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Discussion in 'The Prison' started by Stone Cold Tea, Mar 2, 2017.

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    Dec 4, 2014
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    Anyone else think AJ is been hard done by in kayfabe?

    He comes of a long title runs defeating anyone in his way and then drops it to Cena in one of the greatest matches in recent memory.

    AJ is entitled to a 1 on 1 rematch but instead he gets shafted and placed in an EC match. I don't remember this happening to Ambrose when he dropped the belt. He got a fair 1 on 1.

    Then after making it to the final 2 in EC he then gets placed in a battle royal to earn the opportunity again which he drew (kayfabe). Then he defeats Harper to earn what was supposed to be a 1 in 1 match only for Orton to stick his nose in (he earned the right to be fair).

    So he hasn't been given his one on one shot which he was entitled to and then he earned.

    Am I really meant to feel sorry for Shane McMahon when AJ beats the shit out of him?

    They've been screwing him since he dropped the title. If it was a face then he'd probably get 2 rematches.

  2. ShinChan

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    I shall and do feel sorry for AJ Styles.

    If Shane McMahon Vs. AJ Styles happens, I'm sure that Shane will make AJ look like somewhat weak just like The Undertaker last year.
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    Anything is possible in kayfabe. Sometimes you get rematch clause, sometimes you dont. Sometimes you need to hand over title because you cant defend it in 30 days and sometimes you can go on forever until you defend it. Basicly, its kayfabe so anything goes as long as it fits the story.

    Story this time is that AJ feels that Shane doesnt give him fair chance eventhough he won fair and square. So they just go with that and build on that.

    Story tells it one way. How you feel about it could be different. Are you suppose to be sorry for that Sopranos reject Enzo when he tries to sleep with married woman? Logic and kayfabe differs from time to time.

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