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    Sunday Night Shiver


    General Management: Batti


    Color Commentary: Tooth


    Play By Play Analyst: Mandy May

    Inaugural Roster:

    Big Cass
    Big E. Langston
    Bill Goldberg
    Crazzy Steve
    Charlotte Flair
    Enzo Amore
    Jay Lethal
    Jinder Mahal
    John "Bradshaw" Layfield
    King Cuerno
    Maria Kanellis
    Matt Hardy
    Mike Kanellis
    Ric Flair
    Ricardo Rodriguez
    Roman Reigns
    Sasha Banks
    Tyler Breeze
    Zack Ryder

    Active Tag Teams:

    APA - JBL & Farooq
    Bayley & Banks - Bayley & Sasha Banks
    Decay - Rosemary & Crazzy Steve
    Enzo & Cass - Enzo Amore & Big Cass w/ Carmella
    Mike & Maria Kanellis - Mike Kanellis & Maria Kanellis

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    Sunday Night Shiver

    Episode One: To Start A Fire

    The Spider weaves and weaves and weaves.


    Cold opening as cameras turned to a blonde girl having complications with her tie. She adjusted the microphone that hung loosely there.

    "Is this thing on? Hello? Okay. Welcome, welcome, one and all! This is the first episode of Sunday Night Shiver, brought to you live from The Spider Club & Dance Hall! We are sold out for our Grand Opening, so I expect big things tonight.

    My name is Batti Otaku and I'll be running things behind the scenes. My second in command is fan favorite Mr. Bill Goldberg, and he will present the winner of the main event with the WGW Shiver Championship Belt. Legacy will face Legacy when Roman Reigns battles Charlotte Flair this very night. Isn't that exciting?"

    She cleared her throat, searching for something to say. Batti shook her head in deep thought with herself. She brightened up and smiled into the camera.

    "I truly hope you all enjoy the show!"


    The program wasted no time with introducing the first fight of the night.

    Match #1 - Jay Lethal vs. Tyler Breeze:
    • Once inside the ring, Prince Pretty snapped a selfiie of himself with Jay Lethal in the background.
    • Lethal wrestled the phone out of Breeze's hand and chucked it into the crowd.
    Mandy: *hellish screeching noises*

    Tooth: "Good. People shouldn't be on the damned things in a match anyways."

    • Exasperated, Breeze fell to the floor in a tantrum.
    • The Franchise of WGW saw the opportunity to apply a Figure-four Leglock to the photogenic man.
    • For several agonizing minutes, Breeze panicked and twisted his body, trying to break the hold.
    • When he finally achieved rope break, Tyler held on tightly with his forearms.
    • Jay Lethal picked him up from the ground, blocked an open-fisted punch, Irish Whipped Tyler Breeze to a corner post.
    • Lethal sprinted towards Breeze but was met with a boot to the face.
    • He staggered as Breeze expertly climbed the top rope.
    • The Gorgeous One leaped. Jay Lethal caught him with a Lethal Combination.
    • As Breeze furiously picked himself back up from the signature slam, Jay Lethal ran headlong into the ropes with the rebound...
    • Lethal Injection! The backflip/stunner combo was followed by an aggressive pinfall.
    • It's enough for the three. Jay Lethal was announced as the winner.
    • He allowed the referee to raise his arm high before taking to a corner ring post.
    • Jay Lethal lifted himself up onto the top rope and stared up at the management office. He gestured at his waist, and then tapped on his wrist, indicating it would be his time soon.
    Mandy: "Ugh. He thinks he's lit because he took The Sultan of Selfies out so early. You have to have 'The Look', bruh, and that's one thing Breeze has over you!!"

    Tooth: "Fuck that. We need somebody ready to make a statement that ain't got nothing to do with fashion. If he throws away a fidget spinner or a gameboy next time, I'll sing his praises."

    As Tyler Breeze made his way backstage, he was greeted by a familiar face.

    "Uh-uh-uh-uh yesss!", Matt Hardy began, pulling Tyler towards him. "I have spoken with countless wise men whom offered their council with me. I have soughht audiuhhnce with The Oracle of Delphi, supped with Sir Isaac Newton, discussed the future with Nostradamus, but now...now I am here, in The House of The Arachnid, to eenterview the Adonis incarnate!"

