to have to perform at that level all the time.

    Wren still seems a little unsteady on her feet but she makes it to a vertical base regardless of that. She pulls Kagura up and looks as though she is setting up for the Michinoku Driver. As she hoists Kagura up onto her shoulder, she stumbles back a little, allowing Kagura to fall from her elevated position and back onto the canvas. She immediately finds her footing and spins Wren around to face her. With no hesitation whatsoever, she nails Wren with a belly to belly suplex that sends her flying across the ring. The tempo of the match quickens as Wren gets back to her feet quickly. But just like earlier in the match, she falls victim to allowing her rage and adrenaline to build. Kagura punishes the energy of her opponent quickly as she hits her with another belly to belly for good measure. As Wren collides with the canvas again, Kagura gets back to her feet and nails Wren with a stunning but deadly running knee to the temple. The crowd take a sharp intake of breath as Kagura's knee smashes into the head of her opponent. Quickly, Kagura transitions into the pinning predicament but the referee is only able to reach a count of 2 before Wren, somehow, manages to get the shoulder up and keep the match alive.

    Connor: That was a nasty knee to the side of Wren's head there, folks. Don't be too surprised if this is the beginning of the end for this match. Wren, somehow, managed to keep the match going but she was already a little shaky, With that strike, I don't know how much she has left in her.

    Cohen: Well, as I already pointed out, she went three falls with Titus Avison of all people, Cat. She definitely has the stamina and the will to keep going. But after that punishing move, I don't know if it is her best interests. Kagura is really putting screws to her now...

    Kagura shoots up to her knees, looking down at her opponent with a stunned look on her features. Beneath her, Wren begins moving on the canvas in an attempt to get back to her feet. Kagura can hardly believe what heart she is seeing in Wren – an emotion that is mirrored by the fans at ringside. Kagura gets back to her feet slowly, not taking her eyes off of her opponent for one minute. The fans give both of the women in the ring a warm applause at the match continues. Kagura walks backwards until she is clear of Wren. She watches as her opponent finally begins pulling herself back to her feet to the applause of the fans. Kagura watches her intently as she stumbles around towards her – her legs unsteady and a dazed look in her eyes. Suddenly, and without mercy, Kagura nails Wren with the FIFTH DANCE OF AMATERASU OMIKAMI (two-fisted heart punch)! Wren hits the canvas with a sudden and deafening thud as Kagura covers her. The referee makes the call. 1... 2... 3! The match is over!

    Connor: You know what, Jack, that match was over as soon as Kagura hit that stiff shot to the side of Wren's head. You could see that is scrambled her senses and she was right up against the odds after that. I guess you could say it was a mercy for Kagura to put the match to bed after that?

    Cohen: Well, Kagura is going to have to be ruthless going forward, Cat. Kagura has hopes of becoming the first ever woman to be Heavyweight Champion in this great company. It's a fact that you don't get there by being nice. Nice guys finish last... I'm sure the same goes for nice women.

    Connor: Regardless, Kagura puts Wren away in this match and continues her roll towards gold in WZCW.

    Anderson: Here is your winner, the Queen For A Day... KAGURA!

    In the ring, Kagura gets to her feet and has her hand raised by the referee. She looks down at Wren one final time as the fans give her another warm applause for her contribution to the match. She offers them a bow in return for their support and exits the ring.
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    A man in a hoodie is seen sitting on a stack of pallets. Head tucked down and legs crossed, almost as if he was unresponsive. But he can be seen moving, breathing. A familiar voice speaks.

    Matt Tastic: Ten years is a long time. You go from a newborn, to just 3 years short of adolescence. A decade. So many things happen in that timeframe that change this world. Presidents come and go. Thriving companies go bankrupt. The world becomes a haven of social media. Consistency becomes dificult in a decade.

    Matt raises his head. Showing his face to the camera.

    Matt Tastic: But I've been here. The whole time. Unchanged. Unmoved. On top every thing that goes in this company. Tonight, I face The Beard. A man who used to be World Champion. Then bailed on this company. Guess who won the World title after he turned his back on this place? Me. Tonight, I'm gonna embarras him. Because a stain on WZCW is a stain on me. Tonight, I pick up after another fool who just drifts with the wind.
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    We cut backstage to a hallway where Eve Taylor walks in from the right. Lynx walks in from the left.

