Christian and Mark Henry - Smackdown Saviors?

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Hard Hit Prince, Nov 9, 2012.

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    I've read a report that specified the dates for injured wrestlers at the time, with Christian and Mark Henry the guys that are scheduled to return this year. Now those two guys are veterans, are popular characters in a way or another and they both dominated SmackDown's 2011, with Christian in the first months and Mark Henry in the last months. They both reached the World Championship last year as well with two great performances if you ask me.

    Now this year however was kind of awful for both competitors with Christian being injured most of the time and Mark Henry working as an enhancement talent. Last time we really watched Christian he lost cleanly to Damien Sandow in a Raw episode, Mark Henry I can't even remember, but we was probably getting beat by CM Punk, but as you can see nowhere near the level they had last year and with no actual program to work. WWE built them only to just let their momentum die, which makes me wonder if they will ever do anything worth watching with both guys. I can see why Vince doesn't bet on them, they aren't big drawers like John Cena and Randy Orton, but in my mind they were both great last year and very entertaining, I mean SmackDown is impossible to watch nowadays, I still do but I can see that they are nowhere near last year's level, I mean shitty booking and Sheamus is not a guy to be the face of the show, he is very generic and boring, I like his in-ring performance but in terms of entertainment, he does not bring it to the table.

    I've read that Christian was scheduled to work with Antonio Cesaro, but the United States Champion has had one of the worst pushes in recent history (much like Drew Mcintyre), I know that a lot of people like him in the IWC thanks to his work in the KoW with Chris Hero, but since he debuted he has been pushed down our throats so hard that he does not even get a reaction from the crowd, so Christian returning to have a program with him is better for who? Would you bury a former main eventer and push Cesaro harder without the proper build? As for Mark Henry, I don't even know what they would do with him.

    • So what you guys think about their performance last year compared to what they were doing with him the last time you saw them.
    • Would you still use them as veterans to get other new stars over or push them one more time?

      Discuss their returns!!
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    Mark Henry & Christian both had great years last year, especially Mark Henry. The primary reason why a lot hasn't happened with either one this year is because they've both been out for much of this year dealing with injury issues.

    Mark Henry was a great component in the feud with Big Show & Daniel Bryan the first several months of this year. After that feud died down, Henry started suffering some injuries. He worked for about a month or while suffering a torn groin muscle that he eventually had to take time off for. Torn muscles can take many months to heal up, especially when you consider how big of a man Mark Henry is. He also recently had shoulder surgery that he's healing up from. I don't see how Henry could be considered working as talent enhancement when he's been on the shelf injured for most of this year. The time that he wasn't injured, he spent almost all of it in the World Heavyweight Championship picture.

    As for Christian, he's been out almost the entire course of 2012 dealing with one injury issue or another.

    I don't see how you can say WWE let the momentum of both these men die when they've been dealing with severe injury issues for much of this year. You're basing Christian's momentum being killed because Damien Sandow scored a clean win over him? As you yourself pointed out, Christian has been plagued with injury issues since about this time last year, so him putting over a younger talent before taking time off to heal up isn't killing momentum.

    Mark Henry worked a program with CM Punk early on in this year in which he challenged Punk for the WWE Championship. Henry looked like a beast against Punk and scored a couple of wins over him via count out in really competitive matches. The first match they had, Henry'd beaten Punk so badly that he wasn't able to climb back into the ring to beat the count. I can't quite remember the outcome of their second match on Raw the very next week, only that Punk didn't win it. Their title match the week after that saw Punk scoring a clean win over Henry after about a 20 minute match. After that program ended, Henry pretty much disappeared from the scene. So Henry losing to someone like CM Punk isn't a bad thing. Punk's a huge star in WWE and is someone that can help carry the company going forward as he's been doing.
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    My guess is they'll save Mark Henry's return for the Rumble as a "surprise entrant." Peep Show will probably be back on TV first though I can't imagine either one will be in the main event level upon their returns.

    The Big Show is currently getting the Mark Henry/Christian 2011 treatment of suddenly being relevant after years of obscurity. My guess is both come back as enhancement talents for younger superstars they're hoping to build.

    That's the spot Christian was in before his most recent injury and that's where he'll come back to. Not sure if he'll return as a face or a heel, but he's a guy like Kane or Jericho that can play both well.
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    They both probably had their career highlight year in 2011 & both of their respective runs were great to watch.

    While it's a shame they got hurt & haven't been used for much in 2012 but there is so much young & solid talent that I can see why VKM is in no rush to push these two to the top again.

    As far as Christian goes, I can see him returning & putting over some young talent. Possibly even winning the IC or US titles once more in a solid program.

