Meltdown Episode 28

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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    “We Fly High” plays throughout the arena as Mr. Baller comes out to a series of boos. He mocks playing with a basketball and then waves it aside as he continues down the ramp. He climbs into the ring and then goes to pose on the turnbuckle, showing off his looks as he rips off his shirt

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Miami, Florida, weighing in at 220 pounds, Mr. Baller!

    Copeland: Mr. Baller is in action tonight in a triple threat match with fellow newcomers Corey Payne and Osidius. Now Baller must be thrilled as he will be having a pay per view match within a month of debuting. And what looks promising is that he might be getting to choose the referee when his representative, Celeste takes on Karnage on Ascension tomorrow.

    Cohen: You got to give it to him. We can question his motives but he is a thinker Seabass, everything he does has a purpose and I may not be fully fond of him but he’s done enough to get attention to appear at All or Nothing.

    Copeland: His opposition, Blade, will be in action later tonight against Rush, that will be no doubt a great contest. It’s just a case of whether Baller will have enough energy to get through this match and then go on to cause another upset in that match tonight.

    The lights go down as “Down with the Sickness” starts to play, once the momentum of the music picks up the lights come back with Corey Payne on the stage punching away at the air. He walks down the ramp and takes the time to high fives some adoring fans. He backs up a few steps from the ring and slides in under the under the bottom rope. He stands up and pulls his hoodie down as he stares at Baller.

    Harrys: From Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at 250 pounds, Corey Payne

    Copeland: Speaking of Rush, Corey debuted against him last week in an impressive bout, despite coming off of the losing end, you can’t deny this kid has got talent!

    Cohen: Talent? Seabass, he lost, he clearly has no talent if he hasn’t won in the WZCW yet!

    “Beautiful” starts to play as newcomer Obsidius walks out to a single spotlight, he starts heading down in a power walk down, he climbs in the ring and stands inbetween Baller and Corey, looking at each of them with discontent. Corey removes his hoodie and throws it out to the crowd.

    Harrys: From Charlotte, North Carolina, weighing in at 247 pounds, Obsidius!

    Copeland: Obsidius is a new member of the WZCW roster having competed in a house show. He is of an impressive build and will no doubt try and give a good match, given his size and weight sits inbetween that of Baller and Corey!

    The referee signals for the bell as all three men walk slowly to the middle of the ring with each of them being within an arms distance of each other as they exchange glances with each other. Baller then smirks as Corey and Obsidius both turn to him and suddenly hit him at the same time causing him to roll out of the ring as the other two start exchanging fists with each other. They continue the fist exchange until Payne hits a superman like punch which takes Obsidius down in time for Payne to catch a returning Baller with a spinebuster. Obsidius has got back up and Payne catches him with a DDT, he goes for the early cover 1…..2…Baller breaks the pin.

    Payne gets up as Baller dropkicks him down to the mat, he gets up again as Baller uses the ropes to hit a clothesline onto Payne while Obsidius sneaks behind Baller and hits a reverse backbreaker from behind. He spots Payne slowly getting up again and he bounces off the ropes and hits a shining wizard into Payne’s face. He goes for the cover 1.…2….kickout by Payne.

    Copeland: Explosive start by all three men, but Obsidius trying to keep control for now

    Cohen: And he will with that repeated offence!

    Obsidius picks up Baller and irish whips him into the ropes and catches him with a samoan drop, he picks him up again and throws him into the corner, he runs at him but Baller uses the ropes to kick Obsidius in the face and hit a swinging neckbreaker. He stands over Obsidius and hits a standing moonsault, cover 1….2…Payne breaks the pin. Baller gets up and Payne meets him with a roundhouse kick and he leans against the ropes waiting for Obsidius to get up and takes him down with a clothesline. Baller slides out of the ring as Payne takes Obsidius into a corner and starts giving him some rights, he looks behind to see if Baller is there but goes for a few more punches. Baller then climbs the opposite turnbuckle waiting for Payne to turn around who does so. Suddenly Obsidius slams Payne down by the neck from behind and then runs at Baller who goes for the crossbody but its reversed with a roll up 1…..2….kickout. Obsidius picks up Baller again and goes to throw him at the ropes but Baller bounces and hits the back elbow on the return. Payne gets back up and locks onto Baller and throws him with a belly to belly. He waits for Obsidius to get up and hits a sideslam.

    Copeland: Control is now with Corey Payne

    Cohen: Yeah, he’d like you to believe that!

    With Payne in a sitting position, Baller leaps over his head with a neckbreaker. He goes over to the turnbuckle and looks to do the Buzzerbeater but Obsidius got back up and shoves him into the top corner, crotching him almost. Obsidius climbs up and shoves Baller onto the floor outside. Obsidius turns around on the turnbuckle just as Payne gets back up. Obsidius goes for a high dive but Payne ducks out of the way and Obsidius hits canvas, Payne stalks him from behind as his fallen opponent gets back to his feet and hits the Protoslam on Obsidius and covers him 1…..2……3 just as Baller tries to slide back in and break it.

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Corey Payne!

    Copeland: What an impressive display by all three men, but Corey Payne deserves most credit for being a dominating force in this match

    Cohen: But you have to admire Obsidius and Baller, they showed great ability and if Payne was to face them one on one, he would lose!