    Eve: Oh, good you're on time.

    Lynx: Oh course. I'm always on time. I don't have time to be late for anything.

    They both laugh at this.

    Eve: Sorry we did not get a chance to meet sooner.

    Lynx nods.

    Lynx: Don't worry about it. I know you had other things you needed to take care of. I just wanted to make sure we are on the same page. The past and the future need to send the present into the dimensional vortex. Because of this, even though we faced each other in the Gold Rush Tournament, I think we can work together.

    Eve: Definitely. Callie and Logan have an extreme makeover coming their way.

    Lynx: The future doesn't look good for our opponents.

    They shake hands and both exit in anticipation of the match later tonight.
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    Anderson: The following contest is set for one fall!

    Anderson: Making his way to the ring, from Beard City, USA, weighing 285 pounds, The Beard!

    The lights are out and as the music hits a spotlit Beard is standing there with a towel over his head. Beard flings the towel off his head as he bounces up and down and draws the crowd in for more noise with his hands. The lights fly on and Beard throws his hands in the air encouraging the crowd to chant "Beard! Beard! Beard!". He hurries down the aisle slapping hands with all the members of Beard Nation. He slaps the stairs as he charges up them before leaping himself over the top rope and dropping to one knee as he bobs his head to his music and the chants of the crowd. He stands up and throws himself chest first into the ropes and throws his arms out as a crooked smile comes across his face.

    Connor: He missed out on the anniversary show but The Beard is back in action tonight. A former World Champion and this match will be a rematch of the main event of Kingdom Come 6. These two men battled it out on the grandest stage of them all for the World Championship in what was one of the most heated matches I can remember.

    Cohen: The Beard fell short on that night, it was Matt Tastic's time but tonight is the chance he has been waiting for. The Beard has been sitting back thinking about that loss ever since. His career totally could've been different had he defeated Matt at Kingdom Come.

    Anderson: And his opponent, from Southwestern, Puerto Rico, weighing 235 pounds, Matt Tastic!

    Matt walks down the aisle slowly hands in pocket wearing a mask that celebrates his victory at Kingdom Come 6. The design identical mirroring the outfit he wore that night. He stops midway looking at his surrounds before getting on the apron and sitting on the top turnbuckle, making eye contact with The Beard who stands across the ring. Tastic removes the mask, throwing it to the floor and stares out at the crowd.

    Cohen: It's been a long time since this man has been at the top of his game. He suffered back to back defeats at the hands of Vis Imperium and I think that has caused a little bit of an attitude change. Looking at the way he walked down to the ring, something is different about Matt Tastic. I don't know what but I think it's just what the doctor ordered.

    Connor: He is one of the greats. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame this year before Kingdom Come. It has been a rough time for Tastic, if you discount the anniversary show than Matt has not won on pay-per-view since Gold Rush 2016.

    The referee brings both men into the center of the ring. He gives them their orders, they return to the corners and then the referee calls for the bell to start this match.


    The match begins as Tastic and Beard lock-up in the middle of the ring. It’s a test of strength, both men pushing and pulling for the advantage until Beard is able to apply a headlock. He tightens the hold, growling as he pulls but feels some resistance as Tastic throws a few elbows to the ribs. This creates some space which allows Matt to slip free and back into the corner. The Beard waste no time, charging forward for the corner splash! In an instant, Matt slips out of the way through the ropes and to safety on the ring apron. The Beard smacks the turnbuckle and stumbles back in a dazed state. With his eyes on the prize, Matt takes flight and slingshots himself from the outside of the ring and connects with the Flying Power Kick! Down goes The Beard but Tastic doesn’t go for the cover, instead he hammers away with a combination of punches and forearms to weaken his former rival. Now, pulling Beard by the arm, Matt lifts his opponent up and slings him into the ropes. On the rebound, Beard takes Matt’s head off with a thunderous clothesline and both men go down for a moment.

