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    Copeland: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the final Meltdown before Unscripted. And what a show we have for you tonight! In our main event, the four men remaining in the All or Nothing tournament face off in a fatal fourway match!

    Hysteria hits as the crowd cheers loudly for Gordito, who makes his way out to the top of the ramp. He poses for the crowd before making his way down the ramp and into the ring. He grabs a mic from a ringside assistant and stands in the middle of the ring as fans begin chanting his name.

    Cohen: Oh great, we get to listen to this crass idiot talk now. Just how I wanted to start Meltdown.

    Gordito lifts his mic up and is about to begin speaking when suddenly...

    Action Saxton makes his way out to the entrance ramp and the crowd nuts once again. He makes his way down to the ring and climbs the steel steps before entering. Gordito offers him the mic which Saxton gladly takes. He goes to speak when,

    Saboteur now makes his way out and runs down to the ring as the crowd cheers for him. He slides into the ring and swipes the mic from Saxton. Gordito raises an eyebrow as Saboteur is about to speak when once again, Soul of the Shadow now plays as Dragon slowly walks out to the top of the entrance ramp. He glides down the ramp and enters the ring where the other three stand. Gordito laughs to himself before grabbing a second mic from the ring side assistant.

    Gordito: I was going to come out here and just talk about the opportunity this tournament has given us all, but now that we're all here.

    Gordito walks between everyone, a serious look on his face that is suddenly replicated by the other three. Gordito suddenly cracks a smile and holds his hand out to Saboteur.

    Gordito: Good luck in the match tonight. All of you. Whoever goes on will be worthy of a World Title shot.

    Saboteur looks down at Gordito's hand and grabs hold. The two shake hands and hand shakes are shared across the board. Saboteur suddenly begins speaking into his mic.

    Saboteur: That's all fine and what not, but I'm still kicking all your asses tonight!

    Saxton: You betta watch your mouth sucka!

    Dragon doesn't speak and shakes his head, exiting the ring and making his way to the back as Saboteur and Saxton continue arguing in the ring. Gordito looks amused but he too exits the ring as Saboteur spins around to see no one behind him.

    Saboteur: Uh, so shake on it, a fair match tonight?

    Saxton: I'll see you in the ring. Action Saxton don't take trash talk lightly masked man.

    Saxton exits the ring as Saboteur stands in the ring alone.

    Copeland: Well....that was an interesting way to kick off Meltdown.

    Cohen: That's it? No blows traded? Just a handshake? What has this company come to? Where's Ty and Showtime at? At least they make these openings interesting.

    Suddenly the lights go black as the crowd boos instinctively. The lights flicker before coming back up, Ty Burna appears standing behind Saxton, poised to deliver the Consecrated Banishment. Saboteur, Black Dragon, and Gordito rush back into the ring as Ty backs away, picking up the WZCW World Heavyweight Title off the ground. He laughs maniacally as he climbs up and sits on the top turnbuckle, mic in hand.

    Ty: Since you all seem to be so pathetic and happy go lucky, I figure I would show up and deliver the Gospel of Chaos upon you all. You see it doesn't matter which one of you wins a title opportunity. After I'm done with my three opponents, whichever of you four is still standing will be crushed immediately. Gordito, I look forward to the day that I deliver the repercussions of your actions. And you..

    Ty turns towards Saboteur with a look of hatred in his eyes.

    Ty: I have not forgotten about you. Continue to brag up about your one accomplishment, it will not save you from the special place in hell I have reserved for you. You defeated me, congratulations. You have not been the first to do so. Do you really believe I would simply sit back and let you run your mouth, vomiting all over this company with your pathetic ego? You can have my winning streak for all I care Saboteur, what's most important is this.

    Ty raises the World Title into the air and the four men gaze up at it. Saboteur suddenly goes to grab Ty but Ty kicks him away, sending Saboteur into Dragon and the two crash into one another. Dragon gets up and shoves Saboteur into the corner, Saboteur responds with a right that sends Dragon into Saxton, and Saxton into Gordito. Ty laughs maniacally as he sits on the top turnbuckle as the four men suddenly begin fighting, exchanging blows as Ty continues to sit nonchalantly on the turnbuckle.

    Ty: Good, just what I want to see. Chaos breeding before our very eyes. The facade has faded, and the greed of all involved in this popularity contest has bubbled to the surface.

    The lights go off again as Ty's maniacal laughter echoes throughout the arena. The lights return and the fighting continues, Ty now gone from the turnbuckle. Saboteur knocks Dragon to the outside, and Gordito sends Saxton flying through the ropes. Saboteur and Gordito back up into the middle of the ring, bumping into each other and beginning a fierce staredown as the other two stare up into the ring as well.

    Copeland: Well the goodwill certainly ended quickly, of course with the help of Ty Burna.

    Cohen: I told you Seabass, Ty shows up and shows the true nature of everyone out there right now. This should make for a great main event now!

    Copeland: Indeed it should Jack. Coming up next we have Wasabi Toyota taking on Baez!
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    [YOUTUBE]<object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385"></embed></object>[/YOUTUBE]​

    There&#8217;s a big pop as Wasabi Toyota emerges, a grin across his face.

    Harrys: Introducing first, weighing in at 550 pounds, Wasabi Toyota!

    Toyota talks to some fans and high fives them as he goes down the ramp before getting into the ring.

    Copeland: The co-holder of the King for a Day contract will be battling for sole ownership at Unscripted!

    Cohen: He just wants the whole contract so there&#8217;s more of it to eat.


    There&#8217;s a sense of excitement and confusion as Red Mask&#8217;s music hits. The crowd pops as what appears to be Red Mask walks out onto the stage, but the crowd quickly realises that it&#8217;s Baez wearing a Red Mask costume and the crowd start booing. Baez mocks Red Mask&#8217;s mannerisms and poses as he walks towards the ring.

    Copeland: Well this is just immature...

    Cohen: I don&#8217;t know what you&#8217;re talking about. Red Mask has never looked better!

    Baez gets into the ring and poses one more time. Toyota doesn&#8217;t look impressed as the ref calls for the bell. Baez tries to get the mask off, but it won&#8217;t seem to come off again. Wasabi sighs as he looks on as the referee tries and fails to help Baez. Baez starts to panic, tugging at the mask furiously. Toyota has had enough and strides towards towards Baez. He knocks him down with a clothesline before picking him back up and nailing him with a Samoan Drop. Baez goes limp after the onslaught and Toyota drags him over to the corner and quickly hits the Banzai Drop. He sits on Baez&#8217;s chest as the referee counts the pin. 1.... 2.... 3!

