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    The Hulk is the product of Bruce Banner being struck by the blast of a Gamma bomb while trying to save a kid, Banner somehow survived the blast but not without side effects, when ever Banner would get angry, he would turn into the Hulk, a gigantic, green, irradiated, mutated humanoid monster with incredible strength and an inability to control his rage. The Hulk is sometimes characterized as hyper-aggressive and brutal, other times as cunning, brilliant, and scheming. As the Hulk, Banner is capable of significant feats of strength, the magnitude of which increase in direct proportion to the character's anger. As the character himself puts it, "The madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets!" Strong emotions such as anger, terror and grief are also triggers for forcing Banner's transformation into the Hulk. Over time Hulk would go from just being a big green mindless monster to becoming more intelligent & focused. Banner & Hulk are two very distinct personalities, with Hulk recently becoming the dominate personality.

    Hulk has been a member of several teams, with being a founding member of the Avengers being the most notable, other teams include the Defenders, Hulkbusters (in which he was the leader), & Warbound. In 2006 he would be sent the planet of Sakaar where he was captured & forced to become a gladiator. Hulk ushered an uprising, overthrowing the current regime, & installed himself as king. Hulk would be driven to new heights of rage after the planet was destroyed in an explosion, killing his wife & unborn child. Hulk swore revenge on those he held responsible for his loss, the Illuminati, & returned to Earth.

    Upon returning to Earth Hulk would go on a rampage of revenge, taking out everyone that got in the way of his vengeance. He would defeat Black Bolt on the moon, then dispatched of Iron Man (in Hulkbuster Armor), destroying Stark Tower in the process, he would take on & beat several teams of X-men & Juggernaut at the X-mansion, then battle Ghost Rider, the Avengers, Fantastic Four, & the US Army, defeating them all. He would beat Doctor Strange despite him invoking Zom. Hulk has taken on every challenge & foe in his way & defeated them all.


    Superhuman Strength- The Hulk possesses the capacity for virtually limitless physical strength. While in a calm state, Hulk is able of lifting well over 100 tons. However, while in an enraged state, adrenaline surges through Hulk's body, magnifying his strength significantly above his base limits. Hulk's immeasurable strength is directly proportional to his level of rage, excitement, and/or stress.

    Superhuman Leaping Ability- The Hulk is able to use his highly developed leg muscles to leap great distances. While calm, he is capable of leaping roughly three miles. However, as he becomes enraged, his strength increases considerably, which means he can jump much farther than usual. On more than one occasion, Hulk has nearly jumped into orbit. The Hulk has transposed 1,000 miles with a single leap, and jumped on top of the Mount Olympus from ground level, in a single leap. The Hulk also shows an incredible precision with his ability to aim his jumps and landings. He grabbed missiles on multiple occasions and landed on islands barely visible from the height he fell from.

    Superhuman Stamina- The Hulk's body counteracts fatigue poisons that build up in his muscles during physical activity. In an enraged state, he is capable of exerting himself at peak physical capacity for several days before fatigue begins to affect him. However, much like his physical strength, the Hulk's stamina does increase as he becomes angrier.

    Superhuman Durability- In addition to great strength, the Hulk's body possesses a high degree of resistance to injury. The Hulk's skin is impervious to conventional blades, adamantium and vibranium being amongst the very few metals that are truly capable of piercing his skin. The Hulk is capable of withstanding high caliber bullets, powerful explosives, pressures extremes, falls from orbital heights, maximized heat without blistering, maximized cold without freezing, and great impacts. The Hulk has withstood the impact of a ground zero nuclear explosion and also the Human Torch's Nova Blast , with a temperature of one million degrees Fahrenheit, without any injury. The Hulk was also able to withstand a planet-devastating impact, a planet-shattering impact at point blank range, and a mighty blast from Galactus. The Hulk's durability, like his strength, is fueled by rushes of adrenaline while angry.

    Regenerative Healing Factor- Despite his high resistance to physical harm, it is possible to cause the Hulk injury. However, the Hulk is capable of regenerating damaged or destroyed areas of his body (including limbs, internal organs, and even his head), with far greater speed and efficiency than an ordinary human. For example, during a battle with Vector, all of his skin and part of his muscle mass were flayed; It took the Hulk a few minutes to recover the mass and heal completely.. The Hulk's healing factor also enables him to revert any physical transmutation. Additionally, he heals faster and more extensively the madder he gets.

    Superhuman Speed- Regardless of his size, Hulk's superhumanly strong legs allow him to run at speeds that are far beyond the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete (about 700 mph). Nevertheless, this does not grant him any enhanced reflexes or agility as smaller foes exploit his size and use it to their advantage. However, he has been fast enough to catch mortar shells shot at him.

    Adaptation to Hostile Habitats- There have been several events in the past where Hulk has not only faced extended periods of time in oxygen-less outer space without suffocating, but he has repeatedely spoken in these hostile environments. The Hulk is capable of adapting to any inhospitable environment whenever it is necessary. Like his healing factor, it is believed that this ability is also fueled by his rage and the madder the Hulk is, the quicker the Hulk's body will adapt.

    Resistance to Psychic Control- In many instances and occasions, the Hulk has demonstrated great psychic resistance as side-effect of his rage and the multiple personalities inside his mind.

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