First Batch of Round 3 Polls Close In About An Hour

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    You still have time to vote in the following matches with the following (EST) closing times.

    International – Shawn Michaels vs. Terry Funk – 4:23pm – Regular Match

    International – Ric Flair vs. Ultimate Warrior – 4:25pm – Ultimate Submission

    TNA – Bruno Sammartino vs. Edge – 4:26pm – Hardcore Match

    TNA – John Cena vs. Bob Backlund – 4:27pm – Metal Object On A Pole Match

    WCW – Steve Austin vs. Verne Gagne – 4:28pm – Last Man Standing

    WWE – Mitsuharu Misawa vs. Yokozuna – 4:29pm – Submission Match

    WWE – Undertaker vs. Antonio Inoki – 4:31pm – Pure Rules Match

    WWE – Andre the Giant vs. Mil Mascaras – 4:31pm – 30 Minute Iron Man Match

    All polls close on April 7 at the times posted. All times in EST.

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