So you're in the Prison. Read this if you wish to be released.

Discussion in 'The Prison' started by Slyfox696, May 11, 2015.

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    If you have been sent to the Prison to be an inmate, it's clear your ability to post in the general forums is non-existent. People who are sent to Prison are those who continuously break the rules and/or consistently cause drama and problems. Usually this means you also have an unhealthy level of disrespect for the hard working Staff of the WrestleZone Forums.

    If you wish to be released, here are a few things you should do.

    1) Learn respect. Being respectful is by far the best way to avoid a lengthy Prison sentence. Show great respect to the Staff and show respect for your fellow posters, both current and potential posters. Disrespectful attitudes are usually the #1 reason for being put into the Prison.

    2) Show you can contribute quality posting to the forums. The point of the forums is to have quality discussion on a variety of topics. The more high quality posting we have, the better the forums are run. Show you can contribute to the forums and you have a much better chance of being released.

    3) Contribute regularly. Coming into the Prison to post a few times and then leaving for months at a time will not get you released. There is rarely a "Prison sentence". Release from the Prison is usually about showing you can contribute to the forums consistently and not about an arbitrarily set amount of time in Prison.

    4) If you are released from Prison, continue being a good poster. When released from Prison, you will, understandably, be on a short leash. Continue your quality posting and you should avoid being sent back.

    We here at the WrestleZone Forums do not want you or anyone to be in Prison. However, we will not allow anyone to ruin the experience for someone else due to absurd, immature and disrespectful behavior. We want you to contribute, we don't want you in Prison. And as long as you can show you can be respectful and a positive contributor, then we'll be happy to let you out of Prison.

    Have a good day!
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