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Wasabi Toyota!

    Cohen: This is a travesty! Baez clearly wasn&#8217;t ready!

    Copeland: Well, the bell had gone. And Baez&#8217;s little stunt was his undoing.

    We see K.O. in wrestling attire on the phone speaking to someone before his match with Brad Bomb.

    K.O.: I do not understand this. I thought I was doing everything perfectly. You did not speak to me about this sooner.

    Yes I understand the name of the PPV is Unscripted. It's just not what I was expecting. He has dealt with a lot of pain in recent months.

    No... I&#8217;m not questioning you. Yes... everything will be taken care of as you requested. I can assure you of that, I will not fail you.

    K.O. ends the call and starts making his way towards the ring.

    Copeland: Who was Chris K.O. talking to?

    Cohen: Maybe it will have something to do with his match.

    Copeland: I hope Bomb isn&#8217;t walking into a trap. When we come back, K.O. verse Bomb. It&#8217;s live and it&#8217;ll be next on Meltdown.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Firefly hits out from the speaker and a set of huge boos erupt around the arena as Chris K.O. walks out from the back and stops to look around at the crowd before holding his arms in a cross-like fashion before resuming down the ramp.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, weighing 212 pounds, Chris K.O.!

    Copeland: Chris K.O. is a dangerous man and is under a heavy reception from the crowd, what with this business with Everest and suspected to have some involvement with Ricky&#8217;s beatdown. He&#8217;s getting attention and, well, he likes it.

    Cohen: Chris K.O. has been causing damage on those we consider legends and he&#8217;s really excelling well. How he is not in the tournament is beyond me!

    K.O. rolls under the ropes and stops and stares around in a hawk-like motion before getting back up on both feet and extending his arms out in a cross, which once again receives nothing but boos. The atmosphere changes as some cheers come from the crowd to the sound of &#8216;Becoming the Bull&#8217; as Brad Bomb makes his way out onto the stage and points towards K.O., acting in a noble state, willing defend the honour of the veterans and do the right thing.

    Harrys: His opponent, from the United Kingdom, weighing 261 pounds, Brad Bomb!

    Copeland: Brad Bomb&#8217;s making his sure his return is not in vain and maybe he will put K.O. in his place and know how things work around here.

    Cohen: To Chris K.O., his way is the only way!

    Bomb slides under the ropes and welcomes the oncoming K.O. with an arm drag, followed by a second into an armbar, the bell sounds during this early submission attempt as we&#8217;re under way. K.O. grabs the ropes and Bomb stops applying the hold as his opponent shrugs it off and blocks a drop kick from Bomb. Bomb rolls up to his feet and receives a kick to the gut from K.O. as the Oklahoma man shoves him against the ropes in a back stretch, the referee counts, 1&#8230;&#8230;2&#8230;..3&#8230;.K.O. releases with a foot in front of Bomb and trips him up with the rebound off the ropes. He then stomps on Bomb&#8217;s left hand and follows up with a stomp on the left shoulder. Without giving Bomb time, he drags him up and then ramps him into the ring post through the ropes, causing some further damage to the left shoulder of Bomb&#8217;s.

    K.O. backs off to allow Bomb to get himself out of the ropes and then runs right back into him, sending a knee into the shoulder as Bomb holds onto it, feeling some pain driving down that arm. Bomb holds on tight to the ropes as he gets himself back up, using it as a chance to stop K.O.&#8217;s offence. But that&#8217;s short lived as K.O. charges him, but Bomb drops down and lifts K.O. over the ropes, landing on his feet on the apron. Bomb turns and hits a right to knock K.O. to the floor, which has the crowd applauding him. Bomb watches as his opponent slowly gets back up from the impact, he turns and runs at the ropes before leaping up onto the top rope and hitting a crossbody on K.O..

    Copeland: Some impressive counters here to stop K.O.&#8217;s build on the offence.

    Cohen: He&#8217;s probably caused more damage to his arm with idiotic moves like that!

    Both men gets up to their feet and Bomb goes for a strike and is successful at making contact, sending K.O. staggering back towards the ramp. K.O. staggers a bit and Bomb goes for a clothesline but K.O. ducks under it and sends Bomb over with a German suplex right onto the ramp, the crowd winches in reaction. K.O. manages to get back up with ease as Bomb is holding his shoulder again. The referee stops his ten count to check on him, but K.O. shoves him away and pulls Bomb up to receive an elbow in the face. K.O. holds his jaw as he looks unimpressed before turning into Bomb who carries him up and drops him with a sidewalk slam on the outside of the ring. Bomb pulls himself up and rubs his shoulder again before raising an arm to the crowd. He heads over to K.O. who&#8217;s on one knee, but a swift jabs allows K.O. some time and he shoves Bomb towards the ring post, hitting that right shoulder again.

    K.O. slides into the ring and waits for the referee to continue his ten count but Bomb is back up and slides in on eight, while this occurs, K.O. runs at the ropes and Bomb stays low before rolling out of the way, causing K.O. to trip and fall onto the ropes, falling back into a schoolboy by Bomb, one&#8230;..two&#8230;..K.O. rolls off the shoulders. Bomb staggers up and waves on K.O. who gets up slightly after him. He kicks K.O. in the gut and places him ready for a powerbomb, he goes to lift up K.O. but his shoulder gives out on him. He tries one more time, and somehow pulls it off, but he&#8217;s down and holds his shoulder. Both men use the ropes to get back, but Bomb tries it almost one handed. The slowness of Bomb getting up allows K.O. to sneak behind and drop him with a bulldog, he goes for the cover, pressing on the shoulder, 1&#8230;&#8230;.2&#8230;&#8230;Bomb lifts up the other.

    Cohen: You can just see how much K.O. is targeting that shoulder, like a shark that smells blood.

    Copeland: Bomb isn&#8217;t going to last much longer unless he can get his finisher in quickly!

