Eric Andre (Modern-Day Andy Kaufman)

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    For anyone who doesn't know him, he's a comedian who's recently gained widespread recognition due to his show on Adult Swim(The Eric Andre Show). What he does is, well, severely troll guests in a bizarre talk show, resulting in some awkwardly cringe and surreal humor. And honestly, I think it might be the funniest thing I've ever seen. He also went out of his way to work some Trump supporters, crashing an Alex Jones rally. Of course, he just did it for entertainment, he's apolitical himself.

    What I'm getting at is that this guy has struck me as this decade's Andy Kaufman pretty much. Except less.. classy? I don't even know how to put it. But often times his guests(usually the ones who don't do their homework on the show's nature) will just be left dumbfounded, ending up lashing out at him or leaving. He's probably the only person to ever leave Chris Jericho speechless, then again Jericho himself is a worker who appreciates concepts like kayfabe, and I don't see him as being above YouTubing the program before appearing on it like other guests.

    Anyway, have you heard of Eric Andre? Thoughts on him? Honestly he'd even be perfect to work a wrestling program with someone like Andy Kaufman did, they tried to do something along the lines of that with John Cena and Kevin Federline a decade ago and it just didn't have any magic to it.

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    Eric Andre's skit with Pauly D from Jersey Shore is some of the best comedy on TV bar none.

    Hannibal is also very funny

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