Hypothetical: Perfect time for Bryan & Punk to return???!!!

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by mace87, Jan 17, 2016.

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    As the title suggests this is purely hypothetical of cause but with all the high profile injuries so close to Wrestle Mania I think WWE should be doing everything possible to bring these guys in for some star names right now!

    Bryan is possible as I believe he is still just about under contract and according to Doctor's is healthy to wrestler again. If this is the case I can't understand why with all the major injuries right now WWE aren't even prepared to gamble on him knowing how much of a draw he can be! If it was me I'd put him in the Rumble to come out in the last 5 so isn't over worked straight away but so he's in it long enough to remind everyone what he can do. There are some rumors I see about Styles teasing a Rumble appearance so why not have one eliminate the other in the Rumble to start a rivalry and build a match between the two at Mania? If Bryan were to eliminate Styles turn Styles heel and work the angle of how Bryan ruined his WWE debut and go from there. If Styles eliminates Bryan from Rumble turn Bryan heel and claim that Styles ruined his triumphant come back from injury. The rivalry comes to a head at Mania with whoever the face is winning what I believe would be a great match between the two!

    Punk clearly can't happen but let's assume he was available, Reigns could retain at the Rumble (which I fear is the most likely outcome anyway) only for Punk's music to hit and the "best in the world" says he's back to win the WWE Title once again and finally main event Wrestle Mania before hitting the GTS on the worn out Reigns. After the Rumble Reigns can't wait to get his hands on Punk but is unable to so accepts Punk's Wrestle Mania challenge so he can "kick his ass" and beat the "best in the world". Reigns wins at Mania but Punk gets his Mania main event so everyone's happy! Further down the line Punk can will the title from Reigns to set up the Summerslam main Event as Punk (heel Champion) Vs the Returning (face) Rollins.
  2. AegonTargaryen

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    The Punk scenario you conjured is lovely. I'd love to see that happen. Obviously, I'm the biggest CM Punk fan out there, so there's nothing more I'd love to see than him returning, main eventing wrestlemania...and Punk vs Rollins? They could wrestle for 4-5 PPVs in a row, or throughout the year..and people would still be captivated. Ironman matches, ladder matches, Survivor Series elimination matches,..

    I just don't think it will happen, as he's under a contract with the UFC. Also, even if he were to not be under a contract or otherwise be available, I really doubt Vince/HHH would bring him back, give him the money he'd demand, and most of all- ALLOW HIM TO CLOSE WRESTLEMANIA.
  3. shooter_mcgavin

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    Punk returning would be great but even if he buried the hatchet with the WWE he's still injured and signed a contract with the UFC. I am guessing that Punk's contract with the UFC has a clause that he can't return to the WWE due to the risk of injury.

    Bryan is more realistic and with a really thin roster right now I can see Bryan slot in an upper mid card match up either with Lesnar, Kevin Owens, or maybe even Reigns.
  4. J.J.

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    People have to let CM Punk go, it has been two years now. If it happens in the future I'll embrace his return like I do any other returning wrestler. But there's a roster of guys you can get behind. I wish him the best in UFC.

    I'd be all for a DBry return if he's healthy. I value his long term health more than his ability to entertain me on TV. It's a good time to bring him back as they could use a boost of star power but if not - life goes on, right?

    So many fans are still stuck in 2014. I'm anticipating a good year in WWE, wondering how the build up to RR will translate at the PPV.
  5. whoopin' ass

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    Mar 26, 2011
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    To be honest, i don't think that it is a good idea. The big problems in wwe from when Punk left are still there today so while it would give some good short term gains, things would be back to where they are now withing a few months. Look at Del Rio, look at the Divas Revolution - they are started out with a bang and quickly cooled down. wwe's main problem is that you have a roster where a lot of the people, and their position on the card, hasn't changed in a good decade. Think back to WCW - Hogan joined WCW in summer 1994 and it was sold before spring 2001 so he was only there about 5.2 years yet remember all the complaining within a few years about how stale it was, how the roster never changed. wwe has had that for at least twice as long now and the effects are really showing. For wrestling to be successful, you need guys coming and going, new stars being invested and old stars returning. that hasn't really happened in wwe for a long time now. Until that happens, things are not going to improve because the old stars are still there and need top matches, etc for thier spot. Bringing back Punk or Bryan really doesn't help that.
  6. stingray11214

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    The only way Punk comes back to WWE is if he wins a strap in UFC. If that should happen, and it is a BIG IF, Trips and Vince will fall all over themselves to sign the new "baddest man on the planet". Punk will be GUARANTEED his "WM Moment". But, until he makes major noise in UFC, Punk does NOT come back.

    As for DBry: Until Roman Reigns is FIRMLY entrenched as the "face" of the WWE, DBry they will not allow back. If DBry comes back at the Rumble, EVERYTHING involving Reigns turns to shit and fast. Dbry's return at the Rumble will be akin to Christ appearing at the Vatican, and Reigns will get the crickets.
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  7. Jack-Hammer

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    Like most self-promoters, Punk will ultimately do what he thinks is best for his future. That doesn't mean he'll come crawling back to WWE nor does it mean he won't, but Punk's changed his footing as far as a future with WWE goes. In the shoot interviews with Colt Cabana, he claimed he'd never work for WWE again, yet said something to the effect of not being able to see the future or not knowing the future when he was asked during his first ESPN interview as to whether or not he'd come to WWE again.

