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    Spam rules will apply in the discussion sections. So posts like "Lita wins" won't fly. You have to give a reason why you're making your choice. Read the WZ house rules for further information regarding spam.

    Discussions are encouraged. Since the history and culture of women's wrestling is a bit different from men's wrestling I expect a fair bit more of subjective reasoning to be used for voting. However I encourage all of you to at least try to be as objective as possible.

    Really you can use any criteria that you want for voting, be that kayfabe reasoning, drawing power, accolades, in ring ability, influence and overall legacy, or just straight favoritism. But using multiple criteria is highly encouraged.

    Each match will allow one day of discussion before the polls open. Each poll will remain open for 2 days for voting. The final rounds will allow 3 days.

    Happy debating!
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