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    Since returning a few weeks ago, Triple X has ended the career of both Vee ADZ and Flex Mussel. His sights are firmly on whoever holds the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship and he doesn’t care who it is. He simply wants the belt that he feels is rightfully his, dating back to his last run in the company. After defeating the current number one contender on Meltdown, X attempted to cash-in on the bounty put forth by the World Champion, Justin Cooper, but his attempt was interrupted by Lynx. This has put the two competitors at odds with Lynx refusing to allow X to profit off injuring Constantine. Lynx has been a pillar of justice in his short time in WZCW and holds an impressive win/loss percentage throughout his career. Lynx will be no pushover for X on his road to the World Championship and could derail any hope he had to achieving that in the near future. After X attacked Lynx on Ascension, this match was confirmed and now they will square off for the first time ever. Will X continue his impressive run or will Lynx change the course of history?

    RP Deadline Tuesday 14th November 23:59 (Central).

    Extensions available upon request.
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    Triple X stood in front of the cold, white wall, staring intently at the red letters. It was the day before Unscripted, and he was getting ready to fly out to Toronto. Before that though, one last intent stare at the crimson emblazed upon the wall.

    He looked around. The names of Constantine and Wren had all been struck through in black, symbolizing their removal from his path. A path that would lead him to his prize; the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Then along came Lynx.

    A knock on the door interrupted his thoughts.

    ‘Mr. Xander, your cab is here.’

    ‘Thank you Andrey.’ X’s gaze didn’t waver while he spoke. He took in the letters; their shaping, their meaning, and what they represented.

    X left the apartment and made his way down the stairs with Andrey. He reached the bottom, and took a deep breath of city air as he walked out the door, where a taxi was waiting. Andrey walked over and opened the door, but instead of following, X stopped and rooted around in his bag.

    ‘Everything okay, Xander?’

    ‘Yeah, just…’

    X finally pulled out a bunch of envelopes. Four, to be exact. He double checked the front of each of them, before walking over to a nearby mailbox, depositing the letters inside.

    ‘What are those?’

    ‘Something I should have sent a while ago.’ X turned back and walked to Andrey, stepping in the taxi.

    ‘Come on. Waiting on you now.’

    Andrey couldn’t help but smile, and walked round the other side of the car. He jumped in, and the taxi pulled away.

    ‘JFK, please.’

    ‘You got it.’ The taxi driver responded.

    X sat back, relaxed. Tomrorrow, he’d be In the Ricoh Coliseum, standing opposite Lynx at Unscripted.

    And he couldn’t wait to tear him apart.




    The Day After Ascension 122
    A Hotel In Minnesota

    ‘I’m such an ass.’

    ‘No you’re not.’

    ‘Yeah, yeah I am.’

    ‘No. I mean, you have a cute ass, but you’re most definitely not an ass. There’s a real difference’

    Talia sat up and swung her arm out and playfully smacked X across the chest. The two were lying there, bed sheets covering them, content, with the Minnesota morning sun cascading through the window onto the bed.

    ‘Okay, you’re an ass.’

    ‘Guilty as charged.’

    Talia laid back on the mattress and rested her hand on her face. ‘I said I wasn’t going to jump straight back in. I was determined to just take things slowly and see where things went.’

    X turned onto his side, facing her. ‘Do you regret it?’

    ‘No. God no!’

    ‘You’re just worried with what happened before. Me leaving. Right?’

    She turned her head, looking X in the eyes. ‘Is it wrong for me to say yes?’

    ‘Not at all. I get it.’

    She smiled, before stroking his face. ‘Sometimes the universe has funny ways of working.’

    He leaned in and kissed her bare shoulder. ‘You think the universe planned on us banging?’

    Talia smiled before grabbing a pillow and hitting X in the face with it. He grabbed the pillow off of her as they play-wrestled, ending up on top of her, his breath taken by her overwhelming beauty.

    ‘God I love you.’

    She smiled. ‘No, you just love my ass.’

