Some "HostMx Alon" Sigs (open to opinions)

Discussion in 'Non-Wrestling Archives' started by HostMx Alon, Jun 5, 2006.

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    I like the second one in the first post, the color blending and matching is pulled off really nicely, how did you get the background to look sponged like that?. And the first of the second post, a very nice pull together when it comes to color.

    Off topic - I'm loving your website, what do you use for the content (blog?) like Wordpress or whatever? And did you find or design the skin for that yourself? Very nice!
  4. HostMx Alon

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    thx :lol2:

    that sigs i made it a very long time, i dont remember exactly how i made the bg, i think with brushes and effects, also i change somel levels and that... i like that bg...

    the website... i dont know what website do you mean, war-ez, or hostmxalon both of them are in wordpress, i love wordpress, even i know serendipity, subdreamer, and others cms... in both is a skin that i modificate, the desing and the code... thx for feedback and comments :)
  5. I really like the last one on the first post
    i just really like the font type
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