    K.O. gets up and stands behind Bomb like a predator, stalking and waiting, knowing that the end is near. Bomb turns and K.O. grabs him arm to go the Burning Crusade, but Bomb rolls forward and uses the moment to stand behind K.O. to go to for the De-activated, but he can&#8217;t get the other shoulder locked due to the pain in his shoulder. He slaps the back of K.O.&#8217;s head for good measure and goes for it again, but K.O. grabs the arm and rolls under it and pulls Bomb down with the arm and applies the Burning Crusade. Bomb is winching in pain, refusing to give up as K.O. looks very possessed as he waits for Bomb to give in, he can feel it coming, he just knows it. The crowd are cheering Bomb on and he reaches out for the ropes, but the pain in his shoulder is too much and taps.

    Harrys: Here is your winner as a result of a submission, Chris K.O.!

    Copeland: You got to give it to Bomb, he fought valiantly. But it was that knock to the shoulder and K.O.&#8217;s wiliness to exploit that injury that got him the victory here.

    Cohen: He came, he saw, he conquered another. The list is building and K.O. is becoming unstoppable. There isn&#8217;t anyone who can stop this guy!

    K.O. rolls out from under the ropes; he doesn&#8217;t care about the referee raising his arm as he just continues up the ramp, not giving a damn to the crowd. He doesn&#8217;t even look at the damage he&#8217;s done to Bomb and just smirks on his way out. Some EMTs attend to Bomb as he still holds his shoulder. But the crowd still applaud him as he makes his way out.

    Scene moves to Chuck Myles office. He is grumbling over the Thanksgiving bonus checks he is signing for his Canadian wrestlers when Baez enters the room and drops his fake Red Mask mask on the table. Myles picks it up and speaks.

    Myles: This... needs to end now between you and Titus.

    Baez appears erratic, as if he hasn&#8217;t slept in days.

    Baez: No Chuckie, that&#8217;s where you&#8217;re wrong. It was never about me and Titus, it was about... merchandise sales. I still haven&#8217;t beaten that worthless hack of an actor yet, he was too scared to fight me. I beat that phony bologna hero you have in your hands.

    Myles: Your performance has been slipping as of late. Maybe you don&#8217;t deserve a match against a former World Champion.

    Baez: Chuckie don&#8217;t you be teasing me. I was thrown into this feud by you guys. I never even had a problem with Titus before you guys made me feud with him, but now that I feuded with him I just want to see his face filled with so much pain and shame that he will put this mask back on again, not to save lives or play make believe, but to hide himself from the world forever.

    Myles: Can&#8217;t you guys just settle this with a friendly wager. Maybe bet on Football... or Soccer.

    Baez: That Brit across the pond would have me so confused between the two I&#8217;d...

    Myles: Wait, shut up for a second, that&#8217;s it, bet something.

    Myles starts scribbling down on paper.

    Myles: I am going to grant your wish and write up a contract for a match between you and Titus at Unscripted. Now leave my office, you have been very helpful.

    Baez: Uhh, glad I could... be of help to you.

    Baez is escorted out of Myles room by security. They close the door behind him but Baez stays, pressing his ear against the door to try and hear what is being said.
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    &#8220;We are delighted to be joined by the Ratings Winner, Austin Reynolds for this next match!&#8221;

    &#8220;Speak for yourself Copeland. So you&#8217;re on babysitting duties now?&#8221;

    &#8220;Hardly Jackie boy, just hear to see my boy Ricky take down the Strongman and scout a possible opponent.&#8221;

    Lump Ya Head starts playing as Ricky Runn makes his way out to cheers from the crowd. He points out to the fans before running down to the ring and hopping onto the apron, posing for the fans as the cheer once more.

    &#8220;The following match is scheduled for one fall! On his way to the ring, from Chicago, Illinois, he is the Second City Daredevil, RICKY RUNN!!&#8221;

    &#8220;So when.....wait a minute, is this guy for real, he&#8217;s covered in pink!&#8221;

    &#8220;It&#8217;s Ricky personal and public tribute to a very close friend of his actually Cohen. I think it&#8217;s an admirable gesture myself.&#8221;

    &#8220;And his opponent, he is one half of the WZCW Tag Team Champions, the Strongman, STAN ROGERS!&#8221;

    Ricky hops over the top rope as Rogers stands his ground manfully. Ricky appears to be enthusiastic as ever as he hops around but doesn&#8217;t go too close to Rogers. Rogers offers up an arm but as soon as Ricky tries to reach for it, he shoots in and trips Ricky up onto his belly. He grabs a headlock before the youngster can react and controls him from the side. Rogers allows him to get to his knees. Ricky tries to lift him up and drop him back but Rogers slams him and down onto his back.

    See this is how a real wrestler goes about his business. Ground and pound, Runn won't know what hit him.

    Just the beginning of the match Cohen, Ricky will get his feet underneath him.

    Ricky struggles but Rogers is dominant. Ricky rolls back but wraps his legs around Rogers. The headscissors forces Rogers to release the hold and puts some distance between the two. Rogers gets to his knees and tries to press Runn off but Ricky doesn&#8217;t let go and instead flips Rogers into a hurracanrana! Rogers is on his feet quickly, Runn charges and Rogers sidesteps but Ricky jumps onto the middle rope and springs himself towards Ricky crashing into him with a huge dropkick! Ricky waits for Rogers to get up and hits a stiff running knee to the face. Cover! 1....2.....Rogers kicks out!

    Ricky rolls out of the ring and looks to hit a springboard move. As he is up in the air, Rogers puts a boot up and Ricky&#8217;s stomach lands on it. Rogers moves as quickly as possible to pounce on it. He immediately wraps a vice-like grip around Ricky&#8217;s chest. Runn struggles and is able to break it up by barely reaching the ropes. Rogers refusing to break his grip and instead quickly pulls away from the ropes. He shifts into a front facelock before lifting Ricky up and holding him in the air, seemingly with a minimum of effort. Runn waggles his feet in the air and tries to move but Rogers simply slams him down to the mat and goes for a cover, 1.....2.....Ricky kicks out. Stan goes to pick up Ricky but Runn fights him off with punches to the head. Stan brushes that off and whips him to the ropes, Ricky tries to flip and catch him with a DDT but he turns his back to Rogers who in turns grabs him and falls backwards to catch Ricky in a stiff and painful looking German suplex! Rogers crawls around to make a cover! 1...2....Ricky kicks out again!