    She planted a kiss onto his lips, before a knock at the door interrupted. X sighed. ‘No rest for the wicked.’ He said, before rolling off to the side and grabbing a nearby pair of baggy shorts.

    Talia smiled. She slid out of the bed, pulling on an old, long and baggy Slipknot t-shirt of X’s. He headed to the door, stopping before opening it. ‘I meant it, by the way.’

    ‘Meant what?’

    ‘I do love you.’

    She smiled back. ‘I love you too.’

    ‘You’d better. That’s one of my favorite shirts.’

    He turned the handle and pulled the door open.

    ‘My favorite American!’

    ‘I’m the only one you…never mind. Hey Andrey.’

    ‘How are we today?’

    ‘Another day in paradise.’

    ‘Ah, good, good…’ Andrey walked through to the main area of the hotel room, before spotting Talia sitting on the bed. ‘My goodness, I did not realise you had company.’

    ‘No, no, it’s alright.’ Andrey, I’d like you to meet Talia King. Talia, this is Andrey.’

    ‘It’s lovely to meet you.’

    ‘No, the pleasure is mine madam. Xander has told me a great many things about you.’

    ‘All good, I hope.’



    ‘He jests, my dear. Nothing but good.’

    He took a seat on the armchair in the room. ‘Anyway, to business my friend.’

    Andrey pulled a tablet out of his messenger bag and began messing with it.


    ‘All confirmed, with stipulations included.’

    X walked over and took the tablet.

    ‘What is it?’ Talia asked.

    ‘Lynx is confirmed and Xander’s next opponent.’

    ‘Great! That’s great news!’

    X looked up at Talia and smiled. ‘Not for Lynx it isn’t.’

    Later That Day​

    This is good though, right?’

    ‘What do you mean?’

    X looked to Talia as they both jogged around the streets by their hotel. X was in his baggy shorts and a Metallica shirt, while Talia was in her fitted running gear.

    ‘I mean, Lynx got in the way, but the more incidents like this that happen, the more prepared you’ll be when the time comes.’

    ‘Yeah, I guess you’re right. Hadn’t really thought of it like that.’

    ‘More than just a pretty face.’

    ‘You’re a pretty everything.’

    Out of nowhere, X spotted the reflection of something catching his eye. He slowed and looked in its direction, and noticed a guy hiding in a doorway, taking photos.

    ‘What’s up?’ Talia slowed with him.

    ‘Oh, fuck this.’

    X ran over to the man. ‘Hey. HEY!’

    ‘Just doing my job, bro.’

    ‘Do it somewhere else, asswipe.’

    X grabbed the camera out of the mans hand and smashed it against the wall.

    ‘HEY!’ The photographer scrambled around for the pieces that broke off.

    ‘Next time find someone else to spy on. Or better yet, get a life. Bro.’

    X turned and carried on jogging as if nothing happened. Talia looked back, before jogging back alongside him. ‘Was that necessary?’

    ‘Probably not.’ X turned to Talia as they ran. ‘But you saw the look on his face, right?’

    Talia couldn’t help but smile a little. ‘I suppose it was a little funny.’

    ‘I’m just fed up of people getting caught up in my business.’

    The two came across a park and stopped by a bench. Talia took a seat, as X rummaged around in his bag for a couple of sports bottles. He threw one to Talia, and took a quick swig of his own.

    ‘I just don’t get it. Lynx is…good. I’ve watched his stuff. When I knew I was coming back I did my research on everyone and he’s fine, but…’


    ‘What’s he accomplished? I mean, he’s won one match on Pay Per View. He’s never been a Champion. He’s only been around for what? A handful shows and one Pay Per View? What has he done? What has he done that means he can poke his nose in my stuff?’

    ‘Don’t take him lightly.’

    X paused, before sighing and turning to Talia. ‘You're right. And I’m not. In truth, he’s made a pretty big impact since arriving on the scene. I’d even say he’s been impressive. He’s beaten some top competitors in his short time-’

    ‘I sense a but coming…’

    ‘He’s never come up against anyone like me. And if he knew what was good for him, he wouldn’t get involved.’