    Payne celebrates to the crowd as Baller leaves up the ramp, looking disappointed but not caring about the loss as much. Obsidius gets back up and faces Payne in the centre of the ring, they stare each other down. Payne offers a hand of respect which Obsidius accepts and both raise each others hands and leave the arena together.
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    *Pyros go off*

    Copeland: All or Nothing is almost upon us as Meltdown starts to turn the heat up on the chase for the World Heavyweight Championship! Hello again everybody, I'm Sebastian Copeland, alongside Jack Cohen, and we're live from (location), at the last Meltdown before All or Nothing on a week where controversies will be fixed before we reach the pay per view!

    Cohen: You’re right there Seabass, All or Nothing is going to be great with what we have lined up, just put it on already, we can give Meltdown a rest!

    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    “Reptilia” starts to play to a crowd of boos as Murfish enters the arena. He paces slowly towards the ring, soaking up the atmosphere giving waves of appreciation to his guests

    Harrys: Introducing first, from International Waters, weighing in at 335 pounds, Murfish!

    Copeland: Murfish is set to go on one on one against newcomer William Teach tonight. It’s a good thing he’s on Meltdown this week as Murfish hasn’t had momentum on his side in the past month since being on Ascension.

    Cohen: Well to be fair Seabass, he took Big Dave to the limit but he was also cheated out of a victory last week by Mr. Baller. This should be a rightful rebound, putting Teach in his place, despite the fact I kind of like this newcomer.

    Copeland: Well don’t get yourself worked into a dilemma there Jack!

    Murfish enters the ring and continues to soak up the atmosphere as he looks back awaiting his opponent. “Slither” by Velvet Revolver begins to play, as soon as the guitar rift ends, out comes William Teach to a mix reaction. He shakes his head as he walks down the down and looks up with a smile towards the awaiting Murfish.

    Harrys: His opponent, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 236 pounds, William Teach

    Copeland: William Teach is set to make a big impact here on Meltdown, having impressed officials at a house show. He’s been given a chance to shine against a man who is ninety nine pounds heavier than him, it’s going to be an interesting match

    Cohen: Interesting because he’s going to get squashed like a bug?

    Teach climbs into the ring and stands toe to toe with Murfish who towers over him. The referee signals for the bell as the two start trashing talking to each other which leads to Murfish posing to a flurry of boos. Teach suddenly grabs Murfish and hits a northern lights suplex for a quick cover 1……2…… kick out. Murfish gets up and decides fun time is over as goes for a clothesline but Teach ducks and runs at Murfish on the return with an elbow at full force to take down the big man. Murfish gets up again and challenges Teach to do it again but as Teach runs at him, he lifts him with a flapjack, sending his opponent down to the canvas from his towering height. Will starts holding his abs from the impact as his opponent poses over him. Teach suddenly starts kicking at Murfish’s knee and continues to do so as he rises up while Murfish goes down, he hits a knee into the abs and hits a DDT.

    Copeland: Murfish isn’t able to get his game plan going as usual

    Cohen: Give it time

    Teach gets up and points at the sky as he goes to lock the Texas Cloverleaf, despite his opponent’s big height, he locks it in with Murfish screaming in the middle of the ring. Teach calls for him to tap but Murfish refuses to as he manages to power out of it but before he gets back up, Teach starts kicking and slamming the knee to the canvas, the ref pulls him away but Will snaps back as the ref backs away. He turns around and rams his shoulder into Murfish’s knee before he can get back up and then proceeds to lock the Indian Deathlock onto Murfish who’s finding the pain too much to handle. The ref keeps asking if he wants to tap as he looks to go for the ropes, he tries reaching in all directions but Teach has the ground covered with the lock being in the middle of the ring. Murfish ends up tapping and the ref signals for the bell

    Harrys: Here is your winner, William Teach!

    Copeland: Well you got to give it to William Teach who put some critics to silence on his debut here tonight. Murfish tried but Teach was one step ahead of him tonight

    Cohen: Murfish did the right thing. He was being smart enough so he will give the best performance of his life to open up the pay per view! Teach knows he was lucky!

    Copeland: Luck may not be a sole factor Jack, but Murfish should be thinking about the six man tag he has coming up as his team will depend on him come All or Nothing. Now ladies and Gentleman, speaking of All or Nothing, our Main Event tonight is another warm up with Everest going up against the man he beat at Civil Revolution in that triple threat match to reclaim the World Heavyweight Championship, and that man is Carmen Bratchny.

    Cohen: And if that isn’t enough we got the Mayhem Title on the line in another warm up to All or Nothing, Ty Burna and David Cougar get it on tonight!

    Copeland: Will this match have any influence in how the two fall triple threat will turn out? It’s all here on Meltdown!


    We’re in Chuck Myles’ office who is on his mobile.

    Myles: So you’re watching the show tonight?

    Good because you should be keeping an eye on the main event and see Everest and Bratchny in action.

    You can watch Ascension as well if you want to, but you’ve seen most of the action last week. Plus why would you want to support Bateman when I’m giving you this big chance come All or Nothing?

    That’s fair enough but remember, I’m the one who gave you the contract and this World Title opportunity.

    Look, I’m just saying be grateful as I pulled a lot of strings to do this.

    Great, well I’ll see you at All or Nothing.

    As soon as he hangs up there is a knock on the door, Lars Reidar enters

    Reidar: Listen good and carefully, I will only say this once. It doesn’t matter how special your guy is. Come All or Nothing, that World Heavyweight Championship will be mine! No excuses, no lame attempts at getting themselves disqualified because the field will be even and I will destroy whatever comes my way to reclaim what should have been mine! Mark my words, Chuck! Doesn’t matter who is coming to the ring, because none of them are leaving.

