WZCW Hall of Fame 2018 (Stormrage/Holmes/Constantine)

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    As the show begins, some triumphant music plays out as the camera scans all of the momentous names who have turned up for one of the biggest nights in the WZCW calendar. In the from row, some of the legends of WZCW can be spotted. Legends like Showtime Cougar, Big Dave and Everest clap as lights in the arena continue to swirl. Suddenly, the camera focusses on the stage, where a beautiful wooden podium can be seen in the centre of the stage. As the music begins to fade, a voice-over can be heard.

    Voice: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage... Leon Kensworth!

    A raucous applause goes around the arena for Leon as he walks out onto the stage. Dressed in a sharp suit and sporting the widest of smiles, Leon gives the fans and wrestlers alike a wave of his hand as he settles behind the podium. He waits a moment for the cheers and applause to settle before beginning.

    Kensworth: Can you feel that Madrid?! Wooo! What an amazing night to be in the capital of Spain – one of the most beautiful and historic countries in Europe. Tonight, before we move onto Kingdom Come 9, we make a little more history in this amazing country.

    Leon gets a good reception as the Madrid locals and tourists alike get hyped for the inductions of three incredible superstars.

    Kensworth: Tonight, as has become the standard in WZCW before a Kingdom Come event, we honour those men and women who have shaped the company that we all know and love. Tonight, in this arena, we offer you three more breathtaking, inspiring and down0right successful champion of this industry and hope that you welcome them all as fondly as the WZCW Hall of Fame does.

    Leon stalls for a moment, allowing the fans to think about some of the names that will be inducted tonight. A few roars of approval and excitement go around the arena as Leon smiles widely.

    Kensworth: As I say every year, without the men and women that make up the WZCW Hall of Fame, there probably wouldn't be a WZCW in all truth. Tonight, we welcome home three of most colourful and successful wrestlers that this company has ever witnessed. It truly is an all-star class of Hall of Fame superstars and I am sure you will all agree that no one deserves it more. Tonight promises to be emotional, heartfelt and entertaining to the very core. But one thing that should not be forgotten is just how much everyone of you have hlped them on their journey.

    One final applause greets Leon's opening speech as he points towards the assembled masses in front of him and beyond.

    Kensworth: Tonight, the WZCW Hall of Fame welcomes home 3 more legends to it's hallowed halls. So, without any further ado, let's get this show on the road.

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    Voiceover: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome... Matt Tastic!


    Matt Tastic makes his way out as he salutes the fans and personnel. A simple attire for the man with a suit and tie. Though he's clearly not comfortable in it. He pulls out a very long scroll of paper. But after having issue with it, he throws it away and gets to the mic.

    Matt: Writing this speech was long and hard. But enough sex jokes. Today we're here to talk about certain special people who are being commemorated for their hard work for this company. I had the pleasure of being inducted into the Hall Of Fame by Mikey Stormrage. This year I have the honor of returning the favor. Returning a favor to a man who saw something in me. He saw me as unique. And then I realized how unique he is. A caring young man who does everything he can to see the bright side in life. When we started working with each other, Mikey had just gotten out of a dark place. He felt alone. Abandoned. As if no one cared about him. He felt more like a burden than a person. But when I went after him and I mocked him, he instead reached out to me and asked me to be his friend. That's no burden. As his resume in this company has shown and as we stand here today, he is a Hall Of Famer. The very best this company has to offer. Not just as a wrestler. But as a human being.

    The crowd applauds and Matt gives them a moment.

    Matt:When you look at Mikey's career from the beginning, who in their right mind would've thought he would be a World Champion? Let alone a Hall Of Famer. But he stands as proof of how far one can get through perseverance. To push far past what people expect of you. To transcend what people expect of you no matter what. But the climb is not the same for everyone. Some have it harder than for others. Mikey did not just have to fight opponents. He had to fight demons within his mind. He had to battle day in and day out to keep his mind focused on the road ahead. To remember that no matter what he thought of himself, me as well as each and every fan that buys a ticket to WZCW and all our peers, we all care very deeply for him.

    "Mikey! Mikey! Mikey! Mikey!" The crowd cheers and Matt smiles as his words are confirmed by the fans.

    Matt: In the ring, Mikey shows the fun of pro wrestling. Clearly a competitor but also looking to make others smile. I already said how he cares about others and his work inside the squared circle shows that in his lighthearted ring work. From his happy go lucky Sonic entrance theme to him deciding to leap off the top rope to squash people. He started a bit lost but when he started teaming with James Howard, the contrast helped stretch out his personality. He was able to truly find who he was in the ring. And with me as Live Mas he was able to grow confident in who he was and eventually branch out into the two time World Champion we celebrate today.

    "Live Mas! Live Mas! Live Mas!" Matt applauds as the crowd cheers on.