    ‘I guess he didn’t like you taking it to Constantine.’

    ‘That had nothing to do with him.’

    ‘Maybe, its he thinks he’s a good guy trying to do the right thing.’

    Talia looked at X, who still looked mad about the whole thing. ‘You really don’t like him, do you?’

    ‘I’m just sick of people who have to hide behind things. I mean, I’ll give it to him; he has the fans sold on his whole ‘man out of time’ schtick. Hell, maybe he genuinely believes it. Maybe he is just a crazy person.’

    He turned and sat down next to Talia. ‘I destroyed Blade the last time I appeared at Unscripted. I intend that to be somewhat of a trend. And either way, one thing’s for damn sure. I really don’t care when he thinks he’s from. Lynx will be getting his ass kicked in 2017.’

    Talia smiled. ‘Sounds good to me.’

    She paused for a moment, looking down, before looking back at Xander. ‘What about Vis Imperium?’

    ‘What about them?’

    ‘I mean, I know they don’t like Constantine, but they seemed to be determined to influence you.’

    ‘They’re trying to play me.’

    ‘…yeah, pretty much.’

    ‘That isn’t lost on me, Tal. All I’ve talked about since being back is the World Heavyweight Championship, and Justin Cooper holds that prize. It’s no surprise they’d want me to do their dirty work for them. I meant what I’ve said before though. I don’t care if it’s Cooper, Constantine, hell it could even be Darren Bull with the biggest career turnaround in history. Whoever holds that championship needs to watch their back and I do not care who it is. Vis Imperium can try and buy people off all they want. Some things are worth more than money.’

    Talia smiled, before looking up. ‘Come on, lets go.’

    X looked up too. A bunch of kids had formed in the play area opposite them, clearly recognising the Straight Edge Superstar.

    ‘Before you smash any more cameras.’

    The Day of Unscriped 2017
    Two Hours Before The Show​

    Toronto, Ontario

    The two men stepped out of the rented car and stared at the Ricoh Coliseum, taking in its vast, traditional-yet-modern appearance.

    ‘Let’s do it, Xander.’

    They walked towards the performer entrance, where hundreds of WZCW fans had already gathered. Upon seeing the X-Rated Superstar, a roar of nose cascaded up from the crowd.

    ‘Triple X!’
    ‘You Suck!’
    ‘Lynx is gonna kick your ass!’
    ‘Go back to Scotsdale!’

    ‘I’m from Phoenix you idiot!’

    ‘Xander, don’t rise to it.’

    They eventually made it inside the building away from the hostile crowd. Xander put his gear bag down and looked back out and grinned.

    ‘I love a warm reception.’

    ‘Yes, well love isn’t a word I would associate with their feelings for you, my friend.’

    X shrugged, and looked around, before turning to the staff at the door. ‘Hey, you don’t happen to have a megaphone, do you?’

    ‘Well, yeah-‘

    ‘Can I just have a look at one, please? I really like them.’

    ‘Uh, sure.’ The man handed over one that was nearby. ‘Just be careful with it, please. The fire marshal uses it if there’s an evacuation-‘

    ‘Okay, thanks.’ X grabbed it and headed towards the door.


    ‘Don’t worry, I’m not rising to them.’ He turned back. ‘They’re the ones who aren’t on my level.’

    He walked back through the door and stood up on the barricade, it took a moment for the fans immediately nearby to realise, before a roar of shock went around the crowd. Arena security surrounded the barrier as X lifted up the megaphone to his mouth.

    ‘Hey Canada! You want me? Here I am!’

    Another roar, mixed with shock and boos, reverberated around the horde of fans.

    ‘What? Don’t tell me you’re surprised to see me again so soon?’

    The fans booed even louder. A faint chant of ‘You suck’ had begun near the back and was rising louder and louder. X simply laughed into the speaker.

    ‘Like I give a fuck. You literally mean nothing to me. As a matter of fact, I’m not out here for you.’

    X reached for his cell phone and held it up high. ‘I want you all to take your phones out. Phones, cameras, whatever. I have a message to send out and I need you to do the sending.’

