The Problem with the Impact TV Show

Discussion in '[Hidden] Impact Wrestling' started by Psykohurricane55, Sep 29, 2017.

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    I'm a fan of TNA now Impact wrestling since the beginning. I stop watching for a couple of years during the hogan era because i thought the product was dumb and look just like what WWE would produce. Then near the end of the hogan era, i started to rewatch to product. First it was once and a while when i didn'T have anything else to watch and then i went back to watching full time.

    But for the last few years, since they started to tape three months worth of tv in a week, i kinda a see a pattern developing with the end product and i think it's a major problem with the show itself. It's the fact that they don't have enough content to fill a 2 hour show each week. So to fill up time, they normally put a replay of a match that aired in the first hour. That's a problem because fans already saw that match so why would they be interested in seeing the whole match again.

    Impact needs to find a way to fill that empty segment in a way that entertaining and make sense during the body of the show. Either that or do a half hour pre show where you hype the next episode and you some of the stuff they publish on youtube to fill the half hour they waste every thursdays.

    Outside of that, i think the show is finally finding a way to be entertaining and i tend to really loving what i see every week. So they have a good formula, they just need to find a more creative way to fill those empty segment then offering a full replay of a match that just happen during the body of the show.
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    I agree with the OP that filming three months worth of TV over the course of a week is a terrible thing. It's not only that you start to get repetitive, but there are things that happen that are outside of the promotions control that will happen while waiting for the show to air. One example of this was when Alberto El Patron was stripped of the (Insert Whatever Name The Promotion Is Using This Week) Global Championship. After they announced it, they still had him showing up on the program with the belt.

    Another great example was shown on a recent Botchamania Video, where it was announced that Moose and Lashley would be appearing at AAA's Triplemania event, which aired AFTER Triplemania.

    Anthem has a product that could be good. As a WWE fan, I want it to be good, so that their ratings improve to the point that Impact Wrestling (we'll just go with that name for now) is serious competition for Raw and Smackdown, and those shows improve.

    Unfortunately, mismanagement (I'm now not convinced that it was all Dixie Carter's fault) has rendered Impact Wrestling to be a giant steaming pile know what. This is a company that has a somewhat storied history, and elevated guys like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode and Eric Young to the point that WWE would even consider bringing them aboard, and helped to revitalize the careers of guys like the Dudleys and Drew Galloway to where a return to WWE was not out of the question.

    But the first, and easiest change, that Anthem can do is stop with the Marathon tapings. Look at NXT, tape no more than a month at a time, and you can still keep the product fresh, relevant, and with enough content to fill up the 2 hours every week on Pop.
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    They just need to tape a maximum of a months worth of shows in a weeks worth of time. Once they figure out contracts and who is needed and not needed such as the AAA guys, they can cut the roster and focus on a set amount of guys. This can help especially with the issues that can occur such as the Rosemary situation or Alberto scenario.

    They also need to give us a reason to care about these wrestlers. Put focus on promos and make store lines mean something. Instead of cutting from one thing to the next and making the show feel rushed, they need to pace the show out better.

    Maybe moving to Canada will help out too. I just hope they take this serious as other promotions are putting out better products.
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    I would say that they should go live if they can as it'll help a lot. Just see Smackdown which improved a lot due to being live. Before getting live, it wasn't even a good second brand. And after getting live, it has often out performed Raw itself. IMPACT should surely go live. If not every week then every month at least. 3 months is just too much.
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    Funny thing is, they don't have enough content yet they cut down a lot on promos. Eli Drake is Champ but you rarely see cut a promo in the ring or anywhere else, you see him in a short segment backstage and that is it.

    It's like they don't get that promos and talking is what creates the heat. Look at the shows before Jarrett and his regime took over, you had great written promos especially the one with Drake and EC3 on the Fact of Life. They have less content yet with less storylines. Which is weird to me.

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