    Matt: Tonight we honor a story of overcoming self-doubt and becoming a leader of a generation. Setting an example for those who that they can follow. Not just as a competitor, but as a person. Someone we can look up to and to remember that he also started at the bottom. We all have it hard but he stands as proof that no matter how hard the fight might be, we still have a chance to reach our goals in life. To live happy. To Live Mas. And now. Welcome him with open arms the same way he welcomed me and all of WZCW. Welcome the new WZCW Hall Of Famer. Mikey Stormrage!!
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    The crowd applauds as Mikey, in an actual suit and tie for one of the few times in his life, makes his way on stage. He wraps Matt up in a giant bear hug. The fans begin to chant "LIVE MAS!" as the two share a quick fist bump before Matt departs to give his friend his moment. Mikey takes a moment to take in the fans, he closes his eyes and just listens to the applause.

    "Thank you, thank you. It means so much that after all these years, you guys still greet me like this. Man, the Hall of Fame. Who would have guessed? Well aside from my mother. She always said I was her favorite. Outside of her, I never really did get much support when I started in this business. Like most young boys, I played sports growing up. Football, baseball, basketball. I was always considered too fat and slow to excel at athletics, so they were never my focus. I grew up shy, reserved, never really excelled at much. In fact, most of my adult life I have been a stupid fuck with brilliant luck and sometimes, a bright idea. Yet you people shower me in a chorus of compliments and verse I don't deserve, you guys are the reason I do this. Few people have ever made me feel as accepted and wanted as the WZCW faithful. So thank you again."

    Mikey takes a moment to acknowledge the crowd and clap for them. He then pulls out some notes but tosses them aside and laughs.

    "Never have been one to actually plan things."

    The crowd laughs with him.

    "I have to say, I feel out of place. Steven Holmes, the man who defined the word elite and high class. Constantine, the man who wielded great power and sparked a revolution in Missouri. Mikey Stormrage, the fat guy who cried in the middle of the ring when he won the first World Title. The man who just a few days ago threw up all over Mark Keaton and Triple X in the middle of the ring. One of these things is not like the other, yet here we all are. The bar has definitely been lowered."

    Mikey makes a motion with his hand to indicate the bar being lowered and smiles.

    "I am still the only man in this room who has slept with Eve Taylor, at least I hope. Otherwise a few of you really need to get tested."

    Most fans laugh, though a few let out an audible groan.

    "I was the last man to get the Hall of Fame call this year, but the feeling was no less special. You hear rumors backstage from the higher ups from time to time, about who might be enshrined. I always wanted to hear my name among those rumors and around last Kingdom Come, my name started to come up here and there. It was at that exact moment, that I prepared this speech. Those notes from a few minutes ago, those had my actual speech. I'm screwed now haha. Normally I come out each night with no real direction, I just start talking and see where my words take me. Sometimes it works out well, I mean I have a case full of title belts and other accolades. Others, it fails miserably. I lost to Angel once. I still blame that on Derek Jacobs, but if I talked about how bad that guy was we would be here until next Kingdom Come. I wanted to make sure I nailed this speech, because so few times in life are we as performers given a platform to truly speak our minds. Matt and I, we have gotten in some hot water before for our choice of words. Hell even back in the Strikeforce days, they told us we would swear too much. Tonight though, I have free reign. I mean they let Johnny Scumm on the card a few years ago and we all know how that turned out."

    The camera pans to Titus Avison, who enters into Kingdom Come still EurAsian champion.

    "As a side note to Constantine, one of my bigger rivals, the least you could do before you leave us to be a boring family man is take that belt from him."

    The camera pans around the crowd, most laughing.

    "I always did things my way, from day one. When you saw Mikey Stormrage on the program or the card, you knew, for better or worse, you were in for something different. It could have been an epic win or an epic fail, and believe me I had plenty of the latter, but it was always a treat. THe fact that I am standing here, it proves that you can do things your way and find success."

    The crowd applauds.

    "Whether or not you think I deserve this accolade, I know in my heart and mind that I do. There will always be doubters and critics, it is just the way of the world, and I'm not going to try to win them over by begging for sympathy. I'm just going to simply tell you who I am. I am a man who suffers from depression and anxiety. You know when you wake up and you can feel inside yourself that you are not going to have a good day? Well I wake up like that sometimes too, only I wake up wondering why I even still wake up. I am someone who at most times feels a great disconnect with the entire universe and the people around me. Inside of me, I carry this flag made up of gaming, and heartache, and equality, and perseverance, and love. This honor and WZCW means so much more to me than so many of you will ever understand. Many of us, we start wrestling as a hobby or something for fun. I was no different initially, but I soon fell in love. I wanted to consume everything WZCW. I wanted to wrap myself in WZCW. At times, WZCW was the only positive in my life, despite all the negative that comes with it. When I won my first title, the tag team titles, at Kingdom Come Four, with my good friend James Howard, I told myself, it isn't going to get better than this. And while there were downfalls, it just kept getting better and better each passing year. Despite the long road, despite the anxiety, which can be crippling at times, despite the not always fun states of minds that I have, I am here. And the good thing is, I feel I am far from done."