    A large chunk of the fans actually complied. X laughed again. You dumb motherfuckers, he thought.

    X took a breath. ‘So who here’s a Lynx fan?’

    A huge cheer from much of the crowd. Predictable.

    ‘Good. Good for you. Supporting someone who’s a loser just like you.’

    Another negative response rained down upon him.

    ‘Actually, I’m being harsh. Lynx is good, right? He’s a good guy. That’s why he got stuck up in my business. Why he saved Constantine from early retirement. What a nice fella, right?’

    A small cheer, with many of the fans very unsure of where this was all going.

    ‘You know who else was a nice guy? Blade.’

    A cheer for the mention of a WZCW legend.

    ‘And three and a half years ago, I pushed his stretcher off a stage through a table, and sure, he’s been seen since, but he has been far from the same. And he never will be. Because, ladies and gentlemen, if you cross me, and get in my way, that is exactly what will happen to each and every one of you and your disposable heroes.’

    A thunderous barrage of abuse rained down on X. He didn’t care though. He simply smiled.

    ‘Lynx, I don’t know if you’ll see this before tonight. I sure hope so, though, I really do. You, just like these people, are everything I can’t stand, not just in wrestling but in this cesspit we call a world. You toy with peoples emotions and feelings. You use this façade of being a man out of time to get these people to cheer for you.’ X looked around at the crowd, pointing deliberately at as many as he possibly could. ‘You people are dumb enough to fall for it, in fact. And in a way, I applaud you Lynx. I applaud you for playing these people at their own game but in fact, you’re playing yourself. And more to the point, they’re playing you. Just like they played me. Like they played Blade before I drove him through a table. Like they play every single person who enters that ring for their entertainment, and just like so many that came before you, at some point you will wake up. You’ll be battered, and bruised. Bloody. Maybe it will even be after tonight. You’ll wake up and question if everything was worth it. Because it wasn’t. Not even close.’

    X lowered the megaphone and stretched his arm around. The crowd were not happy. Not at all. He felt a sense of pride in his ability to turn this crowd, so full of excitement and joy into a hostile, bitter mob of hatred.

    ‘You shouldn’t have saved Constantine, Lynx. You shouldn’t have gotten involved. Because now that’s on you. And I have a lot of rage bottled up. And tonight, when you step in that ring, your once-promising career in this business will be nothing more than a faded memory. When you step in that ring, you’ll start to see these fans for what they are, and you’ll be nothing more than a footnote on my path to what’s rightfully mine. When you step foot in that ring tonight Lynx, you’ll wish you could go back to the future.’

    X couldn’t help at chuckle at his own bad joke. He looked around the crowd; a lot of their cell phones were still in the air. His expression turned deadly serious, as he focused into the camera of one phone, a few feet away from him. A fan was holding it, no older than twenty, wearing a slightly faded Strikeforce shirt. Just pathetic. He crouched down and got as close as he could to the lens, as if it were the eyeballs of Lynx himself.

    ‘You chose this, Lynx. You chose this path. Be prepared to live with the consequences.’

    X threw the megaphone into the crowd and jumped down from the barricade. He walked past the guy he’d borrowed the megaphone off, who looked incredibly confused.

    ‘I told you to look after it.’

    ‘Oh, I didn’t listen.’

    X grabbed his shoulders and spun him round to the crowd. ‘It’s out there. Good luck.’ He said, slapping him on the back.

    Andrey, who had waited on ahead, had his arms folded as X approached him. ‘Was that a smart move, X?’

    ‘Necessary. It was necessary, Andrey. Very.’


    X grabbed the handle of the locker room door, pausing.

    ‘Because people need to learn not to stick their noses in my business. And if they do, they need to learn the consequences. Constantine was going to be that message on Meltdown.’ X pulled the door open.

    ‘Lynx now has that honour. And it’ll be a message nobody will ever forget.’
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    It was getting late. The bright white lights used for games had already been turned on, as it was already more than 3 hours since when the sun had set. Lynx sat down in the stands of the old basketball courts Willy had mentioned. Lynx had not been here since childhood. He looked out at the courts, seeing a group of college aged youths playing a basketball game on one court. The other court was empty.