    They get back up and Beard fires a punch to the mouth with knocks Matt down to the canvas. He pops right back up, again he is hit with a straight right hook. Up and down goes Matt Tastic, shot after shot, at least five times as The Beard is throwing bombs and isn’t missing. On the sixth attempt, Beard fakes the punch and pulls Matt close, connecting with the Belly to Belly Suplex! The first cover of the match takes place as Beard flops down onto Tastic. 1… 2… Kick Out!

    Cohen: These two men have wrestled on the biggest stage against each other, CC. It’ll take the best from either man to get the win here tonight.

    Connor: Indeed, it’s the battle between two former World Champions and that makes for exciting wrestling whenever we get the chance to see it.

    The Beard is the first competitor back to a vertical base and receives a big wave of support from the crowd as he moves towards Tastic. With a handful of hair, Beard pulls Matt up and hits a headbutt to stun the former Lethal Lottery winner. Allowing Matt to stumble back, Beard aims and fires a jumping high knee straight to the jaw! Matt remains standing, only for a moment, until he feels the spinning heel kick strike his temple! Down goes Matt again; another cover takes place. 1… 2… Kick Out! Slapping the canvas in frustration, The Beard turns to the official to check that it was only a two count. He thought he had it right there but Matt continues to show signs of life as he crawls towards the bottom rope. Tastic begins pulling himself up, Beard makes to grab him but Matt counters with a quick kick to the face.

    As Beard is backed away, Matt runs and leaps into the arm with a running tornado DDT attempt which connects perfectly! Matt hooks the leg for his first cover of the match. 1… 2… Kick Out! Wasting little time, Matt rolls to the outside of the ring and ascends the turnbuckle where he waits for Beard to reach a vertical base yet again. The crowd are on their feet as Matt shouts for The Beard to rise, slowly he does so, and once Matt feels confident he leaps into the air and executes a missile dropkick! The move smacks The Beard right in the face and upper body region, knocking down to the canvas with a loud thud and preceding another pinfall attempt by Tastic. 1… 2… Kick Out!

    Connor: High risk moves from Matt trying to put this match away.

    Cohen: He’s been more aggressive than we’ve see him in the past, CC. A new man this Matt Tastic. I mean, when was the last time he held gold? Something has to change.

    Matt begins to stomp his feet as he approaches The Beard. A strong slap across the back of the head is delivered by Tastic, he begins shouting that he is invincible before kicking Beard whilst circling him. The shots are stiff and continue until Matt grabs Beard by the head, violently, and slings him into the corner. He hits a corner dropkick, pulls Beard forward afterwards and executes a vertical suplex. After hitting it, Matt drops to a knee and points to the sky before placing a hand on Beard for a cover. 1… 2… Kick Out! A look of annoyance comes across the face of Matt as he slips to the outside of the ring, dragging The Beard halfway across the apron and slamming his forearm into the chest multiple times.

    The referee begins a count of five, Tastic never gets in danger of disqualification and always stops at four before beginning again a few seconds later. The Beard is pulled all the way out of the ring by Tastic, at this point Tastic lifts his opponent up and nails a lariat neckbreaker on the outside of the ring. Matt slaps his chest with pride and rolls back into the ring as the referee’s count reaches five. The count continues, Matt leans up against the ropes happy to take the count-out victory but the crowd are showing a lot of support for The Beard as he begins to stir. The count reaches nine and suddenly, like a light was turned on, The Beard reacts, leaping from the floor and diving into the ring.

    Connor: I thought he wasn’t going to make it!

    Cohen: The referee was bringing their hand up to make the final ten count!

    Matt shakes his head in frustration but standing across the ring is a bigger problem than that. The Beard’s eyes are locked on Tastic and he wags his finger, he is ready for a fight and meets Matt head on with a wild clothesline. The Beard ducks a spinning wheel kick from Tastic, instead he throws the Super Saiyan of Pro Wrestling with one hand over the top rope! Unfortunately, Matt lands on the apron but Beard doesn’t know it. He turns around as Matt leaps through the air – Beard catches him and hits a powerslam! Quickly, Beard pops up and runs off the ropes and nails a leg drop! 1… 2… Kick Out! The fans are watching with intrigue as Matt rolls away, trying to gather himself, while The Beard is closing in on what he feels is a victory. Both men get to their feet, Beard runs at full speed and splits Tastic in half with a running crossbody. No cover, Beard pulls Matt back up and hits an Exploder Suplex – now he covers. 1… 2… foot on the rope!