    The crowd roars with approval that Stormrage feels he still has a lot left in the tank.

    "My induction tonight, it isn't just for myself. I know that sounds super cliche, but it is the truth. This induction is for each and every person who thinks their situation or mental health is too severe to ever accomplish anything. When I was younger, before WZCW, I used to hang with friends, just a lost kid trashing the world, hoping I never lost that feeling, that I would never lose myself. Today, as I stand before you, I have found that along the way, I am a lot more whole than I ever thought I could be. I stand before you today, a champion of this business. A legend whose name will be echoes for generations. I stand before you today, on a good day. There will be bad days, I know well how bad they will be. I have seen the future though, and I am in it. I want to see you in it too, all of you. I ask you all, no matter who you are, to please prove the world, but mainly yourself, wrong and do what you wanna do, no matter your illness or limitation. When the world tells you its Game Over, I want you to stand up and kick the world square in the dick. I want you all to Live Mas, to just live more, for yourself. To all my brothers and sisters in WZCW, and the fans here tonight and those around the globe, thank you for giving me the family I always wanted. Thanks for accepting me, an awkward kid from a small town in rural Indian. Thanks for giving me a place to fit in. Thank you all for staying, even if only for a while."
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    Voiceover: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome... Celeste Crimson!


    The music hits as former champion and WZCW legend, Celeste Crimson makes her way out onto the stage. She’s dressed in an elegant crimson red dress that hugs her curves. Her long, flowing blond hair lays flat across her shoulders. Diamond earrings and red heels complete her ensemble. Even though she’s now in her 40’s, she’s still quite the magnificent beauty to behold. She approaches the podium and adjusts the microphone. She stares out into the sea of people in front of her, made up of her peers, former opponents, and fans alike. She smiles.

    Celeste: Tonight we honor those that have accomplished the most in our business. Champions. Legends. Illustrious warriors, whose names are uttered with respect and awe for their achievements. None of whom are more prominent than the man that I am introducing tonight. My husband, Steven Holmes.

    The audience applauds, as Celeste adjusts her notes.

    Celeste: Steven was born in England to a wealthy family. Growing up, he was always accused of being a snob. With a silver spoon stuck in his mouth. But that wasn’t true. His family held high expectations for the young Steven, and he had to work hard to gain his father’s respect. And as a result of his status, he often found himself as a target for ridicule by his schoolmates. And that frustrated him. He explained to me once that he never felt truly free as a lad, until he took up wrestling. Trained in the noble art of catch wrestling as a teenager, the young Steven often traveled with the carnivals through the countryside, challenging all comers. He didn’t need the money, and often used an alias to hide his status. This lifestyle proved to be rough, hard, and rigorous. But Steven never waned or faltered in his training. He stuck with wrestling because he found it enjoyable and therapeutic. It served as an outlet for his rage and frustration. It toughened him up, and made him strong. The oppression that he often felt under the weight of his family’s thumb, was liberated each time he stepped into a ring. In addition to forging a name for himself on the junior wrestling circuit around England, he dedicated himself to his studies. He became cultured, wise, and knew how to conduct himself like a proper gentleman. These were the ingredients that made up the DNA of the man who would eventually become “The Elite.”

    She takes a sip of water, before continuing.

    Celeste: When I first met Steven, I really didn’t like him that much. He was arrogant, brash, conceited, selfish, and pompous. He might think that I am trying to sweet talk him here, but I’m trying to prove a point. The way he carried himself; distinguished himself, was truly larger than life. He was a master manipulator, and could shake your resolve in ways which no defense could counter. Steven just held so much presence over the rest of the roster. You can talk about the aura of such figures like Ty Burna, Barbosa, and Vengeance. Or the poise of men like Showtime, Steven Kurtesy, and Constantine. But Steven carried himself in such a fashion that made him feel authentic. There has always been two sides to him. He had his warrior and aristocratic personas. The ones which he showed all his opponents. And then he had his softer sides. The loving father. The doting husband. The gracious host. And the generous philanthropist. At times, he’s shown great humility, kindness, and respect. And it’s all part of the same man. Steven’s never worn a mask. He’s always left himself bare, and was never ashamed of himself. Because he was always that confident in his beliefs, and his abilities. He bore his soul in everything that he ever did. And that’s part of the reason why I fell in love him in the first place.

