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Discussion in 'The Bar Room' started by klunderbunker, Jul 30, 2018.

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    As of 2:50am this morning, I tenured my resignation as admin of the forums. After everything that happened this February, my heart wasn’t in it anymore and really, I just don’t want to/need to be running this place anymore. I know a lot of you are going to be happy over this, but it’s not something I did lightly. As of Monday, I’ve been admin for eight years to the day (sorry for taking your day away again Killjoy). I’ve made my recommendations for the admins to replace me (yes there will be two of them if my recommendations are followed) and hopefully they’ll be taking over in the very near future.

    I’ll be keeping the identities of the (hopefully) new admins under my hat (note to self: get a hat) for now as I don’t want to disappoint you if for some reason it’s not what I’m hoping to see. They’re both solid people and I don’t think I could have made better picks. I mean, I can’t be admin twice so it was my best option.

    On October 6, 2008, I joined the staff of WrestleZone Forums after turning it down for a long time (there is a chance that NorCal may have attempted to murder me if I did so again). For reasons that I can’t explain to you to this day, I chose to be non-wrestling mod and….it didn’t go well. Eventually things were set right and I was put over the wrestling sections where I should have been all along. I moved up to G-Mod and about a year later, was promoted to admin along with Sly.

    We proceeded to run this place (in what direction being up for debate) to the best of our abilities for a very long time but then one day earlier this year, I got a phone call from Nick Hausman (head of the main site), saying that due to a complaint made by a user, Sly was out for approving some questionable language. Without getting into the whole thing, I found this and Nick’s reaction to it ridiculous, but that’s a story for another time.

    Sly and I ran this place as a team, with him doing most of the stuff under the hood and me being out front as the face of the forums doing my song and dance for everyone. It was a system that worked well and while we may not have always been the most popular bosses, we definitely ran the place longer than anyone else by a very wide margin. As far as I’m concerned we ran it well, and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to run it with me. In something that would have been insane to say years ago, I consider Sly a friend and that’s likely to continue.

    While my time as admin could have been better (if we list my faults we’ll be here forever), I think I did my job pretty well. I was always around in most contests, projects or whatever else was going on while maintaining one of the most viewed threads ever on the forums with KB Answers Wrestling Questions. This place means more to me than you can possibly imagine and I dedicated a lot of my time and life to making it run as well as I could.

    I can’t put into words how much I got out of this place, including making several friends, starting my career and meeting my wife. Back on the weekend of my wedding, Killjoy said I had won the forums given everything I had gotten out of them. That couldn’t be more true, as a lot of my life and where I am today is because of things that happened here. If you had anything to do with that, or even if you didn’t, thank you very much.

    I have to thank some individual people, and I apologize in advance if anyone is left out. These are the bigger and more important names to me, but there are way too many to name in full. In no order other than the first one.

    Becca. I can’t come up with a way to thank you enough for everything so I’ll go with a simple I love you.

    IC. The best poster in WrestleZone’s history and the first person that made me think I might be able to be something around here. I remember sitting in an empty class at school one day and reading you comment on an OCW show. It took me a few minutes to wrap my head around the idea that someone who mattered read that nonsense and it started me on the path that made me what I am here. Thanks for always being there and being awesome.

    Derf. For being one of the shortest tenured mods ever and letting me take your place.

    Jake and Jonny. For giving us a place to come to. We wouldn’t have survived without you.

    D-Man. For the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on here, which I still laugh about to this day.

    Dave. For being awesome and running the e-fed to the point where I didn’t have to do anything. That always helps.

    Killjoy. For keeping me from having to pay for covers.

    Yaz. For putting up with my jokes. I wasn’t kidding when I said you were one of my favorite posters and if it wasn’t for January, you would have been at the top of my list for replacements.

    Ty Burna. For that match in the first round of the poster’s tournament. That brought back the old magic of this place like nothing had in years and I loved every second of it. Just remember who won.

    Shocky. I think a Paul Bearer style oooooooohhhhhhhh yessssssss is in order here.

    NorCal. For those times where we would go back to back and swing at anyone in an LD.

    Shadowmancer. For letting me take over Wrestler of the Week, which was my first job around here and got me on the map.

    Justinsayne. For telling me I couldn’t review every pay per view ever. I think I won that…..if that was winning?

    Milenko. For no longer being a punchline. Seriously, I’m actually impressed.

    I’m going to cut myself off there or this is going to turn into an early Thanksgiving post. This place used to be full of awesome people and I’m glad a lot of them have moved on with us.

    Oh yeah, since I’ve never actually said it in public on here (and it’s such a shock I know): Sly and I now own and operate steelcageforums.com. It’s basically here, but with the two of us running the place and an up to date version of the software that this place is operated on. We’re the only staff and that’s going to be the case permanently. Come on over and check us out as I’m sure you’ll see a lot of familiar faces.

    I’ll be around from time to time as I don’t think I could ever actually leave this place. It’s been a huge part of my life and the memories I have from here mean so much to me. I know it’s just a forum and we just talk about wrestling, but this place is like a family. There’s something about it that you can’t shake and that’s not how it works elsewhere. It’s the only forum I had ever posted on because I didn’t want to be anywhere but the best. Being able to be in charge of it was a major accomplishment for me and I still think back to it at times when my head needs a good shake.

    Thank you for everything you all have meant to me and continue to mean to me. I’ll always be around.


    As a bonus: if there’s anything you want to know with my boss/corporate filters off, shoot. I’ll answer anything about anyone.
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    Thanks for everything on WZ, KB. Seriously
  3. Spidercanrana

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    Thanks for everything, KB! You've been an upstanding guy here. See ya in that other place.
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    I was not expecting to be one of the people that got a personal shoutout.

    Thank you for it & everything else you've done over the years. It's been rocky at times i'm sure but it's been a lot of fun
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    It won’t be the same without you KB. Thanks for the chance to be on the mod staff after the election, let alone the chance to be a G-Mod 4 years ago. You were an amazing boss with so much knowledge on wrestling that I highly respect.
  6. Pay Per Ghost

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    Been here 8 years, fuck.

    I was always met with patience and understanding by both Sly & KB. Thank you guys!

    I feel sad.
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    Let's go Klunder!! Bunker Sucks!! Let's go Klunder!! Bunker Sucks!! Let's go Klunder!! Bunker Sucks!!

    One More Thread!! One More Thread!! One More Thread!!

    KlunderBunker!! Clap!! Clap!! Clap!! Clap!! Clap!! KlunderBunker!! Clap!! Clap!! Clap!! Clap!! Clap!! KlunderBunker!! Clap!! Clap!! Clap!! Clap!! Clap!!

    K-B-Dub!! K-B-Dub!! K-B-Dub!!
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    Thank you, Klunderbunker and Slyfox for everything.
  9. Stormtrooper

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    Just replace John Morrison with KB and here you go.

    In all seriousness, thank you for running this forum to the best of your abilities for an incredibly long time. You've done outstanding work keeping this place running smoothly, and while I have faith in your replacements, they will have a hell of a difficult time filling your shoes.
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    Salute, KB.
  11. Issa Genesis

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    Thanks for everything G! I know for a while, you weren't my biggest fan, but I respect your contributions to this site. You were one of the admins that helped me evolve as a poster.
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