    Ricky was on a roll until that boot to the stomach. Rogers is now back in control and punishing the young high flier.

    What good are those high flying moves? Tell me Reynolds, why don't you teach Ricky something worthwhile other than those flashy moves?

    He'll figure it out soon Cohen. He has all the talent in the world, he just needs to focus that ability like I had to when I was younger.

    Stan tries to lock in the abdominal stretch while Ricky is grounded. He resists so Rogers pounds on him some more. He goes to whip Runn into the corner but Ricky reverses it and when Rogers come back, he manages to hit a spine buster! Ricky goes for a cover, 1.....2.....Rogers kicks out!

    Ricky points to Austin at ringside and signals that he wants to end it. He goes behind Rogers and tries to hit the Ricky Runndown but Rogers blocks the move with a mule kick. He tries to go for his own finisher, the Powerbomb, but as `Rogers lifts him, Ricky falls behind him and counters into a victory roll!! 1....2....Rogers kicks out barely!

    Rogers gets up and Ricky hits a perfect dropkick that send Stan into the corner. As Rogers recoils from the impact, Ricky hits another kick that knocks him down. Ricky then goes up top and goes for R&R but Rogers lunges and manages to hit the ropes. Ricky is crotched and helpless. Stan gathers himself and roughly pulls Ricky from the ropes. He drags him away and locks in the Abdominal Stretch! Ricky is desperately flailing but Stan has him tied up and positioned right in the middle of the ring.

    Rogers has the Abdominal Stretch locked in tight! Ricky has nowhere to go.

    Back to the drawing board Reynolds! Maybe you should find yourself a better partner.

    Austin leaves his position at the commentary booth and limps to the ring apron. He shouts to Ricky and then to the ref. The official checks Ricky again and it&#8217;s then that he signals for the match to be ended. Stan has to be pulled forcefully off and away from Ricky.

    &#8220;Your winner by submission, Stan Rogers!&#8221;

    Rogers stares down at Ricky until the ref raises his arm and hands him back his WZCW Tag Team Title. He drapes it over his shoulder and exits the ring as Reynolds slides into the ring gingerly to check on Ricky. Rogers walks backwards up the ramp before lifting his Tag Team Title high into the air, eliciting a mixed reaction from the crowd.

    Rogers with a definitive victory this evening. How will Reynolds and Runn recover from this loss?

    They're not getting a Tag Team Title shot any time soon I can tell you that!
    We go backstage where Blade is walking through the hallway, the Eurasian Title draped across his shoulder.

    Blade: Hammond! Let's go our match is up next!

    Blade's call out is not returned. He checks into Hammond's locker room, with no sign of the Englishmen. He shrugs his shoulders as he starts walking towards the entrance area.

    Blade: He'll come around to my way of thinking sooner than later.

    We fade to commercial as Blade turns the corner.
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    Harrys: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall!


    The crowd does not look pleased and boos for the newly formed tag team of Stark and Susumu as they walk out with Hiraku in front. They walk down the ramp with Stark brushing past Susumu, forcing both men to keep an eye on each other as they hit the ring.

    Harrys: Introducing first, at a combined weight of 385 pounds, Alexander Stark and Hiraku Susumu... MIND OVER MATTER!

    Cohen: I'm excited that these two decided to make it official. These men are a force to be reckoned with considering what they did to a legend like Titus.

    Copeland: You make it sound like they're married, Jack. Anyway, they took advantage of the handicap situation and no doubt they'll be looking to win via underhanded tactics.

    Stark has overheard what Cohen has said and just glares at him with Jack trying to break eye contact. Susumu turns his partner around and tells him to focus on the match as...


    Most of the crowd cheers loudly with some boos from certain groups as Hammond enters the arena and raises his hand high in the air before heading down to the ring.

    Harrys: And their opponents, first, from London, England, weighing in at 275 pounds... SCOTT HAMMOND!

    Hammond gets to ringside and hesitates to get in, thinking about waiting for his partner before entering the ring. However, he decides to use the steps and wait on the apron as Stark and Susumu stand their ground.


    The crowd gives off a mixed reaction as Blade makes his presence felt by raising his championship high as soon as he passes through the curtain. He makes his way down the ramp as the song kicks in and lowers his championship, encouraging on Hammond and pretending to be his best friend.

    Harrys: And his tag team partner, from Dublin, Ireland, weighing in at 235 pounds, he is the current WZCW EurAsian Championship... BLADE!

    Copeland: Something doesn't seem right here with Blade. He is still continuing this tirade to get Hammond in his pocket.

    Cohen: How dare you, Seabass! Blade genuinely wants to form an alliance with Hammond that would be mutually beneficial for both parties. Nothing wrong with joining forces to get further in this company: that's why tag team wrestling is so important in this company.

    Copeland: I won't argue with you there but this situation smells a little fishy.

    Stark has opted to start off the match with Susumu on the apron reminding him to concentrate on the task at hand. Hammond has not moved from the apron as Blade, who is in the ring, tries to convince that he is on his side. Blade offers his hand to Hammond for a sign of peace but Hammond doesn't shake. Blade shrugs it off with a smile and tells Hammond "it's for the best". The referee takes the belt off Blade and gives it to a ringside hand before signalling for the bell.

    Stark gets into the middle of the ring ready to go as Blade scopes out his opponent first by walking a circle around him. He shakes his head at Stark and tells him he isn't worth his time, turning his back on him. Stark doesn't take too kindly to that gesture and goes after Blade who turns around and attempts to clothesline Stark. He dodges the attack and hits a gamengiri kick to the side of Blade's head, stunning momentarily to allow Stark to hit a couple of European uppercuts before whipping Blade across the ring. Stark lifts up Blade and delivers a backbreaker, hitting a couple of elbow strikes before letting Blade land on the canvas. Stark immediately goes for the cover... 1... kick-out by Blade. As he tries getting up, Stark uses some stiff kicks to deliver some quick damage before assisting Blade to his feet and sets up for a spinning heel kick. Blade grabs the leg of Stark and hits him with a modified enzuigiri, this time stunning Stark. Blade uses this opportunity to hit some uppercuts of his own and goes to whip Stark across the ring. However, Blade holds on to Stark's hand and whips him into his direction and lands a backbreaker of his own. Instead of letting Stark drop, Blade gets Stark to his feet before dropping him with a DDT close to his corner and applying a guillotine choke. Blade extends his hand out to Hammond for the tag with a smile but Hammond is reluctant about getting into the ring. With Stark being very familiar with a guillotine choke, he manages to escape quite easily to Blade's surprise and uses it to quickly get across the ring and tag in Susumu. Blade desperately gets up and tries to stop Susumu in his tracks but he is already in the ring and drop toe holds Blade to the mat, followed by a sliding kick from the ropes. He goes for the cover on Blade... 1... 2... kick-out.