    Celeste gets a tad bit emotional during that last part. The crowd gives applause, before she switches gears just slightly.

    Celeste: Tonight; we look back and honor his extraordinary career. Steven broke into WZCW during a contract battle royal, which contained other WZCW legends Gordito, and Wasabi Toyota. It was clear from the start that he was going to be a megastar. He had so much talent, and such a way with words, that it was only a matter of time before he found his big break. And that came in the form of an unlikely stable. Doug Crashin may not ever be remembered for being much more than a preliminary wrestler, but he helped introduce us to two of the biggest names in WZCW history. In another time, in another era, Steven Holmes and Steven Kurtesy might have been the most dominant tag team of all time. Instead; they became two of the brightest shining singles stars ever.

    Steven Kurtesy is shown applauding in the crowd. Humbled by her kind words of praise.

    Celeste: From there, Steven took the Elite X division by storm, establishing himself as its top wrestler. No offense to management or Mr. Banks, but I never liked the name “Elite X” for a title. By calling it the “Elite” championship, he gave the belt prestige and significance. Everyone wanted to hold the “Elite” title back then. From there, Steven continued to climb the ranks, until he earned the right to be called the #1 contender. At Lethal Lottery V, he defeated the mighty Showtime to win the world title. Now of course, he DID have some help…

    The audience laughs, as she took a small bow.

    Celeste: That was early on in our relationship, and we were just business partners. I didn’t really began to fall for him until I saw how genuine he was. Both as a ruthless competitor and as a man with a broken heart. We were both going through hard times with our personal lives, and we just began leaning on each other to heal. The preconceived notions that I had about Steven just melted away. I began to understand why his friends that had remained loyal to him, despite his boisterous and headstrong attitude, were still devoted to him. And why even his fiercest rivals had always respected him. And as for me, I never felt more pride than the day I became Mrs. Steven Holmes. We just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary not too long ago, and the whole thing has been like a fairy tale. Of course, our marriage isn’t perfect. No marriage is. But we face our problems head on, and we support each other. And we’ve built a happy home together, filled with children and wonderful memories. And that’s what matters. We were lucky to have both been wrestlers, and we got to travel the world together. I’ll never forget the days we spent as Magnitudinis. Even though our reign as tag champions was short, it’ll forever hold a special place in my heart.

    Celeste looks teary eyed, as she listens to the audiences applause. She smiles.

    Celeste: I think I’ve rambled on long enough. I’m sure he’d love a chance to speak to you all. Ladies and gentlemen, I am both proud and honored beyond expression to induct my beloved husband, Steven Holmes, into the WZCW hall of fame.
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    As the chords of the bombastic German composer echo loudly throughout the arena, a slender, cane wielding man emerges. His hair now shoulder length, hints of white creeping into the formerly deep brown. He dresses in flamboyant wear tonight; a puce jacket and trousers combination, offset by a canary yellow shirt and blood red cravat. Rows of teeth are bared as the formerly devilish smirk becomes angelic.

    With wet wanting eyes, the man known as Steven Holmes stares at his wife; her words still ringing loudly in his ears, a slender tear runs down his cheek. He wipes it away, but quickly another follows and it becomes a redundant exercise. Instead he drags his weary body to her and they embrace, passionately and lovingly. Their eyes lock and they kiss, the auditorium still applauding as they do so.
    He clearly mouths in her ear the words “I love you” and before they separate she smiles and pecks him on the lips, rubbing her lipstick off with a light hearted laugh.

    He grins now, and gives her a wink as she indicates the floor is his. He takes a bow to her as she shoos him away to speak to his expectant public. Slowly he turns and proceeds to either side of the podium and repeats the gesture; first the right hand side and then, the left.

    Finally as the applause simmer down and cease, he takes the stand affront the crowd. He leans in and after a pregnant pause, he begins:

    Holmes: Bloody hell. You’ve brought humility out of an old blowhard like me? Well done WZCW, well done.

    A ripple of applause as Holmes prepares himself, taking the moment in, looking out into the sea of faces. Some personal pioneers, some his contemporaries, others his legacy and finally the fans; those who hate to love him, and those who love to hate him. He nods, gaining confidence before resuming.

    Holmes: This is quite the honour, even for one as noble as I. Slaving away across that canvas, in that twenty-by-twenty ring, leaving everything, my mind, my body and my very soul, my very essence stained, imprinted on the mat. I have sweat, I have bled, I have laughed, I have cried. I made victims of many and was victim to many more. I found love, hate and so much in between and finally I can say without qualm or complaint; thank you.

    Thank you for letting me express myself. Thank you for allowing me to give you my art, thank you for letting me hone craft. Thank you for letting me achieve that which I had long thought impossible. Thank you for everything you have given me, and even that which you have taken away. You can only get any good at this once you’ve fallen on your arse a thousand times, and by Jove, I fell so much, especially early on.

