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    Real Name: Eva-Lynn Taylor

    Gimmick Name: Eve Taylor

    Announced As: "The Alternative"

    Height: 6' 2'' (in heels)

    Weight: 145 lbs

    Hometown: Milan, Italy

    Billed From: Berlin, Germany

    Alignment: Heel


    ----------------Hair Colour/Length: Shoulder-length bleached blonde hair with an edgy bob style.

    ----------------Eye Colour: Green

    ----------------Make-up: Dark eye-liner + dark heavy eye shadow

    ----------------Ring attire: Corset or bandage crop top with trunks and fishnets or chaps. Black leather jacket or denim jacket and black boots.

    ----------------Backstage Attire: Alternative fashion [think leathers, black clothing, pin-up, etc.]

    ----------------Physical Features: Scars along her forehead (from her more gruelling matches)

    ----------------Tattoos: Accumulating over time

    Sample Pic of Wrestler: (Maria Brink)


    Main Gimmick: Alternative fashion model (former supermodel)

    2 Characteristics of Gimmick:

    1. Chip on her shoulder: Eve always believes she has something to prove and that she is always correct.
    2. Lone wolf: her desire for stardom overshadows her desire for friendships.

    Brief Bio/History:

    Eva's rise to fame as a model was your regular "rags-to-riches" story, growing up with a poor family who hated her, and being severely bullied at school for wearing tattered second-hand clothing (amongst other reasons). She turned her life around and made it in the fashion industry, modelling for some of the biggest clients in the world & becoming a controversial figure for her stance on the industry. Due to these controversies & Eva being a professional model for over a decade, the fashion industry began looking towards new faces and models, causing her career to suddenly plummet within the space of a year. With her father ex-communicating her from her own family, and putting a restraining order against her from ever returning, Eva had no where to go.

    Eve became hurt/disgruntled from the way that her life had treated her, and was not willing to accept that she was done. The only thing she loved, success, was not going to slip through her fingers, just like her friends and family had done. To climb back to the top, Eve tried finding alternative methods. She thought she could use WZCW as a platform to relaunch her modelling career, but Eve was shocked to find out she had a knack for professional wrestling, and enjoyed the success, and the glory, she attained from the business. Slowly, Eve transitioned from the world's greatest supermodel into an aspiring wrestler who wants to be known as the greatest of all time.


    • 1x WZCW Elite Openweight Champion
    • 1x WZCW Eurasian Champion
    • 1x WZCW World Heavyweight Champion

    Entrance Theme: "GRRRLS" by AViVA


    Entrance Description:

    The arena goes dim, with a single spotlight shining at the top of the entrance ramp. Eve Taylor steps in it, with her head looking down. She slowly lifts her head, and slowly looks around the entire arena, before staring blankly towards the ring. She does her model strut towards the ring but in a careless manner.

    As she hits the end of the ramp, she jumps onto the apron, and heads over to the closest turnbuckle. She ascends it Rocky-style, and once again the arena goes dim, with a bright light over Eve Taylor. Eve is seen standing atop the turnbuckles with her eyes closed and taking a deep breath. After a second, she opens her eyes before climbing down from the turnbuckle and preparing herself for the match, taking off her entrance attire and leaning back against the ropes.

    Fighting Style: Show-woman & Strong Style

    Previous Injuries/Character Psyche:

    Bad Ankles - Years of modelling has given Taylor ankle cramps and, if targeted, can cause extra pain.

    Reckless - Eve will do anything she can to get the victory.

    Theatrical - Much like the Show Woman fighting style would suggest, Eve adds theatrics to her moves to amp up the crowd, and herself.

    Finishing Moves:

    Alternative Solution - Straight-Jacket Crossface
    Fashion Statement - (Wrist-lock transitioned into) Inverted Stomp Facebreaker

    Signature Moves:

    Designer Clothesline – Pendulum Lariat / Rebound Clothesline
    Eight by Ten – Headbutt Strike
    Stiletto Stomp – Diving Double Foot Stomp

    Regular Moveset:

    Arm-Trap Neckbreaker with theatrics
    Back Rake with nails
    Elbow Smashes, finished with a Discus Elbow Smash
    Hair-Pull Inverted Backbreaker
    Jumping Knee Strike
    Kick to Knee followed by a DDT to kneeling opponent
    Knife-Edge Chop
    Mudhole Stomps, finished with Good Vibrations
    Northern Light Suplex
    Open-handed Slap to Chest or Face
    Strong Style Kicks (any variation)
    Suicide Dive (any variation)
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