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    This is the WrestleZone Forums Rule Book. We advise new members to always read the rules upon registering, as our rules differ from that of a lot of other Forums. Be advised that the Rule Book can be changed at any time, for any reason. Any major updates to the rules will be announced.

    1. General Rules – Non Wrestling Non Spam Section

    A. Spamming: Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. The rules on spamming in the Non Wrestling Non Spam Section (NWNS) are slightly different than the ones in the Wrestling Non Spam section (WNS). In the NWNS section, we simply require you to provide a post which is on topic and contributes to the thread. It can be a meaningful question or an essay, but it must contribute to the thread and further the discussion. Any post which does not do this will be considered spam.

    B. Flaming: This is described as an extreme insult towards another member with malicious words or threats and is prohibited at WrestleZone Forums. Flaming another member may result in an Infraction. Additionally, for remarks of extreme prejudice, an auto-ban may be implemented as well. See Article 2 for more information about auto-bannable offenses.

    C. Trolling: Trolling, as defined by the WrestleZone Forums, following a specific poster around, for the sole purpose of annoying or harassing another. It may also apply to a poster who enters a thread for no reason other than to cause mischief or harassment, rather than contribute thoughtful or relevant discussion. If you think a thread or post sucks, there is no need to comment on it. Move on or make a contribution to the conversation in the topic. Trolling may result in an Infraction.

    D. Closed, Deleted or Moved Topics: If one of your topics is closed, moved or deleted, do not post it again or post a thread complaining about it. If you are unsure as to why your topic has been closed, deleted or moved, feel free to PM one of the Forum Moderators from which the topic was removed, or post your question to the Ask a Staff Member thread in the Site Administration forum.

    E. Duplicate Topics: Posting Duplicate Topics may result in an Infraction. The best thing you can do before creating a thread is to search the forum in which you plan to start the thread. If a topic has not been posted in for more than a month, you may start the topic again. However, if it is under a month you must post in the existing topic. In the event of a major news story breaking and more than one topic cropping up within a few minutes of each other, all the topics will be merged and no Infractions will be given.

    F. Posting Thread in Wrong Forum: Every forum on the WrestleZone Forums is clearly labeled for the material it contains. Posting a thread in a forum it doesn't belong may result in an Infraction.

    G. Signatures: You are allowed one image in your signature and a few lines of text. You are not permitted any moving signatures or video signatures. If your signature violates these conditions, we will edit it for you and you may be subject to an infraction. Signature images can be no larger than a grand total of 800 pixels. Signature Images can be as wide or as tall as 500 pixels, but they must in total only add up to 800 pixels. For example, if you have a Banner that is 500 pixels wide, then it can be no longer than 300 pixels. Anything over 500 pixels wide will result in removal or a request to remove it, and will be subject to a Signature Infraction.

    H. Advertising: Since some people have decided to abuse the Advertising system, from now on ALL advertising to outside the WrestleZone Forums is banned. This means Signature advertising and Private Message advertising is no longer allowed. All other discussions forums or wrestling site links (unless linking to sources of news stories) are not allowed on this Forum. Putting advertising in your Signature may result in an Infraction and the advertisement being removed. If it is put back, you may be automatically banned. This rule also includes banners with web addresses in them, or anything else that could be interpreted as advertising. Blatantly breaking this rule will result in a permanent ban.

    I. Pretending to be or Playing Moderator/Administrator: There are plenty of members of staff here, so claiming you are a member of staff, or even insinuating you may be a member of Staff, when you are not may result in an Infraction.

    J. Private Messaging and Reputation Comments: Flaming through reputation comments and private messaging is allowed, to an extent. Prejudiced Remarks and threats of serious violence will not be tolerated. If you feel you are being harassed through PM and rep, please put the harassing poster on your Ignore List, which is described in more detail in the FAQ section of the WrestleZone Forums. If you think you have a received a rep or PM which violates the rules of rep and PMs, please contact a member of the Staff.

    K. Posting Spoilers: Do not post spoilers. A “spoiler” is any information that will happen in the future that is not already common knowledge. For example, revealing the results of a taped episode of WWE Smackdown before the show airs would be considered a “spoiler”. The posting of Spoilers will automatically result in a one point Infraction, and depending upon the severity of the offense, you may be given anywhere from a one point Infraction all the way up to a permanent ban. For the sake of clarity, and because of the locations of the primary wrestling promotions discussed on this board, the WrestleZone Forums will go by the American schedule of television programming. If it has not aired on television in America, it is considered a spoiler.

