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    Real Name: Isaiah Carter

    Gimmick Name: Obi Okafor

    Announced As: King Obi Okafor

    Height: 6’5”

    Weight: 250 lbs.

    Hometown: Wilmington, Delaware

    Billed From: New Angola, Africa

    Alignment: Face

    Fill in the Blanks With Your Information:

    Introducing first from New Angola, Africa, weighing in at 250 pounds, King Obi Okafor!


    ----------------Hair Colour/Length: Black, short, normally well-kept afro

    ----------------Eye Colour: Brown

    ----------------Facial Hair: Full goatee (Similar to The Rock in the Fast & Furious movies)

    ----------------Ring attire: Blue wrestling tights similar to AJ Styles with a golden secondary color and cheetah print trim

    ----------------Backstage Attire: A long dashiki that matches the design of his wrestling tights in addition to an open ended crown on his head

    ----------------Physical Features: A long, slightly lanky body with his muscles cut in the right places

    ----------------Tattoos: Tribal tattoo across upper back with a cross in the middle

    Sample Pic of Wrestler:

    The Human Tornado

    Main Gimmick: A naturally gifted wrestler who just found out that he’s of royal blood of a nation that prides itself in their professional wrestling culture.

    2 Characteristics of Gimmick:

    Struggles to find the balance between the power that his now deceased father wants him to show to honor his true home country and the good-natured upbringing that his mother, the woman who raised him, continues to preach.

    Sees the ring as his comfort zone to get away from the stresses of his newly found life as a king. Majority of the time, Okafor can find refuge inside of the squared-circle but every so often, he’ll get distracted.

    Brief Bio/History:

    For the last 21 years of his life, Isaiah Carter lived his life like any middle-class kid who grew up in the suburbs of Wilmington, Delaware. Life was generally peaceful, things were quiet in the small-town atmosphere, and he got to live out his passion of professional wrestling while his mother was his biggest fan every step of the way. On the day of his 21st birthday however, things changed at an instant. A group of people coming from an African nation that not many people have heard of showed up at Carter’s door claiming that he was of royal blood and that it was time to come home now that his biological father had passed away. After receiving confirmation from his mom, Carter was able to negotiate with the group of Africans who’s “national pastime” just happened to be wrestling, that he wouldn’t have to completely uproot his life if he made it into the wrestling company, WZCW, and showcase the power of their nation to his new people and the rest of the wrestling world. Thus, Obi Okafor (his given birth name) was reborn and his quest to become a champion began.

    Entrance Music:

    “For My Matter (Remix)” by Emma Nyra

    Entrance Description: A couple of rose bearers step out onto the stage, basket of roses at the ready as Obi Okafor steps out from behind the curtain, raising his arms high in the air to some fanfare. The rose bearers move forward and start to place the roses from the basket down the ramp, Okafor following behind, pointing and smiling at some of the fans before staring at the ring in a focused manner. The rose bearers step to the side as they get to the end of the ramp and Obi hypes himself up before sliding int.o the ring and hopping onto the nearest turnbuckle to get the crowd onto their feet. He removes his crown and his dashiki to a nearby official before hopping down from the turnbuckle and wait for the bell to start.

    Fighting Style: Basic mat based technician who comes off a bit awkward at time due to not the best trainers in Delaware. Not afraid to show off the brawling style he picked up while taking trips to bars in Philadelphia.

    Previous Injuries/Character Psyche: Tries to do just enough to win his matches to appease his mother's wishes while in WZCW.

    Finishing Moves (2 max):
    1) The Awakening (Vertical Suplex Stunner)
    2) Crown Royale (Backstabber)

    Signature Moves (3 max):

    1) Inverted Headlock Backbreaker
    2) Swinging Vertical Suplex
    3) Straight Jacket

    12 Most Used Moves:

    1) Fisherman Suplex
    2) Pumphandle Falling Slam
    3) Gutwrench Suplex
    4) STO
    5) Swinging Neckbreaker
    6) Single-Arm DDT
    7) Sitout Rear Mat Slam
    8) Electric Chair Facebuster
    9) Fireman’s Carry Gutbuster
    10) Snapemare Knee Attack
    11) Guillotine Choke
    12) Texas Cloverleaf

    Sample RP:

    The scene opens within a nearly empty locker room. The camera is fixed on the blue metal door leading out to the arena and zoomed in enough so that viewers could only see the door. Fans could be heard shouting “Ok-A-For! Ok-A-For!” from outside of the door. The chants were faint at first but then as the camera started to slowly pull back from the door, the fans chant became more in focus and grew louder with every step backwards the cameraman took. The camera stops right as a silhouette of a man’s body covers the doorway. The dark Silhouette is sitting down on one of the benches with his head bowed in deep thought. After a few seconds, there is a knock on the door followed by the door creaking open. An unknown voice coming from someone that the camera doesn’t pick up echoes from the doorway.

    Unknown Voice: It is time my King. Are you ready?

    A smile can be seen from the head of the silhouette before he slowly turns to the door and nods at the unseen figure. He raises up off of the bench and stands at his feet.

    Dark Silhouette: Let’s do this

    The shadowy figure proceeds forward as the chants once again begin to grow louder and louder the closer the figure gets to the door. Music similar to Hans Zimmer’s Antrozous from the Batman Begins Soundtrack starts to bleed into the background as he moved forward. He stops just before he gets to the doorway and takes a deep breath as a crown is dawned upon his head. He steps out from the doorway, swinging the door behind him shut as suddenly the screen cuts black and the words “THE KING HAS RISEN” in big, bolded font fades onto the screen followed by an explosion of sound from the music. In a smaller script font, the words “Obi Okafor comes to WZCW soon.” Fades in from left to right.

    [Advertisement paid for by the New Angolan Nation of Africa]
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