Gold Rush: Yemrez Reqonic vs. Lynx [KFAD Qualifier]

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    So close yet so far away. Both of these competitors were just one win away from being in the final of the Gold Rush Tournament. Now they are left on the outside looking in. Another chance has been presented to them as Reqonic and Lynx will face off to decide a spot inside KFAD. Does Lynx have future knowledge to predict what Yemrez will do or will Yemrez get the feel good story back on track?

    RP Deadline Monday 24th July 23:59 (Central).

    Extensions available upon request.
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    Deadline is now Tuesday 25th July 23:59 (Central). No further extensions.
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    July 21st, 2017
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    Unsure of what to do following his loss to Eve Taylor, in order to look after the next fixed point in time at Gold Rush, Lynx reached out to Talent Relations to find out if he had other options on who he could wrestle against at the event. He did receive a response from a Talent Relations agent named "Geoff Sender Of Email". No, he wasn't just the sender of the email Lynx got back, that really is the guy's name. Lynx was used to people in Talent Relations having silly names though. Even in his dealings with another Talent Relations executive named Yainbow Raz back when Lynx was still getting his application processed to become a wrestler at WZCW, the silly names of these individuals was nothing new to Lynx. He is reading over the email from "Geoff Sender Of Email" again now.

    They weren't kidding. In the 10 days that had passed since Lynx's last match at Meltdown 142, he had received no less than 4 voicemails per day. All from the same man. All regarding Lynx's decision to name a benefactor and how he was running out of time before the deadline for naming one. Lynx is at his apartment in Phoenix AZ and he sits down on the same couch he had done his live recorded message to his fans on July 2nd regarding Eve Taylor. He pulls out his iPhone, opens up his clogged up voicemail app, places it on speakerphone mode, and listens to the latest voicemail from Nick the Benefits man.

    Nick: Yes this is a message for Mister Lynx.... Hello, Lynx, Nick here again regarding your benefits. This is a courtesy call to remind you that you are running out of time. If you do not name your benefactor by the night of the Gold Rush event, you will not be cleared to wrestle. I repeat.... You will NOT be cleared to wrestle until this is straightened out. Call us back at-

    He cuts off the message before it finishes by closing the app and puting the phone in sleep mode. Nick was impossible to get a hold of. Anytine Lynx tried to call Nick back from his voicemail app, it would go straight to a voicemail box that was full. He decided to try to call Nick one more time. Lynx hated phone tag, and seriously who can blame him? Phone tag is so incredibly annoying. Some people never answer their phones. Like.... EVER. And then by the time they finally call you back it's at the very moment you had something else that was more important that you had to do. Oh, sorry. Got sidetracked there. Ok, now Lynx is trying to call back, and sure enough all he heard was that ever so annoying "away message" informing that no one was there.

    Computer: You have reached the voicemailbox of .... NICK.... Please leave a message after the tone. Sorry! This voicemail box is full and cannot accept any more recordings. Goodbye!

    The line disconnected itself as soon as the away message finished playing. Lynx is in disbelief. He thought that emailing a request to management would make them leave him alone about this benefactor issue, but it would appear his email to management had either been ignored or his request had been denied. Now he was in a position where he felt he would lose either way. He was out of the Gold Rush tournament final, but now he was forced to make a decision he literally had no capacity to make, in order to even compete again.

    Lynx: There has to be a way around this.... I thought I put a stop to them pestering me with that email. Maybe there is someone else I can call.

    He pulled up the federation's directory on his iPhone but much to his surprise, there was no contact telephone number listed for the Benefits department, let alone a number for the Benefits Manager he had emailed 19 days ago. Not knowing what else to do he decided to try to call the WZCW help line. Lynx figured someone in Customer Care line surely must be able to connect him to the person in charge of all the benefits nonsense. He leaves his iPhone on speaker, still sitting down on his couch at his apartment to call the WZCW Customer Service help line. A computer answers first, with one of those annoying menus no one has the patience to sit through.

    Computer: Thank you for calling the Wrestlezone Championship Wrestling Customer Service group. To better you, please select one of the following options and be advised our menu options have changed.

    With a groan Lynx presses "1" immediately, thinking it will get him to a human being faster.

    Computer: Due to experiencing very high call volumes, please remain on the line for the next available representative.

    Lynx rolled his eyes at the computer's message. He then hears somewhat pleasant hold music.


    The hold music played for 1 minute and 40 seconds before a young lady picked up the line on the other end.

    Tara: Good morning. Thank you for calling Wrestlezone Championship Wrestling. My name is Tara. Who do I have the pleasure of speaking with today?

    Lynx: Yeah, hello Tara. Can you transfer me to the Benefits department please?

    Tara: Could I get your name to better assist you, sir?

    Lynx: This is Lynx.

    Tara: Link? Like the video game character? That is a cool name. My husband plays those Legend Of Zelda games all the time.

    Lynx: No, not Link. This is LYNX, as in the wrestler who works for WZCW. That's who you're talking to. I wrestle for WZCW as Lynx. Can you get me over to the Benefits department?