    Copeland: Hammond is going with his instincts and doesn't seem to be trusting Blade.

    Cohen: Well his "trust issues" seem to be costing him the match here, Seabass.

    Copeland: I don't think Hammond cares about this match to be honest. He's trying not to succumb to Blade's mind games.

    Susumu has wrenched the arm of Blade and continues to put pressure on him. Blade tries to find a way out of the hold but Susumu is quick to transition the wrench into the Sukui (Kimura lock) with Blade trying to resist screaming out in pain to give his opponent a mental edge. He eventually makes it to the ropes but Susumu doesn't let go and yanks Blade off the ropes, still with arm wrenched. He forces Blade into his corner and hits a couple of knee strikes before tagging in Stark who gets into the center of the ring. Susumu whips Blade into Stark who gets Blade up for a Samoan drop. Susumu hits a swinging neckbreaker on Blade as Stark drives Blade into the ground. Stark holds on for the bridge and goes for the cover as Susumu gets back on the apron... 1... 2... kick-out by Blade. Stark doesn't look pleased at the ref's count and goes to pick up Blade. He fights out of the predicament and crawls towards Hammond for help who is starting to look concerned for Blade but Stark drags Blade back to their area and stomps him in the face. Stark picks up Blade and hits the stun gun flapjack before tagging in Susumu. Stark gets Blade in position and the two perform a double Russian legsweep with Susumu locking in the Octopus stretch. Stark gets on the apron as Susumu keeps the pressure tight, eventually causing Blade to scream in pain. He does not let up though and does his very best to push his body to the ropes once again, this time Susumu breaking the hold and leaving Blade near the apron before going over and stomping on Blade multiple times. The referee does his best to pull Susumu off but is unable, which prompts Hammond to enter the ring and go after Susumu but the ref interrupts him and tells him to get back on the apron. Hammond argues as Susumu smiles at what he's done and slowly picks up Blade as Hammond eventually gets on the apron. Susumu smirks at Blade and drops him with a dropkick. He goes for the cover... 1... 2... Hammond interrupts the count to a cheering audience as Susumu complains to the referee.

    Cohen: Ah... so Hammond does have a heart. He's warming up to Blade.

    Copeland: He's doing what anyone would do when their tag team partner is being toyed around with.

    Hammond gets back on the apron and starts to give Blade encouragement as Susumu cockily kicks the head of Blade back down as he tries getting up. Susumu sets up Blade and runs off the ropes, getting a spinning headscissors in motion until Blade transitions it into a 180 spinebuster with a thunderous impact. Susumu clutches his back as Blade is out on the mat and tries recovering. Hammond yells at Blade to come to his corner as Susumu begins getting up. Before Blade can make any distance, Susumu grabs the leg of Blade and pulls him to the middle of the ring, picking him up. He kicks him in the mid-section and goes for a brainbuster but Blade blocks the attempt multiple times and twists it into a belly to belly piledriver attempt. Susumu counters with a quick adjustment into a headscissors, sending Blade to the ropes where he ends up leaning against the second rope. Susumu recovers and runs at Blade looking for his finishing Kami no Tettsui (Spear) but Blade dodges the attack and hits a German suplex on Susumu. Both men are out in the center of the ring as they try to crawl to their respective partners. Hammond gets the crowd going in a wild frenzy as he begs for the tag. Susumu gets to his partner first and tags in Stark whilst Blade is very close to Hammond. Before he could make the tag, Stark knocks Hammond to the floor and picks up Blade to go for the IQ Drop but Blade hits the Blade Runner out of nowhere, knocking Stark down. Hammond recovers and climbs up on the apron calling for the tag. Blade turns around wearily and hesitates for the tag... but he eventually slaps the hand of Hammond and the crowd goes wild in a frenzy as he enters the ring with Stark still recovering. Susumu jumps in to stop Hammond but he hits him with a snap suplex. He sees Stark recovered and drops him with a snap suplex. Susumu is back up and goes for a wild swing but Hammond catches Susumu and drops him with a T-Bone suplex. Stark takes out Hammond from behind, sending him to his knees. He hits some kicks on Hammond before he pushes Stark away. Stark runs at him but Hammond lifts Stark up high to the cheering audience.

    Copeland: Look at the strength Hammond is showcasing.

    Cohen: You'd have that much strength too if you saw your partner be destroyed with you not being able to do much about it.

    Hammond military presses Stark to the canvas who clutches his chest from the impact. He goes for the cover on Stark... 1... 2... Susumu interrupts the pin and he hits Hammond with quick strikes to keep him down. Stark does his best to recover and joins in on the fight with both of them picking Hammond apart like savage dogs. Susumu picks up Hammond and positions him on his knees as Stark yells at him to his face and hits a low savate kick to his face. Susumu runs off the ropes to complete the Mind Altering Experience but out of nowhere Blade hits a thunderous clothesline to Susumu with Blade dropping to his knees. The crowd cheers as Blade gets up and dodges Stark's wild attack and clutches the throat of Stark... Chokeslam to the ground. Blade checks on Hammond and asks him if he is okay before seeing out of the corner of his eye Susumu charging at him. He moves back and anticipates the strike to allow both men to go over the top rope and crashing to the floor. Hammond shakes off the kick to the head and sees Stark trying to recover. Hammond picks up Stark who breaks free of his grip. He tries grabbing Hammond but he reverses it into a Full Nelson Slam. He looks around the arena and sees the fans cheering as he calls for the turnbuckles. He climbs to the top rope and dives off looking for a headbutt but Stark rolls out of the way just in time. Both men lay out in the center of the ring as the ref starts the count. The action on the outside continues as Blade goes to put away Susumu but he pushes him into the steel steps, with Blades head smacking against the steel hard.

    Copeland: That was a rough shot.

