What if Mr. Perfect doesn't get hurt

Discussion in 'Old School Wrestling' started by swany, Aug 20, 2018.

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    What if Mr. Perfect dosen't get hurt how is he used after summerslam 1991?
    does he get a rematch with bret hart?
    what feuds does he have then?
    What matches does have at ppv's in 1992?
    well Mr. Perfect would probably in the 1992 Royal Rumble.
    Who does Macho Man get to be at suvivor series 1992 since Mr. Perfect would probably have been booked in a match allready?
    Late in 1992 when Ric Flair loses the WWF Title could Mr. Perfect be the one the win the belt instead of bret hart?
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  2. HeenanGorilla

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    1990 - Mr. Perfect lost the Rumble, lost at Mania, lost the IC belt at SummerSlam, lost at Survivor Series
    1991 - Mr. Perfect lost the Rumble, lost at Mania, lost the IC belt at SummerSlam

    With a PPV record like that, I think he would have been pushed to the moon had he not been injured!
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    Interesting, never really thought of this. I think Perfect was a big part of Flair's run as they were the focal point of tv for the whole year of 1992. Flair needed a manager for the type of champion he was. I think the build to Savage/Flair would have suffered without Perfect.

    The big angle of the summer was Perfect in the corner of someone in the championship match. if you are going to ditch that angle and have Perfect wrestle, you could have his face turn after wrestle mania 8 and have Flair/Perfect at summer slam. I would hate to have this angle ruined as I enjoyed it.

    If he stays with Flair past summer slam, I'm guessing they would have had Flair/Perfect vs Warrior/Savage set up for Survivor Series. I think it would play out very similar to how it actually did when Warrior left the company a week before Survivor Series. Flair and Perfect do the split and he joins Savage, Flair needs a heel and Razor is a logical replacement.

    If were going to completely ignore Flair/Perfect, I'd book Perfect like this:

    Perfect joins Flairs survivor series team opposite Bret. He gets a "cheap" fall or even gets Bret counted out or DQ'd before the big brawl at the end.

    Perfect puts over Bret clean at Tuesday in Texas.

    Perfect enters the 1992 Royal Rumble, gets eliminated by the British bulldog.

    Perfect puts over Bulldog at WM8 elevating him to Summerslam.

    After Shawn Michaels wins at WM8 and is supposed to be the original Summerslam opponent for Bret, he begins feuding with Bret and Bulldog in the summer of 92. Perfect aligns with Shawn and we have Bret/Bulldog vs Shawn/Perfecting looping the house show circuit all Summer.

    They put the above tag match on PrimeTime. Bret and Bulldog have a miscommunication costing them the match. Shawn pins Bret. Shawn has already challenged the winner of the WM8 IC title match. This leaves him as the apparent #1 contender going into summer slam.

    Summerslam is announced at Webley. Jack Tunney gives Bulldog a chance to enter the IC title scene. Shawn vs Bulldog on PrimeTime. Winner goes to summer slam. Bulldog goes over after Perfect accidentally cost Shawn the match.

    Summerslam 92:
    Bret vs Bulldog for the IC title
    Shawn vs Perfect (heel vs heel) Perfect turns face after summer slam.

    Shawn still wins the the IC title at SNME. (Face) Perfect will be his next feud through the fall of 1992 after his match with Bret at Survivor Series.

    I'd probably set up Perfect/Ric Martel for survivor series. Perfect finally gets a PPV win here.
    Martel actually faced Tatanka (again). I'd put Tatanka against Yoko, allowing Yoko to end the undefeated streak of Tatanka. This gives Yoko a more credible win.

    Assuming warrior leaves, you can still call Perfect into the match. It makes less sense since Perfect never aligned with Flair but still sets up where I go with them in 1993.

    Going into 1993, Perfect opens the royal rumble with Flair, they enter 1 and 2. They go at it for half the rumble. Perfect eliminates Flair. They have the loser leaves town match at WM9.
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    Perfect had to drop the IC title at summerslam 91 because of his bad back... and he was very willing to elevate Bret.
    But had he not been injured there would be no obligation for him to drop the belt at Summerslam.
    I think he could have kept the title a while longer- afterall he was a super worker who brought credibility to the IC title.

    Keep the belt on him till Rumble 92 and put Bret over then.

    With Flair being brought in the autumn of '91 I still see an alignment between them... however given Flairs history Perfect would still have plated second fiddle to him in the beginning..... till he grows weary of Flair hogging the limelight.
    With Warrior leaving abruptly just before the survivor series 92 PPV- a Perfect vs Flair fued would still have made sense.

    However with Perfect getting the loser leaves town pinfall on Flair.... I would have swerved Perfect and turn him heel again.
    The character of Mr Perfect was a natural heel ... being so cocky and arrogant.... his boats and brags didn't really fit the early 90s babyface.
    It wasn't till the attitude era where cocky babyfaces fit place.

    As Bret established himself as a main event guy you could always bring him and Perfect together now and again to bring together a great PPV match..... I could see Curt carrying on in the WWE till the early attitude era.... where he would now be pushing age 40 but probably moved down the card by then- putting over and establishing new starts

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