A Patriotic Statement from the One and Only

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    (A dark room is shown, with a British flag barely visible in the background. The room is filthy, with fast food rubbish littering the floor, and dust collecting on the wooden floor. It is quite cramped, with posters of Football players collecting all around the room, and even a picture of the Queen with the words ‘Long Live Liz” on it. The camera moves to a dark figure, standing in front of a small television. The figure is shaking his head, as the camera moves to show that a soft-core porn show is on the TV. With a cry of disgust, the TV is turned off and the remote dropped to the floor, smashing it. The figure turns around and looks around at the room, shaking his head in revulsion. He turns to face the camera, as his face comes into view, and it is shown that it is “the One and Only” Downward Spiral in the room. The crowd gives no reaction, in puzzlement at why he is there. Spiral is wearing a red and black polo shirt, unbuttoned until a quarter of the way down. He is wearing dark jeans with a chain on the pocket, and shiny black shoes. The camera closes in on his face, revealing a small smirk, as he begins to talk.)

    “Let me introduce myself to all you people. My name, is Downward Spiral, and I am the One and Only. That name may not ring any bells for anyone, but I can assure every single one of you that my name will be echoing in the ears of every single one of my opponents in my time here. If you think you have seen greatness in your lifetime, think again, because I have hit the scene."

    (Spiral stares around the room with his nose screwed, before gesturing to the British flag.)

    “The British life…people across the world ponder exactly what this is everyday. Is it like we see in those boring, melodramatic British sitcoms, that most people are simple, middleclass citizens, that have canned laughter showcased in every thing they say? Is it like what Tony Blair seems to spout out at every press conference; that England is built on freedom? Freedom to say what they want and believe what they believe, and to do what they want? Or is the British life a life of piggery, obesity, stupidness and bigotry? I took one step inside the ‘typical’ British home (gestures around the room) and found that the British, are exactly that. They are all nothing more than a bunch of fat, arrogant morons, who enjoy putting themselves on their self appointed throne above everyone else in this world. They are the biggest bunch of disrespectful people this world has ever seen, and tonight, I, Downward Spiral, WZCW’s One and Only Superstar, is going to present the truth.”

    (Spiral turns around and picks up a British porn magazine in his hands, before ripping it to shreds, and saying ‘disgusting pigs’. He turns back to face the camera with a fierce look on his face)

    “I come from THE greatest country in the world, and the country that IS everyone’s rightful superior…Australia. If you ever doubt that, take a look at me…I am 100% pure Australian, and I am 100% talent, which means I am simply better than you. And don’t get me wrong, I despise Americans as much as the British, but rather than expose the disgusting truths about exactly how both these pathetic civilisations live, I’ll concentrate on the British. I didn't lower my standards by walking into this room for nothing, and you will all come to see that this is the last time you will ever see me in this ****hole of a surrounding, although to some of you it may seem like paradise.”

    (With a smirk on his face, Spiral draws a little bit of heel heat from the crowd. He paces slowly up and down the room, with the camera following him slowly. The room is still dim, as Spiral stops by a curtained window, gazing into it. He pulls the curtain back, only to reveal a dirty window that hasn't been cleaned for years. He pulls back in revulsion, before wiping his hands on his pants. He continues to talk while looking at the window.)

    “Apparently, it has been a ‘well-known fact’ that all British are tea-sipping, lovely educated people, but this is far from the truth, although I don’t doubt that England is full of these sorts of homosexuals. No, it’s not like that at all. The standard Brit is a porn-obsessed, drunken loser, who drowns their sorrows in beer and junk food every day, and I for one am not going to stand by and watch this country lord itself over mine. You Americans can continue to sit idly back on your fat asses and accept that the British are everyone’s so called superiors but my country and I are not. No Brit can ever claim to live the high life, because the only high-class person in this world is ME. Hell, my mansion makes Buckingham Palace look like a trailer park, yet the British are the ones that get treated like royalty. The British are nothing more than a disgrace to the name human being, and I’m the one who’s going to stick that into the minds of anyone who disagrees.”