    At the last second Matt got his foot on the rope and The Beard looks shattered. He strokes his mighty beard, pulls himself together and grabs Matt by the arm. He tries to lift Matt up into the air for a suplex but Matt blocks it, countering with a twisting neckbreaker! Beard clutches are his neck as Matt scurries to the turnbuckle, he ascends it and positions himself at the peak – Frog Splash! Beard rolls out of the way – Matt tucks his head and rolls through but fakes crashing and burning since Beard was facing the other way and never saw Matt tuck and roll. As The Beard hurries into the cover, Matt grabs him by the beard and locks in a pin attempt. 1… 2… 3!

    Anderson: Here is your winner, Matt Tastic!

    Cohen: What a move by Matt Tastic to get the victory over The Beard. He missed his finisher originally but realised that The Beard was facing the other way so he faked a hard landing by flopping down onto the canvas.

    Connor: That is a veteran move by Tastic and he was able to sucker The Beard into a false sense of security which allowed him to get that sneaky pin at the end of the match.

    Cohen: That’s back to back wins for Matt Tastic, CC. What does the future hold for this Hall of Fame superstar?

    Connor: I’m not sure but things just got a whole lot more interesting with this recent run of success for Matt Tastic.

    Not waiting for the referee to raise his hand, Matt does it himself before exiting the ring and marching up the entrance ramp. He pats himself on the shoulder and soaks in the applause from the large following that he has. Meanwhile, The Beard gets a good response from the fans as he gets to his knees. A replay of the ending is shown and he can’t help but shake his head for falling into the trap. At the top of the ramp, Matt can be heard yelling “I got you again!”
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    Footage from earlier in the day is shown of Justin Cooper walking backstage with a black briefcase. We see him talking to Callie Clark, opening the briefcase and showing stacks of money, equal to that of fifty thousand dollars.

    Cohen: Well it looks like Justin Cooper is already on the hunt for the person who wants to make themselves fifty thousand dollars richer by taking him up on the bounty against Constantine.

    Connor: He has been buzzing around backstage all day, Jack. I happened to pass him earlier and saw Justin having a conversation with Lynx which went about as well as you’d expect.

    Cohen: Of course, Lynx probably fails to see the need of money from his future perspective. A complete and utter wacko! I’d take the 50k right now, CC! Come on, you and I could take Constantine. I’ll split it with you, eighty-twenty.

    More footage is shown and we see Justin Cooper talking to Triple X and the conversation being very animated.

    Cohen: Triple X has been out of work for a long time, partner. He could use some money!

    We see a collection of clips not only from tonight but from Meltdown where Justin is shown talking to the likes of Tony Mancini, Logan McAllister and Mark Keaton.

    Connor: This bounty absolutely disgusting, Jack. The fact that Justin has to go so slow to try and get an advantage over Constantine is a joke. Just step into the ring against the man, fair is fair, one on one, and battle it out to see who deserves to be World Heavyweight Champion.

    Cohen: You’re such a fool, CC! This isn’t a friendly match. This is war and Vis Imperium will stop at nothing to make sure that Justin Cooper remains World Champion past Unscripted. Somebody will take this money. I have no doubt in my mind. They make say no right now but somebody will want to make the lives of their family or themselves better and right now there is fifty thousand dollars just waiting to be taken!

    Connor: I just can’t believe anybody employed here would stoop so low.
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    Anderson: The following match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the number one contendership to the Mayhem Championship!


    A couple of rose bearers step out onto the stage, basket of roses at the ready as Obi Okafor steps out from behind the curtain, raising his arms high in the air. The rose bearers move forward and start to place the roses from the basket down the ramp, Okafor following behind, pointing and smiling at some of the fans before staring at the ring in a focused manner. The rose bearers step to the side as they get to the end of the ramp and Obi hypes himself up before sliding into the ring and hopping onto the nearest turnbuckle. He removes his crown and his dashiki to a nearby official before hopping down from the turnbuckle.

    Connor: Whoever wins this match goes on to face Studd. Obi has held the Mayhem Championship before, he has a chance to gain entry to the match where he could reclaim it.