    Myles: Speaking of leaving, I recommend you get to Ascension as best possible. I mean, you don’t want the embarrassment of losing to Drake Callahan by not being at the right arena?

    Reidar: Drake means nothing to me. But I’ll do the one thing Ty Burna failed to do last week! I will turn Drake into nothing.

    Lars leaves Batemans office
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    Copeland: Coming up next and I’m sure Jack is excited for this, is the debut of the WZCW Vixens, the women’s division. And it’s appearing tonight with a Vixen’s Gauntlet

    Cohen: Oh boy I’m so excited. Ten new women debuting, so many dating opportunities are here!

    Copeland: Easy tiger, think about your age!

    Harrys: The following contest is the first ever Vixens Gauntlet. This match will begin with two Vixens until one is either pinned or submitted, she will then be replaced by another Vixen until all ten Vixens have entered the ring and the last Vixen standing, will be the winner!

    “Still Unbroken” plays throughout the arena as the first Vixen comes out.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Dekalb, Illnois, Bethany Morris

    Cohen: Niccccce!

    Bethany heads down to the ring and stands there waiting for her first opponent.

    “Dominate” starts playing as a bigger woman emerges out of the curtain

    Harrys: From Atlanta, Georgia, Big Beautiful Bonnie!

    Cohen: Beautiful? Butt-ugly would be more like it!

    Copeland: Come on Jack, be professional

    Bonnie enters the ring and the bell is signalled, Beth runs at Bonnie who grabs her by the throat and she chokelams her to the mat. She puts her foot on top of Beth and raises her arm in the air 1……2……3.

    Cohen: So much for a good contest!

    “T.R.I.C.” starts playing and people start cheering as blonde looking girl comes out

    Harrys: From Berlin, Germany, Rachele Syren

    Cohen: Time to brush up on my French!

    Copeland: You never passed Geography did you Jack?

    Syren slowly walks up the ring with Bonnie standing in wait, she’s very hesitant to get in. But she eventually does and runs behind Bonnie and goes for a facebuster but she falls flat from the size of Bonnie. Bonnie picks up Syren with a Military Press and drops Syren to the mat and covers her 1…..2…..3. The crowd start booing because of Bonnie’s dominance.

    “Dirrty” statrts playing to a huge crowd reaction and out steps another new Vixen

    Harrys: From Cleveland, Ohio, Aria Belle

    Cohen: Cleveland huh? She looks like the female version of Drake Callahan, awful!

    Copeland: Your optimism of the Vixens seemed to have escaped me Jack

    Aria starts jumping up and down with excitement and then runs down to the ring, she slides in but she stops and stares at Bonnie who then runs at her but it’s evaded and she knocks into the turnbuckle. Aria goes for a few kicks but to no affect, she shrugs and runs at the ropes but as she does Syren jumps back on the apron and pulls Aria’s hair causing her to fall. The referee signals for a DQ and tells Bonnie to get out of the ring. Bonnie looks angry at the action that’s just happened and shoves the referee down with all of her might. She walks slowly over to Aria who’s holding up her hands trying to negotiate with Bonnie, but she grabs her by the throat and chokeslams her to the mat. She then spots Syren trying to escape out of the arena and Bonnie follows suit.

    As soon as Bonnie leave the arena “Yer Majesty” plays throughout the arena and a tall brunette enters

    Harrys: From London, England, Dani!

    Cohen: Ah Big Dave’s sister, no doubt the smarter and better looking of the siblings

    Dani runs down the ramp, with Aria still down, she runs at the ropes and hits a lionsault, cover 1….2…..3. Dani gets up and starts waving her hands rapidly at the stage shouting “Come on” to which “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” erupts to a huge pop as a red headed Vixen comes out, in a similar build to Dani

    Harrys: From Liverpool, England, Annabel!

    Cohen: Awesome, the Battle of Britain right here!

    Copeland: Again with the lack of geography here! But these have some sort of connection through Big Dave and Garth Black!

    She skips up and down the ramp and slides in. And the two start a female brawl and Annabel irish whips Dani and hits a Lou Thez press and starts hitting the rights only for the referee to release the hold. She gets off and starts stalking Dani who gets up and goes for a superkick but Dani ducks and hits a devastating DDT. Cover 1…..2…..3 and the crowd start booing. Dani picks up Annabel by the hair and throws her out of the ring and starts her “Come on” stance again.

    “Sick” then starts playing as a gorgeous blonde comes out

    Harrys: From Los Angeles, California, Sweet Serenity!

    Cohen: Sweet is right, damn she’s fine. Screw the match, let her sit with us every night!

    Copeland: Thank goodness Cat Connors doesn’t have to sit here in this embarrassment!

    Cohen: Hey!

    She walks down with some authority and disgust at the fans and stares at Dani with an evil smile as she knows she has a challenge on her hands. She gets in and they lock up again, Dani manages to overpower Serenity and signals for the DDT again. Suddenly Serenity counters with a devastating backbreaker and covers Dani 1…..2……3

    Cohen: Now my favourite Brit is gone!

    “Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide” plays out of nowhere as another blonde walks out of the curtain and down the ramp with a smile on her face.

    Harrys: From Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Heather Valentine!

    Copeland: The word of the Vixens has definitely spread internationally. From the US to the UK to Canada

    Cohen: That’s two countries and a half, Seabass!

