R.I.P. Craig Sager

Discussion in 'The Sports Arena' started by SSJPhenom, Dec 15, 2016.

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    The legendary NBA sideline interviewer/commentator unfortunately lost his battle with cancer. He was 65.

    For anyone who is a longtime fan of the NBA you're very familiar with Craig Sager. If the name doesn't ring a bell just think very loud very colorful suits and ties. I always liked to see Sager on the sidelines to see what kind of crazy thing he was wearing. Beyond that, he was funny and always got the best responses from NBA personalities. Why, he could even get Greg Popovich to answer questions and that's a hard thing to do.

    I'm gonna miss you Craig Sager. Heaven just got a lot more colorful.
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    Saw the breaking news earlier as I was watching Around the Horn. For all his crazy suits, its hard to to find anyone who was as respected in his field than Craig Sager. The guy was a warrior, going through three bone marrow transplants, and still continuing to work. Rest in paradise, Craig.

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