    Cohen: All's far in love and tag team warfare.

    Hammond is up and sets up Stark for London's Calling but Stark uses his knees to kick Hammond in the head, allowing him to drop Stark down. Stark grabs the referee and distracts him on his way down as Susumu gets into the ring and spears Hammond with the Kami no Tettsui and quickly rolls out of the ring. Stark sees this opportunity and locks in his own guillotine choke. Hammond tries to overpower Stark out of the hold but the pressure is too tight and has no choice but to tap out.

    The crowd boos loudly as the referee rings for the bell and forces Stark to release the hold. M.O.M.'s music plays as Stark holds his hand high in the air and gets up to his feet. Susumu enters the ring and assist Stark to his feet with both men still a little iffy on each other. Stark and Susumu nod at each other and raise their arms separately in the air.

    Harrys: Here are your winners... MIND OVER MATTER!

    Copeland: That split second moment where Stark distracted the ref allowed Susumu to do the damage and sneak their way into a victory.

    Cohen: It's how you utilise your tag partner. It's classic team strategy and Hammond would of won this match if he got that through his head. Blade was there to help and he didn't realise this until the end.

    Copeland: He didn't know what to make of the situation considering Blade is a master of mind games.

    M.O.M. exits the ring with another victory in the books and leave up the ramp with both men standing a far distance away from each other. They exit the arena to a series of boos before Blade gets into the ring standing over Hammond, shaking his head. The crowd anticipates something wrong to happen but instead, Blade helps Hammond get to his feet and gives him an applause for his efforts. The fans and Hammond are confused but audience members clap out of appreciation. Hammond clutches his head as Blade goes over to grab a microphone and talks with Hammond.

    Blade: See what I mean... when I say... that the rookies... are trying to take over this company? Chris KO... James King... These kids who are trying to make names for themselves... We have already made names for ourselves... And all we need to take over this whole company is our combined skill. I felt it, you were resisting allying yourself with me fully and my philoshophy for this whole match, and we lost because of it.

    The speech interestingly elicits a more positive than negative response by the fans. Hammond is still trying to catch his breath and listens intently to Blade who is about to continue as soon as he grabs his title.

    We can't keep going back and forth in a petty stalemate feud over this championship whilst undeserving rookies like Saboteur get the opportunities that are long overdue for us. So it'd be pointless for the two of us to have a match against each other at Unscripted for the title.

    This time, the crowd boo's at the idea with Hammond becoming quite agitated at what Blade just said. Blade does his best to keep Hammond cool.

    Just hear me out Hammond. I met up with Myles to discuss possibilities for the EurAsian championship match at Unscripted and I had an idea. Since another match between you and I would be pointless, I put forth that we have the fans vote who should be my opponent. These men would consist of whoever has been eliminated from the All or Nothing Tournament: whoever loses the Fatal Four Way tonight; the Internet Warrior...

    A nice reaction for the mention. Blade hesitates before saying the last name.

    ... and Chris Beckford.

    The crowd cheers loudly at the name drop. Hammond isn't impressive however and questions' what he is doing for Unscripted. Blade smiles at him and puts his hand on his shoulder.

    Now, I did give you the week off so you could think about my offer and make a decision tonight... I don't want your answer to be in words. I want it to be with actions... so that's why at Unscripted, you have been assigned the special guest referee of the match. Scott Hammond... my destiny is in your hands... you have the power Scott... so choose wisely!

    Blade smiles as he makes his way out of the ring and leaves the microphone on the apron. His music hits as he holds his championship up high, leaving Hammond in the ring confused at what to think. Blade smiles as he walks up the ramp, telling Hammond he'll see him at Unscripted.

    Copeland: I knew it! Blade doesn't want to face Hammond after their last encounter because he fears that he is close to capturing his championship.

    Cohen: Didn't you hear a word Blade said? He doesn't care about this feud! All he cares about is the well-being of Hammond and how both of them are being treated in this company.

    Copeland: I never believe a word that Blade says. He twists his words and actions to get his way in the end. Nothing good can come from this.

    Cohen: You're being paranoid, Seabass. Blade always has good intentions. You will see come Unscripted.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Showtime makes his way out to the top of the ramp as gold pyro goes off on the corners of the stage. The boos immediately reach a deafening pitch as Showtime walks down the ramp, holding his WZCW Tag Team Title high into the air. He drapes the title over his shoulder as he walks up the steel steps and enters the ring, holding the title up once more.

    Harrys: Introducing first, weighing in at 213 lbs, Showtime David Cougar!

    The crowd begins cheering in anticipation for Everest. The music plays throughout the arena but still no sign of Everest. The crowd begins buzzing as the music stops. Showtime leans against the turnbuckle and holds his hands up and yells at the ref. Everest's music hits once more and the crowd cheers once again, ready for his arrival. The music cuts out and the tron kicks on. Chris K.O. and James King are shown stomping away on Everest in the back. The crowd boos as K.O. lifts Everest up and tosses him back first into a steel container. Everest crumbles to the ground as King and K.O. stand over him.

    K.O.: It's time to go on the shelf Everest! We don't need people like you and Steamboat Ricky taking spots away from us that deserve to be featured. We should be the ones getting all the attention, not you.

    K.O. slams his foot into the face of Everest as King just stares down at him.

    King: I would suggest finding a partner Everest. And don't count on it being Ricky, after Ascension he's going to that retirement home Baller set up for him.

    King drops down and gets right in Everest's face as Everest tries to pull himself up.

    King: And at Unscripted, we're finishing what we started.

    King shoves Everest's head into the steel container again and the two assailants walk down the hall as referees and the medical team quickly rush to check on Everest.

    Copeland: That was disgusting. What was the point in all this? K.O. has beaten Everest already, what else does he have to prove. And why is King following him?

    Cohen: That was what we call taking hold of the situation. They're not getting anything handed to them by WZCW management so they're going to make their own opportunities.

    Meanwhile back in the ring, Showtime stands in the ring with his title belt and holding a microphone.

    Showtime: Ladies and Gentleman, your winner as a result of his opponent’s ass being kicked and beaten down before even making it to the ring... Showtime David Cougar. And a round of applause as well for Chris K.O. and James King. You boys just might have a future in this business.