    The Gorgeous One tried pushing himself away. "Please get this uggo off me!"

    "My dear dear friend. Have you a touch of the madness? I am no snug pair o' boots, yesss. I am Matt Hardy, and I. Am. Wokennnn!!!"

    Tyler Breeze started pleading with the cameraman.

    "My first Inquiseetion, Adonis incarnate, is this- How did your spar with Lethal James go?"

    "I don't have to put up with this," he answered venomously,"You're not a real interviewer. You're just some loon with really, really, REEEALLLY bad hair. It's like looking at a grade school Sweeney Todd play. Someone needs hedge trimmers, stat."

    Matt released his hold on Tyler.

    "You dare insult the follicles upon MY crown???"

    "I dare insult the dead badger, yeah!"

    The two share an awkward silence before coming to blows. Before it got out of hand, security hastily broke them up.



    Match #2 - Bayley & Banks vs. Mike & Maria Kanellis:

    • Sasha Banks and Mike Kanellis started the bout. Maria gave him a kiss for good luck.
    • They squared off in a grappling contest. Mike swiftly gained the upperhand, maneuvering passed her shoulder to her back. He clubbed her down to the mat.
    • Mike strapped on a side headlock. Sasha flailed wildly.

    Mandy: "These girls got no business fighting a man. They don't have the pedigree someone like, say Charlotte, has."

    Tooth: "Bl̜ood don't make a warrior. Willingness to bleed for this does."

    Mandy: "She's gonna bleed all over the place if she's not careful. Willing or not."

    • The Boss powered through by getting to her feet. Fans clapped for encouragement.
    • She reached for Bayley...but can't get the tag. Mike forced her to her knees.
    • Banks dug her elbow into his gut repeatedly. He buckled.
    • She delivered a kneeling jawbreaker - Mike staggered into the ropes behind him.
    • Released from the hold, Banks ran the ropes. Diving Cross Body to The Miracle.
    • Pinfall is only good for one. Banks immediately got up.
    • Ran the ropes again. A single legged dropkick kept Mike down as Maria shouted from her post.
    • Sasha picked Mike up from the ground. Mike swatted her hands away and gave her a Big Boot.
    • The Prodigy himself dragged Banks back to his and Maria's corner. Mike reached a hand out, asking if Maria wanted in. She declined, saying he can easily take care of them both.
    • Mike lifted Banks up for a Miracle Maker. Executed perfectly. He went for the cover.
    • Bayley broke up the count! She battered Mike down over and over before the referee could i̞ntervene.
    • Furious, Mike turned his attention on Everyone's Favorite Hugger. This bought Sasha some time to steady herself.
    • She sprinted across the ring. As Mike glanced over where he left Banks, Banks gave a resounding Wheelbarrow Kick!
    • Both wrestlers down. The Boss again reached out for Bayley, but is still yards away.
    • The Huggable One hopped maddeningly in her corner. The referee watched closely for the tag...
    • Mike Kanellis is back up! He dropped an elbow into Sasha's spine, keeping her grounded.
    • He signaled that the end would be near as he gathered Banks onto his shoulders, prepping The Power of Love.
    • Banks tried battling out, reaching again for Bayley - and she tagged her in!
    • Mike Kanellis hit Sasha with The Power of Love, and pinned her. Referee would not count.
    • Bayley jumped up from the top rope and fell into Mike with a vicious Elbow Drop to the back of the neck. Sasha rolled out of the ring as Bayley pinned Mike.
    • Mike's foot was underneath the bottom rope. The crowd collectively sighed.

    Tooth: "What will it take to bring down Professional Wrestling's Jesus?"

    Mandy: "Something that weighs more than 119 pounds, evidently."

    • Bayley dragged him to the center of the ring. As she covered him again, he countered with a cradled pin.
    • It got the two. She rolled away to gather herself.
    • The Miracle made the charge. Bayley dodged, and Mike crashed into an empty corner post.
    • The Huggable One ran dead into Mike's stomach, rolled backwards, and did her inflatable tube man taunt.
    • She got another elbow in as Mike tumbled to the canvas.
    • Bayley went to pick Mike back up, but he unleashed a Running Cutter. Bayley sank.
    • Mike Kanellis asked his wife again if she wanted in. She shook her head, telling him he wanted to see him finish this.
    • A spinebuster followed by the Anaconda Vise aka Go Back To Japan gave Bayley trouble...
    • Sasha Banks managed to climb the steel steps to get back to her post...
    • She saw Bayley in jeopardy and slipped through the ropes to reach her and break up the pin.
    • The Boss came in too late as Bayley submitted when she got there.
    • Mike and Maria Kanellis are declared the victors as Sasha checked on her partner.