    Punk won't be going anywhere until he has at least one fight under his belt in UFC and his first fight, as many were suspecting, looks as though it's gonna be against a nobody. As of right now, the plan is for MMA fighter Michael Gall, who is currently 1-0 to face 0-0 fighter Mike Jackson at UFC 196; if he's successful, then it's believed he'll face Punk at UFC 199 this summer. So, a CM Punk return is entirely unrealistic at this point.

    As far as Daniel Bryan goes, the notion of turning him heel just won't work. Daniel Bryan is becoming something of a rarity among American wrestling fans in that he's pretty much a traditional babyface that fans WANT to cheer for. As jaded and smarky as American fans continue to be, they like cheering for Bryan. His popularity among fans is undiminished and Bryan's still quite fresh; the problem with putting him in the Royal Rumble in 2016, if the plan is to have Roman Reigns or another wrestler who's viewed as a "corporate guy" win said Rumble, will result in another woefully disappointed live crowd. The last two years have seen fans hijack the Rumble because there've been guys designated as "corporate guys" or "corporate picks" who've won the thing. If AJ Styles does make his debut next week at the Rumble and doesn't win, which he probably won't and, frankly, quite possibly shouldn't, then it'd just be like Vince shooting himself with both barrels of a double barreled shotgun.

    If Bryan does return in time for WrestleMania, fans will be disappointed if he isn't given something that's marquee. Last year, fans were happy to see him win the IC title because there was very, very little chance of the title being misused while he had it. Bringing him back this year? Given the talent that's out injured, I think most fans will gripe if he's not in a title bout or if he's not going up against Lesnar, Taker or Styles.

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    Can we stop with the CM Punk returning stuff already? Good lord. Dude is seriously training for his first UFC fight, he's not going to stop now and return to WWE.

    And to be honest everyone like you who adores him so much and keeps wishing he'd return makes me wish he never does because it's vomit-inducing already. Get over it.
  9. ckoneagain

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    I really honestly believe they're holding off Bryan because of Reigns, if Bryan comes back and isn't the Champion straight away, the crowd will crap all over whoever is which makes it impossible to even suggest that Reigns can be Champion whilst Bryan is around,then what? Bryan returns and becomes champion and gets injured again? I can completely see why WWE isn't bringing him back yet. As for Punk, i really don't think he'd help either, it'd be a similar issue and it would piss everyone off for hi to waltz back in and become champion again when the others stuck it out and have worked so hard since he left.
  10. rge2010

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    Rollins and Punk had a match on Raw and it was a complete clusterfuck. CM Punk admitted it was one of the worst matches he had wrestled on live TV.

    Punk has moved on from WWE anyway. Talk of him coming back is utter lunacy. Maybe one day but it won;t be within the next 3, maybe 5 years. Punk seems very very stubborn. I don't think Triple H will be in a rush to sign him back anyway. Punk was good, but not great.
  11. timothy26

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    It's not worth speculating about Punk. He's in UFC now and he is a man of convictions, he won't return for the fans and he won't return for money, he might do it if he wants but I see that as incredibly unlikely.

    WWE needs to pull their heads in and make a decision with Bryan, he wants to wrestle and if they don't want to clear him, let him go elsewhere to work
  12. ShinChan

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    I would say Return Of Daniel Bryan is realistic enough but Return Of CM Punk is too much hypothetical.

    They do possess one similarity though and that is the crowd will be nuts seeing each of them return. As a fan of both, I would be happy for their return. :rolleyes:

  13. Messiah

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    Holy fuck, can't you move on from Punk?.. Are you still on your knees sucking him off?.. There's no reason to talk about him and WWE anymore.. If you want to discuss him, talk about his UFC career... He's not a wrestler anymore, get it through your thick fucking head.. He has a different career path now... Move the fuck on, it's getting pathetic. 15 year's from now you morons will continue to talk about him returning to WWE, i know it.

    Daniel Bryan is a different story, he's still employed and could possibly return in the future, but it's still unlikely, both seem to be waiting for his contract to end so they can go their separate ways.. Bryan will wrestle again but it probably won't be in WWE.

    But seriously, continuing to talk about Punk returning to WWE is absolutely pathetic. He has a different career path now. Neither side wants to do business with each other.. Move on, It's so embarrassing, not just for you but wrestling fans in general.

    Bring in star names like Austin, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy... Those guys are more realistic than CM Punk (they're bigger stars to).. That's real star power right there.
  14. mace87

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    I think some of you missed the "hypothetical" part of the topic!

    WWE is quite clearly short of star power so close to Mania so I was being "hypothetical" in the returns of these the genuine stars!

    I love UFC and hope Punk proves his doubters wrong and has a good career there and if I'm honest if and it is a big if he ever comes back to WWE it would be great! I know that he's training for his first fight in UFC right now but the question being asked was a "hypothetical" if he was available and wanted to return and WWE wanted his back to be a draw for Mania would now be a good time "hypothetically"!

    As for Bryan his health is the most important thing and that should be considered over everything else but from a "hypothetical" stand point with WWE needing star power to draw for Mania would people want to "hypothetically" see him return!

    In my personal opinion I'd rather see guys like Balor, Breeze, Crews, Owens, Zayn etc rise to prominence but that doesn't give the up and coming Mania any star power hence the "hypothetical" thread!

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