    Lynx: I had completely forgotten about this place. Has it really been 10 years?

    He thinks to himself for a moment and then his cousin Willy enters the stands, taking a seat to the left of Lynx.

    Willy: So. Did ya figure it it out yet?

    Lynx: Figure what out?

    Willy: Why I wanted us to come here.

    Lynx takes a moment to think it over before responding, but all he can think about is Triple X.

    Lynx: The thought crossed my mind, but I'm more concerned about Triple X. I'm going to face him soon in a match where I have no way to control the stipulation.

    Willy: So? Give him the SLAM. I thought we talked about this at the Halloween birthday party, the one where you cleverly pretended to be some guy named Steve.

    Lynx: No.... The guy you told me to give a SLAM to was Mark Keaton. This match is against Triple X. The guy who tried to take out Constantine, and he probably would have gotten away with it too if I had not stopped him.

    A few seconds pass before either speak. There are some cheers heard from the college students playing on the other side of the court.

    Lynx: I've got to maintain the fabric of time and space. What could happen to time space continuum if the right results do not happen at Unscripted, Willy? There are fan votes for every single match on the event except for the World Championship match. If even one has the wrong outcome voted in, it could send WZCW back onto the path of destruction.

    Willy: I dunno man. I would just give him the SLAM. That strategy always works out pretty well for me in a fight.

    Lynx: You're not even listening are you? I've got multiple variables to be concerned about here. It's bad enough I have to step into the ring with someone like Triple X who will be out for revenge after I interfered in his attack. There's also the matter of the fans voting for stipulations in the matches, including mine.

    Willy: Do you know what choices they can vote for?

    A basketball hits the stands, in the row that is in front of where Lynx and Willy are sitting. Lynx picks it up and throws it to the youths, who continue their game.

    Lynx: Doreen should be getting that information to me soon. I had her ask around. I'll see if she has heard anything yet.

    He sends Doreen a text message asking if she knows what stipulations the fans will be voting for in his match. As he waits for a response he looks out into the courts again. Memories begin flooding back to him. In particular one day a decade ago, the last time Lynx had been to this basketball court. He was there. So was Willy.

    November 5th, 2007
    Time Withheld

    It was November 5th. Exactly a decade ago. The time of day is withheld as to protect the time-space continuum. Can't have a bunch of people looking at a time-stamp of the past through a Roleplay Post at a fantasy wrestling federation on a professional wrestling forum. No, that could cause unspeakable damage to the fabric of time and space. Present Day Lynx looks on from the stands as Past Lynx and Past Willy walk out onto the court to join a group of kids already out there. The kids are gathered in a circle around two who are in the center of the ring. One of them is a bully named Silas Sam Sawyer or "Triple S" as the other kids called him. No relation to Lynx's Unscripted opponent. Yes, that's a Theronism. No more than a coincidence. Easter eggs are better than calling him "Bully 39" would have been. Sawyer stands on a chair in the middle of the courts with another boy, Stan, next to him as the other kids look at the confrontation.

    Sawyer: This is MY court now! I am taking over and not even Stan can beat me.

    Stan: Stop it, Triple S. This is why none of us like you.

    Sawyer: Shut up!

    Sawyer gets off the chair and makes a fist.

    Sawyer: Who's going to stop me? No one. You have until I count to 3 to get off of my courts!

    The kids all watch silently.

    Sawyer: 1....!

    Stan does not budge.

    Sawyer: 2....!

    Past Lynx pushes his way through the crowd of other kids to step in between Stan and Sawyer.

    Past Lynx: Alright, that's it. Stan can play here and so can everyone else.

    Past Willy: Give him the SLAM!

    Sawyer gets in Past Lynx's face.

    Sawyer: Awful brave of you to get involved like that. Or maybe it wasn't brave. No, that isn't the right word. It was stupid of you. I'm going to have to teach you a lesson.

