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Discussion in 'Legends Tournament 2009' started by Father:_Polley, Nov 1, 2008.

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    This is purely a bit of a suggestion, mainly to casual browsers.

    The point of this tournament is for you to gain an insight into the men who are credited with shaping wrestling today. Without these men's actions, wrestling today would be a very different arena.

    Now we come to my point... If you've never heard of Antoni Inoki and he's against Jimmy Snuka, don't just go 'I've heard of Snuka, he's better'. If you're not familiar with either man, LOOK THEM UP.

    Shockingly youtube contains more than soft porn, music and idiots filming themselves. If you go there and type Antoni Inoki, it will actually bring up matches of his. Same with typing Jimmy Snuka. From that and looking at their careers, judge who deserves to win.

    Shockingly, life in wrestling did exist over 10 years ago, so feel free to look up other wrestlers and not just think 'Austin rulez, he droved a turck and kiked ass'. (Disclaimer: Not an anti-Austin statement). Just look at who influenced wrestling in every match and hopefully you'll get the full benefit from this tournament
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