Crocker vs Spidey

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    *Crocker sits in a fancy restaurant while on a date with Iggy Azalea*

    "Honey! You haven't touched your peas." Iggy said in a concerned tone.

    "I HATE PEAS!" Crocker screamed before throwing a handful of peas at a waiter standing next to him.

    "Is everything to your liking sir?" the waiter asks in an Italian accent.

    "AND I HATE COMMON COURTESY!" Crocker screamed before throwing another handful of peas at the waiter.

    "It's our first anniversary" Iggy said.

    "IGGY! THAT'S ENOUGH!" Crocker screamed before reeling his arm back to throw peas at her only to have the waiter grab Crocker's arm.

    "Guess who Crocker!" the waiter exclaims before dramatically ripping off his mustache with his free hand.

    *Crocker and Iggy Azalea gasp with horror as they witness John Cena standing before them*

    "MY ARCH-NEMESIS!" Crocker shouts.

    "Did you know that Cena means Dinner in Italian? How Ironic." Iggy said.

    "OH GOD SHUT UP!" Crocker screamed before continuing with "I CAN'T DEAL WITH YOU ANYMORE! YOUR FAT ASS JUST GOT STEAMROLLED BY YOUR ANNOYING PERSONA..." only to be interrupted by John Cena hitting Crocker with a broom.

    "OUCH!" Crocker screamed.

    "We're going to the big house Crocker, I'm placing you under citizen's arrest." John Cena said.

    "Not so fast John Cena!" Crocker said before lifting his leg and ripping a ten second thunderous fart.

    "Yeah, so what?" John Cena asked.

    "Oh! You'll see Mr. Cena!" Crocker said.

    *John shows a look of horror as Crocker's DNA take over his and his form morphs into that of Crocker*

    "YOUR RANCID SHIT TURNED ME INTO ANOTHER YOU!" John screamed as the horrified patrons of the fancy restaurant can't look away.

    "And now to make my getaway!" Crocker said.

    "It helps if you don't announce that... nobody's listening to me." Iggy said.

    *Crocker manages to pull his massive stomach from under the table and loudly stomps as he runs for the exit before stopping at a nearby table as he recognized the individual eating at that table*

    "SPIDEY! MY OTHER ARCH-NEMESIS!" Crocker screamed.

    "Who's Spidey?" the confused man asked before saying "My name is Phil Brooks."

    "You can't fool me Spidey! Eat morph farts you stinking forum know-it-all!" Crocker screamed before farting loudly.

    "Dear God, stop that." Phil said before plugging his nose.

    "Now you'll morph into another version of me!" Crocker shouted.

    "Do you realize you're not wearing clothes?" Phil asked

    *Crocker looks down to see that he's butt naked*

    "Where did John Cena and Iggy Azalea go?" Crocker asked.

    "Have you been eating those mushrooms in your hand?" Phil asked.

    *Crocker looks down to see that he's holding a zip-lock bag of mushrooms in his hand*

    "People say I'm a really cool person and..." Crocker began to say before collapsing unconscious onto Phil's table.

    "Check please!" Phil shouted causing the entire restaurant to erupt with hysterical laughter.
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    What are you trying to accomplish?
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    I'm waiting for a street car.

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