    Heather slides into the ring and runs at Serenity, hitting an STO, she covers Serenity 1…..2…..3

    “Right Now” instantaneously plays as the final Vixen walks out, points to the sky and resumes her way down to the ring.

    Harrys: From Ithaca, New York, Lorelei Adams!

    Copeland: The last Vixen is here!

    Cohen: What it’s almost over already?!

    LA runs into the ring and goes for a hurricanrana on Heather, she picks her up and pulls her into the corner and sits her on the turnbuckle. She steps back a bit and runs at Heather and locks her legs around Heather and hits a Stratusfaction like move, she goes for the cover 1…..2…kickout by Heather. LA then goes to lock an STF on Heather but she rushes to the ropes and holds on. Heather gets back on her legs despite having LA trying to hold on to her, but she shoves her back, causing her to fall and Heather tries to lock the sharpshooter on LA but she escapes that as well. Heather backs away waiting for LA to get up, she hits the STO move again 1……2……3

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Heather Valentine!

    Heather starts celebrating, holding her hands in fists saying “Yes, yes” she gets up and climbs the turnbuckle in celebration to a round of camera flashes.

    Copeland: Well that was an impressive debut to the WZCW Vixens and well done to Heather Valentine for winning the gauntlet!

    Cohen: Damn straight, you will receive my number and a date will me as a result of it. All Vixens invented, Bonnie excluded!

    Heather turns around to find LA slowly getting up. She offers a hand, pulling her up, she then smiles for a moment and then hits an enziguri on LA and then shrugs her shoulders as she proceeds to leave the ring to a crowd of boos. She exits up the ramp with her arms in the air.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    “Walking Dead” by DJ Z-Trip and Chester Bennington begins playing as Phoenix makes his way out to the entrance ramp. He signals towards the crowd as they cheer him on. He enters the ring and does his signature pose to the camera.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from the Great Beyond, he weighs 213 lbs and stands 6’2”, Phoenix!

    “In Too Deep” by Sum 41 starts playing and Frankie Smith walks out from behind the curtain, making his way down the entrance ramp staring straight forward at Phoenix. He slides under the bottom rope and hops onto the second turnbuckle, staring out at the crowd.

    Harrys: And his opponent, Dublin, Ireland, he weighs 238 lbs and stands 6’3”, Frankie Smith!

    Copeland: Both of these men are looking at very important matches come All or Nothing, how important is this match right before the PPV Cohen?

    Cohen: Very important, Frankie and Phoenix both want to enter All Or Nothing with a notch in the Win column. I give the advantage tonight to Frankie Smith, Phoenix is too dependent on his tag team partner.

    The ref signals for the bell and the two men lock up in the center of the ring. Phoenix slips out of the tie up and quickly hits an arm drag on Frankie, quickly following up with a standing dropkick. Frankie gets up and Phoneix goes for another dropkick, but Frankie is able to side step it, connecting with an elbow drop on the downed Phoenix. He picks Phoenix up and whips him into the ropes, hitting Phoenix with a lariat off the rebound. Frankie goes for the cover but only gets a 2 count. Phoenix gets to his feet and Frankie throws a kick at him but Phoenix catches his leg. Frankie goes for an enziguri but Phoenix ducks and Frankie lands flat on his face. Phoenix drags Frankie to his feet and whips him into the corner. Phoenix signals to the crowd and connects with a big knee to Frankie, following it up with a bulldog from out of the corner. Phoenix goes for the cover but gets a 2 count.

    Copeland: These two are keeping a pretty quick pace, Phoenix is in control.

    Cohen: Frankie needs to slow this match down and ground that flying monkey.

    Phoenix runs up the turnbuckle and goes for a moonsault, but Frankie moves out of the way and slips on the Anaconda Vice, putting a ton of pressure on Phoenix’s neck. Phoenix inches closer to the ropes and finally gets a foot on the bottom, breaking the hold. Frankie drags Phoenix up by his hair and whips him into the ropes, and connects with a belly to belly suplex and goes for the pin, getting a 2 count. Frankie stomps away at Phoenix, focusing on the right knee. Frankie bounces off the ropes and connects with a knee drop onto Phoenix’s leg, causing him to roll around clutching at it. Frankie pulls Phoenix up and whips hard into a corner, Phoenix bounces forward from the corner and connects with a clothesline to Frankie. Phoenix goes up top, and connects with a split legged moonsault! He goes for the cover and gets a 2 count.

    Copeland: Phoenix is known to take big risks, that last move paid off nicely for him.

    Cohen: Oh he’ll crash and burn at the most wrong time Seabass, just wait and see.

    Phoenix pulls Frankie up to his feet and kicks him in the midsection, running back and bouncing off the ropes, connecting with a spinning heel kick, knocking Frankie to the ground. Phoenix goes to the ropes, and goes for a springboard moonsault leg drop, but Frankie rolls out of the way. Both men struggle to their feet amidst the ten count from the ref. They reach their feet at the same time and start exchanging right hands, Phoenix gaining the advantage and connects with a step up enziguiri. Phoenix climbs the corner turnbuckle, and goes for the Final Flight! Frankie raises his knees and Phoenix bounces off, clutching his midsection in immense pain. Frankie gets to his feet and drags Phoenix up and connects with a Wrist Clutch Exploder, sending Phoenix flying across the ring. Frankie pulls Phoenix up again once more, but Phoenix with a knee to the midsection and goes for the fisherman suplex. Frankie blocks it and lifts Phoenix up and connects with The Final Message! Frankie hooks the leg and gets the three count.