    Cohen: I highly doubt we are gonna see Obi as Mayhem Champion again. Not when he would have to get through Studd, and that's if he even defeats Vox tonight.


    Lights go out, and a spotlight shines on Vox who has walked out onto the entrance ramp. The natural lights come on as he begins walking. He walks out wearing his backstage attire and with a microphone in hand. Looks to the crowd to find a fan with an outstretched hand. He grabs her hand.

    Vox: You, young lady. What's your name?

    Fan: Deborah!

    Vox: Deborah! God bless you! Let us be the change.

    He makes way to the ring with the microphone still in his hand.

    Vox: We CAN be the change! All you have to do is be willing to contribute financially. Will you join in on helping such a great cause? Donate NOW to help those who have been impacted by the floods in south Asia.

    Donation buckets are passed around amongst the crowd of fans.

    Vox: Don't be like our current Mayhem Champion Randy Studd. Give what you can to help those in need. Thank you beautiful people. God bless you!

    Vox removes his jacket and sunglasses as Obi watches him from the other end of the ring.

    Connor: While I appreciate his passion for helping the less forunate, this match should probably get started.

    Cohen: For once I agree with you. The best wrestler is the one who should become the top contender to Studd's title. Not the one who makes the most donations.

    The bell is rung to signal the start of the match. Vox runs at Obi immediately and pushes Obi into the corner of the ring. Vox punches Obi in the stomach five times. He then drags Obi to the corner of the ring on the opposite side, pushes Obi into that ring corner and begins punching again. Vox lands six consecutive punches to Obi in the stomach and one to Obi's head, he follows the punches with a Forearm Smash! This sends Obi down. Vox picks Obi up and does a Back Body Drop. Vox stands over Obi looking down at him for a moment. Obi slowly gets up and Vox grabs him and uses a German Suplex.

    Connor: Imagine how many contributions Vox would get to his charity projects if he became the Mayhem Champion.

    Cohen: He should focus more on winning this match first. This has been all Vox so far. Obi has yet to hit a successful maneuver on his opponent yet.

    Vox stands up. Obi slowly tries to stand. Vox kicks him in the stomach. He starts to go for another kick, but then stops to allow his opponent to successfully get up. He then grabs Obi and uses a Spinebuster. Obi is down again. Vox goes over to the ropes and Obi gets up and runs over to Vox, only to be grabbed by Vox who uses one of his signature moves, a Brainbuster! He follows this up by quickly applying his finisher, a Crossface Chicken Wing called the Difference Maker! Obi taps out to the move. The ref calls for the bell.

    Anderson: The winner of this match and the new number one contender to the Mayhem Championship.... Vox!

    Connor: That was surprisingly fast. Vox just made a former Mayhem Champion tap out in one of the most one-sided matches I have seen in recent memory. He has proven himself to be a threat to Studd's title reign.

    Cohen: Vox did luck out here tonight. It will take more than donations to social justice issues to defeat Randy Studd. Vox won't have as easy of a time with the current Mayhem Champion as he did tonight, that much I can guarantee you.
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    In the office of General Manager Becky Serra we find the Owner of WZCW sitting in her chair, while Becky stands to the side, as the camera moves into position facing Mr. Banks. He offers a bitter smile and places his hands on the desk, tightly gripped together.

    Banks: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I hope you have enjoyed tonight’s entertainment. We here at WZCW always wish to provide the most exciting elements of sports entertainment. One of which is fresh new matches between our superstars.

    A slight nod from Mr. Banks is all the emotion he shows as his smile fades.

    Banks: That is what our business demands. You, the paying customer, want new matches that you have never seen before. Matches which will be exciting and draw your attention. As an owner, it is my job to deliver that request to the best of my ability.

    Waving a hand over to Becky, Mr. Banks leans forward on the desk a little.

    Banks: After consulting with Ascension General Manager, Becky Serra, I have determined that we can provide you with one of those matches next week. In fact, it’s a match fans around the world have been begging me to put together for the longest time. I am a man of the people so I shall deliver.

    A flicker of joy appears in the eyes of Mr. Banks as he licks his lips before making the announcement.

