Superstars That Would Fit In Rock N Wrestling?

Discussion in 'Old School Wrestling' started by Wildcat66, Jul 6, 2017.

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    So I've decided to do a GhettoV1 and try something fun with the people here.

    Today, I want to see whether or not you think any of these wrestlers would fine a place in the Rock N Wrestling Era of WWE.

    Here's The List:
    A.J Styles
    Bobby Roode
    Brock Lesnar
    C.M Punk
    Dean Ambrose
    Dolph Ziggler
    Jinder Mahal
    John Cena
    Mike Kanellis
    Rey Mysterio
    Roman Reigns
    Seth Rollins
    Zack Ryder

    Becky Lynch
    Tamina Snuka

  2. Kyphael

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    No, Styles' doesn't even have a colorful character, the entire foundation of his character is that he's insanely good a high-flier/all around wrestler, except he has even less charisma than Ricky Steamboat, and if you didn't have charisma or a character in the 80's, you were a nobody.

    Roode, yes, but only after YEARS, and YEARS in the business, like where he is now, with all his experience.

    Lesnar, yes, though he makes The Barbarian look like Santino Marella in terms of intensity. He's a freak of nature and would have been a great heel to 80's Hogan in his prime.

    Not a chance someone that looks like Punk would have been a marquee name in the land of the giants of the 80's, he made Randy Savage and Roddy Piper look like body builders. He would have been a GREAT manager, though, even better than Jimmy Hart. Not better than Heenan, though.

    Dean Ambrose, see Punk, except not as good a talker.

    Yes, he'd have been like Mr. Perfect.

    Jinder Mahal has Wrestlemania main event with Hogan written on his forehead, except they would have probably made him from the middle-east.

    John Cena, yes, he could have been a good Ultimate Warrior-type guy, except much better on the stick and I'd have loved to see him wrestle guys like Hogan, Savage, and Andre in their prime.

    Mike Kanellis. No, just no.

    Neville? This is before cruiserweights were a thing, so no.

    Rey Mysterio. See Neville.

    Roman Reigns, yeah, his look alone, if Vince is into him now, he would have been into him in the 80's too.

    Seth Rollins would be one half of The Rockers or the Rock'N Roll Express.

    Zack Ryder is a decent size, but would have still been a jobber in the 80's, which is more than can be said for Ambrose.

    All the women would have fit in the 80's, except maybe Carmella, she's too skinny even for women of the 80's.
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    I am sure others could fit into that era, but when I saw the question, my first thought was Jinder Mahal. An Iron Sheik/Nikolai Volkoff type heel. The thing is, back then, you didn't have to be exceptionally good in the ring. Carry a flag other than Old Glory to the ring and instant heat. Throw in Jinder's build and athleticism and I think he could have had a nice program with Hogan, where (though we now know he would have been run over by the Hulkamania train anyway) he could have been seen as a viable contender. For Jinder's sake, the main event slot today is a lot safer than the main event slot as an anti-American heel then with anything from spitting to stabbing. But, he could have done well for himself back then. Maybe put him together with Classy Freddie Blassie if need be, but I think he'd do fine anyway.
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    The new day would have worked back then and even been a comedic stable of hulk hogans rock and wrestling cartoon.

    I think another name that would have worked back then would have been rusev.

    Punk could have worked as well, but only as macho kings protege and fueding with him.
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    No problem, it's a lot of fun to speculate on the stars of today and see how they would have fared in another time.

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