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Frankie Smith!

    Copeland: That was a hard fought battle between these two, but it looks like Frankie goes into the PPV with some momentum. Phoenix meanwhile will enter All or Nothing with his partner Garth Black, hoping to take away those Tag Titles.

    Cohen: We all know the FHD’s are the champions, what has Black and Phoenix done to prove they can beat them? Absolutely nothing, and if they want any chance of vindication, they have to bring their A game.

    The ref raises Frankie’s hand as he pounds his chest in victory.

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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    “The Star Spangled Banner” by Jimi Hendrix begins playing as USA makes his way out to the entrance ramp. He turns around and salutes the American Flag playing on the Titan Tron before turning around and making his way down the ramp, stopping midway to do military style pushups. He enters the ring and salutes the fans to a loud cheer.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Corpus Christi, Texas, he weighs in at 257 lbs, standing 6’4”, USA!

    “Put On” by Young Jeezy hits the speaker system as Kyle Christiansen makes his way out to the entrance ramp. He looks out at the crowd and shakes his head as they begin to boo Kyle relentlessly. He enters the ring and does a back flip, staring USA down from his corner.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from Chicago, Illinois, he weighs in at 235 lbs, standing 6’1”, Kyle Christiansen!

    Copeland: These two were involved in the Triple Threat for the Elite X title last week, but both came up short as Titus was able to retain his title.

    Cohen: Titus was able to steal that victory, Christiansen should be our new Elite X Champion.

    Copeland: Whatever the case may be, these two Elite X contenders hope to get back into the title picture.

    The ref signals for the bell as they lock up in the center of the ring. USA is able to get a side headlock on Kyle and flips him onto his back. Kyle gets up quickly but is met with a right hand by USA. He whips Kyle into the ropes and connects with a clothesline. USA follows up with an elbow drop on the downed Kyle and goes for the quick cover, getting a two count. USA pulls Kyle to his feet and whips him into the corner, following up behind him and connects with a splash. He begins stomping away at Kyle until the ref pulls him away.

    Copeland: USA starts the match out strong, will Christiansen recover Cohen?

    Cohen: You bet your ass he will Seabass, he has excellent stamina and he’s just letting USA use up all his energy.

    Kyle slowly gets back to his feet and USA charges him once more, only for Kyle to connect with a drop toe hold, sending USA face first into the middle turnbuckle. Kyle shakes the cobwebs out and pulls USA to his feet in the corner, connecting with right hands to USA before lifting him up onto the top turnbuckle. Kyle elevates quickly to the top turnbuckle, hitting a top rope Huracanrana sending USA back first into the mat. Kyle goes for the cover but only gets a two count. He drags USA to his feet and whips him into the ropes, connecting with a standing dropkick. Kyle quickly follows up by applying an armbar to USA, wrenching his arm back.

    Copeland: Kyle takes the advantage and now has USA in a submission maneuver!

    Cohen: It’s just like I said, Kyle was biding his time, hit a couple big moves and now is wearing down the bigger man.

    The ref checks to see if USA submits, but he shakes his head no and rolls over on top of Kyle in a pinning predicament, but only gets a two count. USA slumps against the corner, holding his arm in pain while Kyle makes it to his feet. USA charges but Kyle side steps him and connects with a reverse STO. Kyle goes for the pin, getting only a 2 count. The crowd starts to get behind USA, as Kyle stands up and goes for a standing moonsault, only for USA to roll out of the way in time. Kyle is on the ground holding his chest in pain as USA struggles to his feet. Kyle follows suit, bouncing off the ropes and attempting a cross body bloc,, but USA catches him and leans back, throwing Kyle with a Fall Away Slam. USA picks Kyle up and lifts him onto his shoulders, dropping back and connecting with a Samoan Drop. USA gets up and bounces off the ropes, hitting Kyle with a big time leg drop and goes for the pin, getting a two count.

    Copeland: USA regains control of this matchup, but what damage has been done to his arm?

    Cohen: I hope he broke it Seabass, then I don’t have to put up with USA’ s elitism anymore.

    USA signals for the Rocket’s Red Glare, and as Kyle gets up, USA lifts him up but Kyle slips over behind USA and connects with a German Suplex with a bridge pin and gets a two count. Both men are on the ground, struggling to get to their feet. Kyle is up first, followed by USA but he is taken down quickly with a flying forearm smash from Kyle. Kyle makes his way up to the top rope, and jumps off connecting with a Guillotine Leg Drop! He goes for the pin, USA able to kick out at 2! Kyle begins to look frustrated as he gets to his feet, and begins taunting USA to get up. He kicks away at the slowly rising USA before signaling for The One and Only. He drapes his arm around USA, but USA connects with knees to the midsection, and counters with the Rocket’s Red Glare! USA covers Kyle, and gets the three count.

    Harrys: Here is your winner, USA!

    Copeland: And USA somehow pulls out the victory Cohen, is this enough to elevate USA back to a Elite X title shot?

    Cohen: Not the way he performed tonight Seabass, didn’t’ you see Christiansen had the advantage late in the match, only for a last ditch effort counter by USA to win the match.

    USA climbs to the second turnbuckle, saluting to the fans as Kyle retreats up the exit ramp, holding the back of his neck while staring down USA.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    ‘Bliss’ bursts throughout the arena to a massive pop as dark red lights start to flash. Blade walks out on to the stage, looking over his shoulder with a steel chair in hand as he storms down the ramp, he gets inside the ring.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Dublin, Ireland, weighing in at 235 pounds, Blade!

