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    The show opens up in an unusual way. We see Saboteur backstage as he appears to be pacing around in a locker room. We hear the crowd pop from within the arena at the sight of Saboteur. He his rubbing his chin as he seems to be deep in thought over something. Finally, the silence is punctured by the sounding of a door opening off camera. We see who it is as Action Saxton steps into the shot. Again, we hear the crowd swoon within the arena. Saxton is wearing a black t-shirt with the text "I Beat Lvl 20 on Kung Fu Master’s Revenge" on it.

    Saxton: Fool, what are you doing here so early and why would you tell me to get here early as well?

    Saboteur stops pacing.

    Saboteur: There has been... a development?

    Saxton: So my film did come in! I knew that sucka Garret was lying about it not being ready the other day!

    Saboteur: No, not that kind of development.

    Saxton: Oh? Then spill sucka!

    Saboteur: It appears Steven Holmes is offering a cash prize for anyone that can remove Triple X from WZCW.

    Saxton makes an expression that looks a lot like this:


    Saxton: Do you hear yourself fool? Do you not realize that we have to take on The Empire Strikes Back tonight? I owe that sucka, Bowen, one! You need to focus on the match.

    Saboteur: The cash money is $500,000.

    Saxton holds up his fist and blurts out word, but it gets bleeped out.

    Saxton: F***! $500,000? Do you know what we could do with that type of money?! We could by the straps and plates to make our own damn tag team championships.

    Saboteur: I know, and I could finally attend that skydiving with bears expo that I have been looking at for years.

    Saxton: What da hell are we waiting for!

    Saboteur: Wait!

    A small silence occurs.

    Saboteur: Is this wrong? I mean I know that we both could do this easily, but it is it the wrong thing to do?

    Saxton sighs.

    Saxton: Damn it fool! Why do you have to bring morals into this?

    In a very quick moment, Saxton and Saboteur look directly at the camera and shoot it a thumbs up. The logo for the WZCW campaign, "B A STAR", appears on the screen. The moment then returns to normal.

    Saboteur: Fine, we don't do it. We will just focus on our match tonight and kick The Empire's ass for free. We just go on living our lives as normal, but we can't let Triple X know that we even thought about this.

    Saxton: Why?

    Saboteur: Because I borrow music from him all the time. He is like Limewire, but without all of those pesky damn viruses.

    Suddenly, we hear the door open and the camera pans around. Triple X pops his head in.

    Triple X: Hey guys, how is it going?

    Saboteur whispers to Saxton.

    Saboteur: Smile and wave, just smile and wave.

    And that is exactly what they do. They do not even mutter a word. Finally, Triple X feels awkward and leaves the room. The camera fades to black and we cut to the Aftershock opening video.

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    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Brent Blaze emerges from the back with a cocky look upon his face. This is the second time that he has graced the WZCW with his presence, so now the fans know how to treat him. A set of boos are hurled in his general direction.

    Anderson: Making his way to the ring, from Owensboro, Kentucky, weighing 220 pounds, “The Addiction” Brent Blaze!

    Klamor: This is the guy's second match and he has already developed quite a following.

    Serra: Well, he was definitely dominant in his performance last week, and he had these words to say just a few minutes ago before coming out here tonight.

    Serra: That is a little creepy.

    Klamor: Just a little.

    Blaze is now in the ring and we see that his competitor is already in it as well on the other side of the ring. We get a close up on the competitor and a name tag that says “James Carter” is shown at the bottom of the screen.

    Klamor: Young James Carter is looking to make an exciting debut tonight. A win over Blaze might just get him some recognition from some of the higher ups.

    The referee rings the bell and we get the start of the match. Carter is jumping up and down as he pumps himself up for the match. The two men stand opposite on different sides of the ring. A faint buzz is heard throughout the crowd, but nothing really noteworthy. Carter charges at Blaze, which prompts Blaze to charge at Carter as well. Blaze goes for a running clothesline, but Carter ducks the move. Carter runs to the other ropes and bounces off of them. He returns to Blaze, who attempts another clothesline, but Carter ducks it again! This time Carter jumps up on the middle rope and springboards off of it. He looks to execute an aerial assault on the unsuspecting Blaze!


    A crisp roundhouse kick goes straight into the side of the face of Carter. The crowd gives a loud “ooo”.

    Klamor: Did you see that?!

    Carter topples down to the ground and Blaze doesn’t hesitate to capitalize. He goes over to Carter and picks him up by his head. He then proceeds to turn around and grab Carter’s head for a neckbreaker. He pulls him with him in a running fashion and drops into a sitting position to execute his finisher, Psysco Effect!

    Blaze crawls over to Carter to make the cover,


    The bell rings as Blaze rises to his feet. The crowd boos, but they are astonished that the match is already over.

    Anderson: Here is your winner by pinfall, Brent Blaze!

    Klamor: Brent Blaze is 2-0! Can anybody stop this guy? Keep an eye out for this one Becky, I think Blaze has a long future here in the WZCW.

    Serra: Certainly impressive and definitely a missed opportunity for the debuting James Carter.

    We see Blaze walking up the ramp as he celebrates to his music. He makes a couple fans give him a mandatory high-five as he passes by them. The screen fades to black.

    __________________________________________________ ___

    We cut to backstage where Stacey Madison is set for an interview.

    Madison: Ladies and Gentleman, I have with me at this time a former WZCW champion and a survivor of one of the most barbaric and literally explosive matches we have ever seen... Barbosa!

    The camera pans back to reveal a still heavily tapped right arm and shoulder and then Barbosa in all his still battered, bruised and burned beauty, his arms folded across his chest.

    Madison: Barbosa, first of all, welcome back.

    Barbosa merely gives the most imperceptible of nodds.

    Madison: The last we saw of you in competition was at the conclusion of that brutal encounter with S.H.I.T. It is evident from those who witnessed that match and even those tuning in now that that contest took its toll on your body. How are your injuries?

    Barbosa: Healing.

    Having dealt with Barbosa and his lack of conversation in the past, Stacey is quick to continue, not wanting any dead air.

    Madison: Given the events of Unscripted and this past weekend, do you have any comment to make on Alex Bowen, Justin Cooper and the newly formed Empire?

    Barbosa shudders somewhat before replying with a very short and succinct answer and then walking off.

    Barbosa: No.