    (Spiral turns to the poster of the Queen, and slides his hand along it, before spitting into it. He kicks away at some beer cans and wrappers with hatred on his mind. He looks over at the poster of the football player and promptly rips it to shreds in a fit of rage. He turns back exasperatedly into the camera.)

    “If you don’t like that, I can only tell you that that is just a taste of what I think of the British. It is painful to think that people actually believe that soccer players are any form of athletes, because compared to my looks and my million-dollar body, they, like anyone else, are nothing! Yet millions and millions of fans live their pathetic lives through them every day. You’ve all seen the drunken morons who are too fat to play any sort of sport, shooting their degenerative mouths off at these soccer matches, and obviously, being a pig doesn’t stop at soccer matches, because it looks like their homes also reflect that humiliating trait. I deserve the millions of f-. NO, I COMMAND the millions and millions of fans to watch ME, because you are all going to see that entertainment goes hand in hand with Downward Spiral, because there’s nothing better than seeing some justice served up to anyone who wants to talk trash about me.”

    (Again, he stares at the poster of the Queen with a building rage, before tossing his hair back swiftly and moving closer to the camera. He speaks with resounding confidence.)

    “Let me tell you people something. I do not bow down to anyone. As a proud Australian, I’m taking a stand by not bowing down to some old, wrinkled ****e! My country deserves respect, and when respect is earned, it should be given, so take it in advance that anyone who fails to follow that will pay the consequences. I am not going into this company thinking that I’m going to let people walk all over me, and that is because I am just that damn good. You’ve all seen the state of this mess and you now know exactly what the British are like. It doesn’t matter what they say, because when I offer you a reality check, you can take it to the bank.”

    “This, is what some of your ‘favourite’ WZCW ‘superstars’ live like. Any fat, pathetic Brit you can name lives like this, and it makes me sick. The very reason I came into this company, was because I had to sit back and watch a bunch of condescending people like the British, run this business, and the shit stops now, because I have arrived. I am officially the man who is going to take the trash to the kerb and leave it there, and I am going to cleanse the disgrace that wrestling has turned into.”

    (Spiral spots a mirror on the side of the room, and stops to look at himself, admiring himself with cocky smugness, developed over a lifetime of self-love, and for moments, he gazes fixedly into it. He looks down his body with a smirk, before turning away from the mirror.)

    “I know all you people must be sitting back and asking yourselves “Can this guy back his words up with actions?” but the fact is, I can say whatever the hell I want, and back it up because I am the One and Only, and you don’t get a title like that if you can’t talk it and walk it. You people should be eternally grateful that I even show up in this company, let alone grace you with my presence. Whenever I choose to demolish my first opponent, I expect to be rained with cheers, because utter perfection should be treated properly. I am the ambassador of Australia, and I am like a patron saint back in the great land, and I expect to be treated with grace wherever the hell I go, and there are no exceptions. If anyone in the audience feels they have a right to mouth of f towards me, think again, because in my time at MWE, I am enforcing my own policy that what I do isn’t limited to just other wrestlers…because if anyone wants to rebel against me, I am making it my duty to let them know just what I can do. Sooner rather than later, in this company, you will all be forced to call me a name that millions of people crave to be called."

    "Not only will you all be forced to call Australia the most dominant country in the world, and face the fact that we are simply greater than anyone you can name but like I said, you are all going to be forced to call me, the WZCW Champion whenever I feel like taking that title, whether any man, woman or child likes it or not. I am Downward Spiral and I am on the scene now, so get used to seeing this million dollar body destroy any of your precious ‘heroes’ in this company, because I’m turning the wrestling business from the laughing stock it has become, to being something that people can take seriously, because as you are going to see, I am no laughing matter. The only jokes around here are the fans, because all you can do is sit back and boo me like you’re something important. Let this be known…anyone who wants to get in my way in this company, will just end up a footnote in my destiny to the top. If you don’t like that, I’ve got 3 words that will be burned into your minds…DEAL WITH IT!”

    (Spiral shakes his head and turns away, with his back facing towards the camera. He walks out of the room in disgust, as the camera fades with an image of the trashed room with the British flag emblazoned in the middle.)

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