    Copeland: Blade is set for one on one action tonight as he faces off against Rush. Now these two both debuted against Celeste in the WZCW, only that Blade was successful, where Rush was not!

    Cohen: That’s bull Seabass! Celeste has had both these men beat, only that Blade had cheated to win and looks like he wants this to be a No DQ match tonight!

    Copeland: Come on Jack, you know very well that chair is an insurance policy against Baller, the man who’s been becoming quite a pain for Blade

    Cohen: A pain? Baller’s been helping Blade win his matches, if anything, same thing is going to happen tonight, I guarantee it!

    Copeland: But don’t count Rush out, he’s been on a tremendous run of late and will look to take that run against Celeste again at All or Nothing!

    ‘Ten Thousand Fists’ blares out to a brilliant pop as the words SURVIVOR scream out to the crowd, and Rush emerges with a smile on his face as he does his traditional beating of his chest and grabbing of his his right forearm with his left hand and raises it above his head in his signature pose.

    Harrys: His opponent, from Windsor, Ontario, Canda, weighing in at 361 pounds, Rush!

    Rush begins to make his way down the ramp to the cheers of the live audience who do his pose in awe of him, he walks around the ring, pointing at Blade before standing in the middle of the apron and poses as the song screams TEN THOUSAND FISTS IN THE AIR in a strobe of camera flashes. He enters the ring and throws his T-shirt out to the fans. He turns to face Blade and puts his hands up in a sign peace to encourage Blade to put down the chair. Blade eventually puts it in the nearest corner to him.

    Cohen: I don’t know if Blade is an idiot or not, he’s just put the one thing down that will help him win the match

    Copeland: Come on Jack! Blade’s beaten Murfish, a guy of similar build to Rush

    Cohen: Only with a lot less chest hair!

    The referee signals for the bell and the both move closer to each other, only for Rush to break out of the stare down and offer a hand to the pleasing of the fans.. Blade’s a bit bemused at first but responds and shakes hands with Rush. Blade tries to pull his hand away but Rush holds on, Blade tries to pull again but Rush’s grip is too tight, he lets go with a big smile and the crowd laughs. Rush then signals to get going, so they circling each other, Blade moves in closer to try and lock a belly to belly suplex but Rush is quick to break the lock between the two, he lifts Blade above his head and hits a military press slam, Blade gets up in shock from the high drop and Rush hits a dropkick taking down the Zero Hunter again. Rush steps back to the opposite corner as Blade gets up and runs at him to be caught with a spinerbuster.

    Copeland: Rush establishing dominance in the early going

    Cohen: Expect Baller to make a save in a moment!

    Rush climbs onto the second rope and goes for the leg drop but Blade rolls out of the way. Rush holds his lower back from the miss as he slowly gets back up again, only when he does, he receives a huge clothesline from Blade under full momentum. Blade gets back up, waiting for Rush and hits DDT onto the big man. Blade gets Rush back up and irish whips him into a sunset flip, he then climbs up the turnbuckle and hits a frog splash, cover 1……2…… Rush powers out of the pin. Both men get up and Blade grabs Rush by the throw, signalling for the chokeslam, but Rush just elbows Blade out of it and hits a spinning sidewalk slam, putting Blade down again. Rush slowly climbs up the turnbuckle, but Blade gets back up and crotches Rush on top of the ropes. Blade climbs up and grabs Rush around the waist and throws both of them off with a belly to belly off of the top, taking both men out.

    Copeland: Good god! Blade just threw Rush off of the top rope, but he took himself out in the process

    Cohen: Baller, the fat lady’s on in five!

    The ref starts the ten count, 1, Blade is slowly stirring on the mat, 2, he starts crawling slowly to the fallen Rush, 3, he gets the cover 1…..2….kick out. Blade sits up rather breathless given both he and Rush just went through that huge spot. Rush is on one elbow as he starts to use the ropes to pull himself up. Both men eventually get up, holding onto the ropes and in pain from the huge throw. Rush gets into the corner as Blade leans on his knees, he looks at his opponent and runs at Rush who hits a big boot in the corner. Blade gets up and then hits a chop on Rush while he’s in the corner, he climbs up onto the second rope and starts hitting some rights, Rush stands up with Blade on his shoulders who’s starts shouting “Oh no, no, no” and Rush lands the Rushing Powerbomb and covers Blade 1…..2…...3

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Rush!

    Copeland: You got to give it to Blade for pulling out all the stops against the juggernaut, but Rush triumphs again tonight.

    Cohen: Ladies and Gentleman, due to a sudden illness, the role of Mr. Baller’s interference has been replaced by Mr. Nobody!

    Copeland: Come on Jack. This was a great show by both of these, I’m just Baller didn’t ruin this match this time!

    Rush does his signature pose in celebration around the ring, Blade is sitting up in the corner, looking disappointed at himself but claps at his opponent who continues to celebrate around the ring. Rush then offers a hand to Blade who is pulled up and Rush raises Blades hand and points at him. Suddenly ‘We Fly High’ plays and Mr. Baller comes out to the stage, sarcastically clapping at the sight in the ring, followed by a him signally “I’ll see you tomorrow”. Baller leaves as Blade and Rush starts back at back him.

    Copeland: Well you got your wish Jack, Baller’s arrived!