    Wary of his tone, Stacey takes a slight step backwards but still continues on with her questions but is careful to change the subject.

    Madison: After having that time off, a competitor such as yourself must be happy to be getting back in the ring?

    Barbosa: Yes.

    Madison: Tonight you face El Califa Dragon - a mysterious newcomer, who has started to gain some momentum. With your battles with S.H.I.T. taking up much of your attention, have you seen much of your opponent?

    Barbosa: No.

    Madison: Then how do you plan to combat...

    Before Stacey can finish her next question, a voice interrupts her from off screen

    ???: Let me tell you about El Califa Dragon...

    The camera pans back further to reveal Drake Callahan standing to the right of Barbosa and Stacey. As he approaches, Drake almost places his hand on Barbosa's shoulder only for a stare to make him think otherwise.

    Madison: How dare you interrupt!

    Drake: This interview is over.

    While Drake has turned his attention to Stacey, Barbosa walks away and when Callahan turns backs around to heads off in pursuit.

    Drake: Barbosa! I have something to talk to you about...
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    Anderson: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is a Deadwood Rules match and is scheduled for one fall!

    Serra: Now we have a rather different kind of match here. Two competitors in danger of losing their spot on the roster should they lose. If there is any game in these two competitors, we could be in for a great contest.

    Klamor: Desperation can be a great motivator but these two are not in this position for no reason...

    Anderson: Introducing first, from Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 215lbs, The Destruction, Darren Bull!

    The first of the Deadwood competitors confidentally saunters down the aisle, showing off to the audience and taking their abuse.

    Serra: Darren Bull certainly does not look like a man who is in fear for his career.

    Klamor: But is it because he is supremely confident of victory or is he just an idiot?

    Anderson: And his opponent, from the Heavens Above, weighing in at 180lbs, The Angel!

    The Man of God walks out onto the stage and after a quick prayer makes his way to the ring, not interacting with the crowd at all.

    Serra: The Angel looks a bit more focussed than his opponent. Perhaps he understands what is at stake.

    To back up what Becky is saying, throughout Angel's entrance, Darren Bull has not looked towards his opponent at all, continuing to jaw-jacking with the crowd.

    Even when called forward by the referee and moving towards the centre of the ring, Bull fails to give his full attention to his opponent. And the second the bell rings to start the match, he allows himself to be even further distracted by the audience, moving away from the Angel and climbing the second rope to complain bitterly at his treatment by sections of the crowd

    Serra: Does he even realise that the bell has rung?

    Klamor: I doubt it...

    Having got whatever was on his mind off in a diatribe towards the crowd, Bull then shouts one last pronoucement.

    Bull: You will have no choice but to respect me when you see what is coming next...

    With that, the Destruction jumps down from the second rope twisting towards the centre of the ring, looking to land opposite his opponent for the start the match. Unfortunately for him, with the bell having already rung, the Angel has already moved forward and Bull ends up jumping straight into Angel Fire!


    The crowd erupts in a fit of laughter as the referee rings the bell. The Angel offers a prayer of thanks to the Lord Above, before rolling out of the ring and exchanging a few high-fives with the fans as he walks up the aisle.

    Anderson: Here is your winner, the Angel!

    Serra: And just like that, this match is over. The Angel lives to fight another day!

    Klamor: The same cannot be said for Darren Bull. Once more his lack of focus and attention costs him a match only this time Deadwood rules means that he is out of here.

    Once he comes round from the effects of the Angel Fire, the gravity of what has just happened lands on Bull as he kneels in the middle of the ring, a look of shock and disappointment etched on his face.

    The crowd continues to berate him as a chorus of "Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye."

    Serra: Not much sympathy from the audience.

    Klamor: He always was a loser and the crowd are treating him as such.

    Suddenly, cutting off the crowd's laughing and singing, the lights go out and the arena is bathed in darkness...

    Serra: Darren Bull may want to think about vacating the ring right now...

    Klamor: He is going to get a real goodbye if he does not.

    A spotlight cuts through the darkness, illuminating the centre of the ring to reveal Mason Westhoff and Derek Jacobs towering over the still kneeling Darren Bull, both disciples fixing him with a stare. After a few seconds, they both take a step back from the spotlight, which then goes out as suddenly as it appeared.

    Through the darkness, the New Church theme fades and is then replaced.

    The frivolity of the crowd is now completely sapped as the flickering light illuminates the centre of the ring as the Grand Mystique appears as if from nowhere to stand between Westhoff and Jacobs and in front of Darren Bull.

    After some tense moments, The Grand Mystique gestures for Bull to rise to his feet.

    Serra: Well, this is interesting. Are we seeing a new initiate into the New Church?

    While initially hesitant, Bull seems to have the same idea as Becky and gradually accepts the Universal Evil's invitation to stand. However, the second that he lets his guard down, Grand Mystique unleashes the Blood Mist and Jacobs and Westhoff are on the blinded Bull like a pack of wild dogs.

    The Destruction is quickly driven back into the corner with myriad punches and kicks. Jacobs then hits a series of increasingly violent elbows to the back and side of the head, before then stepping to the side and allowing Westhoff to nail Bull with a running boot. But before the dazed Bull can slump in the corner, the Grand Mystique jumps in and drops Bull with a Mounted Rib Breaker.

    Serra: That's enough!

    Klamor: Oh, they are not finished yet... the crowd wanted to sing goodbye but I think the New Church is going to make it a permanent departure.

    As all three stand over the fallen Bull, GM nods to Jacobs and Westhoff for something pre-planned.

    The disciples then drag Bull to his feet, where both Jacobs and GM grab him by the throat and lift him high into the air for a double chokeslam. However, as they drive him down, Westhoff moves in and grabs the falling Bull by the shoulders, driving his knees into his back for an elevated Lung-blower. They are not done yet though for despite the impact, Westhoff holds Bull across his knees which allows Jacobs to land a senton splash. If that was not enough punishment to the ribs,

    Westhoff then pushes Bull forward into another GM Mounted Rib Breaker!

    Serra: Oh, come on! Bull's ribcage must be shattered. He may have punctured lungs! Why are they doing this?

    Klamor: Because they can.

    As the camera zooms in, there are some unsettling wheezing sounds coming from the prone body of Bull and there is a trail of blood starting to run out of his mouth as Grand Mystique and the New Church pose above the ruin they have caused.
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    Jacobs reaches for a mic from ringside and he hands it to GM.