    Tooth: "Damn shame. Hate seeing one guy take out an entire tag team like that. And Maria not even contributing..."

    Mandy: "She knew her place. Why take out the trash when you have a man who can do it?"

    Goldberg's theme played over the loudspeakers.

    The crowd came unglued, chanting his name and raising their glasses. He made his way from the management office upstairs down to the roaring barflies. The silver and blue Shiver Championship was draped over his shoulder, as the designated keeper bumped knuckles with various attendees before sitting at a stool. A fan ordered a beer for him. They clinked bottles and chugged.

    Match #3 - Farooq vs. Enzo Amore:

    • Enzo got on the microphone before the match. He discussed how there was a war on youth happening tonight, with Bill Goldberg in the building and Ron Simmons still wrestling. He told Farooq to check himself like he's using an EpiPen.
    • Both men start the match with a neck and collar tie up. Enzo shoves Farooq.
    • They tie up again - Farooq shoves Enzo to the mat.
    • Embarrassed, The Realest Guy In The Room hopped to his feet and bumrushed Farooq with a barrage of open fists.
    • Enzo Irish Whipped̼̱ Farooq, and met him on the rebound...Farooq knocked him back down with a shoulder block.
    • Ron Simmons dropped a large elbow into Enzo Amore's chest and held it there for the pin.
    • Only good for two as the fans in The Spider Club applaud Farooq's ability.
    Tooth: "Ya hear them? This club respects the Old School players."

    Mandy: "Well yeah it's like seeing an eclipse. They don't last for long."
    • Both men are back up, but Farooq stayed in the driver's seat with a powerbomb attempt.
    • He nailed Amore against the canvas, but didn't release. He went for a double...
    • Enzo fought back, punching the back of his head over and over again.
    • Farooq staggered and together they tumbled over the top rope and into the outside.
    • "One!" Jersey's Finest was back to his feet first. Battling to get to his knees, Enzo delivered a steep dropkick to his face. Ron cradled his mouth and eyes.
    • "Two!" Amore walked into the crowd, up the steps, and towards the bar. He snatched a glass of beer from a patron "Three!" and traveled back to ringside "Four!"
    • "Five!" The beer was turned upside down, trickling over Farooq's body. Cameras catch how the bridge of Simmons's nose bled.
    • "Six!" Enzo asked the front row if he should smash the glass into the old timer's head. It was met with a chorus of boos. He laughed "Seven!" and said he's going make them watch.
    • "Eight!" Enzo Amore brought the mug into the ring. The referee wrestled it away from him and proceeded to set it outside the ring.
    • Seizing the opportunity, Farooq scooped Enzo up into a Snap Powerslam.
    • Farooq grabbed Enzo's legs and pinned him. The referee quickly slid back into the ring to make the count.
    • It was good for only the two.
    "You've Still Got It! You've Still Got It!"

    • The blood was in Farooq's eyes as he pulled the Smacktalker Skywalker into a massive Spinebuster.
    • Before making the cover, the referee stopped him to check his laceration. This was met with pissed off fans.
    • The blood is all over Farooq's face, as cuts began to form over his forehead and chin.
    Mandy: "See what I mean? It's time he took his pill."

    Tooth: "Your generation's one to talk with your depression!"
    • The referee called for the bell as Farooq had difficulties responding to him.
    • Enzo Amore ran around the ring as if he landed the knockout punch. The Club threw trash and dinner baskets into the ring. The winner was announced to be Enzo.
    Tooth: "What is this horseshit?"

    Mandy: "THIS is what happens when a 59 year old crosses a 31 year old. Keep tabs, Tooth. The youth is legit and it will literally fuck you up!"

    "This is what will happen," Charlotte Flair said to following cameramen. "Roman Reigns will use his strength as all men with notable physiques do, and I will take all that he can give which won't be much. See, he's the cousin of The Rock. Not a bad bloodline, the Anoa'i family. Wrestling is in their DNA. But Roman is not a Flair. I'm a second generation star, and he has the nerve to call himself a Thoroughbred? Disgusting."

