Favourite Films that are ultimately terrible?

Discussion in 'Non-Wrestling Archives' started by BrianFNPillman, Jul 25, 2013.

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    So I've been watching a lot of Nostalgia Critic today because I've been working from home and there's several films on there I saw as a kid (and would probably watch again...and have several times) that I thought were fantastic but got shat on commercially for being...well...terrible.

    For instance Street Fighter, everyone bashes it for warping the plot and involving JCVD. But I saw this on Channel 5 when I was about ten and thought it was awesome.

    For us British users this was about the same time when you'd get an action flick, usually rotating; Commando, Predator, Judge Dredd, MK 1&2, Street Fighter, Connan and Universal Soldier followed by a softcore porno every Friday.

    Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. Again ten years old. Again on Channel 5. Again, shit on for being worse than the original Mortal Kombat but really, what's not to love. I watched this again recently, and I'll be honest, what's not to love? It's based on a videogame and yet gets ripped on for having a fight scene for every two minutes. Plus Raiden is Ajax from Warriors, turns into Billy Idol, and Darth Maul is his stunt double. FANTASTIC.

    Mortal Kombat 1
    - Johnny Cage. Johnny Cage. JOHNNY FUCKING CAGE.

    Batman and Robin - Yeah it's shit. Yeah it's really really really gay. I mean it's gayer than two men having sex. Yeah, it basically killed the franchise for years. But Adam West is revered for his portrayal as Batman and we all appreciate that for it's campy nature and humour. This is generally a homage to that. Plus Arnie basically being a pun machine.

    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie
    - I grew up in the 90's. Therefore the Green Ranger was my hero for the first...23 years of my life (and counting) when it comes to analysing my love of professional wrestling heels and siding with the bad guy in films I look no further than the Green Ranger. He was the first bad guy I ever rooted for. Then he became the White Ranger and basically the Jesus of Power Rangers and we know the rest of the story. Considered by critics to be mediocre/terrible, for its target audience it does the job better than any other venture into mainstream media by the franchise.

    Fuck, it's struggling so much now it still brings Jason David Frank back for cameos. I digress.

    This sort of logic is what makes me feel bad for criticising fans of Twilight and Harry Potter, because I feel such love for notably terrible franchises that lost a lot of money, where as they love terribly written, teribly acted franchises that actually make money.

    Other side of the coin? Just because I love the Green Ranger I'm not running around dressed as him*, writing fan-fiction and comparing ways literally in which we are so "alike."


    So, Wrestlezone Forums, what are your favourite films that are terrible?

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