    GM:"Because they can. because they can. They are the words that have just come from Johnny Klamor's mouth. But those dont even begin to accurately describe what we are doing around here. This isn't about taking out trash like Darren Bull or even exercising our authority over WZCW. This is about destiny. You see it's his destiny to spend the next few weeking eating through a tube. Just like it is the destiny of these two men to reach All or Nothing and become Tag Team Champions. With my guidance -"


    A great roar greets the arrival of Aftershock GM Chuck Myles. He strolls out to the stage and doesn't look impressed.

    Myles: "I like having great talent on Aftershock and I like seeing that talent go all out to impress. So congratulations to The New Church, you have my attention when you ended Darren Bull. So naturally I was all ears to say that you are exercising your authority over WZCW."

    Myles: "Grand Mystique, Mr Jacobs, Mr Westhoff, let me put this in language you understand; my left ass cheek has more authority on this show than the three of you!"

    Jacobs and Westhoff react furiously to this abuse but the fans love it. GM never allows his eyes to leave Myles.

    Myles: "With that in mind Mr Mystique, I expect you to leave the ring for our next match. If you try and interfere in the outcome of the match between the Bearded Gentlemen and The New Church, all three of you will be suspended without pay until after All or Nothing! Now get out of my ring."

    GM seems reluctant to move and nothing seems to like it will budge him until the crowd cheer loudly on one side. Suddenly GM rolls under the bottom rope and and heads up the ramp. There is no clue as to why until Mikey Stormrage jumps over the barricade. Moving with as much agility as we have ever seen him, Stormrage gives furious chase to Mystique up the ramp until the leader of The New Church has disappeared backstage. Mikey follows him almost instantly. The crowd love how The New Church have been put in their place by Mikey.

    We see Westhoff and Jacobs jump out of the ring and begin running up the ramp in order to help their leader, but they are halted midway up the ramp.


    The Beard and Le Gentleman Masque come out to a thunderous applause as the New Church remain halted on the ramp. We see that the Bearded Gents are dressed to compete. Masque has a microphone in his hand.

    Masque: You like to pick on the little ones, ay mon ami?

    Masque and Beard begin to walk down the ramp.

    Masque: Since you two are so eager to fight. I say that we go ahead and start the match that we are suppose to have tonight right now!

    Masque drops the microphone and the two of them charge the New Church. Punches begin to be exchanged as the four men battle on the steel ramp. Jacobs is dealing with Beard while Westhoff brawls with Masque. The crowd is cheering rabidly as the two teams go back and forth. No team has a clear advantage. We finally see a bit of an edge as Masque kicks the gut of Westhoff and drops him with a snap DDT on the steel ramp!

    Meanwhile we see Beard throw Jacobs into the barrier. Jacob’s back slams hard against it as he remains pressed against it. Beard shouts at Masque, who turns around and sees Jacobs up against the barricade. Masque nods his head and Beard grabs Masque’s arm. He slingshots him into Jacobs. Masque uses the momentum and proceeds to jump up and send a stiff knee into the face of Jacobs. The crowd gives a shocking “oo”!

    Klamor: This isn’t a match! This is a brawl!

    We see Beard grab Jacobs by the back of the head and lead him down towards the ring. Meanwhile, we see Masque picking up Westhoff off of the ramp.

    Serra: Hopefully we can restore some order by the time we get back. Don’t go away!

    The shot we get is of Beard throwing Jacobs into the ring. After that, the camera fades to black and we go to commercial.


    We return to the match and we now see that Jacobs has Beard, who is in a sitting position, in a chokehold.

    Klamor: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. The referees were able to get this match underway while we were gone.

    Serra: You may now also notice that New Church is in control. Just watch this replay and it will explain the sudden momentum shift that happened just before we returned from break.

    Serra: Jacobs would then proceed to work the chokehold on Beard.

    Klamor: Classic stuff by Jacobs.

    We see Masque over on the side as he reaches out his arm for some kind of miraculous tag to occur. However, Jacobs and Beard are far away from that even possibly happening. It appears that Jacobs has nearly drained Beard as we see his arms slowly begin to droop. The referee is paying close attention to the situation.

    We here Jacobs yelling “check him!” at the referee. The referee gulps and nods. He then proceeds to pick up one of the arms of the drooping Beard. He raises it high and then lets it drop. It falls completely down.

    Klamor: He is done!

    The referee grabs the same arm again and performs the same action. He lets it fall and the arm stays down. We can hear stomping across the ring as Masque tries to do something to wake his partner up. The referee grabs the arm once more. He wipes the sweat off his brow as he drops the arm. It begins to fall, but wait! It stops midway and the hand slowly curls into a fist! The crowd is hyped and Masque is jumping up and down in excitement. Jacobs is shocked and not prepared for the fist that comes flying at his face. Jacobs eats the first punch, but doesn’t release the hold. Another punch, but he still won’t release it! A third one, fourth one, fifth one; five is the magic number! Jacobs lets go of the hold and stumbles backwards. Beard then proceeds to crawl towards his partner in the corner. Jacobs goes after him, but it may be too late. Beard reaches out for the tag, but no! Jacobs grabs him by the ankle as Beard hungrily reaches out for aid. Beard then proceeds to turn around and shoves Jacobs away with his boot. This sends Jacobs staggering backwards and falling onto his posterior! Beard makes the tag!

    The crowd pops as Masque jumps up onto the turnbuckle. He leaps off of it, but no! Jacobs is there to catch him. That is okay, Masque will just have to improvise. He grabs the head of Jacobs and spins himself. The momentum forces Jacobs to spin too and Masque nails a tornado DDT! The crowd pops again as Masque makes the cover,

    Kick Out!

    Masque quickly gets up and grabs a handful of hair in order to pick Jacobs up to his knees. Masque stands behind him and lifts up his elbow only to drop it down on the back of the head of Jacobs. Jacobs falls forward, but Masque doesn’t allow him to rest. He grabs the head and pulls him back up for another go. Masque lifts the elbow and delivers another shot to the back of Jacobs head. Jacobs falls down sprawled out on the mat this time. Masque makes the cover,

    Kick Out!

    Masque barely gets the two as he rises to his feet.