    Holmes takes a step back and a moment to catch himself. The crowd claps at his new-found humility. A serious look across his face as he resumes.

    Holmes: I was very lucky in my tenure with this company to share the ring with luminaries such as Gordito, Wasabi Toyota, Scott Hammond, and of course the greatest in-ring combatant of all time, a giant in the industry and an undoubted legend… Rodney McClain!

    An ironic cheer goes up. Holmes chortles to himself, satisfied with his wit. As it all quietens down, Holmes leans in to continue when suddenly a small, one-man Rodney McClain chant goes up.

    Holmes: Listen Rodney old boy, we’re here for my induction. Come 2019 when you get your shot, we’ll listen to it then, but until such an occurrence, pipe down else I smack you upside your thickened skull with my cane you philistine.

    The crowd roars as the arrogant swagger of Holmes returns. That sly look creeps back in and his gesticulates toward the fan with his cane.

    Holmes: Honestly! I digress of course. I’d like to pay testament to a man of many names, most of which I was present for; Baez, the Killjoy or as he is perhaps better known Matt Tastic. I learned much from working with him, and while I fell to him, like through much of my career, I learned through defeat. I thank him for his comradeship, his teachings and his rivalry.
    A shot of Tastic in the crowd, a sneaking smile on his face, surprised by such modesty from “The Elite”. He nods in respect, Holmes returns it…

    Holmes: However, no two men more influenced and guided my career early on than Steven Kurtesy and Doug Crashin; the ying and yang of my early days; The Crashin Movement. I say Crashin was influential in his presence because he illustrated precisely what to avoid in my career. An over reliance on excess, arrogance and greed. He proved to be a motivating factor in this regard. Kurtesy on the other hand…

    Holmes pauses for a moment, uncertain of how to proceed, and even appears choked up, swallowing hard as he ponders his former partner-turned rival. He begins, a quiver in his voice…

    Holmes: Steven Kurtesy is my mentor, my friend, my enemy and much, much more. There are few people in this industry you have a raw, intangible connection to, that dictate your career, your path, your life. Kurtesy is one of those few. Together we won championship gold, against one another we tore each other asunder…

    His thoughts trailing off, emotion perhaps creeping upon him, Holmes licks his lips and after a pregnant pause…

    Holmes: Thank you. From the deepest pit of my black soul, thank you, for everything.

    Holmes blows a kiss out into the audience before we cut to a shot of a clearly moved Kurtesy. Holmes taps his chest, indicating it comes from his heart, before dismissing some quickening moistness around his eyes. He breathes hard, a difficult moment for him, before resuming.

    Holmes: Gentlemen such as Sam Smith, Triple X, Chris K.O., Blade, Austin Reynolds and Tyrone Burna; nemesis and allies in various incarnations. I applaud them, especially Austin and Tyrone. Mr. Reynolds is a vastly underrated piece of WZCW’s history and in my latest appearances with the company I often pitted myself with and against him, two old grapplers going head-to-head, and it was truly magnificent.

    Tyrone... I aspired to match your achievements, and while I could never quite do what you did, I most certainly pushed you hard in the ranks of villainy, even if I do say so myself. In a perverse way you were my inspiration, striving to push myself harder and harder to outdo even your most devious and delicious plots. Gentlemen, I salute you both.

    The reactions of a Cheshire cat like Austin Reynolds and a more stoic though still clearly happy Tyrone Blades. Holmes applauds them both, leading the crowd in showing his appreciation. He waits for just a moment before…

    Holmes: Big Dave…

    More applause, as the camera finds Dave, a big ol’ smirk plastered on his face. He remembers and relishes...

    Holmes: We had one of the most violent matches in the history of this company, devolving to barbarians, destroying one another with venom and vigour unseen in many a year. And yet he is humble, funny, engaging, warm and above all a friend. Thank you for being my punching bag, but above all thank you for your loyalty and your fraternity you vicious old bastard.

    A moment’s laughter on Holmes’ delivery of this line. He chuckles lightly into the microphone before continuing…

    Holmes: A few years ago I was able to perhaps not eclipse but certainly equal the accolade of the war with Dave by main eventing Kingdom Come and entering as the World’s Heavyweight Champion. In this I was fortunate to defend against Drake Callahan, and most notably to my long-term foe and perhaps the greatest to grace a WZCW; “Showtime” David Cougar.

    It is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame of the greatest, and it was my honour to do that for you. To be able to dance with you under those bright lights with the stakes so high and the quality equally as grand… it makes the hairs on the back of my neck still stand on end and I will never have been pushed harder for longer than I was opposite you. You are not my equal, you are my superior.

