NWA : Rebirth.

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  1. DJ

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    Feb 22, 2008
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    OOC : HBK-aholic has given me permission to start up a second book this.Why have 2?Because I'm getting slighty bored with RPW....So I have decided to start this one up to keep my focused.When I get bored I can come here and vice versa.So please enjoy.


    What was once so powerful is now so weak.....The NWA was a worldwide wrestling allaince that sold out arenas in America,Europe,Canada,Japan and many more countries.But the glory days are gone- The WWF/WWE held Wrestlemania.And bit by bit the NWA died...the only thing the came out of it was WCW....And through the years it also died leaving WWF........For years they dominated.The NWA ran shows once every so often....but it was no longer anything.Soon the WWF now named WWE had competion.TNA and ROH popped up.As did many indys.Even Puroresu had a boom period when it became a major deal in Japan.This didn't matter for the NWA.Wrestling was dead to them.But at the Yearly meeting something happened which could change the face of wrestling........



    Robert Trobich(NWA President) :
    Welcome gentlemen to the Annual NWA meeting.Its great to see all 16 of us here.All from around the world.Infact we have 10 promotions in america,2 in Canada, 2 in Europe and 2 in Japan.But that does not matter.Last year the NWA lost..........500,000 Dollars from one event.

    Man 1 : What does that matter?My federation made 250,000 this year.Surely the good outweights the bad!

    Trobich : No.Infact every promotion apart from you lost money.And gentlemen 2 weeks ago.....I was approached by a very well known man......by the name of Eric Bischoff.


    Trobich : Calm down Johnson.......everybody Bischoff is joining us and is opening NWA : San Jose.

    Man 3 : I am not working with him!NWA : UK resigns from this bullcrap!

    Trobich : Mr.McCall please calm down!

    Soon every member is at near rioting level.Trobich is at near tears- the business he loves is coming down in flames.Trobich manages to calm everyone down after a 20 minute debate.Trobich then annouces the Bischoff also wants to buy the NWA.He then annouces a vote.The NWA will vote to decide if Bischoff will take control of the NWA as a whole.Soon everyone has voted.And in a landslide 16-0 vote Bischoff has taken control of the NWA.Many members cite the business is dying and that is why they want Bischoff to have it- so he can lose money and go into debt.Trobich soon says goodbye to everyone.He is done.All NWA Members are done.The future of the NWA is in the hands of one man - Eric Bischoff.


    Bischoff sits and smiles in his office.He has just gotten a call from Trobich.He is the New NWA Owner.Bischoff's plan had worked.He KNEW everyone hated him.He KNEW they couldn't work with him.He KNEW they wanted him to have it.He KNEW they thought he would just kill the NWA.But he wouldn't.This was a new era.And that means new champions.Every title was Vacant.The roster was empty for the new start.This was a fresh start.This was going to be something good......

    Bischoff fell onto his couch.After 2 weeks of searching he had a roster of 16 workers.He took a sheet of of his pocket and began to read the names out loud.It went something like this.

    The NWA New Era Roster
    Claudio Castagnoli.
    Mike Quackenbush
    Eddie Kingston
    El Generico
    Austin Aries.
    Nigel McGuinness
    Jimmy Jacobs
    Tyler Black
    Brodie Lee
    Super Dragon
    Chuck Taylor
    Larry Sweeney.

    Bischoff smiled again.One the 30th of August it would start.The revoultion.The Rebirth...Of The NWA....
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    Clever backstory. I really don't have a clue who most guys on your roster are, so it might be harder for me to become interested in this one. I'll read anyway though, and give you feedback.
  3. Lee

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    Wow dude seriously this is looking good. I hope picking quite a few people that not many people know about will pay off in a good way.

    The backstory is looking good, and including Bischoff is a good way to cause controversy. I'm looking forward to the first show on the 30th August!
  4. DJ

    DJ I've wrestled alot of countries

    Feb 22, 2008
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    NWA : New Era Rising Live Report!

    After 2 weeks of massive build up its finally here.One of the mosy hyped up shows of the year so far- NWA New Era Rising.8 Of The Greatest Indy Stars today will arrive here, in New York today.One will walk away with the NWA World Title.We have waited long enough.NWA is back.


    The show opens with our MC for the evening, Bryce Johnson welcoming us to the show.He asks the fans if they are ready for some good ol, NWA action.They fans shout back "Hell Yeah!". Bryce annouces that the official crowd number is 500!He thanks us for coming and says lets get this show started!

    NWA World Title Tournament.Match 1.
    Claudio Castagnoli vs Nigel McGuinness.