    Serra: The Masque looks great out there. Jacobs has over 100 pounds in his favor, but Masque is still finding a way to wear him down.

    Masque proceeds to pick Jacobs up into a standing position. He grabs him tight by the arm and tries to whip him into the turnbuckle where the Beard is at, but the weight is just too much. Jacobs reverses the whip and sends Masque himself flying into the turnbuckle. Masque lands chest first, but is able to avoid some of the blow due to Beard holding out his arm to catch him. Meanwhile, we see Jacobs hobbling over to Westhoff where is able to make the tag. Westhoff gets into the ring and runs at Masque. Masque is able to turn around but he has to eat a stiff clothesline. Westhoff then proceeds to push Beard's face out of the way, which makes Beard furious. Westhoff laughs as he pulls Masque out of the corner while the referee contains Beard and tries to keep him out of the ring. Westhoff proceeds to pick up Masque with both hands. He holds him high above his head and then drops him hard on the mat with a gorilla press slam.

    Westhoff follows up by slapping his elbow and dropping it on the head of the downed Masque. Masque reaches for the back of his head in pain. Westhoff quickly gets up and drops another. This is followed once more by a third and final attack. The crowd boos as Westhoff returns to his feet and holds hands up in the air in praise.

    Klamor: Love him or hate him, Westhoff is one of the best in the ring in the modern era.

    Serra: You may be right, but it is totally eclipsed by his complete nuttiness.

    Westhoff picks up Masque by his hair and puts him in a standing position. Westhoff proceeds to bend down and grabs the legs of the dazed Masque with his head tucked between them. He looks to be setting Masque up for an Alabama slam! Much to Westhoff’s surprise, Masque puts up a fight whenever he is lifted up on Westhoff’s shoulder. The flailing makes Westhoff top heavy and he stumbles backwards and towards The Bearded Gent’s corner. However, he catches himself and runs forward. He swings Masque off of his shoulders and slams him hard like a trebuchet onto his back. The impact is deadly and Westhoff makes the cover,


    Or at least that is what he should be hearing right now. The referee did not make the count!

    Klamor: What is going on?!

    Westhoff rises to his feet and gets in the referee’s face for answers. The referee is trying to speak over Westhoff’s yelling. Finally we can hear him saying clearly: “HE IS NOT THE LEGAL MAN!”

    Serra: Wait, what? What did he say?

    Klamor: Look out Mason!

    Westhoff turns around and we see Beard charging with a thunderous crowd behind him. He jumps up and hits a running crossbody into the midsection of Westhoff! Westhoff slams down hard on the mat as Beard quickly gets back up to his feet. We see Jacobs getting into the ring, but he is too slow! Beard charges up to him and delivers a big boot right into his face! Jacobs stumbles backwards and goes over the top ropes! Masque has rolled to the side of the ring, which leaves Beard and Westhoff alone as the legal men. Beard picks up Westhoff and turns him around to set up for his finisher, Poetic Justice! No wait, Westhoff reverses the set up and gets into position to pull Beard into an exploder suplex! Wait again! Beard stalls the maneuver and sends a stiff punch into the gut of Westhoff. Westhoff gasps for air, and Beard is able to turn him around and bend back his head in order to execute Poetic Justice! He nails it! The crowd pops as he makes the cover,


    The bell rings and we see Masque running up to Beard in the center of the ring to celebrate! He leaps up and Beard catches him as they both raise an arm in victory!

    Anderson: Here is your winner by pinfall, The Bearded Gents!

    Serra: Take a look at this!

    Serra: It was legit! Bearded Gents win cleanly!

    Klamor: More like a technicality!

    Serra: More like Masque was able to make the tag just in time! Now they are going to the finals of the tag team tournament. Can you believe it? What an upset!

    Music blares out as Beard and Masque continue to celebrate with the crowd at ringside. The scene cuts backstage to where we see Mikey Stormrage in the parking lot. The camera watches him as he pants and looks around for any sign of Grand Mystique. Mikey notices the camera watching him and walks up to it with a hurried pace. He pulls it up to his face.

    Mikey: I know that you will see this Grand Mystique, so listen up. No more running and no more games. I want you in the damn ring at All or Nothing. Go back to your little lair and put this promo on repeat. Listen to the fury in my voice right now. I will not rest until I get my hands on you. I will not rest until I break you. It's high time that you pay the piper! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!

    Mikey Stormrage vs. Grand Mystique at All or Nothing.

    I'll be waiting for your reply.

    With that, Mikey lets go of the camera and walks away as he continues to pant with sweat pouring down his body.

    __________________________________________________ ___

    We cut backstage and we see Brent Blaze standing next to Chuck Myles.

    Blaze: Come on. Quit feeding me the scrubs. I am the only undefeated wrestler that is currently in your company. The people want me. The people need me. I am like a drug to them. The only way that they can have the best trip of their life is if you put me up against someone that last a little longer than 5 seconds.

    Myles hesitates and then addresses him.

    Myles: Fine, you want a challenge then you will get one. I will see to it that I find you opponent next week that won't "no-show" it out there against you. Now get out of my office.

    Blaze smirks as he leaves. Myles follows to close the door behind him. The camera follows him. Myles checks outside his office and notices that WZCW Superstar, Krypto, is talking to a backstage worker.

    Myles: Hey, Krypto!

    Krypto nearly jumps out of his skin from the unexpected shout towards his direction. He looks down at Myles.

    Krypto: Yes?

    Myles: I didn't give you that "pick-a-match" prize as something you can just hold onto forever. I want to know what you want by next week!

    Krypto: Next week? Are you su-

    Myles: Do it!

    With that, Myles slams the door behind him.

    The scene ends with Krypto looking befuddled.
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    We see Selena Anderson standing in the ring ready to announce the next match.

    Anderson: The foll-


    The music interrupts the introduction from Anderson who isn't too happy about being cut off nor does the crowd love the fact that its Drake Callahan coming out from behind the curtain. The crowd boo's him as he walks out wearing casual clothing, resting assure to the crowd that he isn't out here to say anything.

    Serra: What's Callahan doing out here? He is not even scheduled to appear.

    Callahan goes around ringside and heads towards the announcer's booth, greeting the two with a smile on his face. Klamor gets up and they shake hands with Drake going over to Becky who smiles politely.