    David Cougar now shown in the crowd shakes his head at the accolades thrust upon him by Holmes who in turn nods, meaning every word he utters.

    Holmes: These are the truths and before moving onto the final part of this, I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a few truths about my fellow inductees here tonight, Mikey Stormrage and John Constantine.

    The former I can say nothing but kind things about. I know that will upset many of you who would wish for me to verbally eviscerate the tub of lard who dare sully my evening by his mere hint of his presence, but I cannot. He is a fine individual who has given me nothing but respect and friendship since the very moment he set foot in our hallowed halls. I am so very delighted that he is receiving the recognition he so richly deserves.

    As for Constantine… well I don’t wish to encroach on his own speech, but suffice to say we have an intertwined history. We have formed allegiances that have slain kings and waged wars that could have levelled cities, but we have, above all else, always respected one another, always loved working with each other and through that, cultivated a friendship like few others. He, much like I, will always be “Elite”.

    Holmes leads the applause as images of Holmes and Constantine from their original two-man alliance, “The Elite” trio with Ty Burna and their stable in the form of the original Vis Imperium flash on screen, illustrating just how intertwined their careers are. He smirks and then drags his hand over his face knowing the next part is the hardest…

    Holmes: And now there’s only one more person to thank…

    He closes his eyes, the fans cheering loudly and applauding, knowing what comes next. Holmes takes the moment in and his lips curve upward.

    Holmes: There can be no doubt she is my rock, my crutch, my heart. She is the fabric that keeps me together and it is her passion, her determination, her drive and her love and care that allow me to thrive today. She helped me capture the holy grail, but much more than that, she gave me her everything; mind, body and soul.

    She is a tag team partner, but much more importantly, she is the mother of my children, the love of my life and the woman I would be nothing without. Celeste Crimson; thank you for tolerating an old villain like me and thank you for being you, I love you.

    Tears flow freely from Holmes’ eyes as he speaks with steely strength, but great sensitivity. The applause from before sustain and as he wipes those tears away, he grimaces a little, showing such emotion in public. But then he can’t help but laugh. Who cares? He’s at his own coronation for God’s sakes!

    Holmes: So having gone on for the last millennia, I shall take my leave, but not before reminding you all of the most important, the most pertinent and potent of facts. And that is this. Always, and forever, Aristocracy Reigns!

    I triumph he hoists his hand upwards, that old familiar sneer back on his face in defiance of the moment of glory. Is there more to come? Perhaps, but for now the story is over and he has won, to the thunderous adulation of many.
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    Voiceover: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome... Tyrone Blades

    The camera focuses on the entrance area but there's no sign of Tyrone Blades. Suddenly the crowd roars as Tyrone walks down through the fans, hopping the barricade wearing a suit with his bandana covering his face. He walks up past Titus, slapping him on the back before jumping onto the stage. He adjusts his suit before pulling his bandana down, looking out at the crowd with a wide smile on his face.

    Tyrone: What? Y'all thought I wasn't gonna keep my induction streak going? Next year I'm strong arming whoever gets inducted to make me their inductee. Just ask Leon how that went for him last year.

    The crowd laughs as Tyrone points towards several members of the roster before quirking his eyebrow towards them before he begins laughing.

    Tyrone: In all seriousness, it's truly an honor to be asked by so many of my peers to induct them into the Hall of Fame. Tonight though, tonight's a special one for me. John Constantine, a man I've battled, a man I've been aligned with, a man who's been one of my fiercest enemies, and one of my best friends. I feel like most if not all of us here in WZCW can say the same thing. He's been a part of so many groups they all melt together. The Elite, The Empire, Vis Imperium, wait weren't you in a group with Joseph Rios too?

    Suddenly they can hear in the crowd Titus yelling out.

    Titus: That was Anthony Michaels!

    Tyrone: Oh right I forgot about your doppelganger for a moment. Regardless, Constantine has always had his finger on the pulse of WZCW. A former politician, he knew how to make deals and forge partnerships that would benefit everyone, especially him if it called for it. But Johnny Boy wasn't just a backstage mover, he could back it up in the ring and hang with the very best. A champion at all levels, from Tag Team Champ, Mayhem Champ, to completing the Elite Gauntlet and due to that, finally winning the World Heavyweight Title. Now...I hate to make this a bit uncomfortable, but I might have had a very slight, very small, part in him losing the World Title. Really he slipped more than anything into my knee, and my fist, and my foot, and the steel chair...

    The crowd laughs loudly as Tyrone tries to take an innocent look on his face but fails miserable.