    Very different clash of styles here.Claudio is a techincal powerhouse while Nigel is a straight up British Brawler.Claudio is a clear fan favourite while Nigel is getting the crap booed out of him.Claudio dominated the early going but was stopped after Nigel hit a sneaky low-blow while the ref wasn't looking.Nigel then took control hitting trademark european uppercuts and punches.Nigel then went for his famous Slingshot Lariat but Claudio managed to dodge and hit a MASSIVE european uppercut that knocked Nigel into next week.Claudio then went for a cover and only got a 2 count.Claudio then whips Nigel into the ropes.Claudio then hit the ropes aswell and hit a massive bicycle kick which as the european uppercut only got a 2 count.Claudio then calls to the crowd shouting RICOLLA!For those who don't know his finisher is the Ricolla Bomb.Claudio lifts Nigel up for the Ricolla Bomb...but Nigel Wiggles free!Nigel exits the ring as quick as possible and runs up the ramp trying to escape from Claudio.Claudio shouts at Nigel to get back in the ring but Nigel is having none of it.The ref's count reaches ten....Claudio wins by countout.

    Winner and going to the Semi Finals- Claudio Castagnoli.


    Backstage is Eddie Kingston staring right into the camera.He begins to speak.

    Kingston : El Generico........tonight you get in the ring with me.Eddie Kingston.One of the toughest son of a bitches going today.Now lets look at you.Your...what exactly?A luchadore.And luchadores....never have the best of luck...when they get in the ring with Brawlers like myself.So Generico......get ready....for the concussion of a lifetime.

    Kingston lets out a loud laugh as the scene fades back to the ring.


    NWA World Title Tournament Match 2.
    Eddie Kingston vs El Generico.

    Kingston was right.Luchadores never do have the best luck when they get in the ring with Brawlers like Kingston.Kingston dominated most of the match hitting some brutal chops that turned Genericos chest red raw.However Generico wasn't here to look like a jobber.He gave it his all even getting a sick Yakuza kick in on Kingston.However that kick only got a 2 count.Generico then called for a brainbuster.However when you have to lift a over 228 pound man in the air that isn't so easy.Kingston manages to get out of it by repeatdly punching Generico in the stomach.Kingston then hits some chops to the back of Generico.He then hits a SICK backdrop suplex...but Generico gets to his feet!Another SICK backdrop driver....Generico is on his feet!Kingston shouts to the crowd.....BACKFIST TO THE FUTURE!1,2,3!Kingston goes to the semi final......

    Winner : Eddie Kingston.


    Backstage Jimmy Jacobs is Talking to his tag team partner.

    Jacobs :....Tyler.......tonight the Age Of The Fall MUST claim...its first major world title....and Tyler...Its up to you.I can't compete because of my arm injury...but you must do it Tyler.It's all up to you.And all you have to do is beat some nobody.That nobody?His name is Delirious.Good luck Tyler...not that you need it.

    The scene fades with a close up of Tyler staring at the floor.


    NWA World Title Tournament Match 3
    Tyler Black vs Delirious.

    Again 2 very different styles.One is a techincal high flyer and the other is.........different.Tyler took the easy route early on in the match using every chance to break the rules.Tyler then took control after throwing Delirious into the steel steps.Tyler then began to work over the shoulder off Delirious, working him over with various submission holds.Delirious fought back tough.Midway during the match he kicked Tyler in the stomach,went to the top rope and hit the Shadows Over Hell for a 2 count.He followed this up with his trademark Panic Attack for a 2 count.Angry and fustrated Delirious then went for the Chemical Imbalance.He hit it but at this point Jimmy Jacobs came down and distracted the ref.The ref argued with Jimmy to go to the back but Jimmy was having none of it.At this point in the ring Delirious would have won the match if not for Jacobs.Delirious then got up and punched Jacobs off the apron!He began shouting at Jacobs for interfering.At this point Tyler had recovered and rolled up Delirious!3 Seconds later we have another semi finalist! After the match both men handcuff both of Delirious's arms to the ropes.They both take turns in hitting Delirious right on the head with a steel chair before Hallowicked runs in and scares them off.
    Winner : Tyler Black


    NWA World Title Tournament Match 4.
    Mike Quackenbush vs Hallowicked.

    The student and the teacher.Quackenbush has actully teached 3 of are wrestlers here tonight- Claudio,Kingston and Hallowicked.You knew from the start this would be something good.And how it was.Quackenbush and Hallowicked went all in hitting elbows,armdrags and hurricanranas.Quackenbush seemed to be here to teach his student that he still has a lot to learn.Hallowicked of course didn't care-he was here to kick ass.And what happened earlier with his tag partner Delirious he had a extra reason to want to win.However during the match it seemed Hallowicked was far away from the semi finals.Quackenbush pretty much took Hallowicked to school(no pun intended).Quackenbush then signaled for the Quackendriver III but Hallowicked managed to get out of it and hit a massive Yakuza kick followed by a Step-up frakensteiner.Quackenbush was dazzed.This gave Hallowicked the chance to move in for the kill!GRAVEYARD SMASH!IT'S OVER!1,2,3! After the match both men shake hands and celabrate
    Winner : Hallowicked!

    Semi Finals Are Annouced.
    Claudio Castagnoli vs Eddie Kingston
    Hallowicked vs Tyler Black.