    Klamor: Well, my dear, he is out here to join us in commentary and what a lovely surprise to have such a high-caliber talent help us with the next match. How are we, Mr. Callahan?

    Serra: Mr. Callahan? That's rich.

    Klamor: Show some respect to our guests, Rebecca.

    Callahan: Oh... no need to argue over my presence guys. I'm only here to observe this next contest. I have a... vested interest in it.

    As Callahan's music dies down, Selena darts a look to Callahan to see if he's done before re-starting with the announcements.

    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    The crowd delivers a mixed reaction with more boo's than cheers as Barbosa walks out onto the ramp very carefully. He is looking around at the light fixtures and checking areas of the ramp. The crowd seems a little confused at what he is doing.

    Anderson: Introducing first, from Bedlam, weighing in at 237 pounds; Barbosa!

    Serra: What on Earth is Barbosa doing?

    Klamor: Is he... is he searching for clues?

    Barbosa rolls into the ring and looks over to Callahan, shrugging his shoulders. Becky and Klamor look at Callahan who isn't looking too pleased.


    Callahan intently sits up in his chair and is now focused as the crowd cheers for the arrival of El Califa, who comes out nodding his head. He runs around the stage nodding his head to the beat, entertaining the crowd who cheer right at him back before heading down the ramp.

    Anderson: And his opponent, from Culiacan, Mexico, weighing in at 180 pounds; El Califa Dragón!

    Serra: She got his intro correct this week.

    Dragon enters the ring and heads to the second rope, taking off his robe before pointing out to the crowd. Barbosa is also intently watching Dragon's every move as he jumps down and faces his opponent. Barbosa slowly approaches Dragon, looking him up and down before circling him. Dragon has no idea what is happening as Barbosa checks him out. Barbosa doesn't look impressed at all and turns to Callahan, shaking his head, saying:

    "It's not him. It's not him."

    Callahan seems to get a little red faced.

    Callahan: How can you be so sure?! How?

    Barbosa continues shaking his head and repeats his words from before. Callahan is frustrated with Barbosa's answer that he throws the headset off and wipes his face with his hands. Dragon looks over at Callahan before looking at Barbosa. He shrugs at Dragon as the referee goes ahead and signals for the bell.

    The two men lock-up in the centre with Barbosa getting the best of Dragon, pushing him back into the ropes before whipping him across the ring. As Dragon runs at Barbosa, he lifts up the Dragon (trying to execute a move) and Dragon uses this to snap on a quick hurricanrana that sends Barbosa across the ring. Both men get up at the same time with Barbosa trying for a running knee but Dragon dodges, rolling up Barbosa in the process... 1... 2... kick-out by the surprise pin just in time. Barbosa rolls to the outside to rethink his strategy and calm down from the almost near fall attempt as the crowd boos. Dragon goes over to the ropes and hits a plancha on Barbosa on the outside. The crowd changes their tones to cheers as Dragon raises his hands up high from that plancha. We Callahan get up out of his seat and stare at Dragon who catches a glimpse of him but ignores Drake. Dragon enters the ring and begins clapping his hands, getting the crowd hyped as Barbosa recovers on the outside. Dragon rebounds off the ropes and hits the Tope Suicida on Barbosa, sending him into the announcer's desk as Dragon lands on his feet. Dragon picks up Barbosa and sends him into the ring. Callahan goes to approach but the referee tells him to back off. Dragon darts another look at Callahan before getting up on the apron. He springboards over the top rope and hits a legdrop for good measure before going for the pin... 1... 2... kick-out by Barbosa.

    Serra: Some impressive hi-flying offense to start the match but something seems to be bugging Callahan.

    Klamor: He has a sneaking suspicion that's for sure but what it is, only he knows for now.

    Barbosa crawls away to the corner and lifts himself up as Dragon gets up and follows him, allowing him to be in the corner. Dragon looks out to the crowd who cheer as Dragon begins the Violent Furry - chop after punch after chop after punch until Barbosa stumbles out of the corner, allowing the Dragon to connect with a roundhouse kick - followed by topping it off with a pinfall attempt... 1... 2... kick-out. Dragon pops up and heads to the ropes, waiting for Barbosa to get up in position. When he does, Dragon springboards off the ropes into a moonsault... Barbosa catches Dragon in mid-air and transitions it into a backbreaker! Barbosa leaves Dragon lying on his knee for a second or two to catch his breath before ending the combo with a sideslam. He pins... 1... 2... kick-out from Dragon who clutches his back. Barbosa rolls to his side and shakes his head, trying to recover from the kick to the head. He gets up before Dragon and clutches his head, holding a front facelock delivering knees to the head of Dragon. Barbosa delivers a total of five before performing a swinging neckbreaker. Another pinfall attempt... 1... 2... another kick-out by Dragon. Barbosa looks to inflict more pain on Dragon as he slaps on a reverse chinlock to keep the luchador down. Dragon does his best to try and reach for the ropes but is too far away from them to even attempt. He stays in the hold for a moment before the crowd starts cheering for the Dragon. As they get louder, Dragon feeds off the energy and does his best to get to his feet along with Barbosa. Dragon hits a couple of elbows before releasing the hold, running towards the ropes. As Dragon rebounds off and runs at his opponent, Barbosa is ready and hits the move he tried at the start of the match: an inverted Atomic drop followed by an STO by Barbosa. He covers... 1... 2... kick-out.

    Klamor: Dragon needs to do more than run around the ring if he want to mount a comeback against Barbosa.

    Serra: Maybe so but once Dragon gets speed, Barbosa won't know what to do.

    We see Callahan move away from the announcer's desk and make his presence felt at ringside, watching the match at a closer distance. Barbosa looks over at him and sees that he isn't interested in him, moreso Califa. Barbosa shakes his head as he goes over to Dragon and throws him with an overhead Sambo suplex. He goes for the cover staring at Callahan... 1... 2... kick-out by Dragon. Barbosa pushes the Dragon away from Callahan who looks up at Barbosa for a moment before turning his attention to Califa again. Barbosa is getting a little annoyed at Callahan and tells him to go away. Callahan does not budge until Barbosa stomps in front of Callahan, catching his attention. Barbosa then tells him to go away once more as Callahan backs away from the canvas and puts his hands in the air, assuring Barbosa that he is not any of his concern. Barbosa turns around and sees Dragon recovering in the corner. He approaches but Dragon defends himself by lifting both feet in the air, knocking Barbosa back. Barbosa turns around and Dragon his a dropkick to knock Barbosa down as the crowd cheers for this momentum reversal. As he recovers, Dragon ascends to the top and waits for his opponent: Top Rope Hurricanrana delivered by the Dragon to Barbosa, resulting in both men on the ground. The referee begins to count.