    Banks: Next week, live on Ascension, the rebel, the troublemaker, the insolent fool, known as Tyrone Blades will go one on one against his best friend for life – Batti! Now, I’m sure that their little friendship won’t ruin this match and to ensure that I’m adding a stipulation. Should I deem that either Blades and Batti are not competing to the best of their ability than I will be left with no choice but to fire both, immediately! I hope you’re excited about this match as I am, tune in next week!

    Mr. Banks breaks out into a small, uncontrollable chuckle, as the camera begins to fade away to black.

    Connor: He’s forcing friends to fight it out on Ascension next week? That’s so unfair!

    Cohen: Get over it, CC! Both Tyrone Blades and Batti are competitors and they should face each other. Mr. Banks is just giving us the best matches available and that’s sure to be a cracker!
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    Anderson: The following contest is a tag team match and is the MAIN EVENT of the evening! Introducing first....

    Anderson: ...from Boston, MA, weighing in at 275 pounds, the son of Boston, Logan McAllister!

    As the bells hit the lights go dark, before green lights begin pulsating to the beat of the song, the letters L-O-G-A-N slowly appear on the video screen. At roughly 30 seconds in, we see Richard Goldman strut out with a big smile on his face as he stops at the ramp and turns towards the now emerging Logan McAllister. Logan walks out, going to the left on the stage and doing the same thing on the right side before coming back and walking with a purpose down the ramp. When he approaches the steps he runs up them, before walking slowly to the middle of the ring edge, leaning back on the ropes and staring out into the crowd. Logan then enters the ring posing in the center of the ring, jersey open and arms outstretched while Mr. Goldman simply applauds and smiles.

    Connor: This is the main event folks! Logan McAllister is here representing his team with Callie Clark! I think they'll do fine. Both of these wrestlers are professionals and have the same goal in mind, to win this match tonight. Callie Clark is no stranger to winning as she has a high percentage of wins in her single career. That's why she holds the Elite Openweight Championship.

    Cohen: I have to agree with you Cat, she will use Logan as her weapon in this team, she has the tag team experience with her sister in the past, but you replace her with this beast and I think that will only spell victory!

    Anderson: And his tag team partner.....


    Anderson: ....from New York, New York weighing in at 100 pounds, The Elite Openweight Champion, Callie Clark!

    A chorus of boos as the champion walks out on the stage, she has a disgusted expression on her face as she struts down the ramp, she holds her title high above her head as she makes her way to the ring. She rolls under the ropes and holds her title high above her head again in the center of the ring. She looks over her shoulder and says something to Logan, he smirks, so does Goldman.

    Connor: Callie is the type of competitor that can easily move on from that loss at The Anniversary Show, she still has that Elite Openweight Title around her waist so she doesn't really have to concern herself with losing that triple threat match.

    Cohen: She also has the ego the size of Keystone itself Cat! She can't start piling up losses now! What will her internet freaks think of her then?!

    Anderson: And their opponents...

    Anderson:....Introducing first, from Times Unknown, weighing 204 pounds, The Melanistic Jaguar, Lynx!!

    Lynx walks out onto the entrance ramp with his hooded robe covering his face. He is looking down at the ground for a few seconds as a countdown clock ticks down 5.... 4.... 3.... 2.... 1.... Then he looks into the audience and takes the hooded robe off as pyro goes off as the fans cheer. Blue, purple, and green lights flash throughout the arena. He enthusiastically asks a fan when he passes them down the entrance ramp if they know what time it is. He then yells "It's time to delete the internet queen!" into the camera and continues down the entrance ramp into the ring where he poses at the top of the turnbuckles.

    Cohen: Wait a second, did I hear that right or is Anderson taking liberties? Did she just call Lynx a Melancholy Jaguar?

    Connor: No , she called him a Melanistic Jaguar, it means that there's no such thing as a black panther, the proper term is Melanistic Jaguar. I blame Daggershield for all of this.

    Anderson: And his tag team partner....

    Anderson: ...this is Eve Taylor!