    Tara: Oh, I am so sorry Mr Link, but you are currently in the line for purchasing tickets for upcoming WZCW shows. For further assistance with anything else I will have to transfer the call to the right department. Did you want to buy tickets to Meltdown 143 or Ascension 120 by any chance?

    Lynx: No.... I want to talk to the Benefits team.

    Tara: Alright. Let me get you over to someone who can help you with that. It will be just a brief hold.

    And with that he was back on hold. The same lovely instrumental played again. At least he had some nice music to listen to while waiting.


    The hold music continued playing for 1 minute and a half before Lynx was on the line with another woman to help him.

    Sammara: Wrestlezone Championship Wrestling Customer Care, this is Sammara. How can I help you?

    Lynx: Hi Sammara. Is this the Benefits department?

    Sammara: No, sir. This is Tracking. Did you need to check the status of a shipment of our authentic WZCW merchandise?

    Lynx: No! I need to talk to the Benefits department. The girl I talked to before you was supposed to send me there but I guess she transferred me to the wrong department. Send me to the Benefits people please. It's important. Some guy named Nick was the one who called me. Or actually, can you get me to a manager?

    Sammara: Oh, I do apologize sir, but my manager is unavailable right now. Let me get you to his voicemail.

    Lynx: No, I don't want a voicemail. Can you just transfer me to a live person from the department who is in charge of our Benefits? I work for the same company as you. This is Lynx, one of the WZCW wrestlers. I'm trying to get in touch with whoever is in charge of employee Benefits. Either this Nick guy or whoever his manager is. I want to stop them from trying to force me to name a benefactor.

    Sammara: Hi Lynx, big fan by the way, your specific benefits account recently got handed off to a third party called Worldwide Benefits. You gotta talk to them about that.

    Lynx: Worldwide Benefits....? Who the heck are they?

    Sammara: That is a third party company and I show that your benefits account was switched over to them, so with that being the company who is handling your account then any revision to it would have to be authorized by them. That man Nick who has called you is not from WZCW. He is from the third party.

    Lynx: I don't know what a third party is, I just want to get cleared to compete in my next match. The guy Nick who left me a voicemail told me in order to compete at the Gold Rush event I have to name a benefactor in case anything ever happens to me. The problem is that no one from my immediate family is alive right now. Surely you see why this is an issue.

    Sammara: I understand why that would be frustrating but we cannot make that change, Worldwide Benefits has to authorize it. Let me give you their number so you can call them.

    She gave Lynx a number to call this third party company at, he wrote the number down on a sticky note and disconnected the call and got up off the couch. He approached a 24 pack of water bottles, still in its plastic shrink wrap, and opened it up to take out a bottle of water to drink. Lynx walked back over to the coffee table across from his couch and stared at the number on the sticky note as he drank the water from the bottle. Not wanting to deal with this now he decided to hold off on it until after lunch. He went back into the kitchen to prepare a meal of kale, arugula, bok choy, and coriander, with a side of bruschetta covered in garlic.

    July 21st, 2017
    16:13 PM

    After eating lunch Lynx decided to try calling the third party benefits company to get it out of the way. He did not have to deal with a menu and a computer answering at first, however he initially was met with even less helpful service than he received from his own company's help line. The first time he called he asked for Nick and the person who answered sent Lynx to Nick's voicemail, which had a voicemail box that was full. Lynx tried calling again 10 times. Out of these additional attempts, he got transferred back into Nick's voicemail again 7 times, he got hung up on twice, and one person even transferred him to a fax machine. Now Lynx was getting angry. He's on hold now trying to get back on the line and the elevator music that played was catchy the first ten times he heard it though now it was getting on his nerves.


    It played for 1 minute and 7 seconds before a gentleman picked up the line on the other end.

    Juss: Worldwide Benefits. This is Juss. How can I direct your call?

    Lynx: Hi, Russ you said?

    Juss: Nope. It's actually "Juss" with a "J" like "John". People always think I said "Russ" or "Justin". I get that a lot. The name "Juss" is a lot more common here in Estonia than in most other countries.

    Lynx pauses for a moment in confusion before answering.

    Lynx: Estonia? I must have called the wrong number. I thought this was Worldwide Benefits.

    Juss: It is. I work at the Worldwide Benefits international call center. We mainly do benefits transactions for American accounts, though some are for local Estonian companies. We also service England, Canada, and Australia. What did you need help with?

    Lynx: Ok. Well, my name is Lynx and I am a professional wrestler from WZCW. I need to talk to the manager of whoever is working on my Benefits account. Please do NOT send me to a voicemail or hang up on me like your co-workers did. At this point I just want the manager. I'm done dealing with this.

    Juss: Well, my supervisor is currently in a meeting and I am not sure how much longer she will be out of her office.

    Lynx: Fine. What about her boss?

    Juss: He just retired this past wednesday and the lady who is going to take his place as the new Regional Manager is on vacation until monday. I'm one of the leads on the floor, is there something I can help you with?

    Lynx: No. Get me the highest ranked person that is currently available.