    Charlotte walked into the locker room. "My dad, he's a 16-time champion. Multiple Hall of Famer. Practically innovated underhanded tactics. Roman is holding on to a dynasty that isn't even his. I have a cousin who bags groceries, should he get in the ring, too?? Hell no. This sport is meant for the best of pedigrees.

    I will ensure my place in history with the Flair name. No other prestige means more than the one tonight. None. All those championships my pop earned, they're pretty, but they're just gift shop trinkets compared to Shiver. And nothing less belongs on the waist of a Queen."

    Match #4 - King Cuerno w/Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Kalisto w/Zack Ryder:
    • Before the bell, Ricardo announced King Cuerno as a God Hunter, The Horned One, He That Walks With War, etc.
    • Expertly escaping a test of strength, Kalisto somersaulted to a corner.
    • Within a millisecond, however, Cuerno surprised his fellow luchador and the crowd with a Superkick.
    • As Kalisto dropped to the mat, King Cuerno pulled him to the center before lifting him back up.
    • Reading the Thrill of The Kill, The Horned One released the piledriver and secured the cover.
    • Enough for Cuerno to get the "W" as the night rolled on for The God Hunter without a hitch.

    Mandy: "Oh...okay. That was kinda hot..."

    Tooth: "If you think squashes are hot, try peppers."

    Mandy: *audibly sighed*

    Cameramen followed both Roman Reigns and Charlotte as they made their way to the arena. Reigns talked candidly with the people following him.

    "I'm not taking her attitude lightly. She is under this impression that you have to have the right genetics to be the best. We've all heard that kinda talk, and we all know how dangerous that talk can be. But if she wants to experience the full force of my fighting heritage, then I'm happy to oblige."

    Main Event - (Championship Bout) Roman Reigns vs. Charlotte Flair w/Ric Flair:

    • Charlotte and Roman have a staredown before the bell is rung.
    • They locked up, and The Nature Girl is backed into a corner. Reigns eased up, and gets slapped.
    • He eyed her defiantly. Then he Irish Whipped her into a short-armed Clothesline.
    • He didn't release the hold. Reigns gave another short-armed Clothesline.
    • Ric Flair climbed the apron, distracting the referee. As Reigns went to scoop The Queen up, she thumbed him in the eyes.
    • To everybody's surprise Charlotte lifted The Big Dog into an Exploder Suplex, and hit it. She clutched her back after the fall.

    Tooth: "Holy shit. If she can execute a move like that why does she need help at ringside?"

    Mandy: "She doesn't need help, obvs. She's just giving her dad something to do."
    • The both got up at the same time.
    • Reigns lunged forward with a Leaping Clothesline, and it connected.
    • He went for the cover, but it was only a two.
    • Charlotte quickly got to her feet. Dropkicked Reigns in the chest.
    • She went for the cover, and again it's just a two-count. She threw a tantrum.
    • Roman got to his feet, and grappled with Charlotte. He Irish Whipped to to the opposite side of the ring, and then followed her. As Charlotte turned around for the rebound, Reigns brought up his fist...Superman Punch!
    • Charlotte narrowly escaped, tugging on the ropes, forcing Reigns to tumble to the outside.
    • Ric Flair strutted over and bought her time by applying the Figure-four Leglock to Reigns.
    • "One!" After collecting herself, Charlotte stepped out onto the apron, taking her time "Two!"walking to the steel steps. "Three!"
    • Charlotte performed her Moonsault! It landed squarely into Reigns, and Ric. The referee began to recount. "One!"
    • "Two!" Charlotte still clutched her back, visibly in more pain. "Three!"
    • In better condition, The Nature Boy got back up, saw the prone Roman, and gave him a Jumping Knee Drop. "Four!"
    • Charlotte saw her dad's signature move, and did the same for The Big Dog, nailing his ribs with a Jumping Knee Drop. "Five!"

    Mandy: "That's it, Charlotte! You're better than your father in every way, now pin that third rate star from a fourth rate family!"