    As far as Mark Henry goes, he said himself if he isn't 100% he shouldn't return & I agree. He left as a monster & he should return as a monster. Anything else would be a complete slap in the face to everything he accomplished last year & a complete waste.
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    Christian's 2011 was absolutely horrible. It started off so promising when he won the World Heavyweight Championship against Alberto Del Rio at Extreme Rules, but then he was immediately demoted to Randy Orton's personal jobber. The entire Orton/Christian feud did nothing for Christian, it confirmed that WWE sees him as a second rate talent and the feud made Christian look incredibly weak. If Christian is going to make a big return, he needs to do so by immediately defeating Randy Orton in several consecutive matches.
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    So what you guys think about their performance last year compared to what they were doing with him the last time you saw them.

    Would you still use them as veterans to get other new stars over or push them one more time?

    I liked Christian better as the whiny heel that always wanted "One More Match." Maybe I'm in the minority as far as that goes. He's fine as a face, but I just prefer him as a heel. I'm not huge fans of either Mark Henry or Big Show, but I will admit they do very convincing jobs of playing monster heels. I guess I didn't really mind Henry doing jobs like he did earlier this year.

    Christian should definitely get "One More Run" (said in Christian's voice) on top. I mean, he only held the WHC what twice? Neither of them were long reigns either. At least Mark Henry got a good 3 month reign in. I'm not so sure about Henry. He's been rather injury prone for much of his career. He got his "Thank You" title run last year, but I would prefer him put over younger talent like Ryback, Kofi Kingston, Sin Cara and Michael McGuillicutty.
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    I've always found Christian boring and if Christian retired I wouldn't care so I'm going to skip him complelely.

    I think Mark Henry's return writes itself as long as Big Show still has the title. Henry took Show out last year as the first inductee in the Hall of Pain and now he has the title. Henry got injured and is now coming back. He wants his title back and Show wants to avenge getting sidelined by Henry last year. They're matches last year were way better than I expected them to be and I wouldnt mind seeing them again.

    The one thing you can't do is bring Mark Henry back and have him be aimlessly floating around the mid-card. He needs to either be put into the WHC picture or have him come call out Ryback after Survivor Series about who is more unstoppable. Mark Henry was the best thing on WWE TV when he had the title and was doing the Hall of Pain and I think he has to be put straight back into the main event picture upon his return as an unstoppable, heel, badass that gets clean wins.
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    I agree that he should be in the WHC picture but NOT calling out Ryback. If he gets into a program this early with Ryback that is a huge mistake because either he loses and then slowly slips back into the midcard or Ryback loses and WWE screws up Rybacks dominant streak and loses yet another mega star in the making.
  9. XXJJ

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    I think too much Del Rio is hurting Smackdown. Sheamus/ADR feud was weak and too long. Now he is working with Orton. I think ADR needs to go back to the midcard. He is a good in ring worker, but fans are indifferent to him. He doesn't draw much heat. Ricardo might be more over than he is..

    Christian is a good worker. He can help out the midcard on Smackdown. I would love to see Christian feud with guys like Rhodes, Sandow and Cesaro.

    I dont think Mark Henry comes close to what he was for a couple of months in 2011.. Injuring Kane and Big Show and introducing the hall of pain. The build up with Orton for Night of Champions was very good. I thought they had very good match at NOC and Orton putting over Henry clean made Henry look like a beast. It was very well planned, but his title reign ended in a dud. I dont think he gets back to that level again..
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    I agree Mark Henry had a great 2011, with a solid and dominating title rein. And if they were to bring him back I think he would be better suited to putting over newer talent, or perhaps adding to the tag team picture. His time in the spotlight was great, and deserved, but I don't think he should be pushed as a main draw anytime soon.

    Christian on the other hand I think had a terrible 2011/2012. He finally won the WHC only to lose it to Orton within two weeks. I'm a big Christian fan and its well known that he's an extremely hard working and dependable superstar. I think he deserves at least one more run with the title before he retires. And a real, lengthy one this time. He's a well known and respected figure, and with him as WHC, he could add a little familiarity and interest to smack down.
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    My guess is that both Christian and Mark Henry will be used as enhancement talent. Christian might win the United States Championship and some point, but Henry won't win another title. Both men had a great year in 2011. Injuries have caught up with both men this year, so other wrestlers have had to fill in the void. That said, guys like Cesario and Rhodes and Sandow could really use the rub from the two former World Champions.

    Big Show seems to be getting the same title run as Henry did last year and I'm okay with that. I enjoyed it as I'm sure most of you all did. It was done right and Big Show just needs to knock people out. Not so much put them in a Hall of Pain like Henry did, but something similar and just win in dominating fasion.

    Christian has added a few moves to his arsenal when he came back in 2012 for that short Intercontinental run. He can still put on good matches and I'm sure he can help a lot on SmackDown with the young talent.

