BREAKING: Vis Imperium Attacks WZCW Superstars Backstage At Kingdom Come!

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    Welcome back to, ladies and gentlemen, as the news of WZCW comes at us thick and fast lately. This time, it is focused on the stable that is currently putting the screws to anyone it sees fit to mess with – Vis Imperium.

    In the last few hours, we have been handed some security footage from the Mercedes Benz Arena that sheds some light on what happened backstage at Kingdom Come VIII. Some of the more eagle eyed viewer and fans may have noticed that Phoenix, who was scheduled to compete in the Battle Royal at Kingdom Come, was noticeably absent. Well, the video given to us finally gives us the reason why. So, let's show it to you...

    We recently told you about the plans to have Vis Imperium face off against one another, perhaps as a punishment for their actions at Kingdom Come. It can now be assumed that this is the reason why the match has been commissioned. It seems as though WZCW top brass are trying to split the team up before they can do anymore damage.

    As far as what happens with Phoenix and Jones, we are told they were taken to a nearby medical facility and are recovering well.

    Our thoughts are with them.

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