    Klamor: Can someone get Callahan out of here? He is distracting the competitors.

    Serra: Change of attitude towards Callahan, I see.

    Klamor: He's doing more bad than good now, Becky. I just want to watch this match.

    The referee is at a count of 6 before Dragon and Barbosa make it to their feet simultaneously. Barbosa goes for a strike but Dragon ducks, running off the ropes to hit a headscissors face plant on Barbosa, grabbing the arm of Barbosa and instead of going for an armbar, Dragon rolls through with a pin... 1... kick-out by Barbosa. Dragon is up quickly and heads to the turnbuckles, going to the second rope and leaps off to hit a tornado DDT onto Barbosa. He is down as the crowd cheers for the Dragon who appears to be setting up Barbosa for the finish. Dragon signals for the end as Barbosa gets up, running at Barbosa and going for a modified bicycle kick on Barbosa which he ducks, allowing Barbosa to quickly hit the Split Personality on the Dragon. On the outside, Callahan looks like he has seen a ghost as his eyes and mouth are wide open with him pointing his finger as he slowly walks backwards. He nods his head and continuously says that he knew it. He slides down the barricade into a sitting position, leaning on the barricade and begins laughing, telling the crowd members around him that he knew it and he isn't crazy.

    Serra: I think Callahan has lost it.

    In the ring, Barbosa is setting up for the finish of his own, hitting the Mood Stabilizer followed by the Doppelgänger with the pin... 1... 2... 3!

    The Deftones music plays throughout the arena as Barbosa picks up the victory with the referee declaring him the winner. Dragon is laid out on the canvas as Barbosa rolls out of the ring, passing by Callahan who says he told him so.

    Anderson: Here is your winner; Barbosa!

    Klamor: What in the devil is Callahan going on about? I'm starting to get worried about him.

    Serra: Johnny, he's a conspiracy theorist. This is how they all act in my experience. Kids: don't read conspiracy theories otherwise you might have to visit a psychologist.

    Callahan gets up from the ground with a new sense of hope as he walks up the ramp, telling everyone that he now knows as Dragon is starting to get up. He looks at Callahan who points at him, telling him it is over as Dragon shake his head. Callahan heads out the back as Dragon gets to his feet where the fans cheer him. He waves to the fans as he exits the ring, hands on his hips as he slowly heads to the back.


    We go backstage where Barbosa is handed a water by a backstage worker in WZCW uniform and is enjoying his drink of water in peace. However, Callahan comes from the ring area and walks past them with a huge smile on his face.

    Callahan: I told you so, Barbosa. After what he tried to do in the ring, I know now for sure. Thank you Barbosa.

    He pats Barbosa on the shoulder and disappears. As he does so, Barbosa turns to the backstage worker and twirls his finger at his head and making a "Coo-Coo" noise. The backstage worker laughs and leaves Barbosa in peace who continues drinking. However, he is about to be interrupted again as two voices are heard approaching his position. He takes a look and sees who it is, quickly moving behind a nearby curtain. As the two come closer into the frame, we see that it is Reverend Cooper and Alex Bowen from the Empire in mid-conversation.

    Cooper: ... then SHIT will be by himself, allowing us to implement a divide and conquer strategy should things get messy.

    Bowen: I doubt they have the brain-power to come and attack us. I mean, how smooth did Meltdown go when Constantine and us took out Showtime? I expected them to come then but the two idiots never showed. I don't think we have a problem.

    Cooper: You're right, friend. Let's not worry about trivial things and let's get tonight over and done with. I believe we have ourselves an interview with Kensworth.

    Bowen: I'm not a big fan of him...

    As the two walk off out of the scene, Barbosa re-appears from behind the curtain and goes in the other direction.
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    We cut backstage and see The Empire standing by with Leon Kensworth.

    Kensworth: Guys, on Meltdown it was revealed that you have aligned yourself with Constantine. I am wo-

    Cooper takes the microphone away from Kensworth and pushes him out of the camera.

    Cooper: What was the expression Bowen? "Rome wasn't built in a day?"

    Cooper checks his sources with Bowen, who nods at him.

    Cooper: Just like the Holy Roman Empire, we have been slowly rising to a position of power that has roads leading to all areas of WZCW. You see, Constantine realized at Unscripted that he was in a ring with a truly great man. A great man just like himself. That is why he left because he knew that our powers would offset and destroy the very fabric of the universe.

    Cooper pauses.

    Cooper: Yeah, we are that awesome. Now, we are group built up of three kings. The King of Mayhem (Alex Bowen), The King of Destruction (Justin Cooper), and The King for a Day, Constantine. We three kings are here to reign on the battlegrounds of WZCW.

    Cooper passes the microphone to Bowen.

    Bowen: Because we are kings, we demand a tax! We demand a gold tax. The gold that is rightfully ours. For us it is the Tag-Team Championships, and for Constantine it is the World Heavyweight Championship. All of you in the back should listen closely to these next few words: Submit to The Empire or your will wasted away along with the old remains of the past WZCW.

    Cooper takes the microphone.

    Cooper: SaboSax, we are coming for you baby!
    __________________________________________________ ___

    Anderson: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall and will determine who advances to the finals of the Battle Bowl to crown the new WZCW Tag team Champions!


    The crowd pops loudly as Saboteur and Action Saxton walks out onto the stage. They appear in good spirits, but looking a little more serious and focused than normal. The both walk together down the ramp and Saboteur high fives many of the fans along the way to the ring.

    Anderson: Introducing first, the team of Action Saxton and Saboteur!

    Saboteur claps his hands inside the ring as Saxton uses the ropes to stretch.


    The crowd boos as the team of Justin Cooper and Alex Bowen make their way onto the stage. They both point a finger to the crowd, slowly laughing and making their way over to the ring.

    Anderson: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 487 lbs, Justin Cooper and Alex Bowen, The Empire!