    The arena goes dim, with a single spotlight shining at the top of the entrance ramp. Eve Taylor steps in it, with her head looking down. She slowly lifts her head, and slowly looks around the entire arena, before bursting out from the spotlight and amping up the crowd. She marches confidently down the ramp, still in her model strut.As she hits the end of the ramp, she jumps onto the apron, and heads over to the closest turnbuckle. She ascends it Rocky-style, and once again the arena goes dim, with a bright light over Eve Taylor. She slowly holds her hand out, trying to reach for the heavens. As the chorus kicks in, she grabs hold of the spotlight, and the arena comes back to life. Eve is seen standing atop the turnbuckles, holding her arm in the air, with her eyes closed, taking a deep breath. After a second, she opens her eyes, and pumps up the audience, before jumping off the turnbuckle, pointing to everyone in the arena.

    Connor: And finally, Eve Taylor, the most experienced competitor in this contest. She will have Callie Clark on her mind here as she was entangled with her in that triple threat match that Batti won.The best female wrestler WZCW has ever seen. Listen to this loud crowd reaction here tonight for her! Go girl!

    Cohen: She's also the most experienced tag team competitor in this match too,Cat! It will be interesting to see if she can coexist with the Black Melancholy Jaguar here tonight!

    Connor: Oh come on! You're not even trying now!

    Referee Akiyama is finalising his instructions for both teams, Eve has convinced Lynx that she will start for their team. Callie is starting for the opposing team. Akiyama calls for the bell.


    Callie and Eve approach each other and immediately go into a collar and elbow tie up. They lean way down but neither wrestler will budge so they push off of each other. Callie cracks her neck as she circles the center of the ring. Eve nods as they wrap each other up in another collar and elbow tie up, this time Callie sneaks a hand free and pulls Eve's hair to force her into a neutral corner. Akiyama tries to break up the hair pulling with a loud warning, he starts a five count but Callie nails Eve in the face with a hard elbow then struts to the center of the ring with a big smirk on her face. Eve explodes out of the corner with a hard clothesline that drops Callie to the mat! She jumps to her feet but Eve dropkicks her right over the top ropes to the outside of the ring! Eve does a fist pump and climbs the turnbuckle to pose for her cheering fans. Callie slams her hands on the ring apron and wipes her mouth. She checks for blood then walks up the steel steps then through the ropes. Eve runs at her but Callie grabs her in a headlock and flips her over her hips to the mat, Callie drops an elbow but Eve rolls out of the way and The Elite Openweight Champion crashes to the canvas. Eve drops her own elbow but Callie rolls out of the way this time and quickly locks in an arm triangle submission hold on Eve! The fashion model rolls over and puts her weight on Callie...


    Callie releases the hold and kicks out, just in time.

    Connor: Good start to this match,
    Both wrestlers look to be really sharp and this chess match will continue between these two great competitors!

    Eve grabs an arm lock on Callie but The Champ slaps her hard in the face. Crack! Eve holds her cheek. She gives Callie a death stare and chases her across the ring, Callie jumps through the ropes and runs around the outside, Eve is right behind her, running fast, Callie slides in the ring and runs across, bounces off of the ropes, Eve does a spinning kick but Callie ducks as Eve bounces off of the ropes....BAM! Out of nowhere Logan launches himself across the ring for a devastating clothesline on Eve, flattening her to the mat! Lynx runs and throws rights and lefts at the son of Boston! The fans are into it now as Callie does a flying chop that Lynx ducks, she nails Logan by accident! Lynx gives Logan an uppercut that sends the big man tumbling right over the top ropes!
    Akiyama is all up in his face now, trying to restore order. He doesn't see that Eve has rolled up Callie in a tight pin! He finally turns and jumps down for a count...


    Callie kicks out. She rolls over and starts punching Eve with multiple right hands. Eve kicks her off of her and fights back with rights and lefts! Callie responds with rights and lefts as both woman are just pelting each other now with hard punches!

    Connor: What a slugfest! You do not want to get in between these two right now!

    Both women slam each other with a hard right hand at the same time and they fall to the canvas at the same time. Logan has climbed back up in his corner and is yelling for Callie to crawl to him. Lynx is doing the same with Eve. Both women are slowly crawling...Callie is only a few feet away, Eve is closer...just fingertip lengths away...Callie tags Logan! Eve tags Lynx! Both men charge at each other, Logan picks up Lynx in a body slam position but he slips out the backdoor. Lynx dropkicks Logan in the back sending him crashing face first into the turnbuckle, he hits Logan with a swinging neckbreaker, dropping him to the mat. Lynx quickly climbs to the top ropes, he jumps and hits a moonsault on Logan! He covers him...

