WWE Region, Manchester Subregion, Second Round: (8) AJ Styles vs. (9) Batista

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Who wins this match?

  1. AJ Styles

  2. Batista

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  1. SuperSteve16

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    Dec 2, 2008
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    Their is no way Batista gets beaten by AJ Styles. As already mentioned, AJ is someone Batista would have squashed in a couple of minutes. AJ is a very good wrestler no doubt about it , but Batista is world famous, while AJ hasn't accomplished anything near Batista. And for all you people saying that Batista was never the top star in the company, you are wrong. Batista was the top star in 2005, even when John Cena was the WWE Championship, Batista still got more attention and was more popular until his injury at the end of the year.
    Batista wins
  2. shattered dreams

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    In 2008 the WHC went on last at WM. are you claiming they were still equal then?

    His combined reigns certainly were not less than that one reign, check your numbers Jack.

    Batista's best reign was 282. Let's examine that reign a little further though. He vacated the belt in mid January, do you know the last time he defended the belt? Early October. Seems like that reign was at best comparable to AJs 211 day reign. Also note that Batista only had to put the title up 5 times. Two wins against HHH, a DQ loss to JBL,a win over JBL and a win over Eddie Guerrero. So Batista went 4-1 in title matches during his "superior" reign before losing the belt. AJ went 9-0-1 before losing the belt. He beat Sting at BFG, he beat Kurt Angle twice, he beat Samoa Joe etc. Sure looks like AJ's reign can match everything Batista did and then some.

    Some of the best in company history. I guess there was the Monday Night Debacle at the very end of his reign but as we have already seen, Batista couldn't contend with Raw either.

    TNA is the big leagues compared to OVW. That is why OVW is currently the developmental place for TNA.

    Not really. Batting .300 for a few half seasons is a lot less impressive than doing it over a longer career.

    For someone that is supposed to be smart you sure seem to play the intentionally ignorant card a lot in the tournament.

    So you are arguing that even though Punk beat Cena more than once that Punk's style is more likely to lose because of the order matches not between the two went on :wtf:

    And you think it is more impressive to look like you can fight than to actually be able to do anything. Looks don't win shit.

    Depends. Promoter's don't always want to put up with the bullshit. You really think it is a coincidence Batista's star faded once the wellness program became slightly less of a joke?

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