End Of Season 2017/18 (Plus Notes)

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    The end of the 2017/18 season has come and gone. For the second year in a row, yours truly won the predictions contest. Truth be told, this was a lot of fun this year. I am continuing the predictions contest for the foreseeable but I am always looking at new ways to change it up and make it more exciting. Thank you to everyone who participated in the League this season. I hope you had fun doing it and challenging yourselves.

    With that being said, I have a couple of notes that I will need to pass on to you.

    • The start of the new league will commence at WWE Greatest Royal Rumble at the end of April. Make sure you get your predictions in for that when the thread goes up. Also note the new start time for the event.
    • PPV's are dual branded now, so there won't be seperate defences for titles on single branded PPV's any more. Every WZPC title will be defended at every WWE PPV.
    • The image hosting site that I use to upload the league table for you recently changed it's domain name, meaning that all of the pictures I uploaded in the past no longer reside at the same domain. I have them saved, so if you want to see them just give me a PM and I will reupload them for you personally.

    That's all for this season. Thanks for taking part and I am looking forward to seeing you all again at the Greatest Royal Rumble as I defend my Season Championship once again... ;)
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    Thanks for doing such a great job on these!
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    Thanks for keeping this contest running. I enjoy playing.

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