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    OK, I'll keep this brief so that people that want to get what's going on in my head when I'm gazing lovingly into my navel because it makes reading my RPs a hell of a lot more intelligible.

    Specifically I'm going to explain the shared universe my RPs take place in and how every character I've used fits into it, including NPCs, because they're neccesary to tie a lot of stuff together. The short answer:


    Before I can talk about anyone else I have to talk about the lynchpin of continuity, Alexander Stark.

    Alexander Stark

    Arrogant rich white man. Prime example of the toxic smart guy. Got righ making microchips (most notably graphics cards) which don't heat up as much, and made a killing. A lifeling wrestling fan he wasn't paid by WZCW (he's got enough money. Let the rich boy have his hobby) making his money by doing a consulting gig on the side and using WZCW to pay for his travel to them instead. Hired Sascha as his PA to help coordinate his side gig. Before, during and after his run in WZCW he set up an international wrestling organisation of loosely affiliated independent wrestling companies (think along the lines of the NWA) known as the SWN. He served as a promoter and distributor for DVDs and on demand viewing of their product. He also signed promising talent to his talent agency (the STA). Everything in my universe after this relates back to Stark eventually.

    Sascha Schwartz

    Originally hired by Wilhelm Wunderbar as his secretary and interviewer after the angry angry man got tired of dealing with WZCW staff she was later hired by Stark as his PA. Notably served whatever purpose I needed for her in any given RP, which I incorporated into her character at the time - that she's a manipulator. She's still around and currently runs Tiger's public life.

    Wilhelm Wunderbar

    Angry German Nationalist. Hired Sascha and got sent to prison for Arson. Stark got him out after a short stint and thus is owed a debt. Hired as a coach for STA prospects, a role he continues in to this day. Taught Connor Reese how to wrestle, and is currently doing the same for Tiger, albeit slowly and adversarially.

    Conor Reese

    Once considered the future of wrestling, currently the present of the SWN male division. Had something of an identity crisis, which Stark attempted to solve by getting him mindraped by a former university classmate with a snake obsession. This action was considered a step too far and led to something of a mutiny as Stark is allowed very little influence over STA talents.

    Kara Ken

    Part of Wrestling Royalty, the daughter of British Wrestler "Tornado" Pete Ken. Hired by Stark to be the mandatory love interest for the 'cool badboy' character being pushed. Set up to be betrayed on PPV, which she was, getting driven head and neck first into the ring when Reese came up short in a Mayhem title match. Continued wrestling and found great success in the SWN, dubbing herself "The Empress" both in reference to her lineage and winning singles gold on two continents. One of her cousins is Reginald Ken, who ran the WZCW open tryout Tiger was recruited from.

    Alicia and Benjamin Hoss

    He's a simple minded giant broken and trained by Stark like a wild animal. She's his sister and for years his carer. She still serves in that role, but now has a job and a life outside of Ben. Still happily dating Sascha Schwartz.

    Blazing Tiger

    Behind the mask is a man with a lot of issues. A failure. A nobody with nothing to show for himself. If he died or went missing he doubts anyone in his personal life would go looking for him - they'd assume the worst and leave him to his fate and mistakes. The mask and WZCW are his way of escaping that life, that person and becoming someone else. Someone better. Stopped paying rent and couch surfed to save the money to tryout, risking everything on a slim chance of success. For some reason he needs to take tablets twice a day and felt bad guilty in spite of himself about taking them with a mouthful of water after the sun rose. That's what I've shown in RPs thus far. I've got a tonne of backstory on this guy that I'm going to reveal over time.

    But yeah, I hope that explains a little more about the characters I use and why they're there, and saves people who were a little curious form doing an extended archive search... don't do that.

    With that in mind I'm going to use this thread for any other esoteric shit that comes up in my RPs because a lot of that shit only makes sense in my head and probably needs some context.

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