    I wouldn't call them saviors, but these two returning would REALLY help out the blue brand.
  12. DirtyD79

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    I agree to me Christian is always better as a heel. He just has that smarmy ratlike look to him. He just looks like a douchebag. As for Mark Henry it depends what they do with him. If they have him doing something like the Hall of Pain again it'd be awesome, but then I've always been a big fan of bully type heels. Creative's just stuck him with so much crap over the years.
  13. Max_Power

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    I'd love to see Henry return and feud with Sheamus. Considering it seems Orton and Ziggler will be the World Title picture soon, I think it would be the perfect way for Sheamus to stay relevant and for Henry to return with a purpose. I think their feud last year was really good but Henry was on such a roll that he moved up and won the strap.

    Christian I'm not as sure with. He can certainly still go and should definitely not be wasted. Upper Mid Card I think would be best suited for him.
  14. SacredMesa

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    I agree with this. I loved that he got the rub from Edge and beat ADR for the title. I hated it the second he lost it after 2 damn nights, only to turn into a weak baby heel.

    This is the heel Christian I loved. He didn't piss and whine left and right, although that was part of it, he simply came out a verbally owned the crap out of people and got a ton of heat for it. If he was going to be heel this is the heel Christian that should of been going against Orton not what they turned him into.

    I would love to see this type of heel Christian return when he gets back, sadly chances are they will either bring him back as the whiny bitch or as a face to push heels like Sandow/Roodes/etc.
  15. Mitch Henessey

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    Well the brand extension in WWE is dead, so Mark Henry would be the ideal opponent for Ryback. Let's face it, Ryback isn't going to win the WWE Championship anytime soon. He's nowhere near ready, and very soon, WWE will have to give him some new material to work with. He might stay in the WWE Championship picture until TLC, but when The Rock returns, there won't be any room for Ryback in the title picture.

    Henry had an incredible run as World Heavyweight Champion last year. He's got the credibility of a dominant monster heel, and he could be the perfect opponent for Ryback. Henry is more than capable of giving Ryback a legit challenge, and I would love to see a series of physical and hard hitting matches between these two behemoths.

    As far as Christian goes, he's a reliable veteran, who can still put over younger talent. I don't expect him to get near the WHC picture anytime soon, but he can still help the younger guys in the mid card. I wouldn't mind a feud with Damien Sandow. The dueling promos would be something to look forward to, and both men should be able to deliver some quality matches.
  16. Terry Gyimah

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    For Mark Henry, what better way for him to return than for him to do it at TLC by costing Ryback the WWE Championship because it would be a way for WWE to swerve the Shield of Ambrose, Reigns and Rollins getting involved again but also it would give Mark Henry instantaneous heat but also at the same time it would give Ryback a fresh feud especially if he were to feud with someone who is just as dominant as him and who would give Ryback even more of a test physically

    As for Christian, I think WWE should save his return for the Royal Rumble as a surprise entrant in the match because then that way no one would expect Christian to be in the match much less even win it but also if they were to have Christian come back as a surprise entrant to win the whole Rumble match itself, then WWE would be able to re-establish Christian as a top draw and not to mention as a top babyface on Smackdown because he would be in the main event at WrestleMania 29 which then would get even more PPV buys
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    Christian is one of those guys that can be a heel or face, and play both well. As a face, i could see good feuds with dolph ziggler, daniel bryan, or maybe wade barrett. As a heel, i think he would be better with his one more match gimmick. I think that after dolph wins the whc, christian should be the one to win it from him as a face, then turn heel while still champion.

    As for mark henry, he needs to go back to his hall of pain gimmick. When he turned heel and started that, he just became a total badass. He would demolish anyone whenever he wanted, and they wouldnt stand a chance. I think for his return, he should be the first one to beat ryback completely clean. It would build up his character, and the hall of pain would have one more inductee.
  18. The 1-2-3 Killam

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    Mark Henry, yes. Christian, no.

    I'm sorry to any Christian fans out there, but I just have no interest in him as a main event singles star. Not in WWE anyways. I find his promos to be quite state and rather boring. For somebody that's been in the industry longer than 90% of the roster, I don't think he's developed much of a personality. His matches are largely similar, although not bad, so it's excusable. Sort of like modern Rey Mysterio; still fun to watch, but we've seen it all. And as I've said before, I'm not a fan of finisher. Or the obnoxious, awkward clapping that comes before hit. Has he seriously never seen himself clap before? What is it about Canadians that they suck at clapping? Edge did it too.

    Mark Henry is a different animal though. Dude was straight bad ass last year. His promos were fantastic. His in-ring work was like watching a guy half his age, though he made his size and limited mobility work for him. In fact, his Raw match with CM Punk is one of my favorite TV contests of the year. I will be watching his return very closely, when it does happen.
  19. Terry Gyimah

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    Mark Henry as for when he returns, he should definitely return at the Royal Rumble and I think he will as a surprise entrant but as for Christian what better way for him to return than on the grandest stage of them all at WrestleMania 29

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