    Juss: At this moment that would be me, sir. How can I help you?

    Lynx sighs.

    Lynx: The federation I wrestle for has tried to force me to name a benefactor. They told me I have to name one in order to work our next major event, but I have tried to tell them that there is literally no one that I can name for this benefactor nonsense. I have to be at Gold Rush and work my next match. Is there any way you guys can authorize me not naming anybody?

    Juss: Let me pull your account. Can I get your date of birth to help find you in our system quicker?

    Lynx: I have no idea what my date of birth is. Technically I haven't even been born yet. I got sent back in time from the future after I was born.

    Juss: Oh! You're that "Times Unknown" guy from the future who Yemrez Reqonic is about to face at Gold Rush over the spot in the King For A Day match, right? My nephew watches all those wrestling shows and he was disappointed you were not able to get past Eve Taylor in the tournament. The only thing that upset him more than Eve defeating you was when Yemrez Reqonic failed to get past Constantine. Yemrez is his favorite wrestler. Mine too, in fact all of us here at the Worldwide Benefits call center love watching her matches. There's a bunch of guys in our break room right now watching her match against Xander LeBelle. Oh, sorry. Got sidetracked. As far as your request let me see here.... Almost got it pulled up.... Our screens are being a little slow today so just bear with me.

    Lynx: Yeah I know the feeling. So you guys really like Yemrez huh?

    Juss: Oh yes.

    A few seconds pass.

    Juss: Still there?

    Lynx: Yeah I'm here.

    Juss: Ok, I got your account here on my screen. I am actually showing that the restrictions on your account appear to have been requested to be removed. The benefactor had already been named.

    Lynx: That's.... Impossible. I don't have any living relatives, remember?

    Juss: Looks like it is set up with your cousin as your benefactor. His name is Willy. He contacted us at midnight our time which would be the same as 2 PM in your Pacific Time Zone, it seems, according to our notes. It got approved by my Account Manager who should already have sent the authorization to WZCW's Benefits team to remove the flag on your account. You should be able to work that Gold Rush pay-per-view with no further problems. Would you like me to send you a confirmation email?

    Lynx: Please.

    Juss: Should be on its way to you shortly. Is there anything else I can help you with?

    Lynx takes a moment to think about it and is suddenly reminded of the group of Estonian customer service representatives who Juss said are watching Yemrez matches in the snack room.

    Lynx: Yeah, actually. Do me a favor. You said a bunch of your colleagues are watching Yemrez matches in your snack room? Go in there and deliver a message to all those guys in the snack room. In fact, I also want you to tell that Nick guy who left me a million voicemails, as well as your coworker who hung up on me, that guy who transferred me to a fax machine, and everyone else on your team this message. It's about Yemrez. At our match at Gold Rush, she will be at the wrong place on the card at the wrong time. There is a fixed point in time that must play out properly or else we come closer to the coming of the Apocalypse. This match won't be anything like that match she had with Xander LeBelle.

    Juss: I will tell them, though they won't like that. Have a nice day and thank you for choosing Worldwide Benefits.

    Lynx: I never chose Worldwide Benefits. I didn't even know who you guys were until this morning. Anway, good bye.

    Lynx disconnected the call. He pictured Juss passing on his message to the other Estonians at the call center and how angry it must have made them. He then pictured how much angrier they will be after Gold Rush. He put the phone down and drank the rest of the water from his bottle he had opened before the call and threw the empty bottle in the trash. Having already become frustrated with his experience on the phone that day, he had the perfect opportunity to take his frustrations out on them when he faced Yemrez at the Gold Rush event.

    Lynx: Doreen! Any new emails in the last couple of minutes?

    His friend Doreen walks in from the social media office Lynx had set up in his apartment's guest bedroom.

    Doreen: Yes. She got one in the portal from someone named Juss who is with Worldwide Benefits. Doreen will go get it printed it for you. She should be back in about an hour.

    Lynx: Thanks.

    She leaves the apartment. A few seconds pass and then Lynx looks at his scar on his hand.

    Lynx: History is about to repeat itself. My opponent in the last tournament I was in, that fateful day, was the one who gave me this scar. That opponent was an Estonian and we had both lost to the two competitors who went on to the finals of the tournament.... Just like Yemrez and myself, in this tournament. I can't let it happen again. Not if I am to prevent the next phase from starting.... Gold Rush is the last fixed point in time for this phase....
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    ~Chapter 7: Present Of Reality VS. Future Of Fantasy~

    Just Before her match at Gold Rush

    The scene opens with Yemrez Reqonıc sitting alone backstage. She's waiting for another important match for her wrestling career. This time, she faces Lynx to qualify for King For A Day match at WZCW 10th Anniversary Show. It looks like she's sleeping with her head down on her arms like a small kid does. But she isn't sleeping in reality. Her eyes are close and her mind is engulfed in various things. But her heart is focused on just one thing. To win the next match. She starts talking to herself:

    Yemrez gets up more fired up than usual and runs towards the entrance while the scene fades away. It's time for Present Of Reality to defeat Future Of Fantasy!

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