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    Is anyone else a fan of wrestling books / autobiographies?

    The first one I read was Foley's Have A Nice Day in 1999, I was still somewhat of a mark then, I was 11 and although I knew wrestling was a work, the book provided me with some interesting insight into the life of a pro wrestler and the inner workings of the pro wrestling industry (this was pre internet for me, so literally all I knew was what I saw on TV and what I read in the occasional wrestling magazine).

    Since then I've read many more, with my personal favourites being Jericho's first two, Bret Hart's "Hitman" and William Regal's "Walking A Golden Mile". I still have many more to read but I'm interested if anyone else has read many pro wrestling books and has recommendations or would like to discuss the books they have read?
  2. Hollywood Naitch

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    I've read quite alot of wrestler's autobiographies.

    Bret Hart
    Ric Flair
    Chris Jericho x3
    Mick Foley x4
    Steve Austin
    The Rock
    Kurt Angle
    Eric Bischoff
    Hollywood Hulk Hogan

    For the love of God, stay away from Chyna's book, it's probably the worst thing I've ever read in my life. I think you've read the best ones out there if you've read Bret, Foley's first and Jericho's first two books.

    I enjoyed Flair's, although I've seen it being criticised by a few people. I'm looking at picking up Terry Funk's at some point, and maybe William Regal's.
  3. Slash-LN

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    When they were all the rage I used to pick some up.

    I read the Foley ones and enjoyed those.
    Enjoyed the Hardys and Lita ones.
    I never did finish Angles. I found it to be a bit of a bore.

    I read Jericho's first and enjoyed it and picked up his second but I never have sat down to read it.

    With the WWE ones it's been made pretty clear by the people who wrote them that WWE has a hand in what gets printed. Which is to be expected. So some of those may need to be taken with a grain of salt.

    I don't really remember much about it but I read Ted Dibiase's book and I do remember he talked about the evils of the wrestling industry and that stuff. It's when he was really big on his God trip so the book is kind of preachy.
  4. King Patrick Star

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    I’ve read about 5, but I have quite a bit of WWE books, as I work for a publishing company. Coincidentally, my favorite books are Chris Jericho’s, which are not published by my company. HAHA!!
  5. THTRobtaylor

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    Jericho's 3 books are probably the best out there...better than Foley's cos Jericho's style was borne outside of WWE, then brought inhouse, where as Mick's were good, but always WWE censored. Chris's books are also 50/50 on wrestling and his music/life, so there's more funny stories and interesting stuff. That being said, 90% of it has already been told on his podcasts, so if you're a subscriber, the books might be too familiar.

    Bret's is a controversial book, he talks some truths of his failing but still comes across as holier than thou a lot of the time.

    Of the pure WWE produced books, Flair's is by far the best - the stuff about how he came into this world is a story in itself, then the plane crash and he STILL became the guy we know and love... he also doesn't hold back on his real opinions...

    The one unwritten book I'd love to read is Shane McMahon's... not Vince's, you know that'd be a fiction... but Shane doing an out and out honest memoir of his time with WWE and since would be a great read, especially with his sense of humor and fun.
  6. Just Do It

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    Bret Harts book is the GOAT of wrestling books. Foleys first and Jericho's first are also great. Pure Dynamite from Dynamite Kid is brilliant. There is an excellent book about 1PW te British Indy fed and also The Making of Bloodstained Memoirs about the wrestling film. Blood red turns dollar green is supposed to be great also.
  7. Old Timer

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    Dec 6, 2014
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    Foley's book was good if I remember right. Does anyone recommend Jerich's book? Co-worker recommend it to me
  8. TootsieBear

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    Jericho's first book was awesome! I did like his second and third books, but they don't have the passion that made the first book magical.
  9. TootsieBear

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    Apr 5, 2014
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    I have a number of books by famous pro-wrestlers. As mentioned above both Chris Jericho and Mick Foley's books are awesome. Jericho is the better writer of the two.

    Bret Hart's book was okay. I got tired of his self righteous character in the book. While I enjoyed reading the backstage stories, it felt like Bret was trying to promote him as the victim for a lot different issues in his life.

    Terry Funk's book amazingly reminds me of Foley's. I loved his down to earth and stories he told throughout the book. The only problem is that it goes all over the PLACE! Like please pace yourself guys.

    Dutch Mantel, best known as Zeb Coulter in the WWE, second book is awesome. I haven't read his first book, however his second book is awesome. The stories of wrestlers like Scott Hall debuting in wrestling, The Iron Sheik having a little fun in a bar, and many other wild stories.

    Bob Holly's book is different from the others mentioned above. Each chapter discusses a different subject in his life-feuds, relationships, etc-which have shaped him as the person today. Very down to earth, in your face kind of book.

    Freddie Blassie book is awesome. Great wrestler and manager, who shows that even though he can be seen as a terrible bad guy, has a even bigger heart.

    Edge, like Jericho, book was awesome. The only problem is that some chapters are very short. I do love both Edge and Jericho's cheesy sense of humor.

    Both the Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin have okay books. Nothing memorable if just want to learn more about their backgrounds and cool stories.

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