    So... I beat Everest. Clearly... I am ready to return back to singles competition... and this belt... I bid sweet fairw-

    "Ride of the Valkyries" cuts in and Stan Rogers appears on the stage with his Tag Team Title belt. The audience cheers as Stan makes his way to the ring, occasionally waving at the crowd. He climbs up into the ring and grabs a mic.

    Rogers: Champ... good to see ya again. I see you’re putting all these folks here to sleep again tonight. Maybe they want to see less talk coming out of your hole and more boots being put up your other one.

    Showtime: A comedian. Good lord I didn’t realize I was teaming up with a funny man. Joking aside Rogers, you’re stepping into a dangerous circle here. I might have to take that belt back from you again.

    Rogers: Try it.

    Rogers takes the belt off his shoulder and holds it high above his head. Showtime looks up at it, knowing Rogers wants to see Showtime try and grab it.

    Showtime: Funny, funny. Are you trying to intimidate me rookie?

    Roger: No... I came out here to congradulate you on your “victory”. I myself was also victorious here tonight. I made Ricky Runn tap out. Tell me Champ... how’d you get your win?

    The two look about ready to square off when “Falling On” hits and Chuck Myles appears on the stage.

    Myles: That’s enough you two, that’s enough. The Tag Team division has had a huge increase in interest that hasn’t been seen for close to a year now so I am not going to let my two Tag Team Champions bicker and argue and fight like a couple of school yard boys.

    Rogers playfully pushes Showtime, to which Showtime pushes back.

    Myles: I said that’s enough gentleman. And Showtime... if you think you are going to just walk away from this team you are sadly mistaken. If I ever hear you talk about dropping that belt I will suspend your ass.

    Now there was a very good reason why I came out here and I’m glad your both here cause it has to do with your guys match at Unscripted. Now Showtime... I know few people are better at preparing for a match than you so I wanted to make sure you guys had an interesting twist in your match. You will be fighting... one team. But who that team is you won’t find out until Unscripted. The fans... your viewers Showtime, are going to decide Stantimes fate and vote for three possible teams. The three options are the team of Runn Reynolds Runn in a Captains Elimination Match. The fast rising team of Alexander Stark and Hiraku Susumu, Mind Over Matter, in a Normal Tag Team Match. Or a mystery team to be revealed at Unscripted in a Tables Match.

    The crowd cheers and Showtime is furious inside the ring. He is against the ropes and yelling out his complaints to Myles. Rogers comes from behind and jokingly puts an arm around Showtime in support. Showtime removes the arm and quickly leaves the ring storming up the stage ramp.
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a fatal fourway match!

    The crowd cheers, but it&#8217;s dwarfed by the roar that erupts when Hysteria by Muse hits.

    Harrys: Introducing the participants; First, from San Francisco California, weighing 252 pounds; GORDITO!

    Gordito emerges from behind the curtain and looks incredibly focused and driven. At the same time though, he interacts with the fans, acknowledging their support.

    Copeland: Gordito survived elimination last week, but the question is, can he do it two weeks in a row?

    Cohen: Let&#8217;s see, he&#8217;s a veteran, he&#8217;s actually wrestled for the heavyweight championship before, and he&#8217;s won a tournament for that right. I think it&#8217;s safe to say he knows how to survive and get it done.

    As Gordito enters, Tank hits and the shrieks of the women blister the ears of all.

    Harrys: Coming down the aisle, from Wherever He Damn Pleases, weighing in at 270 pounds; ACTION SAXTON!

    Saxton walks to the ring focused on this match and ready to punch anyone, even Gordito, in the throat if need be.

    Cohen: This is the guy who should be going down here. This guy lost to that sociopath Alex Bowen...TWICE!

    Copeland: But he did win his triple threat and survived elimination last week.

    Cohen: Bah, it matters not. He wasn&#8217;t even here over the last week. He&#8217;s gone tonight. I&#8217;m calling it right now.

    As Saxton rips his shirt off, the opening of Sabotage hits to a great reaction. Saboteur launches himself from behind the curtain and rolls forward onto the stage. Crouched, he sticks his head up to look around the arena and nods as he feels the adrenaline kick in.

    Cohen: Wait...maybe I want to change who I thinks&#8217; going home.

    Harrys: Next, weighing 198 pounds; SABOUTEUR!

    Copeland: Saboteur is on an absolute roll here in WZCW. He&#8217;s defeated the world heavyweight champion--

    Cohen: Let me just stop you there. How many times must we hear about that lucky, fluke victory?

    Copeland: Well I&#8217;m just pointing out that Saboteur is not someone to be--

    Cohen: --taken lightly? Why would they? He&#8217;s going to be the focus of much of the others attention in my opinion, and to be frank, that&#8217;s what matters.

    With all the bickering that&#8217;s going on at ringside, we fail to see that Saboteur has in fact gotten into the ring just as the lights go out. The cheers from Saboteur&#8217;s entrance continue as Soul of the Shadow kicks in. Black Dragon casts his cigarette aside.

    Harrys: And finally, from Blue Diamond Nevada, weighing 180 pounds; BLACK DRAGON!

    Cohen: Another man I have faith in. I can see it right now; Gordito vs. Black Dragon for the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender.

    Copeland: You know Jack, you&#8217;re not exactly popular and seeing as this entire thing is based on voting, perhaps you should try not to cheer too loudly?

    That shuts Cohen up for a moment or two as Dragon enters the ring. With all four men stood in corners, the referee rings the bell and we&#8217;re off. The Black Dragon appears cautious as Saxton and Saboteur lunge at each other, preparing for a titanic struggle while Gordito lurks in the corner, looking to pick a moment perhaps. This catches the Dragon&#8217;s eye and he runs across the ring and looks to execute a flying forearm, but Gordito has sensed it and ducks. Dragon whiplashes off of the ropes and Gordito takes him to the outside with a cactus clothesline. Elsewhere, Saxton&#8217;s raw strength is winning him a battle with Saboteur and he delivers a vicious backhanded slap, but it only serves to set up the signature move of Saboteur; GOOOOOOOAL! Saboteur into the cover. 1...2...KICK-OUT! Saxton&#8217;s raw power allows him to throw Saboteur off of him.

