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Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by The Brain, Jan 17, 2016.

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    I've only been watching NXT for a couple weeks so I'm not too familiar with Elias Samson. I saw him for the first time about a week ago, and to be honest it took me a minute to realize he wasn't James Storm. Even though I'm not familiar with Samson I am a fan of the Drifter gimmick. Today I learned I might be in the minority as I attended an NXT house show this afternoon and the Drifter was pretty much the only guy that didn't appear to be over with the crowd. I think the gimmick has some potential. After all, a wrestling career seems to be ideal for a drifter. He earns his money by drifting from town to town fighting every night. I think he should have a 'I don't give a fuck' attitude. I don't see this character being in the business trying to win titles or fulfill a childhood dream. He's not looking to get a WrestleMania moment. This guy should be someone living day to day and earning enough money in one fight to get him to the next one. Of course personal feuds can develop and title shots can be earned but this guy should look at wrestling as his way of making a living instead of achieving glory. I still haven't seen enough of the performer but I look forward to seeing where the gimmick can go.
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    I like the whole gimmick and concept, I just havent really seen him wrestle a real match, the last 2 I caught were 3 minute squashes with opponents with no intro, so my mind kind of fast forwards.

    The vignettes and songs have been great over the past months though.

    I just think he hasn't had a chance to show us what he can do inside the ring yet, so fans aren't attached to him.
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    I really like the gimmick. He is not much over because he along with this gimmick is too much new. Most of his matches have been with Bull Dempsey. And they are really squash matches i.e less than 5 minutes. His vignettes were really intriguing and i look forward to see him developing in NxT. :rolleyes:

  4. Prince Vee

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    It was fun watching him in the ring last week. It sort of felt different to the normal NXT gimmicks. Perhaps we should wait and see for few more weeks before we could deem him completely. Anyhow, to my eyes, when he started the match he was perfectly like "I don't give a fuck" look. But it didn't last long and his finisher doesn't help much either. He needs to be consistent to get over the crowd. Let's see what the future holds him
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    It's a little over the top for me. These gimmicks are meant to be based on fantasy, but it really kills the vibe for me if the person playing the gimmick can barely represent the essence of the gimmick.

    Elias Samson is a drifter, which is pretty cool on its own. But... he plays a guitar too. Well, he doesn't really play the guitar. Elias Samson carries the guitar over his shoulder, because it looks cool that way. He also looks as if his guitar weighs a hundred pounds, he can only brace under its massive weight if he's got it casually resting on his shoulder.

    Elias Samson looks more to me like an introverted Ante Bellum roadie with a hipster fetish. I'm not seeing a grizzled drifter whose guitar is his best friend, more like the guitar is a useless prop that he'd sooner suck at playing instead of break over his opponent's skull.

    Maybe if he manages to belt out a somber song about his life on the road in a manner that justifies the constant mention of Johnny Cash during his appearances, I'll change my tone and start liking him. Right now; he's being overshadowed by an over the top gimmick that his ring work is doing nothing to balance out.
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    Its so, SO close to being something damn fine. I love gimmicks like this.

    I desperately need him to get rid of the taunts and the smiling, and get into those strikes and kicks immeadiately.

    It needs to go from dark brooding to extreme violence at the flip of a switch.

    Just a few tweaks and layering and I am sooo all in. Could be a modern Raven-Type character
  7. Good Golly It's Ollie

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    It's only been going a couple of weeks mate but I expect you might be more aware of this now.

    Yeah I really like it, I always go for the creepy gimmicks and since it's obviously borrowing from Raven who I mark like hell for. I mentioned it in the NXT Bar Rm thread about the sitting on the turnbuckle as well. Anyway it seems we're all agreed it's gotta really pick up and become something intense.

    I think it's key to keep him looking somewhat "ordinary" - during his entrance he dresses like any busker you could see on the street, and I think that goes in his favour.

    NorCal mentioned already that they've really gotta draw out a nasty side now to make it work.

    I know it's a pipe dream and very early days, but Samson vs Wyatt could be all kinds of crazy awesome if done right.

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