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    Real Name: N/A

    Gimmick Name: 'The Great' Milenko

    Announced As: 'The Great' Milenko

    Height: 5foot8

    Weight: 220

    Hometown: Salem, OR

    Billed From: The Dark Carnival

    Alignment: Heel

    Fill in the Blanks With Your Information:

    Introducing first from The Dark Carnival, weighing 220 lbs pounds, 'The Great' Milenko!


    ----------------Hair Colour/Length: shoulder length Redish brown hair

    ----------------Eye Colour: Black

    ----------------Facial Hair: none

    ----------------Ring attire: :Black Tights

    ----------------Backstage Attire: same as above with a tattered jean jacket & a black baggy t-shirt

    ----------------Physical Features

    ----------------Tattoos: None

    Sample Pic of Wrestler: Violent J

    Main Gimmick: Former Mayhem Champion coming back to WZCW looking to cause as much mayhem & terror as humanly possible on behalf of someone (or something) called The Wraith

    2 Characteristics of Gimmick: Probably Psychotic (no one is 100% certain as he's never been diagnosed everyone tiptoes around him out of fear)

    Claims to have mystical powers given to him by The Wraith that resides in the big top at the center of The Dark Carnival

    Brief Bio/History: originally following his brother Alex Bowen to WZCW he managed to defeat him at the first Kingdom Come. After that he won the vacated Mayhem title by beating Eric Derf. After losing his title to Drake Callahan he left WZCW and returned to The Dark Carnival.

    Entrance Music: 'The Great' Milenko by ICP

    Entrance Description: The music starts to the pulsing of black strobe lights. After a couple minutes with no sign of Milenko on the stage they stop, plunging the entire arena into darkness. When they turn back on Milenko is in the ring (either behind his opponent or in the center of the ring waiting)

    Fighting Style: ultra-violent

    Previous Injuries/Character Psyche: as a former Mayhem Champion he does have chronic pain in his left knee. He refuses to acknowledge it and gets furious when others do

    Finishing Moves (2 max): [Main Finisher] Hell's Pit (Tajiri's Buzzsaw Kick to the temple)

    [Desperation Finisher] The Tempest ( CM Punk's Pepsi Plunge

    Signature Moves (3 max): Piledriver
    Huge Boot

    12 Most Used Moves:
    2)Samoan Drop,
    3)Punches to the face
    5)Sidewalk Slam
    6) Bicycle Kick
    7)Head butt
    8)European Uppercut
    9)Top Rope Flying Clothesline
    10) Spear
    11) neckbreaker
    12) Kitchen Sink (Knee to gut)

    Sample RP: Milenko Vs Alex Bowen

    The camera turns on and we see Milenko sitting by himself in a dark corner of the WZCW locker room. He looks at the camera and starts talking in a whisper without looking at the camera.

    Cory, There's a name I never thought I'd hear again. Alex I ran away when I was 13 years old in order to keep that man from killing me. You know as well as I do that because he was an insane drunk he would have eventually killed me if I haven't left.

    He looks up at the camera with a look of anger on his face as he still talks in a whisper.

    You may have gotten beat to but what happened to you was nothing compared to what happened to me. Alex I'm sure you remember that little cubby hole underneath the stairs. Well when ever dad didn't want to look at me he would stick me in there and lock the door. I went days without food or water. When he did let me out I got thrown down stairs and beaten with what ever he could get his hands on.

    Milenko then takes off his shirt and his upper body is covered with scars.

    All these scars were given to me by that maniac we called a father. This one on my arm was from a butcher knife he slashed me with in a drunken rage. This nasty one on my chest was from a hot piece of metal. There's more but it would take way to long to explain all of them.

    The camera moves in on Milenko's face and it looks like there are tears in his eyes.

    Alex you say you loved me, but you never showed it. You may not have been home but you knew I was getting it the worst. Whenever you couldn't handle it you left for days on end and that's when he started in on me. I was your little brother, you were supposed to be there for me, but instead you ran away and let me get the brunt of everything.

    Milenko puts his shirt back on and when he looks back at the camera the tears are gone and the anger his back on his face.

    Alex if you were home you would have known that I was quiet because every time I said anything I was beaten and usually locked in the cubby hole underneath the stairs.

    The anger on his face get more pronounced and it looks like there is fire in his eyes as he starts to talk again.

    Alex you have no idea what that does to a child. You say I don't wanna see the truth. I say I see the truth more clearly than you ever will. The truth is you never loved me. All you wanted was to get away from it and to hell with what happened to me. You were poplular that's why you had somewhere to go for days on end. everyone else may believe the garbage you've been telling everyone for years, but the truth is because we were only half brothers you just didn't care. I saw it in your eyes whenever you looked at me.

    The look of anger on Milenko's face is slowly turning into murderous rage. The words come out in choked whispers.

    You're sorry? All you have to say about the years of abuse I went though is you're sorry? If you think that an apology is going to make it all better you're wrong. You and the world are wondering why i joined WZCW, well I'm going to tell you. I was following you. I heard you joined up and I knew that I wanted to make your life as miserable as mine was and still is to this day.

    Milenko takes the camera and pulls in close to his face. His face is filled with rage and he is still speaking in choked whispers.

    Alex all that I've put you through since we both debuted is nothing compared to what I'm going to put you through at Kingdom Come. I picked this match for one reason. That reason is to put you in a hospital permanently. You call yourself The Hardcore Juggalo? Well be ready because in this match you're fighting for more than just a win. You're fighting for your life. All those years of fighting for my survival on the streets gave me time to think about all that anger that has been burning a hole in my soul my entire life. It gave me time to direct my anger at the one person in our family I can get my hands on. That person Alex, is you.

    All of a sudden Milenko throws the camera away from him so hard it almost falls over and his face is still beet red.

    Alex, we both like The Insane Clown Posse so I'm gonna sum it up in 1 line from one of there most popular songs.

    Suddenly Milenko shouts out a single sentence as loud as he can.

    Something dark and wicked this way comes.

    Milenko gets a sick smile on his face and talks in a normal voice.

    Alex that something is me.

    Milenko walks out of the room and before the camera goes to black the words Kingdom Come flash on the screen.
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