    Serra: Both these teams currently have their own issues they are dealing with. Saboteur and Saxton are engaged in what seems like a never ending war with The New Church, while Cooper and Bowen have made a name for themselves by temporarily putting out of action Barbosa and S.H.I.T. perhaps two of the toughest wrestlers in WZCW.

    Klamour: The team that wins tonight will be the one that can put aside the current distractions they are dealing with and focus on the prize ahead, a match for the vacated WZCW Tag Team Titles. I'm very excited to see this match.

    The bell rings and Saboteur and Cooper will start the match off for their respective teams. The two wrestlers circle each other inside the ring when Cooper lunges at Saboteur. Saboteur dodges his opponent and shuffle steps away from him rather than continue the attack. Cooper turns around and slowly approaches Saboteur. Saboteur looks quickly up the entrance ramp and shouts "Barbosa!" Cooper quickly turns around and Saboteur leaps on the back of him and applies a Sleeperhold with Body Scissors. Cooper stumbles forward trying to reach the ropes. He grabs Saboteur foot instead and breaks the body scissors. Saboteur lands on his feet still having the Sleeperhold locked in. Both men back up into the rope and Cooper is able to push Saboteur off him. Saboteur bounces off the ropes and Cooper bends over to flip his opponent. Saboteur goes low and baseball slides underneath Cooper. Cooper turns around as his opponent gets to his feet and Saboteur connects with a European uppercut. Cooper stays on his feet and Saboteur goes for an Irish Whip. Cooper reversed the move and goes for a clothesline as Saboteur comes off the ropes. Saboteur ducks the clothesline and keeps on running. Cooper turns around as Saboteur bounces off the ropes and he jumps at Cooper and hits a flying Lariat. Cooper goes down and Saboteur goes for the cover. 1... 2 Bowen runs into the ring and breaks of the pinfall attempt.

    The ref tells Bowen to leave. Bowen turns his back to the two men and Saboteur gets right to his feet and walks over to Bowen. He doesn’t quite get there as Cooper hits him from behind and knocks him to the mat. Saboteur tries to get up quickly, but Cooper keeps him grounded with three consecutive elbow drops to the back. Cooper grabs Saboteur’s arm and tags in Bowen. Cooper lifts Saboteur to his feet and hits a knee to the gut. Saboteur doubles over and Bowen quickly follows with a swinging Neckbreaker. Bowen goes for the cover. 1... Saboteur kicks out before 2.

    Serra: Saboteur had Cooper spinning in all directions early on, but some good team work by The Empire have allowed them to gain control of the match now.

    Klamour: We haven’t seen much of Cooper and Bowen as a team, except for the beat down they gave STA last week. They are the wild cards of this tournament and could very well knock off the former champions.

    Bowen grabs Saboteur by the arm and twists it around. He then lifts his arm up and drives an elbow into the shoulder of Saboteur. Saboteur holds his shoulder in pain and Bowen begins to slap the head of his opponent. Saboteur works his way up to his feet and with his free arm, throws wild slaps at Bowen to block his strikes. Bowen has seen enough and twists Saboteur’s arm again. He goes to flip Saboteur on the mat, but instead Saboteur does a perfect cartwheel towards his corner. Saboteur raises his arms and the crowd cheers as he tags in his tag team partner. Saxton straddles through the ropes into the ring and has a long stare off with Bowen.

    Serra: These two men have a lot of history against one and other, dating back to when they fought for the Mayhem Championship. This match is about to get physical.

    The two powerhouses of their teams lock up at centre. Neither man is able to move the other as they stay grappled at centre. Saxton plants his foot forward and punches Bowen back a step. Bowen’s arms open up and Saxton delivers Knife Edge Chop.


    Bowen holds his chest as Saxton goes for another Knife Edge Chop. Bowen reacts first and hits Saxton with a Bell Clap. Saxton holds his head and Bowen goes for the Bionic Elbow to follow. As Bowen raises his arm, Saxton quickly backhands him across the face, spinning him around. Bowen holds his jaw against the ropes as Saxton grabs him from behind. Saxton traps one arm and goes to hit some headbutts. He doesn’t get Bowen’s other arm trapped, and he is able to free it and punch Saxton in the face. Saxton lets go of Bowen and Bowen continues to connect solid punches on his opponent. He has Saxton staggered and spins around, going for a clothesline. Saxton ducks the move and when Bowen turns around, Saxton levels him to the mat with a Roundhouse Kick. Bowen hits the mat hard and Saxton goes for the cover. 1... 2. Cooper comes in and breaks it up. Saboteur runs to his partners aid, but this only distracts the ref allowing Cooper to get more shots in on Saxton. Saxton gets to his feet and Cooper goes to kick him. Saxton grabs the foot and delivers a Megaton Punch, knocking Cooper through the ropes and to the outside. The crowd cheers loudly.

    Serra: Saxton has cleaned house in this match and the best Tag Team of 2012 is starting 2013 looking just as good.

    Saxton turns back to face Bowen who has recovered and is on his feet. Bowen surprises Saxton and quickly hits an STO. Both men lie on the mat and Cooper hops onto the apron and quickly tags himself in.

    Klamour: But just like that though, Bowen and Cooper continue to work well as a team throw Saxton and Saboteur off their game. It appears to me that Saxton and Sabo are showing some signs of rust and them winning this match, let alone the tag team titles, is not a guarantee.

    Cooper keeps Saxton down on the mat with stomps to the leg. Saxton gets near the ropes, so Cooper drags him towards the centre of the ring. Copper grabs both of Saxton’s legs and goes for a Boston Crap. He tries to turn Saxton over, but Saxton uses his leg strength to flip Cooper onto his back. Saboteur hops around on the apron and calls his partner over for a tag. Saxton rolls over onto his feet and moves towards Cooper who is rising to his feet. Cooper surprises Saxton with a European Uppercut and follows that up with a Jawbreaker. Saxton stays on his feet and slowly turns around. Cooper runs up behind and gives Saxton a one armed Bulldog. Cooper goes for the cover. 1... 2... Saboteur breaks up the count. He tries to attack Cooper, but the ref gets in between them and pushes Saboteur back to his corner. Bowen enters the ring and him and Cooper each grab one of Saxton’s leg and slam them as far apart as they can on the mat. Before the ref turns around, Cooper and Bowen slap hands in the ring and the ref thinks a legal tag has been made as Cooper stands on the apron.