    Logan kicks out at zero then jumps to his feet in a rage. He clocks Lynx in the face with a hard elbow then a lightning fast exploder suplex! Lynx tries to recover as he staggers to his feet only to walk into a T-Bone suplex from Logan. The monster jumps on Lynx and starts laying in hard elbow strikes and punches to his head. He grabs Lynx and applies a tight headlock on the canvas.

    Cohen: Very explosive offense by this beast of a man! Stopping all offense by Lynx here and taking control of this match. Those are just deadly suplexs from Logan!

    Logan tags in Callie and they both pick up Lynx. A double front facelock and then an expertly executed double snap suplex whips Lynx to the mat in a split second! Wham!! Callie covers him....


    Lynx kicks out. Callie runs to the ropes, she spingboards off of the middle ropes and drops a knee on Lynxs head. She picks him up to his feet, she spins and nails him with a spinning back fist that twirls him around as she does a backflip into a Pele kick! Lynx flies through the middle ropes to the outside of the ring! Logan runs in the ring, he falls to his hands and knees by the ropes, Callie runs and springboards off of Logan's back for a high suicide dive to the outside of the ring.....but it's COUNTERED with a dropkick right to Callies face by Lynx!!


    Connor: Unbelievable mid air counter by Lynx!! Look at this replay!!! Wow!! He's rolling in the ring now.

    Lynx slowly rolls in the ring. He goes to tag in Eve but is grabbed from behind by Logan, he gets German suplexs that Logan will not release! He's rolling through the suplexs into a Boston Suplex Party!

    The crowds respond with a cheer for that as Eve loudly complains from the ring apron. Logan returns to his corner as Akiyama growls at him. Goldman is heard praising his client from the outside of the ring. Callie rolls in the ring. She stands near Lynx, waiting for him to stand up. Lynx manages to make it to his feet, Callie picks him up for the Lights Out small package driver but Lynx slips out the backdoor, he turns and jumps for the hot tag to Eve!! Cheer!!! Eve storms the ring but Callie dropkicks her!! Eve bounces off the ropes and nails Callie with the Designer Clothesline sending Callie tumbling back towards her corner and over the top ropes! Tag! Logan tags her on the way out, he runs and misses a clothesline on Eve, she spins and misses a clothesline on Logan on the rebound, Tag! Lynx tags in, Logan picks up Eve for The Boston Massacre but Lynx pulls her down and hits Logan with Dimensional Vortex! Stunner right into Fashion Statement crushing Logan's face on the mat. Lynx blocks Callie coming back in, Eve tags Lynx's back and falls on top of Logan.....



    Anderson: The winners of this match, Lynx and Eve Taylor!

    Connor: What an action packed tag team match gentleman! Eve Taylor gets the win for her team with a big assist by Lynx! This place has become unglued here!

    Cohen: So many illegal tactics from Eve and Lynx, Cat! Don't even sit there and tell me that was a fair match!Eve wasn't the legal wrestler! I didn't see no tag at the end there!

    Connor Give me a break Jack! The tag was legal! Thank you all for watching Ascension! I'm Cat Connor with Jack Cohen signing off! See you next week!

    Lynx and Eve are celebrating in the ring. A disappointed Logan and Callie are back stepping up the ramp, pointing and vowing revenge as the WZCW logo appears in the bottom corner.
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    Unscripted 2017
    *Matches to be announced*

    Confirmed matches:

    WZCW World Heavyweight Championship
    Justin Cooper (c) versus Constantine

    WZCW Mayhem Championship
    Randy Studd (c) versus Vox


    Callie Clark/Logan McAllister versus Lynx/Eve Taylor - Jeff
    The Beard versus Matt Tastic - Prophet
    Vee ADZ versus King Mussel - Jeff
    Kagura versus Wren - Dave
    Obi Okafor versus Vox - Number One Contendership (Mayhem Title) - Dagger
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