    Tyrone: Constantine is a man who for the longest time was defined by one word, villain. Not a monster, not evil, but a down to earth nitty gritty villain. He took pride in getting under people's skin, knowing exactly how to twist the knife just so to make it that much more painful. Every time we fought it was a personal battle, the villain vs. the devil. Two sides of the same coin that couldn't stand being near one another, and yet throughout those battles respect formed. Truly the great thing about Constantine is he was never down for long, if he wasn't in the World Title picture he was gunning for the Elite or Tag Team Titles. He truly was the definition of a workhorse in this company, willing to take on any challenge thrown in his path, and he did it his way. Few others have mantles that shine as brightly as Constantine's does. This man has done it all, and tomorrow night on Kingdom Come will be his swan song. I've made it well known the sorrow I have in my heart to see him go, but it also grows with happiness seeing him spend more time with his family. I promise both Constantine and Titus I will be watching your match as much as possible while getting ready for my own. I wish you both best of luck tomorrow, as I don't want either of you to lose. Two people that have grown to be friends of mine, fighting over a title that I hold very dear to my heart. Good luck fellas.

    The crowd claps as the camera focuses on Titus who claps appreciatively as well as Tyrone bows towards him.

    Tyrone: But that's for tomorrow on our grandest stage. Tonight we celebrate the career of John Constantine. Tonight, I get to induct one of my dearest friends. It's with a bittersweet feeling that I get to see him one last time tonight. There are no crazy towers of chairs to throw ourselves into tonight, no blood to be shed, only tears of happiness. Let's not waste anymore time. Ladies and gentlemen, please join me and welcoming the newest member of the WZCW Hall of Fame, Constantine!
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    Constantine makes his way past the curtain and out on to the stage. The crowd comes alive as the final man to enter this year's Hall of Fame makes his final appearance at a Hall of Fame event as a competitor. Constantine is blown away by the ovation he is receiving from the crowd as a massive smile appears on his face. The crowd continues to clap and cheer for The Power Trip as he moves towards the podium in the middle of the stage. Constantine immediately hugs Blades and pats him on the shoulder. The two exchange a few quiet words before offering one last handshake and going their separate ways. Constantine reaches the microphone just as a chant of “POW-ER-TRIP” begins circulating. Constantine stops for a moment as it grows louder and louder before fading away.

    Constantine: Wow! Thank you all so very, very much!

    The crowd burst into applause again as a heartfelt Constantine shares his final words with the WZCW audience.

    Constantine: You know, so many times I sat in those seats down there and watched as some of the biggest and brightest talents that ever wrestled stood in my position. Every time this show rolled around, I thought about how lucky I would have to be to stand where I am standing now. Honestly, I never thought for a second that I would get here. The fact that I have made it into the WZCW Hall of Fame is a massive honour and it's not lost on me by any means. You guys, each and every one of you out there, are responsible for an old man fulfilling one of his longest dreams and I cannot thank you enough for that.

    Again, a massive cheer goes around the arena as Constantine nods his head in appreciation.

    Constantine: And I do mean every single one of you. For the fans out there and the fans watching at home, I want to thank you for going on this journey with me. I'm not a bad guy really and I think, deep down, that you all knew that. Sometimes I did what needed to be done to get the most out of my career. Were they the nicest things to do in hindsight? Probably not. But every single time I walked through the curtain on a WZCW show, you guys would give me something. A boo, a cheer; it didn't matter. As long as it captivated you enough to give me some of your time and some of your attention, that's all that mattered. Ask any of the guys and girls out there. The worst thing you can walk through that curtain to is apathy and I never once had that problem. You gave me everything and sometimes that's all that I needed to know it was all worth it. So thank you for that. Truly.

    Another round of applause for Constantine.

    Constantine: And to the wrestlers sitting at the front of the arena, I have to thank each and every one of you for sharing the ring with me night in ad night out. Honestly, without you, I wouldn't be standing here for so many, many reasons. You challenged me every single time I stepped into the ring and gave me everything you had as I did for you. If your name wasn't added to the Hall of Fame and you are like me, sitting down there wondering what it is going to take to get to where I am standing now, I will tell you. Dedication, hard work and honesty about who you are and what you stand for.

    Constantine falls silent for a moment, drawing a smattering of applause from everyone in the arena.

    Constantine: At Kingdom Come, I will face probably my greatest challenge before leaving for an even more daunting one. After Titus and the EurAsian Championship match, I will leave the world of careers and become a full-time father. If someone had told me almost 10 years ago, when I took the first steps on this journey, that this is the way my life would have panned out, I would have laughed them out of the building. But as I head into fatherhood and a real, meaningful existence, I think about the legacy and the people that I am leaving behind.

    Constantine looks around the arena, perhaps a few tears beginning to form in the corners of his eyes.

