NXT TakeOver: WarGames: NXT Championship - Drew McIntyre (c) VS Andrade "Cien" Almas

Discussion in 'WWE NXT' started by Jack-Hammer, Nov 2, 2017.

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    After being attacked from behind on last night's episode of NXT, after he'd already signed a contract in William Regal's office, Drew McIntyre face's Almas in Houston the night before Survivor Series. Almas attacked McIntyre from behind and after beating him down, signed his name to the contract and made the match "official."

    Zalina Vega is a fantastic mouthpiece and the future Mrs. Austin Aries, lucky bastard, rivals Alexa Bliss when it comes to her charisma and promo abilities. Using her character as a "stabilizing force" for Almas has put Almas on another level, he's arguably been the most consistently high quality in-ring guy in NXT since his signing and he's delivered some fantastic matches since Vega came on board.

    McIntyre has been a great traditional babyface since coming to NXT and his time away from WWE had worked out really well for him. When it comes to how he carries himself, to the ease in which he seems to be in his skin and just the sense of maturity he has, it's like he's a different person.

    This should be a really entertaining match with a nice meshing of styles, but I ultimately see McIntyre coming out with the win and retaining his title, as he should. Guys like Almas, and there are a lot of talented guys in NXT, does make me think that the promotion could use a mid-card title.
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    Every big name NXT ever had is on the main roster now, no NXT is starting to feel like a C show/developmental show once again. Asuka was the final big draw NXT had. Now let's see what they do.

    This should be a good match. I also expect McIntyre to retain. I think his reign has only just begun.

    I'm actually curious to see if Vince still considers Drew a "golden prodigy". It's been 8 years since that time.
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    I hope that Drew retains. I thought that Mclntyre vs Cole is the big money NXT match they will build on for WM34, but apparently it happens in 2 weeks time on a house show.
    If you are asking me at Mania 34 it should be either Johnny Gargano vs Tommaso Ciampa or Drew Mclntyre / Adam Cole vs Pete Dunne.
    I think they should book Mclntyre to retain and have Aimas go on to the main roster to win the Cruiserweight Title in his debut match - he is more than deserving to go to the main roster already.
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    The only exciting part of this feud is Almas sticking gum to Drews chest. other than that its been pretty generic. I thought for sure Adam cole would be the number one contender. i guess he'll taking the title at a later date.
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    You can't really introduce Cole as the main heel on NXT and have him win or lose immediately against McIntyre. A buffer match is the best way to go. WWE know what they'll get with Drew, he's been in the system before, so he can win this match and lose at the next Takeover in preparation for his main roster return. Where hopefully we'll get a 3MB reunion.
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    Almas has surprised me greatly the last few months and Takeovers respectively. I didn't think much if anything of him when he first arrived and I don't think anyone else did either, but luckily NXT unlike the main roster, realizes these things and adjusts accordingly.

    It doesn't scream huge match or anything, but Almas can go in the ring and will give Drew a run for his money only for McIntyre to pick up a nice victory making him look even stronger in his run as champion. I see Adam Cole taking the crown probably at the WrestleMania Takeover or the Rumble's.
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    I didn't expect Andrade Cien Almas in the title picture. At least at this moment. However he has had some good matches and has benefitted a lot from Zelina Vega.

    Expecting another good match from McIntyre and another successful title defense. Too soon for him to lose the title.

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