    Cohen: And I love it, let the defeat sink in deeper, I’m so looking forward to these two meeting, but more importantly, finding out the referee on Ascension is going to be better! I can’t wait!
  7. Phoenix

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    Feb 16, 2009
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the Mayhem Championship!

    ‘Mr. Ouija 2’ plays throughout a blackened arena as the static like flash of white light goes off and on. The EurAsian Champion emerges onto the stage and slowly makes his way to the ring, cloaked in his hood as always. He holds his old Ouija scroll and EurAsian belt outstretched in both hands until he reaches the ring.

    Harrys: Introducing first, the challenger, weighing 235 pounds, he is the WZCW EurAsian Champion, Ty Burna!

    He climbs in and kneels in the middle of the ring, setting the scroll and belt down before removing the hood from his face. He stands slowly, picking up his items and settles them in the corner of the ring before removing his vest and sleeveless hoody and tossing them outside the ring.

    Copeland: Ty Burna has a serious chance of becoming a first double champion before even getting into the two fall triple threat match at All or Nothing as he goes to face Showtime David Cougar for the Mayhem Championship. Now if I were Ty or David, I’d want to end this early because the after effects serve Drake Callahan the advantage in that match.

    Cohen: But the longer it goes, the more intimidated Drake will be when he can’t outlast these two, this will be great no doubt!

    “Ladies and Gentleman" plays as the image of David Cougar appears on the screen. Pyros shoot straight up from the end of the ramp to the entrance way, the biggest one at the end with Cougar walking in with his Mayhem Title. The lights turn a dim blue as he walks down the ramp, boasting his belt.

    Harrys: His opponent, from Winnipeg, Canada, weighing 213 pounds, he is the Mayhem Champion, “Showtime” David Cougar!

    Copeland: David Cougar’s looking confident, especially given he’s failed in beating Ty before!

    Cohen: But this is now in Cougar’s playground and both will unleash hell

    He climbs to the second rope on the left turnbuckle on the outside facing in and raises both arms with the Mayhem Belt high. He looks at Ty while he climbs down and gets into the ring, he then takes a peak at the Mayhem and then runs at Ty with it, knocking him down with the belt causing the bell to signal. He goes for the instant cover 1…..2…kickout by Ty. Cougar then runs outside to the ring and takes a steel chair from underneath the apron, he slides back in but gets kicked in the back of the head by Ty who has got back up.

    Ty picks up Cougar and hits a snapmare driver, he picks him up again and takes him to the corner and starts slamming his head multiple times against the turnbuckle. He lets go of the dazed Showtime, grabs the steel chair, takes a hard look at it and them slams it against Cougar in the back causing the crowd to roar in excitement. He drops the chair on the ground as he takes hold of Cougar again, slamming him onto it with a Russian legsweep. Cover by Ty 1…..2….kickout by Cougar. Ty gets up and out of the ring and looks underneath, taking out a table and a trash can with lid. He leaves the table be as he throws the bin into the ring and slides in with the lid. He lifts the lid about his head but Cougar hits a drop toe hold, taking down Ty for an advantage. Cougar gets up and puts the trash can in-between the second and third ropes. He then slides out of the ring and picks up the table, pushing it into the ring and places it into the opposite corner to the trashcan.

    I don’t like what’s coming!

    I do!

    He goes to pick up the lid again but Ty kicks him in the chest, he takes the lid and whacks it on the back of Cougar’s head. He places the lid on top of Cougar’s back, runs at the ropes and hits an elbow onto the lid on his back. Ty signals that the end is near right when Drake Callahan runs into the ring and starts hitting rights at Ty.

    He then Irish whips Ty into the corner with the trashcan at full momentum, crushing the can and knocking Ty to the mat. Drake then picks up Cougar and knocks him against the table, takes a few steps backwards and takes Cougar through the table with a spear, he drags him into the middle of the ring and covers him but the referee says “I can’t, you’re not in the match”

    Cohen: Great plan Drake! Clearly you’re as dumb as you look!

    Suddenly the Meltdown theme kicks in as Chuck Myles come out onto the stage.

    Myles: Alright, alright, this is getting too far now. Drake, how dare you interfere in this match! Your time will come at All or Nothing, you’ve let myself, these fans and yourself down. I have every right to suspend you but you earned your shot. However I will punish you right now for your actions.

    As of right now, you’re expelled from this arena, get out of here! As for this title match, I’m sorry but I am forced to end this match as a no contest! Cougar remains the Mayhem Champion and we’ll see this contested at All or Nothing.

    The fans start booing

    Copeland: What?!

    Myles: I’m sorry but I’m doing this for your best intentions. Don’t blame me for Drake’s mishaps, security, escort this man out of the arena!

    The security guards walk Drake out as Cougar and Ty watch on with anger. Cougar leaves with his belt as Ty walks around the ring in anger knocking against the ropes.

    Copeland: I can’t believe what I just saw. If you’ve just tuned in, the Mayhem Title match has been stopped by Chuck Myles because Drake interfered.

    Cohen: And Drake was rightfully removed from the arena! This was all his fault, but this means that we’ll see him get what’s coming to him at All or Nothing! Now I’m really looking forward to it!

    Copeland: Well ladies and gentleman, after the break we got our Main Event, Everest and Carmen Bratchny in a warm up to the Mayhem Six Match. it’s up next!
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    Harrys: The following match is scheduled for one fall.

    “Paint it Black” By the Rolling Stones hits the PA system as Carmen Bratchny appears atop the ramp. He stands on the ramp for a second, looking at the fans.

