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    According to, WWE NXT star Elias Samson appeared to have suffered an injury at last night's live event in Nashville. Samson faced Andrade Cien Almas in a match, which had to be stopped when Samson looked to have injured his leg and the referee had to throw up the "X" sign.

    Samson had to be helped to the back on crutches after the stopping of the match and he will be undergoing tests this weekend.

    Another injury bug.

    I am hoping that it isn't much serious.

    Injuries have been increasing since 2015. The likes of Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Emma etc have been injured and it really sucks to see these injuries suffered by these wrestlers.
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    It's pretty evident there's an issue in the WWE right now. There's been atleast a dozen(probably more) injuries in the last year that required lengthy recovery time and two career ending injuries in Daniel Bryan and Sting, not to mention the jury is still out on seeing Tyson Kidd and Nikki Bella ever returning to action.

    I don't know if performers are attempting to be flashier in the ring and doing moves that are more dangerous than tried and true moves of the past, the performers are more wreckless or its just a rash of bad luck. Either way, the rate at which injuries are occurring is alarming.
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    Not much they can do about it... Injury happen, even in a fake profession like pro wrestling.. They just need to keep doing what they're doing and hopefully this injury shit passes soon.. Maybe tell some of these guys to slow down in the ring and protect their opponents better, but other than that, it's up to the talent to make sure they remain healthy
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    While this industry is ripe for injuries to happen there seems to have been a lot more than usual in the past year or so. I can't remember a time when it was as bad as this. Almost weekly we are hearing of someone else going down with one.

    Maybe it's the amount of house shows these guys are doing, or maybe it's the moves themselves, who knows, but the WWE has had an incredible run of bad luck. So has TNA if you keep up with them as well.

    I was watching a Q&A with Rollins from Wizard World in Philly last night, and someone asked him about the injury he suffered. He said it was a fluke just one of those things were his knee went the wrong way and caused major damage. It wasn't a high flying move, I think in fact he was powerbombing Kane off the corner turnbuckle. A move he had done hundreds of times, this was just plain sheer bad luck.

    Maybe the upcoming brand split will help it remains to be seen.
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    Well, actually he said that he felt a sting in his knee when he did a sunset flip off the top rope on Kane. Backstage the doctors examined him and said it wasn't anything serious so he continued with the European tour. If I remember correctly he got injured when he attempted a Bucklebomb on Ryback (It could be wrong)

    Sorry, I'm wrong. He suffered that injury when he tried Bucklebomb on Kane. But reports states that he suffered a sting prior to the European tour and he continued the tour without realising the severity of it.

    Anyhow, like you said, the brand split can be a little advantage of the superstars with a less workload. Though they still have to do 3 house shows before every show!
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    Rollins suffered the injury when he attempted a sunset flip over Kane from the corner. It was reported extensively at the time and you can see footage of it from a dozen different angles in the new Seth Rollins 24/7 documentary on the WWE Network. In true Triple H fashion, he finished the match, even picking Kane up for a powerbomb and landing on his knee for the pedigree, but he didn't compete in a match after that on the tour.

    As for Samson, if this is serious, it's a great pity - other than Eva Marie, he's NXT's only bona fide heel.
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    When they have to do their routine over 200 times a year, there's a good chance a routine move breaks something. It's a shame, but the House Show circuit is hurting the Internationally Televised product so much at this point.
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    When you wrestle a couple hundred matches a year, stuff like this happens. Sometimes, it's just one of those fluke things that happens almost out of nowhere where a wrestler lands at just the wrong angle with too much pressure on certain parts of the body at said wrong angle. Sometimes, it's just the wear & tear placed on the body due to being a pro wrestler where maybe you go to land a knee drop for the 5,000th time in your career when your body basically says "Okay, that's one knee drop too many and I'm crappin' out."

    In the post WrestleMania season, all things considered, WWE's been pretty lucky so far. Elias Samson isn't exactly a top priority in NXT right now, Emma had only just made it to the main roster before being injured so it's not like she was in a pivotal spot. Sasha Banks' injury is probably the most detrimental to WWE right now as, reportedly, she was all but set to be the next WWE Women's Champion. Reportedly, she's been given the label of injury prone by Vince himself, so her career future in WWE is up in the air and that's a shame considering that the girl has what it takes to be a star.
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    It's hard to feel sorry for the WWE when injuries seem to be happening more and more frequently these days. Who knows what the real cause behind all of these injuries are but it does seem to be a worrying trend that over the last 2 years especially, the injuries seem to be coming thick and fast. That said, injuries happen and we all need to keep on keeping on. I am sure that Samson will return to the WWE in a few months and make the best of a bad situation.

    You know, you tend to feel sorry for people more when they aren't exactly established stars. Let's hope that the WWE sticks by their talent until he returns, rather than cutting their losses and just moving on. That would be the real tragedy. Especially when it is still unclear whether the WWE road schedule is the defining factor in how these injuries come about.
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    It's pretty clear they need to cut back on the number of live events. Down to maybe one a week.

    I could imagine most of these injuries are because they're wrestling 4 times a week or more.

    The upcoming Brand Split should help.
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    Completely agree. These guys wrestle between 150-200 (some even 220) matches a year, thats 4 matches a week, not to mention training and resting on the road. It's a miracle WWE doesn't have MORE wrestlers getting injured
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