    On the outside, Gordito has worked his way to the apron and he drops a big double axe handle. He looks to take Dragon out of the match quickly with the Meteor of War on the outside, but the masked man blocks it. Gordito attempts it a second time, but only to produce the same result. Dragon hits a few kicks to Gordito&#8217;s ribs, loosening his grip, and follows up with a snap suplex. Back in the ring, Saboteur is using his legs/feet while Saxton uses his hands and massive arms in a battle for physical dominance. Saboteur throws a roundhouse kick Saxton&#8217;s way, but the African-American blocks and follows up with a Megaton Punch attempt. Saboteur however has used his incredible agility to lift himself over Saxton while he was throwing the punch. He nails a double-leg takedown, but before he can unleash follow up punches, Saxton has the hands grabbed. Action now traps both of Saboteur&#8217;s arms and unleashes a number of head butts, surely scrambling Saboteur&#8217;s already mangled mind.

    Cohen: I...I&#8217;m not sure who to route for.

    Copeland: Well I think it&#8217;s safe to say the crowd is 50/50 as this incredible exhibition of speed and power continues.

    Saxton is how to his feet as Saboteur clutches his face in pain. Saxton however cannot stand tall for long as a big roundhouse kick comes his way courtesy of Black Dragon, who has re-entered the ring. The move stuns Saxton momentarily, who is now on one knee, as Dragon follows up with a rolling snapmare into a soccer kick. 1...2...BREAK-UP! Gordito has made the save thanks to a big elbow drop from the top. He rolls into the cover on Dragon. 1...2...BREAK-UP! Saboteur with the save this time thanks to a splash. He goes for the cover on Gordito. 1...2...BREAK-UP! It&#8217;s nearly come full circle as Saxton breaks the pin attempt up with an elbow drop. The 270 pounder proceeds to lift Saboteur off his feet and slam him down hard with a Kung Fu Kick! Before he can follow up though, Dragon nails a stiff lariat to knock Saxton down into a corner. Dragon now wants to finish this one and picks Saboteur to be his victim, placing him in position for Darkness Falls. Before he can do anything though, Gordito is in from behind with a chop block. He notices that Saxton is down in the corner and decides to go for a Branco Buster!

    Cohen: Whoever invented that move needs to be shot. It just doesn&#8217;t do anything.

    Copeland: Perhaps not physically, but a man&#8217;s man like Saxton may have been mentally affected.

    Cohen: ...You may actually be onto something Seabass.

    Just as Cohen and Copeland shockingly agree, Saxton indeed starts to freak out. He clutches his face in absolute horror. He exits the ring and looks for a bottle of water. However, as he finally grabs the bottle, he looks up to see Super Saboteur! Both Saboteur and Saxton crash hard into the timekeepers table and it&#8217;s hard to tell who took the brunt of the force on that one. Saboteur&#8217;s spine hit the table hard while Saxton&#8217;s ribs are quite possibly damaged as he fell through the table and on top of the steel ring bell. It would appear both are out of the equation. Gordito is pleased to see that it&#8217;s down to one-on-one. But, he turns into a roll-up! 1...2...KICK-OUT! Gordito is stunned momentarily. Both men are up, but are quickly down again as Dragon delivers a sleeper slam. 1...2...KICK-OUT! Gordito fights out once more, but it could all be over as Dragon signals for Darkness Falls for a second time. He sets it up, but Gordito bounces his elbow off of Dragon&#8217;s skull not once, but twice. The tide further turns in his favour with a European uppercut. He kicks Dragon in the midsection and hits the Meteor of War! 1...2...3!

    Harrys: Here is your winner; GORDITO!

    Gordito celebrates his win with two hands raised in victory. Saboteur and Saxton are being seen to by some medical staff. Saxton is shoving them off of him despite his obvious discomfort and it would seem Saboteur is doing the same. Gordito leans against the ropes to watch as Saboteur and Saxton resume their fight from earlier and clash on the outside, the medical staff and referees now acting to stop a melee from breaking out. Falling On hits, signalling the arrival of Chuck Myles.

    Myles: Gentlemen, GENTLEMEN! Cease this madness!

    Saxton and Saboteur stop briefly though Saboteur does try to throw one more fist.

    Myles: Thank you. As you know, the second week of polling took place to see who should progress onto the final round of voting. I&#8217;m here to deliver the results of course.

    Saboteur, Saxton Gordito, Dragon, who has now started to pick himself up off the mat, and the entire arena hang on Myles&#8217; words.

    Myles: First and foremost, Gordito, you both won the match and the poll, so congratulations; you are through to the final round.

    There is a large cheer from the audience at this news and Gordito nods with approval, though the other three are now wary that any of them could possibly go.

    Myles: As for the rest of you, there was very little in it. Let&#8217;s take a look at the results:

    Saxton grins with satisfaction, Saboteur is a little worried to not be top, but revealed to be through and Dragon is angered. He hits the mat out of frustration. Myles begins to talk once more.

    Myles: Unfortunately for Black Dragon, he&#8217;s been eliminated and as such he no longer has an opportunity to compete in the tournament.

    Dragon slides out of the ring, upset with this announcement as a large portion of the fans voice their disapproval, though many are satisfied with the result at the same time.

    Myles: The rest of you however now will be in contention for a #1 contenders match at Unscripted. Once more this will be decided by voting of who you wish to advance. Congratulations gentlemen.

    Falling On hits again and Myles leaves as the three potential future World Champions stare each other down.

    Cohen: So Black Dragon is out of the competition and Mr. Blaxploitation and the superhero wannabe are still in the running. Disgraceful.

    Copeland: That&#8217;s how the people voted Jack, there&#8217;s nothing we can do about it. And with that, we close yet another edition of WZCW Meltdown. We hope you&#8217;ve enjoyed this week&#8217;s show. Good night from Jack Cohen, myself and all of WZCW.

    We cut to one more close-up of Gordito who holds his arms up in victory before we fade to black.
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    Who wrote what:

    Funkay - Gordito/Saboteur/Saxton/Dragon
    Numbers - Ricky Runn vs. Stan Rogers
    Falkon - Blade/Hammond vs. Mind Over Matter
    Phoenix - K.O. vs. Brad Bomb
    Blade - Wasabi Toyota vs. Baez
    Showtime - Backstage
    Ty - Everest vs. Showtime, Opening, Backstage

    Rep these guys, show them love, pay for my alcohol this evening, oh and drop a review if you got time.
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