    Serra: Saxton may be one of the toughest guys on the roster, but he will not be able to take much more of this double team from Cooper and Bowen.

    Bowen grabs Saxton and slowly lifts him up to his feet. He tries to set Saxton up The End of Days Piledriver, but Saxton can barely stay on his feet long enough for Bowen to set it up. Bowen smashes a forearm across the back of Saxton and walks over to the turnbuckle. He climbs to the top and waits for Saxton to stand.

    Klamour: One Derby Shot may be all that stands between The Empire and a match for the WZCW Tag Team Titles.

    Bowen jumps off the top rope and goes for a Double Axe Handle. Saxton springs to lift and jumps up, connecting with the Black Lightning Crane Kick. Bowen had his hands in front of his face, but the result is still the same for him as both men lie down on the mat. The crowd cheers loudly as Saboteur bounces in his corner with both corners shouting at their partners.

    Serra: Black Lightning has completely turned this match around. Who will make the tag first?

    Saxton begins to move first, but at a very slow crawl. Bowen brings his hand to his head and seems to be somewhat lost in the ring. Saxton is nearly to his corner when Bowen finally rolls over towards his. Saboteur reaches his arm out and makes the tag to Saxton moments before Cooper is able to tag himself in. Cooper straddles through the ropes and Saboteur leaps onto the top rope. Saboteur turns in mid air and hits a Spinning Wheel Kick. Cooper goes down hard, but bounces right back to his feet. Cooper turns to face Saboteur who connects with two quick punches. He follows that up with a Bell Clap, followed by a Headbutt.

    Serra: More Cowbell!

    Saboteur holds his head for a second and then turns around and bounces off the ropes. He charges hard at Cooper, who is able to counter Saboteur’s attack into a Hip Toss. Saboteur holds his back as he rises to his feet. Cooper kicks him in the gut and hooks Saboteur’s head. He goes for a Fisherman’s Suplex and connects with it, setting up a bridge pin attempt. 1... 2... Saboteur kicks out. Cooper grabs Saboteur by the back of the mask and drags him to the corner. Cooper climbs up to the top rope and pulls Saboteur up to the second rope.

    Klamour: Cooper is setting Saboteur up for the Remix. This should give The Empire the victory.

    Cooper grabs Saboteur’s arms to set up the move. Saboteur break them both free and flips Cooper back into the ring. Cooper lands hard on the back of his neck and Saboteur slowly climbs to the top rope. Just as he does, the camera looks past him and we see Mason Westhoff and Derek Jacobs appearing through the crowd.

    Serra: The New Church are here. They lost tonight, they have no business being out here.

    Saboteur looks down at the two men and wonders if he should jump. Before he can make a decision, Saxton comes running along the apron and leaps at The New Church, knocking them down with a double clothesline. Saboteur nods his head towards his partner and looks back at Cooper. Saboteur flips backwards and hits Airborne Assassin! He goes for the cover. 1... 2... 3!

    Anderson: Here are you winners, Saboteur and Action Saxton!

    The ref raises Saboteur’s arm, but he has no time to celebrate. He sees his partner beginning to get overmatched by Mason and Jacobs and runs towards them. Saboteur leaps through the ropes and knocks The New Church off his partner. New Church try to make their escape through the crowd, but Saboteur and Saxton stay with them and the two teams battle through the crowd.

    Serra: What an exciting ending to a terrific match. The New Church had every intent to ruin Saxton and Saboteur’s night, but the two were able to overcome the odds and defeat Cooper and Bowen.

    Klamour: The Empire impressed me here tonight with how well they worked throughout the match. They may have lost tonight, but I see big things to come for this pair, especially with their new alliance with John Constantine.

    Bowen rolls into the ring and helps his partner to his feet. Both men don’t look pleased when some music hits that makes them less pleased.

    The crowd pops and a very focused Barbosa marches down to the ring. He slides into the ring showing no fear and as Cooper and Bowen jump him before he gets to his feet. Both men try to keep Barbosa down, but he is able to get up to his feet and starts to punch back. Barbosa continues to hold his own, even knocking Cooper and Bowen down, but eventually the numbers game begins to take its toll on Barbosa.

    Serra: As tough as Barbosa is, there is no way he can take on two men by himself. The numbers game continues to be The Empire’s strength.

    Barbosa is knocked down to the mat by clubbing blows, but still keeps trying to get back to his feet. Cooper yell at Bowen to hit End of Days on him and as Bowen goes to pick Barbosa up.


    The crowd pops even louder and Cooper and Bowen look to the entrance ramp. Shortly after, S.H.I.T. emerges on the stage and looks around at the audience. He then sets his sights straight on Cooper and Bowen and walks towards the ring. He grabs the middle rope and climbs onto the apron. Cooper and Bowen immediately attack S.H.I.T. as he straddles through the ropes. S.H.I.T. is unaffected by their attacks and pushes both men to the ground after he enters the ring. The Empire get back up slowly and S.H.I.T. continues to unload on them. Just as the finally start to over power S.H.I.T., Barbosa enters the fray and attacks Cooper while S.H.I.T. focuses on Bowen. They knock both men into the ropes and then each deliver a clothesline knocking them to the outside. The crowd cheers loudly as Barbosa circles the ring while S.H.I.T. stands in the middle and stares at The Empire.

    Klamour: I don’t believe what I have just seen. Barbosa and S.H.I.T. actually working together.

    Serra: Believe it Johnny. When two people as wicked as Cooper and Bowen try to destroy you, strange things can happen. Barbosa and S.H.I.T. are not about to go out quietly, and they showed that here tonight. From everyone here at WZCW, I’m Becky Serra, he’s Johnny Klamour, good night. Hope you all enjoyed the show.

    The Empire slowly make their way up the ramp as Barbosa and S.H.I.T. stare at them in the ring. They both look at each other and slowly nod to end the show.
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    Barbosa - Darren Bull vs. Angel & Segments
    FalKon - El Califa vs. Barbosa
    Kermit - Opening, Blaze vs. Carter, Bearded Gents vs. New Church, Segments
    Numbers - Segments
    Showtime - Saxoteur vs. The Empire

    Love these men up there and everyone else on the creative team. We hope that you guys were as pleased with week 2 as you were with week 1. Expect cards up most likely tomorrow.

    Congrats to the two semi-final winners. All or Nothing is shaping up very nicely.
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