    Constantine: I have accomplished everything I ever wanted to accomplish in this business with a few tiny details. But I would have to live to 100 years old to try and accomplish everything else. In terms of careers, I have had one of the most glittering and decorated. World Championships, Tag Team Championships, Elite Openweight Championships, Gold Rush Winner, King For A Day Winner and, hopefully, EurAsian Champion before all is said and done. So few people have accomplished all of that and now, looking back on my career in the ring, I am so happy for everything that I accomplished. When I going though my career, I was always thinking about the next Championship, the next honour. It drove me onto bigger and better things but it also consumed me. I am happy to say that after Kingdom Come, I will emerge from a WZCW black hole that my family never thought I would. I can honestly say that I am so blessed for everything I have accomplished and I know that I will leave this place with my head held high and pride in my heart...

    The Power Trip stops again and is met with an equally honest applause.

    Constantine: Because it is so easy to lose sight of what is important in life and that is family, friends, memories and moments. WZCW has given the chance to partake in all of that and I cannot thank everyone enough from the bottom of my heart. People like Austin Reynolds, Showtime Cougar, Justin Cooper, Abel Hunnicut, Mark Keaton, Mikey Stormrage, Matt Tastic and Theron Daggershield have shaped my illustrious career and will all, one day, find themselves standing here if they haven't already. But before I go, I want to make mention of three special people that I owe so much to.

    Constantine falls silent for a moment as he collects his thoughts.

    First, the man who inducted me here tonight. Tyrone Blades, AKA Ty Burna was both my greatest frustration in life and my greatest challenge. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that he is the greatest to ever do the dance that we all do. In my head, I fancied myself as just as good as the WZCW legend. I tried my utmost at every opportunity to put a W in my column. But he is just so good at what he does, I don't think I ever managed it. In time, the frustration with not being as good as Ty dripped away and all that remained was the challenge. To this day, I don't think I ever bested him in the ring one-on-one. And there's no shame in that. Standing here now, I have no qualms with putting myself behind a living legend like Tyrone Blades. It was such an honour to have you induct me tonight, big dog. Thank you.

    A massive cheer goes up for Blades.

    Next, I want to talk about Steven Holmes – a man who found himself standing where I stand only a little while ago. Somehow, our careers seemed tethered to each other throughout. Much like Burna, I always thought of Holmes as a massive thorn in my side – one that I could never extract. It seemed odd that you would never see one of us without the other, be it friend or foe. I am so happy to see that Holmes now finds happiness, peace and love in his personal life. The efforts to undo each other that we partook in throughout the years were nothing more than personal jealousy born of total respect for the other. In another life, Steven Holmes and John Constantine would have ruled the wrestling world together As it is, I will have to console myself with the fact that, as my wrestling career ends, a friendship with Steven Holmes now remains unhindered. Thank you for everything, old friend.

    Another massive cheer for the recently inducted Hall of Fame superstar goes round.

    And finally, I want to talk about Titus Avison – the man who stands between me and my ultimate goal of being a grand slam Champion in WZCW. Truth be told, our careers have not crossed all that much in the past but now they come to a head together. I would never have thought that my final match in WZCW would be against someone who has accomplished everything that there is to accomplish. A mega match between two legends will cap off an amazing career for me and I don't think I could have picked a better person to share the ring with one more time. There will be blood, sweat and tears on the canvas as two legends go face to face for the final time. As you watch the match, think about the matches that you never got to see. Think about the match that you are seeing and the gravity of such an encounter. I guarantee you that Titus and I will leave everything in the ring one final time for your entertainment. The last few months have been a blast playing with him but the games are over. For one final time in my career, I will give Titus everything I have and try to do the impossible – end an awesome feat that only a true WZCW legend could have accomplished. Either way, I know that we will deliver something that will never be forgotten. And for that, I have to thank Titus.

    A more mixed reaction greets the name of Titus but it soon fades into cheers again for the WZCW legend.

    So, some final words as I get the sign from the side of the stage to wrap things up. Life is short and so is your wrestling career. I have been blessed to wrestle for so long and at a high level. Savour every moment of it and enjoy the lows as much as the highs. You are living your dream in this business and if you give yourself to it, it will give everything to you. It has been an adventure, a dream come true and a once in a lifetime experience. I love you WZCW... Thank you!

    With that, a massive cheer goes up for the Power Trip. Confetti falls from the rafters as Constantine makes his way out from behind the podium and greets the fans. The cheering and clapping continues as the screen fades to black.
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    Mikey's induction - Killjoy
    Mikey's speech - Yaz
    Holmes' induction - Echelon
    Holmes' speech - FunKay
    Constantine's induction - Ty
    Constantine's speech - Dave

    Congrats to everyone on their induction this year, it obviously means a great deal to yours truly too. Apologies for the delay on the show but Kingdom is being written as we speak. We're hoping to have it out later tonight but time will tell. Fingers crossed.

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