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    This is basically an open thread for you. Your task is basically to book any indy event which means it can't be an event from WWF & WWE & WCW & TNA & ECW & NWA.
    You can re-book Japan (NJPW & AJPW & NOAH & Wrestle 1...) and Mexican (AAA & CMLL...) events if you want to.

    But if you want to make this interesting do what I will do and just look for random indy wrestling events and rebook them with the talent that was on the show. Just go to and look for a random event which is what I did.

    For example:

    OMEGA Night Of A Champion

    Date: Saturday Febraury 28th 2015.
    Venue:Carrington Middle School , Durham , North Carolina.
    Attendance: 1,000 pepole.

    Origianl Card:
    1.Arik Royal def. Manny Garcia.
    2.Brad Attitude def. Jake Manning
    3.Amber O'Neal def. Amy Love
    4.John Skyler def. Anthony Henry
    5.Tommy Dreamer def. Luke Gallows
    6.Mick Foley def. Mickey Gambino.
    7.Ethan Carter III def. Scotty Matthews.
    8.Jeff Hardy def. C.W. Anderson & Caprice Coleman & Matt Hardy & Tommy Dreamer & Trevor Lee in a Six Way Elimination Match to win the Vacant OMEGA Heavyweight Championship.

    Basically this was the return of the OMEGA heavyweight title after 15 years that it was vacated so I thought to myself that the title should have been in some kind of a tournament but then I decided on a better concept which is: You have six matches early on the night the winners of all of these matches will be the ones who will be in the six way elimination match for the vacant title.

    My rebook:
    1.Matt Hardy def. Luke Gallows
    2.Trevor Lee def. John Skyler
    3.Caprice Coleman def. Brad Attitude.
    4.Jeff Hardy def. C.W. Anderson.
    5.Ethan Carter III def. Arik Royal
    6.Mick Foley def. Tommy Dreamer in a Hardcore Match.
    7.Amber O'Neill def. Amy Love
    8.Jeff Hardy def. Matt Hardy & Ethan Carter III & Caprice Coleman & Mick Foley & Trevor Lee in a Six Way Elimination Match for the Vacant OMEGA Heavyweight Championship.

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