    Tooth: "Jesus Mandy, Ric looks injured..."
    • "Six!" The referee is counting slower now, probably in fear of the first title match ending in a No Contest. Reigns swatted The Queen's hands away as he began to get up.
    • The Thoroughbred rammed Charlotte into the front row bannister! She screamed out in agony, both hands trying to protect her injured back. The blow knocked the wind out of Reigns as well, as he lied on his stomach for a moment. "Seven!"
    • Reigns rolled over, eyeing The Nature Boy. Ric sat on the steps, holding his own knee.
    • "Eight!" Roman mouthed "I will end this" as he picked himself up, lifting Ric's daughter onto his shoulders. "Nine!"
    • He sauntered to the steps long enough to warrant the ten-count, but the referee hesitated, allowing them both to continue. Roman dumped Charlotte into the ring.
    • As he entered the squared circle himself, her dad was back on the apron for the distraction.
    • The referee ejected him from the match! But it was enough for a lowblow from Charlotte!
    • Roman held himself, staggering...Charlotte with the Spear! Charlotte covered him immediately...
    • Kickout at two! She pulled at her hair, beside herself that it wasn't over.
    • Roman rolled to the side of the ring, pulling himself up. He was met by Charlotte, but he countered her with a tilt-a-whirl. Charlotte's back connected and she sat up in tears.
    • Roman ran the ropes...and Speared Charlotte! The Queen landed on the mat in a sickening thud. Pinfall...
    • On instinct alone, Charlotte got a shoulder up! Roman's face was of absolute bewilderment.

    Tooth: "..."

    Mandy: "..."
    • Roman Reigns fought to get back to his feet, staring the whole time at her prone body.
    • Like a zombie, she slowly picked herself up. The crowd, who had been completely against her at the beginning, started cheering on her willpower.
    • Charlotte was on her feet! She tottered, her mouth bloody. She smiled at Roman before buckling, falling back down to the mat.
    • Seizing the opportunity, The Big Dog hooked her leg and made the cover.
    • It was good for the three. Roman Reigns won the championship match.

    Before commentary could get in a word, Cameras focused in on Goldberg, who held the Shiver Championship in his hands from the bar. He nodded, and applauded Roman. In turn The Spider Club & Dance Hall erupted in an ovation. Bill Goldberg made his way through the crowd and into the ring, where Roman tried composing himself. The two looked at one another, and nodded in a show of respect. Goldberg held the title up before handing it over to The Powerhouse. The whole place came unglued as confetti showered down from the rafters, covering the arena. Reigns celebrated by first taking Goldberg's hand and raising it, and then climbing a corner post.

    Roman Reigns stayed up there, drinking in the cheers before hopping back down. Where he was met with a vicious Spear.

    Bill Goldberg stayed on his knee, glancing at the young star. The audience jeered at the veteran. Goldberg laughed, and with a gloved hand, picked the championship title back up and placed it on his shoulder once more. Confetti still continued to come down. He then turned his back and started to walk out of the building. He paused on the ramp, and demanded a microphone. Getting one, he then turned his eyes onto the unruly crowd. He parted his lips, and said his piece.

    "Thanks for the drinks."

    He then left with the gold.

    Restless and pissed off, the crowd started chanting "What The Fuck?!" at the top of their lungs. Their reaction to the unfolding events were met with an even more volatile situation.

    Carnival music played ominously from the loudspeakers. CM Punk, Rhino, Rob Van Dam, The Dudleys, Simon Diamond, Johnny Swinger, and Tommy Dreamer seemed to appear out of nowhere and marched through the packed crowd. Some fans cheered their presence. They jumped the bannisters and slid into the ring. Reigns got to all fours before getting beatdown by the eight men. They repeatedly kicked his ribs and stomach before a voice from afar broke it up.

    "That shall be enough for now," the man in clown makeup began. "For those who do not know me, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Milenko, and I run the greatest show on earth...that's right. You didn't think WGW wanted just one show, did you? Expect a hardcore renaissance, Batti Otaku. Keep up, or face taste the heel of my boot."

    With those parting words, the extremists left. The show ended on the eyes of the champion without a title.
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    Love it. The bullet point style was a bit surprising but it works. Not sure if I'll be stealing it as thinking about it makes my brain hurt.

    My favorite part of course was the end. It gives me a good bit to work with for my show which is a good thing.
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    Titles defended on Sunday Night Shiver:

    WGW World Shiver Championship


    AKA "Blue Blood"

    WGW Pale Rider Championship


    WGW Shiver Tag Team Championship



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