Bray possible leader of Sanity?? thoughts...

Discussion in '[Hidden] World Wrestling Entertainment' started by Vintage Punk, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. Vintage Punk

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    SAnity when they come up need to be a ruthless hard hitting heel faction. Bray has been a heel since debuting and is now starting to get cheers as a face due to aligning with Woken Matt. I wouldn't change that. I wouldn't mind it awhile back but they should let Bray explore the face change and actually should change some of his ring gear to be a somewhat along the lines of Matt to indicate being woken. The only way it would work with him leading SAnity is if they push them and Bray actually isn't jobber status but wins...a lot.
  2. Spencesc11

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    Jan 30, 2013
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    I feel like this would be just a remix of the Wyatt Family and not nearly as terrifying as your going from Stroman, Rowan, & Harper to Sanity??? I think if they stick with this Matt Hardy thing they will be a very interesting tag team for quite some time. Personally though I wanted to see him tag with his brother Bo Dallas and just change Bo Dallas to Bo Wyatt and call them the Wyatts and bring their sister Mika in as Sister Abigail.
  3. The Perfect Max

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    I'm not overly confident with the logic in bringing Sanity up to be led by Bray Wyatt necessarily, though they are of the particular kind of weird to potentially back him up for a feud or two. Sanity has grown into its own thing organically and adding Bray to the mix might not be best for either involved. Bray hasn't necessarily had the best run and the apathy towards his character due to bad booking might not help matters for Sanity when they do debut on the main roster. Yet, in the brief time we've seen Bray and Matt Hardy together, it does seem the crowd are willing to get behind that. I'd rather see WWE stick it out with them as a team, especially if it means keeping Bray consistently on the winning side of things which he needs to regain any sort of legitimacy. Sure, he could be a winner with Sanity. But they already have a leader, and frankly, if they want to have Bray lead a faction, maybe they should have done a better job with Harper and Rowan where the chemistry was organically there and the characters meshed and made sense together.
  4. Logisticalbooker86

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    God, I hope not. Bray as the leader of Sanity (I'm not going to worry about proper capitalization), would essentially be Wyatt Family 2.0. As a babyface, Bray Wyatt has a chance to breathe life into his character for the first time in a long time. Also, you undermine his DELETION (gotta capitalize). Having him turn heel yet again would just be another boring Monday Night RAW angle. We have plenty of those. Keep Eric Young as the leader of Sanity. At the very least, his credibility has not been damaged yet.

    It does concern me that WWE has not bothered to change Bray Wyatt's short entrance movie, or anything about his look. Keep him as a babyface WWE, a heel turn for the sake of leading another group not only flattens his character, but at this point a fair amount of fans will say oh look, Bray Wyatt is leading another group that will fail.

    Just the thought of a Bray Wyatt promo about sanity and insanity bores me, and I use to be a huge fan.
  5. theblackplague

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    I agree with everyone else....please dont ruin a good thing WWE...Bray doesnt need to be the leader cause it would just ruin the Sanity permanently....please dont do it!
  6. wwe fan2009

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    why?? what is wrong with Eric young being the leader
  7. Kamala316

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    Bray Wyatt cannot stand alone (i.e. - Wade Barrett, Adam Cole). End of story.
  8. UncleSav4ge

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    Apr 18, 2018
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    I hope that doesn't happen, he will take the spotlight from Eric Young.

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