    Harrys: Weighing at 230 pounds, from Moscow, Russia, Carmen Bratchny!

    Bratchny continues his descent down the ramp and upon reaching the ring, Bratchny goes through the second rope and bounces off of the ropes in anticipation of the arrival of his opponent
    “Supernova goes Pop” by Powerman 5000 hits as Everest comes out to the adoration of the fans. He looks around and nods his head in agreement.

    Harrys: And his opponent, weighing in at 205 pounds, from Los Angeles, California, Everest!

    The crowd cheer loudly as Everest makes his way down to the ramp, hastily at first. Stopping, Everest notices a pretty lady at ringside and begins to smile widely as he begins his descent once more. Once he reaches the ring, Everest slides under the ring ropes and eyes up his opponent.

    Copeland: This ought to be a Hell of a match, Jack!

    Cohen: You got that right, Seabass. Two of the biggest superstars in WZCW going toe to toe once more.

    The referee ensures that everything is in order as both men in the ring get closer together, never breaking eye contact. The referee tries to split up the two but to no avail. The punches begin to fly as Everest and Bratchny lay into each other with pounding blows. Bratchny gets the better of Everest on this exchange and drives him back into the corner. Everest looks beaten as Bratchny retreats from his position and hits a massive spear on Everest that sends both men crashing through the top and the middle rope to the outside. The referee looks on in anxiety as both men lay on the mats below. The bell still has not rung and the referee looks nervous and anxious to get them back into the ring probably in order to get some order back to the match.

    Cohen: This match could get messy. No bell means no rules, Seabass!

    Copeland: We need to get people out here to get them into the ring. The outside of the ring is not meant for wrestling.

    Bratchny starts to get to his feet as does Everest. Bratchny, realising that he has the upper hand, smiles. He grabs Everest by the neck and pulls him to his feet. Bratchny puts all of his weight into an Irish whip that drives his opponent into the ringpost. Everest crumbles to the ground once more and looks worn out. Bratchny, however, does not care for his predicament and continues his assault. Bratchny is quick to resume offence and picks Everest up again. This time, Bratchny walks around the ring, dragging Everest as he goes. Everest tries to battle back with some punches to the gut but Bratchny is too strong just now. Bratchny grabs the arm of Everest and throws him into the protective barrier on the ramp. Again, Everest goes down and looks to have hurt his shoulder with all the impact.

    Copeland: Look how quick Bratchny is on him! Bratchny is allowing his opponent no reprieve and looks to be in control of this match.

    Everest begins to get to his feet, clutching his shoulder. Bratchny is stalking him and attempts a spear into the guard rail. Everest sees it coming though and moves out of the way. Bratchny, missing his opponent, flies into the guard rail head first, with crushing impact. Everest falls to one knee and begins to get his breath back. He regains his vertical basis and goes over to Bratchny. The referee is signalling for the two men to get into the ring but Everest takes no notice. Everest picks up the stricken Bratchny and launches him into the nearest ringpost. The crowd cheer loudly as Everest’s retribution is swift. Everest picks up Bratchny and tosses him under the bottom rope. Going up the stairs, Everest mounts the turnbuckle. Flying off of the turnbuckle, Everest hits a huge headbutt to Bratchny. The referee signals for the bell for the first time in the match and this then begins to check on the two men. The referee begins his ten count as both men are strewn out on the mat. 1…2…3…4. At that, Everest begins to stir and gets an arm over his opponent. 1…2… kick out!

    Copeland: This match has been hellacious so far and almost came to an end with that headbutt.

    Cohen: Yeah, if Everest had recovered sooner, he would have taken this match with underhanded tactics.

    Copeland: What!? Bratchny used just as much of the outside to his advantage as Everest did

    Everest gets to his feet as he looks to recover. Moving over to the other side of the ring, Everest lowers himself into the corner, stalking Bratchny. Bratchny gets to his feet whilst clutching his shoulder. Everest takes advantage and hits a fallaway reverse DDT. Bratchny is again strewn out on the floor as Everest crawls over to cover him. The referee gets ready to count as Everest throws one arm over his opponent. 1…2… kick out! Bratchny kicks out once more and looks determined not to be pinned. Everest gets to his feet looking shocked at Bratchny kicking out. Everest once again begins to stalk his opponent as Bratchny gets to his feet. Everest goes for the Rock Slide as Bratchny turns to face him. Bratchny musters up enough strength to elbow Everest on the head and Everest break his hold. Bratchny quickly takes advantage and hits an Enzuigiri with a knee combo that sends Everest crashing to the floor. Bratchny signals for the end of the match and picks up. Bratchny sets up the Mafia Drop but Everest reverses it and gets to the back of Bratchny. He locks in the Mountain climber and Bratchny has nowhere. Bratchny struggles for a second and then passes out, Everest covers Bratchny and the referee begins the count. 1…2…3.

    Harrys: Here is your winner, The Pinnacle of Perfection, Everest!

    Copeland: What a great match and a worthy winner. Everest held on throughout the early goings of the match and came out on top.

    Cohen: He cheated, Seabass. Pure and simple.

    Copeland: Well Ladies and Gentleman, Everest wins on this occasion but will he the last man standing come All or Nothing? But tune into Ascension tomorrow where the Elite X Championship will be decided. But for now I'll see you at All or Nothing.

    Cohen: And you'll see me tomorrow night, see ya then!
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    Credit goes to Ty, Dave and myself. Well done guys!
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