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    Same judge, same timeframe, Sivsyboi will affirm the topic.

    Resolved: In a recession, society's goal of creating wealth ought to supercede every other goal besides national security.
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    This is a fairly easy topic to affirm, so here it goes.

    In a recession, society's goal of creating wealth ought to supersede every other goal besides national security

    When a society is fully functioning, prosperous and growing, then the acting government can expand its society in any direction it wishes. However, in a recession, the government should completely change it's priorities. Assuming the the goal of the society was expansion, then that should be put on hold entirely until the nation has fully recovered.

    Look at it like this: An Olympic sprinter with a broken leg can't run any race until he has recovered. Should his recovery time interfere with a scheduled race, his priorities still lie with healing his leg. Using this metaphor with a society in a recession, the society must re-establish its priorities before being able to work at full capacity again. By creating wealth, the society will work at a better pace than if it had continued to push forward with its original goals.

    National security, of course, remains top priority. The Olympic sprinter still needs too keep himself healthy to recovery properly. But behind national security, re-establishing the original wealth of the society involves sacrificing other goals to continue to prosper.

    As long as maintaining security and order are top priority, then I find it very hard to argue that re-creating wealth should not be the main goal of any society, especially in a recession
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    It was a decent post, nothing wrong with it, and since you had no opponent, you get the win here. Ill give your post a 25, I know you can do better, but as I said, its not bad. I think tihs means you get a playoff spot, as Mattfox left the competition, and you beat out your opponent here. SO if that is your case, I would try and find concrete examples in society.

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