    Past Lynx: I'm not scared of you, Triple S. Name any three different types of fights and I'll beat you.

    Sawyer: Any three, huh?

    The bully paces in a cicle for a few seconds.

    Sawyer: My three choices are.... a fight where we can hit each other with chairs, one where we can fight anywhere in this whole arena, and one where we have to make the other tap out.

    Past Lynx: Fine. Let's have all the other kids vote and whatever they want to see, that is the fight I'll beat you in. Fair?

    Sawyer: What? No, I make the rules here!

    Past Lynx: Are you scared you'll lose?

    Sawyer: Of course not! Go on! All of you! Vote! Then next week we will FIGHT using the rule that was picked!

    The kids all begin yelling their choices out loud, but nothing can be heard clearly due to the noise level and so many shouting at once.

    November 5th, 2017
    22:45 PM

    Suddenly, Lynx comes to his senses. His trip down memory lane is interrupted by his phone's notification sound. He has a text message from Doreen.

    He looks at the text message. Then back out at the courts. The same courts he had stood up to the bully Triple S from his childhood a decade ago.

    Willy: What did she say?

    Lynx: Remember that fight I had with Silas Sam Sawyer here, back when we were kids?

    Willy nods his head.

    Lynx: He picked three different rules for our fight and then I convinced him to let our friends pick the stipulation. Just like Unscripted, where I'll face Triple X.

    Willy: So?

    Lynx: Willy.... Doreen just gave me the stipulations my fans will vote from. It's the exact same three that the kids picked from for the Triple S fight. History is about to repeat itself.

    Willy gets up from the stands.

    Willy: Ok. Let's go.

    Lynx: Let's go!? Where!? We just got here.

    Willy: To go train for your match. Your other friend with the long hair and the big blue helmet is already in the training room.

    Lynx gets up as well. He and Willy make their way to a training room. There's a ring inside. Lynx's best friend Masamune is in the ring. Willy and Lynx climb inside the ring as well.

    Masamune: Bro, this place is cool!

    Lynx goes over to the ropes and looks into the mirror on the wall. It is one of those mirrors so large that it takes up the entire wall. His cousin and friend watch on. Lynx sees in the reflection that they are looking right at him.

    Lynx: I just hope all the right votes are cast. These Unscripted stipulations. I will have quite a mess to clean up if any of the wrong choices are made. I don't want WZCW to get onto the path toward destruction. I've come so far in preventing the disaster. I can't stop now.

    Masamune: Doreen told me about your stipulations. What are you gonna do if they pick a Chairs Match, dude?

    Lynx turns around to face the other two.

    Lynx: Hit Triple X with steel chairs like there's no tomorrow.... Because if I don't watch over these fixed points in time, there WON'T be a tomorrow.

    Masamune: Yeah, bro. What if they pick Falls Count Anywhere?

    Lynx: Then I get to take the fight out of the ring. I'll smash Triple X with everything I can find. It won't even matter where I pin him. Out at ringside, in the ring, by the concession stand, at the merchandise table, the parking garage, you name it. I'm ready to hit the dimensional vortex on him anywhere in that arena if that's the stipulation my fans pick.

    Willy and Masamune both nod in agreement.

    Masamune: Cool. So what about the last of the three. What if they pick Submissions, man?

    Lynx: That just means I get to use my A Lynx To The Past maneuver. I'm prepared for that outcome also.

    Willy: Then you give him the SLAM.

    Lynx: Sure, Willy. Just depends on what the fans picked. I was ready when my friends picked a rule for that Triple S fight when I was a kid. I'm ready now for my fans to pick the stipulation for Triple X at Unscripted.

    He gets into the center of the ring with Willy on his left and Masamune to his right.

    Lynx: It's time to take that next step. Long live The Grand Dream!

    Lynx knew he had to began training for the next several days with Willy and Masamune to ensure he would be prepared no matter which of the three stipulations it would be. One thing was for certain. Time was running out. The three pose together in the ring and they are seen in the reflection of the mirror on the wall.

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