    2. Automatic Ban Offenses

    A. Posting Pornography: Posting any kind of pornography, including simple nudity and/or topless women, on our Forums may result in you being banned automatically. Requesting pornography will also be considered a bannable offense.

    B. Flooding: Deliberately flooding the Forums with spam, offensive images or anything else detrimental to the Forums may result in an automatic ban.

    C. Legitimate Hate Threads: Starting a legitimate hate thread against someone, or a group of people, may result in a banning. The legitimacy of the hate thread will be at the discretion of the Staff.

    D. Prejudiced Remarks: Racial, sexual or any other kind of prejudiced remarks in ANY forum may result in an automatic ban.

    E. Multiple Accounts: If you are banned from the forum permanently, you will not be given a second chance. You have five original chances, If you have broken the rules five times in two months, we do not want you here. Registering again will result in a ban.

    However, if you have never been banned, and if you have another account that has not been active for over three months and is not banned, you will be allowed to register another one with no penalty.

    F. Illegal Content - Anyone caught requesting or posting illegal content, such as live PPV streams, may face a permanent ban.

    3. Miscellaneous

    A. Acting Like an Idiot: If the Staff feels you are not contributing to the forums and are simply a nuisance poster they have every right to ban you. These are privately owned forums and it is our judgment as to who can and cannot post here, not yours. Freedom of speech does not apply here at Wrestlezone Forums.

    B. You cannot start new topics until you have reached 10 non-spam posts: This is to tackle the issue of bots and people not looking around and starting random new threads. Even after your account's profile says you have 10 posts, it may take a few hours before the system recognizes you as being someone who can post a thread. Please be patient until the system catches up.

    C. Stirring up Drama: Don’t do it. If there is some aspect about the WrestleZone Forums that you do not like, rationally make your case and discuss it in a mature fashion. Do not be immature and cause a massive fuss, as it will only work against you and may result in an Infraction.

    D. Pissing off Staff: We will not put up with it. If you are being persistently and intentionally annoying to a Staff member, the Staff member has every right to infract or ban you. Do not be afraid to discuss and debate Staff members; just do not “Troll” a Staff member.

    E. The Bar Room: It is a forum where almost anything goes. The only rules of the Bar Room are there is to be no nudity/pornography and no posting or requesting of illegal content. Otherwise, the rules stated here do not apply.

    F. Questions and Suggestions: Before asking a question, please read the Feedback FAQ which can be found at the top of the page. If the question has already been asked, asking it again will result in you being given an infraction. Any questions you have regarding the Forums must be asked in the Site Administration forum at the top of the Forums.

    4. The Warning System

    Most violation of the rules will come with one Infraction, but there are times when people will be banned on the spot (See Auto Ban Offenses). In total, a user gets 6 Infraction points before they are permanently banned. The first two Infractions are just points on your posting license. After that, punishments come with extra Infractions. On your Third Infraction you will be temporarily banned from the site for SEVEN DAYS, on your Fourth Infraction you will be temporarily banned for FOURTEEN DAYS. Registering a new account during any of these temporary banned periods will result in you being permanently banned from the Forums. Once you have been given a fifth Infraction, you are banned for one year's time. On the sixth Infraction point you will be PERMANENTLY BANNED! No one will be allowed back onto the Forums after a permanent ban. If you are caught, you will be banned again, and an IP Ban will be handed out with every permanent ban from now on.

    If you continue to pester the WrestleZone Forums and re-register, you will be in breach of your ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) Terms of Service for abuse of the Internet, at which time you will be reported to them for your actions. If you wish to know why you have been given an Infraction (although each warning comes with a PM to explain it), DO NOT start a thread in the Site Administration forum. Send a Private Message to the Mod or Admin that gave you the Infraction, and they will explain. Starting hate threads or complaining on the Forums about Infractions, may only result in more Infractions.

    To recap:
    1st Infraction: 1 Point
    2nd Infraction: Another Point
    3rd Infraction: One Week Ban
    4th Infraction: Two Week Ban
    5th Infraction: One Year Ban
    6th Infraction: Permanent Ban
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