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    Note to the Moderator:-I've accidentally posted this on the Symposium instead of the Media Hub, so it's okay in case you want to move it there.

    Hey guys.

    I just discovered this subsection, and since I'm no longer an Internet/Socialmedia person and barely watch Wrestling, let alone movies, shows or any other passive forms of entertainment, I could hardly be bothered to try and find any other forums to discuss this, and so I feel great this subforum exists.

    This is my very first post/thread here so I want to bring up the topic of Personal development books. (Cringeeeeee!!!!:lmao:)

    I'm aware that's usually how some people react to that, and then there's a section of people who're like "meh" or "IDGAF" and then there's those who do love 'em and read 'em, and finally those who devour them, like fanatics.

    I belong to the fourth category and I've pretty much been into the third and fourth categories most of my life. Sadly, I had stopped reading them and taken up academic books instead, and stopped applying much of the stuff I knew.

    That includes stuff ranging from meditation, hypnosis, goals, visualization, and the Law of Attraction.

    I'll simply, at this point, ask you a few questions.

    How do you feel about personal development books?

    If you love them, what are some of your favourites, and how have they transformed your life?

    Are you reading any these days?

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