Preview of Haku beating Andre the Giant

Discussion in 'General Wrestlezone Tournament Discussion' started by Rayne, Feb 21, 2011.

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    Slow your roll, folks. I know you're thinking that I've lost my mind.

    If this was simply about who would be booked over who in a wrestling match, who was bigger, or who was more famous, the choice would be obvious. However, we are comparing two men, and there are more factors that need to be considered.

    Andre the Giant could be best compared to the Great Khali today. He had a couple of good years that he's known for, but spent most of his career wrestling as a freak show in Europe. He was unique in his era, as he was the only wrestler near his size. Today, however, the seven foot wrestler is almost a cliche. The highlight of an Andre match would be watching him fall to the ground. Yes, he had a very good program with Hulk Hogan, but he is still drastically overseeded as a #2.

    Meng, on the other hand, will not hesitate to kill you. He does not need a good reason. Chuck Norris hears that Meng is headed to Texas, and he runs to Oklahoma for safety. Meng has removed a man's eyeball, bitten off another man's nose, and is feared by every other wrestler in this tournament who was alive to see him.

    Odds are Meng won't ever see this poll. Even if he did, the odds are he couldn't find out who didn't vote for him. And even if he found out who didn't vote for him, it's very unlikely he could find out where those people lived. But what if that off chance happened? Do YOU want a pissed off, homicidal Samoan outside of your door, angry at you? Do you want to take that chance? As a #31, Meng is drastically underseeded.

    Vote Meng. Andre's dead and Meng might kill you if you don't.
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    I am going to be voting Meng simply for the ripping of another mans eyeball out...that original post would have made me vote for him anyway. Brilliant
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    I expect 90% of the uneducated posters to use Andre's later years against him but 70's Andre would beat Haku. Andre had agility and quickness and was one of the biggest draws in the world. I don't care about how many seven footers there are today. Andre in his prime could beat every single wrestler in this tournament and I see Haku being no different.
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    Exactly right - Andre was that dominant in his day - he was sent to work the territories as he was the original guy who didn't need the belt back when Mark Calaway and Michael Hickenbottom were still in short shorts! I'd originally considered making the British and Irish Lions a Six Nations squad but thought five was a nice number for a stable, so André René Roussimoff was (with a heavy heart) left out. Should results not go for the Celtic Warrior though, Fezzik will get my vote you... know:worship:

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