    A random draw was held to see which match would go first.Wicked/Tyler will go first with Claudio/Kingston second.

    NWA World Title Tournament Semi-Final Match.
    Hallowicked vs Tyler Black.

    What should have been a classic heated techincal match turned into a brutal brawl that went around the arena.As Hallowicked was on the entrance ramp he was attacked from behind by Hallowicked.Tyler then took the next 5 minutes to beat down Hallowicked on the outside of the ring before Hallowicked hit a massive kick to Tyler's face before throwing him into the guardrail.Hallowicked then let out a loud howl before Clotheslining both him and Tyler over the guardrail!They then brawled all over the arena before Jimmy Jacobs came out of no where and began to help Black.And In a shocking moment Jacobs placed Hallowickeds head againist a wall before Black ran in and kicked it full force into it.The Age Of The Fall leave leaving behind a knocked out Hallowicked.Tonight Black and Jacobs left a mark on the NWA.One which is sure to start a fire that could set the very core of the NWA Alight.

    Winner - NO CONTEST.


    After Hallowicked has been taken away unfamilar music is played into the arena.Out steps a man in a smart suit with a mircophone in hand.

    Man : My name Is "Stunning" Rex Starling.I am the new NWA President!And I am here to adress what has just happened.Due to the fact this match finish in a no contest I have no choice but to have both men taken out from the tournament.So the other Semi-Final is now officialy the True Final!Please Enjoy!


    NWA World Title Tournament Final
    Claudio Castagnoli vs Eddie Kingston.

    Both men simply stare at each other as Bryce Johnson annouces their names to the crowd,hyping up the match as big as possible.Both men are trained by Mike Quackenbush as we mentioned earlier.This match could possibly make the NWA World title great again.Claudio offers his hand to start the match.Kingston shakes it...but then Clotheslines Castagnoli!The fans boo this dirty act but Kingston just laughs and shurgs it off.Kingston again uses his chops and punches that got him here to tire down the big Castagnoli.

    At the 10.00 minute mark Kingston hits a chop block on Claudio's leg.It seems as tough Claudio may have hurt his leg.Kingston then locks in a figure four to try and wrap it up.This move provokes WOOOOOOO's from the crowds.Castagnoli shouts in pain as he tries to get the crowd to rally behind him.Castagnoli manages to reverse the figure four using the last of his engery - he manages to roll over onto his belly bringing Kingston with him.Now Kingston is expericing the pain!Kingston manages to get to the ropes.Both men sturggle to there feet and began to trade punches.Kingston however then hits some stiffer punches one after another after another before hitting a headbutt.....he spins round and hits the BACKFIST TO THE FUTURE!!!!He goes for the cover.1,2,Kickout by Castagnoli!Kingston lifts Claudio to his feet.Kingston hits the ropes and appears to be going for a lariat!But Claudio kicks him in the stomach!Here it comes!RICOLLA BOMB~!!!!! That shook the ring!1,2,KICKOUT!I cannot believe it!Claudio picks Kingston up.Claudio hits the ropes and appears to be going for a running european uppercut but Kingston dodges it.Claudio spins round and is greeted by a BACKFIST TO THE FUTURE!Kingston fall on top of Claudio...1....2...3!!We have a new Champion!

    Winner : Eddie Kingston!

    Kingston climbs each turnbuckle holding the title high up in the air, proud as hell.He leaves with the title over his shoulder.Soon Castagnoli gets to his feet and gets a stadning ovation from the crowd.He bows to all sides of the ring before leaving the ring.

    Tonight we saw a NWA World Heavyweight Champion Crowned.His name is Eddie Kingston.And he is leading us into a new era.The Rebirth era.
  5. DJ

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    Feb 22, 2008
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    NWA News Blog


    2 massie matches have been annouced for NWA : Full Impact.The first is one of the most heated matches in NWA History - Hallowicked and Delirious vs The Age Of The Fall(Tyler Black and Jimmy Jacobs).After The AOTF actions as New Era Rising you have to wonder whether Hallowicked or Delirious will even make it to the match after the brutal Black and Jacobs attack on each man.The second match annouced is a NWA World Heavyweight Championship match.At present time we do not know who the reigning Champion Eddie Kingston will be facing.However we are expected to have a idea by next week.Keep a eye on the NWA iTunes page.......

    The remaining NWA 2008 Shows.
    October 24th --- Full Impact ---
    November 30th --- The California Classic
    December 31st --- NWA New Years Party Night 1

    Austin Aries to debut at Full Impact!
    We can confirm Austin Aries will debut at Full Impact againist a yet to be determined oppentent!We can tell the fans it dosn't matter who he will be againist -He will give a masterpiece in wrestling.
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    Very nice first show. It seemed pretty well rounded in terms of time and matches it may have dragged on just a little bit for a real TV time slot but the matches were good and intresting. Very nice twists at the end. Looking forward to your next show.
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