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Discussion in 'WWE Discussion' started by Jack-Hammer, Sep 6, 2018.

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    According to Uncle Dave, Shawn Michaels will be coming out of retirement to have at least one more match. Meltzer says that the internal plan is for HBK to return to the ring as part of WWE's next show in Saudi Arabia, which is set for November 2nd. WWE is said to have wanted Michaels to work the Greatest Royal Rumble earlier this year, which obviously didn't happen, but WWE is getting so much money for these shows, allegedly, that they even outstrip WrestleMania.

    As of right now, however, the plan is that HBK will work a tag team match. Given what's been happening on Raw, the likelihood of HBK teaming up against Triple H to face Taker and a partner is what's expected to go down and that the angle for that match will likely be set up during the Saudi Arabia show.

    With the kind of money the Saudi government has been tossing WWE's way, WWE may well have quoted HBK a price that he just simply couldn't pass up. Everbody's gotta price, HAHAHAHA...…(ahem) sorry 'bout that. The thing about this match is that it's only going to make most fans want to see HBK eventually have another singles go which, let's face it, something that all parties involved have to recognize is coming and this match could be a means of gauging how HBK is holding up. A tag match allows both Taker and Michaels to be more easily protected if they're not quite up to snuff, which is said to be the case with Taker as that singles matches that are 15 minutes or more are a thing of the past. Michaels is the same age as Taker with only a handful of months separating them, HBK is still in great shape and time MIGHT have treated him better than Taker. It's taken its toll no doubt, but you also have to consider the differences in the men; Michaels left the business for about 5 years due to his back, came back circa 2002 and remained an active member of the roster until his last match with Taker at WrestleMania XXVI. During Taker's career, he'd sometimes get injured, would work through the injury, sometimes suffering additional injuries along the way, sometimes the injury or injuries would worsen until surgery was need and, even then, he'd still push back taking time off until old nagging injuries coupled with age started to catch up with him in a hurry. So who knows? IF he's able to perform at a level similar to when we last saw him in the ring, then fans will be salivating for one more singles match. If he holds up well during this whole thing, if Meltzer's report is indeed accurate, then maybe an HBK singles match at WrestleMania next year is a possibility?
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    I'm the first one that would want to see HBK comeback for one more night but for now i take everything that comes out about this Saudi Arabia show as rumor. First of all, i don't see that show happening, at less not on the date announce since WWE wouldn't do a show like this without marketing the shit out of it which means they would have to start plugging the show the monday after Hell in the cell to make it mean something.

    Secondly, i don't see HBK coming back for a tag match on a glorified House show. If he wanted to make a comeback, he would comeback on a big show like mania or the rumble. At this point, this feel like a whole bunch of rumors that Meltzer decided to report based on third hand info like he does sometimes.

    In the end, i guess will find out soon if any of what was reported is true or not. For now i don't think WWE is dumb enough to do a saudi show a week after the evolution PPV but you never know with WWE.
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    I've wanted his return for years. Unlike Undertaker, I still think he can entertain me. That being said I don't feel that rush of excitement by the idea of a tag match (meh) against a Taker (meh) team in Saudi Arabia (#neverforget). Hopefully it is the start of something more entertaining for him since he can't use the "I won't come back out of respect for UT" excuse.
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    The promo on Raw between Michaels and Taker definitely gave the impression that a match may happen down the line. I wouldn't want it to be a tag match at the Super Showdown, I'd prefer it to be HBK VS Taker 3 at Wrestlemania. Not that Shawn & Trips VS Taker & a partner (probably Kane) wouldn't be a good legends match and a fun addition to the Super Showdown, because it would be. It just doesn't seem like the best way to go out about Shawn's in-ring return. If he even does do another match. Call it wishful thinking but he's legendary enough that it needs to be at one of the biggest shows of the year.
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    I don't know, guys. I know that all the right people are saying all the right things but I genuinely won't believe it until I see him making his way down a ramp to a ring. I'd love to see it but I just don't believe it right now.

    The promo on Raw did leave the door open but, for my money, it only served to raise the intrigue in the Taker/HHH match that's upcoming - it's got people talking and that's the first bonus for the WWE. What happens beyond that is anyone's guess but I am sadly pessimistic.
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    HBK needs to remain retired...
    He has been one of the few wrestlers to retire “on his own terms” and not came back without any type of injury. Even how much I would love to see a AJ Styles vs Shawn Micheals, or Seth Rollins vs HBK, I’m more likely to make him remain as a retired man. He deserves it, and has earned it.
    Actually Taker should had retired after Reigns, and Flair came back in TNA, or Foley who has turn it into a gimnick. Even Bully Ray or Tommy Dreamer from ECW, or all the women lately in WWE. If you choose a path, and it’s volunteer, you should stick to it.
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    I kind of hope it doesn't happen. It would be cool to see Shawn Michaels in the ring again, but I don't see any reason why he should or needs to wrestle another match at this point. He's stuck to his guns about staying retired for so many years now and ultimately, I think he made the right decision considering he had a near-perfect retirement match/farewell moment against The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. One of the reasons why I was so disappointed about Ric Flair continuing to wrestle after his match with Michaels at Mania 24 was because it cheapened that moment. Ric Flair had one of the greatest send-offs ever and it would have been the perfect way to end a career that had already long surpassed its time. I wouldn't put a Shawn Michaels return in the same category but like I said, what would be the point? What reason could Shawn have for coming back?

    If he didn't come back for Daniel Bryan or AJ Styles (two matches he was reportedly offered), why would he agree to come back for a tag team match, or even a match against Taker? Again, what would be the point?

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