Ellen DeGeneres Hosting The 86th Academy Awards

Discussion in 'The Media Hub' started by Mitch Henessey, Aug 2, 2013.

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    Well I never expected MacFarlane to return after the backlash he received after hosting.

    Ellen as host? Eh, I can't say I'm excited. I vividly remember Ellen's first try as Oscars host, and my god she bored me to tears. Honestly, I don't get the appeal of Ellen, and I probably never will. To me, her sense of humor is bland and dull, and her jokes? Horrible. Every now and then, I'll flip through the channels and land on her show. And I usually cringe every time she tries to make a joke.

    I can understand the Academy wanting to play it safe after MacFarlane, but if you're that hell bent on going with a safe pick, why not choose Billy Crystal? In my eyes, he's a much better option than Ellen, and he's got a lot more experience with the gig.

    Any thoughts on this?
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    I've never been a fan of Ellen Degeneres. Something about her just completely puts me off. It might stem from bias because my father has always felt the same way. He never liked how she basically used her preference for women as a way to get publicity and popularity. At the time we were both huge Married... With Children fans. Amanda Bearse (Marcy on the show) came out very subtly in 1993 and never made a big deal out of it. She definitely didn't use it to her advantage. I guess nowadays that's nothing compared to what morons will do on reality television to try and make a name for themselves, but I guess I see it as selling herself out. Some people probably don't understand where I'm coming from. Like I said, this does stem from my father's opinion from when I was much younger.
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    This is the natural reaction I expected from the Academy. Every year they go for a new angle if the past years failed. Ellen? In a world where we have Alec Baldwin and Hugh Jackman. Or even Jon Hamm. Any one of these picks would be more entertaining than Ellen.

    The host is just one of the many problems the Oscars have right now.

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